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  A trading platform is a software system that is made available to investors and traders by various financial organizations, such as brokerages and banks. Using a trading platform, you'll be able to connect directly to the market you've selected. There are many different types of financial instruments available on a reputable trading platform that can be used by novices and experienced traders alike.

  Trading platforms contain additional tools that aid investors in making their investing selections. Real-time quotations, a variety of charting tools, live news feeds, and premium research are just some of the features that can be found in these applications. In addition, trading platforms can be customized to individual markets, such as stock or currency markets, options, or futures markets.

  Trading efficiently necessitates access to up-to-date pricing and trustworthy trading platforms, both of which must be always available. Low transaction costs, an easy-to-use interface, and quick trade execution are all important factors to consider for new traders. More significantly, a trading platform includes good educational resources that may assist new traders better understand the markets and grow more confident in trading before making transactions.

  If you're new to trading, we've gathered a list of some of the Best Trading Platform for Beginners in Australia for your reference.

Top 10 Best Forex Trading Platform for Beginners in Australia

A long-established Broker, Strictly Regulated by Multiple Regulatory Bodies in Various Jurisdictions, Offering Sufficient Reliability.

Over 80 Currency Tradable, Competitive Pricing Structure with Tight Spreads from 0 Pips.

A Multi-Regulated Big Player that renders you adequate Safety.

Enjoy the Ease of Withdrawal without any Additional Charges.

FCA-reguated broker with thousands of assets to choose from;

Offering a professional trading platform on both web and mobile devices.


Comparison of the Best Forex Trading Platform for Beginners in Australia

Forex Broker


Minimum Spread

Maximum Leverage

Minimum Deposit

Open account



Domestic Regulation
Depends on the trading commodity
50 USD/300 GBP
From 0.0 pips
$100 AUD or equivalent
0.6 pips
$/€/£10, ₦10,000

Forex Trading Knowledge Questions and Answers

How many types of trading platform are there?

  Trading platforms can be divided into two categories: commercial platforms and proprietary platforms. Commercial platforms are geared toward day traders and individual investors in the retail market. They are distinguished by their user-friendliness and a variety of helpful features, including instructional information and research tools, live, interactive charts, real-time quotes, foreign news feeds, and live chart updates, among other things.

  On the other side, proprietary platforms are systems that have been customized by large brokerages and other financial institutions for their own internal trading activity. These platforms are used only by such organizations. The general public does not have access to these.

What are popular trading platforms suitable for beginners in Australia?

  Various trading platforms popping up on the markets to choose from. Amid such tough competition, it's only fair to mention a few individuals who stand out.

MeTaTrader 4

  MetaTrader 4 is the most popular forex trading platform on the market since it is simple to use and is ideal for novices. With the MT4 platform, traders have access to extensive charting tools, algorithmic trading (expert advisers), and a vast marketplace and trading community. Features of MT4 include the following:

  • An easy-to-use interface that can be customized

  • In-depth charting software for financial market analysis and market research

  • MQL4 programming language and Expert Advisors for automated FX trading

  • Optimization of trading techniques through single currency back-testing

  • Useful tools such as pending order type risk and money management

  Desktop, mobile, and web versions of the MT4 trading platform are available for Mac and Windows PCs, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

MetaTrader 5

  As with MT4, MetaTrader 5 can be used as a desktop trading platform, a mobile trading app, or a web trading platform. MetaQuotes' newest edition, MetaTrader 5, aims to deliver an excellent trading experience. MT5 has a greater selection of pending order types than MT4 for hedged positions. MT5's exceptional features offer a brand-new trading experience that includes cutting-edge tools and trading that has been streamlined. The MQL5 programming language makes it easy for traders to customize their workspace while employing EAs to automate trading. MetaTrader 5's most notable features and advantages:

  • Extended charting tools with 38 inbuilt technical indicators and 21 timeframe

  • Optimized processing speeds for ultra-fast order execution and minimal slippage

  • Hedging and netting allowed

  • Built-in economic calendar

  • Automated trading: Expert Advisors with the MQL5 programming language

  • Multi-currency back testing

  • Compatible with Auto chartist and Smart Trader Tools package


  cTrader is a powerful trading platform that allows for custom coding, fast order entry, and fast order execution for traders. Pepperstone's cTrader platform comes equipped with educational information and analysis tools to assist traders in making better judgments in the foreign exchange markets, while the platform's advanced risk management capabilities guard traders against negative balances. It was developed by Spotware, and cTrader is one of the most widely used systems for trading in the Forex market.

Ninja Trader

  NinjaTrader is a powerful trading platform with advanced analytical and automated charting features. In addition to pre-loaded chart styles with hundreds of technical indicators, the platform has a variety of creative drawing tools for charts.

  Traders who use NinjaTrader can view numerous markets and periods simultaneously on a single chart, ensuring that no market trends are missed. Traders can quickly and simply configure hundreds of indicators, allowing for an efficient trading environment.

What trading platforms offered by reputable forex brokers in the Australia?


  FXCM offers a wide range of trading platforms, with a strong emphasis on algorithmic trading, available to its customers. Trades can employ the proprietary Trading Station or Ninja Trader, as well as MT4. FXCM provides all new customers with a free year of TradingView Pro services, and social traders can connect to ZuluTrade using that service. The charting package, extensive support for automated trading solutions, powerful indicators, and free market data are all included in Trading Station.


IC Markets

  IC Markets provides the complete suite of MT4/MT5 and cTrader trading software. The MT4 Advanced Trading Tools are another feature that is included. Traders might gain an advantage over the competition by using one of the twenty trading tools available. Retail accounts are managed using the MAM/PAMM packages, while algorithmic trading is supported by the VPS hosting. Additionally, Myfxbook Autotrade and ZuluTrade can be used to copy trade on IC Markets' copy trading platform.



  AvaTrade is a leader in algorithmic trading and offers a copy trading platform for people who are familiar with MT4 and MT5, respectively. The AvaTradeGO mobile apps, which feature Trading Central services, also support multiple trading platforms, such as WebTrader and AvaTradeGO. The MT4 and MT5 platforms can also be used to access AvaTradeGO.



  Traders at Exness can choose between MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, as well as mobile trading platforms and MT4 WebTerminals that can be accessed from any device.



  Other than the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, FXTM also provides a mobile software called FXTM Trader that allows traders to trade on the go. If you're already using MT4, you'll be able to use the Pivot Points Strategy and six other plugins, as well as a user-friendly, intuitive mobile app.


  When it comes to Pepperstone's trading software and technology, performance is just one of several factors that matter. TradingView, CTrader, and Pepperstone's MT4 platform are all available in numerous versions so that you can tailor your trading strategy to suit your personal preferences.



  There are other trading platforms available besides IG Market's own web-based platform for serious traders like ProRealTime. AutoChartist and 18 additional MT4 add-ons have also been added to IG Markets US's MT4 platform in the last year.



  MetaTrader 4 and MT5 platforms, both of which have a wealth of advanced features and tools, are available to traders via Eightcap. It is possible to monitor pricing in real time, access an account, and receive push notifications and chats via the proprietary platform.


What features should a trading platform include for Beginners?

  The features you need in your day trading software will depend on your level of experience and trading approach.

  For beginner traders, on the other hand, require a few key traits, including:

  Zero commissions and fees: If you carry out several transactions a day, the commission costs mount up quickly.

  Using a demo account, a potential customer or new trader can get a feel for the trading platform and all of its features before committing to a genuine account.

  Exceptional order processing: Quality execution ensures that trades are completed swiftly and at a low price point.

  Intuitive interface: You could lose money or miss out on opportunities if the desktop or mobile software is difficult to use or frequently faces delays while you're in the middle of completing deals.

  Access to the most recent pricing data is essential while trading in real-time and making quick decisions.

  Indicators: Look for charts with several indicators so that you can adjust them to display the technical aspects that you utilize in your approach.

  It's a good idea to simulate how your plan would have fared in the past before you begin to implement it. It's possible to accomplish all of your backtesting in one place using some software.

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