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Parkway Australia (BCR) warmly extends an invitation to talented individuals to join us in forging a prosperous future together! With 17 years of dedicated effort, we have established ourselves as a prominent player in the local Australian financial services sector. Regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Parkway Australia (BCR) is committed to delivering secure, reliable, and convenient financial transaction services to a global clientele. Key advantages and notable achievements set us apart: Financial Strength: BCR boasts robust financial technology capabilities and a comprehensive risk control system, ensuring a secure and stable trading environment for customers. Diverse Product Range: Offering a spectrum of trading products, including foreign exchange, precious metals, stocks, and futures, BCR caters to the diverse investment needs of our clientele. Attractive Policies: BCR presents advantageous policies such as low spreads and high rebates, enabling customers to minimize transaction costs and maximize returns. Top-notch Service: Supported by a seasoned professional team, BCR provides 24/7 customer service, committed to addressing customer inquiries promptly. In our pursuit of excellence, BCR is actively seeking agents and sales teams to collaborate in exploring the global market and partake in the wealth creation journey. What we offer you: Competitive Compensation: We provide a remuneration package that stands out in the industry. Comprehensive Training: Benefit from a well-rounded training system and access to development opportunities. Expansive Career Growth: Enjoy a broad career development space with ample possibilities for advancement. By joining BCR, you will: Collaborate with Industry Experts: Work alongside industry elites and share in their successful experiences. Showcase Your Talents: Display your skills on an international platform and realize your true potential. Unlock Unlimited Possibilities: Join us in creating a life of abundance and wealth. Become a part of BCR, where we believe in realizing potential, fostering growth, and collectively achieving greatness in the world of financial services. #IB#
Parkway Australia (BCR) is a local Australian financial services company with 17 years of operating experience. It is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and has always been committed to providing safe, reliable and convenient financial transaction services to global customers. Excellent advantages, extraordinary achievements Strong strength: BCR has strong financial technology strength and risk control system to provide customers with a safe and stable trading environment. Diversified products: BCR provides a variety of trading products such as foreign exchange, precious metals, stocks, and futures to meet the investment needs of different customers. Preferential policies: BCR provides preferential policies such as low spreads and high rebates, allowing customers to enjoy lower transaction costs and obtain higher returns. High-quality service: BCR has an experienced professional team that provides 7*24-hour customer service and is dedicated to answering customers' questions. Recruiting talents to create brilliance together BCR is now recruiting agents/sales teams and looks forward to working with like-minded you to jointly explore the global market and share the feast of wealth! We offer you: -Competitive treatment -Complete training system and development opportunities -Broad career development space Join BCR and you will get: -Work side by side with industry elites and share successful experiences -Display your talents on an international platform and realize your self-worth -Create unlimited possibilities and start a life of wealth ​ #IB#
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