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GF Futures · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Founded Year 1993
Company Name GF Futures Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Guangzhou, China
Subsidiary GF Securities Co., Ltd.
Regulatory License China Financial Futures Exchange License No. 0016
Global Presence Subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK
Services Offered - Futures brokerage in commodities and finance
- Asset management
- Investment consultations
Markets Served Domestic and international futures markets
Commodity Exchanges DCE, ZCE, INE (Domestic); LME, HKEX, CME, CBOT, SGX (International)
Notable Services - Specialized services for QFII/RQFIIs
- Services for offshore clients
- Services for Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFEs)
- Institutional trading business services
- Retail transaction business services
Customer Support Phone, WeChat official account, GF Futures App
Accolades Numerous awards and recognitions in the financial industry


Established in 1993, GF Futures Co., Ltd. is a pioneering Futures Commission Merchant based in Guangzhou, China. A subsidiary of GF Securities Co.,Ltd., it has an expansive presence across major Chinese cities. The company's global outreach extends through GF Futures (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and GF Financial Markets (UK) Ltd. They offer a diverse range of services including commodity and financial futures brokerage, asset management, and investment consultations. Through its international branches, GF Futures has made significant inroads into the global futures and derivatives market. Their consistent excellence is reflected in numerous accolades, solidifying their stature in the financial domain.



GF Futures is a financial institution operating within the derivatives market in China, holding a Futures License issued by the China Financial Futures Exchange. This license, designated as License No. 0016, signifies that GF Futures is authorized and regulated by the Chinese regulatory authorities to engage in futures trading activities, ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations governing the country's futures market.


Pros and Cons

GF Futures stands as a dominant player in the futures market, offering an expansive range of services both domestically and overseas. They are well-regarded for their vast product offerings, strategic global presence, and exceptional services catering to various client types. However, their deep entrenchment in numerous services might pose challenges for those seeking niche-specific services or those preferring a simple, lean operational approach.

Pros Cons
  • Expansive range of trading instruments.
  • Their vast range might be overwhelming for some clients.
  • Established presence in major global exchanges.
  • Potential complexities in navigating their global reach.
  • Diverse services catering to institutional, offshore, retail, and WOFE clients.
  • With vast services, there's potential for niche needs being overshadowed。
  • Recognized expertise and accolades in the industry.
  • Comprehensive customer support across multiple channels.


GF Futures is a renowned brokerage firm that offers a vast array of trading instruments catering to both domestic and overseas futures markets. In the domestic sector, the company enables trading in a diverse range of commodities, from agricultural products like soybeans and palm olein to minerals and energy assets such as iron ore and crude oil. Clients can access commodities on exchanges like DCE (Dalian Commodity Exchange), ZCE (Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange), and INE (Shanghai International Energy Exchange). For those looking to invest in overseas markets, GF Futures provides access to globally recognized exchanges like LME, HKEX, CME, CBOT, and SGX. Additionally, for WOFEs (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises), the broker makes available a selection of futures and options products on exchanges including CFFEX, SHFE, and more. This includes key index futures like the CSI 300, CSI 500, and CSI 1000.

Exchange Product Name Code
DCE Iron Ore I
ZCE Purified Terephthalic Acid(PTA) TA
INE Crude Oil & Crude Oil Option SC
INE Low Sulfur Fuel Oil LU
INE Copper BC
DCE RBD Palm Olein & RBD palm olein futures contract P
DCE No.1 Soybean A
DCE No.2 Soybean B
DCE Soybean Meal M
DCE Soybean Oil Y
CFFEX CSI 300 Index & option IF
CFFEX CSI 500 Index & option IC
CFFEX CSI 1000 Index & option IM
CFFEX SSE 50 Index & option IH


Services for QFII/RQFIIs:

GF Futures provides an array of specialized services to QFII/RQFIIs:

  1. Comprehensive Trading Plan: The institution offers a robust trading strategy, backed by its rich experience in serving high-frequency overseas clients.

  2. Brokerage Services: Clients benefit from an exclusive trading team that guarantees real-time responses and assistance. Furthermore, the institution extends its expertise to develop customized clearing documents.

  3. Resources Integration: Partnering with the renowned GF Securities Group and E-Fund, clients are assured of varied services like security funds, margin financing, securities lending, and investment banking services, among others.

  4. Excellent Research and Consulting: Acknowledged as a Chinese gold certified R&D institution for a decade (2010-2020), the organization's research and consulting prowess is unparalleled.

Services for Offshore Clients:

GF Futures endeavors to deliver a holistic suite of services to its offshore clientele:

  1. Comprehensive Services: They offer a one-stop solution to cater to the requirements surrounding international futures products for offshore clients.

  2. Collaborations: The institution has strategic tie-ups with overseas FCMs registered on prominent exchanges like the Shanghai International Energy Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. This ensures clients have access to key products like crude oil, LSFO, TSR20, copper, iron ore, RBD palm olein, and PTA.

Services for WOFEs:

GF Futures' offerings for Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFEs) encompass:

  1. Foreign Hedge Funds: The institution conducts meticulous due diligence to monitor the performance of various overseas hedge fund teams and assists its Hong Kong branch in hedge fund product asset allocation.

  2. Commercial Registration and Filing: GF Futures collaborates extensively with significant commercial registration zones nationwide, guiding foreign investment management teams to procure pre-approvals and establish industry and commerce.

  3. Product Funding and Resource Integration: They amalgamate financial resources across banking, insurance, FOF, etc., and have a track record of promoting products exceeding one billion RMB.

  4. Integrated Services: A unique offering of “one platform, connecting the world,” this service targets domestic institutional clients seeking derivatives investment hedging across major global exchanges.

Institutional Trading Business Services:

  1. Commodity Investment Consulting: Expert advice and insights into commodity investments.

  2. Domestic and Overseas Warehouse Receipt Services: Efficient management and storage solutions.

  3. Institutional Spot Hedging: Offering robust solutions for spot price risks.

  4. High Frequency Trading Solutions: Tailored solutions for high-frequency traders.

  5. Cross-Border Business: A suite of services facilitating international transactions for domestic institutions.

Retail Transaction Business Services:

  1. Global Exchange Coverage: Access to principal global exchanges.

  2. One-Stop Service: Comprehensive solutions for retail traders.

  3. OTC Futures Trading Business Services: This includes parent company guarantees, financial status evaluations of overseas institutions, and cross-exchange clearing quotas.

  4. Others: The institution is open to customized business collaborations, adjusting its offerings to the client's specific needs.

In essence, GF Futures presents a holistic set of services, from trading and brokerage to research and consulting, catering to diverse client needs across the spectrum of institutional, offshore, retail, and WOFEs. Their reach extends globally, emphasizing their position as a dominant player in the futures market industry.


Customer Support

GF Futures Co., Ltd. is dedicated to offering comprehensive customer support to its clients.

  • Phone Support: Customers can reach out directly via their helpline at +86 20 9510 5826 for immediate assistance, inquiries, or any other concerns.

  • WeChat Official Account: For clients who prefer digital communication, the company is accessible through its WeChat official account. This platform provides real-time updates, news, and allows for direct messaging.

  • GF Futures App: A dedicated application is available for a more seamless experience. Here, clients can manage their accounts, stay updated on market trends, and access customer support services.

In summary, GF Futures ensures a multi-channel approach to support, catering to the varied preferences of its clientele.



GF Futures Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, stands as a leading Futures Commission Merchant in Guangzhou, China, with a significant footprint across various Chinese cities and a global presence via its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK. Their portfolio encompasses a wide array of services, including futures brokerage in commodities and finance, asset management, and investment advisory services. Serving both domestic and international markets, they offer trading in an extensive range of commodities through major exchanges. Their service suite is broad, tailored to meet the needs of diverse client groups, including QFII/RQFIIs, offshore clients, WOFEs, institutional, and retail traders. Their commitment to top-tier customer support is evident with their multi-channel approach, including phone support, a WeChat account, and a dedicated app. With decades of experience, numerous accolades, and a focus on comprehensive service, GF Futures holds a prominent position in the financial and futures market landscape.


Q: When was GF Futures Co., Ltd. established?

A: GF Futures was founded in January 1993.

Q: What services does GF Futures offer?

A: GF Futures provides futures brokerage, asset management, investment consultations, and several other financial services for both domestic and overseas markets.

Q: Is GF Futures a global company?

A: Yes, GF Futures has a global presence through its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK, and offers services in various international markets.

Q: How can I contact GF Futures' customer support?

A: Customers can contact GF Futures via phone at +86 20 9510 5826, their WeChat official account, or through the GF Futures app.

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  • 中国(上海)自由贸易试验区南泉北路429号2302、2307A单元

  • 广州市天河区天河北路183-187号大都会广场38楼,41楼,42楼、43楼









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