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Peru’s GDP grows 3.44% in June y/y

Peru’s economy expanded 3.44% in June compared with a year earlier, the government said on Monday. In the same report, the country’s statistics agency INEI posted that Peru, the world’s second largest copper producer, grew 3.54% year-on-year in the first six months of the year.

News 2022-08-16 18:20

Analysis-Loosening financial conditions threaten central bank inflation fight

The U.S. Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates at the most aggressive pace in a generation, but the financial conditions it needs to tighten to tame soaring inflation are heading in the wrong direction.

News 2022-08-16 18:20

India inflation may remain elevated despite July dip

India’s headline retail inflation that eased for the third straight month in July is expected to remain above the central bank’s upper tolerance range in the near term, necessitating more rate hikes in coming months, analysts said.

News 2022-08-16 18:18

Stocks, dollar gain despite surprise weak China data

Asian shares inched higher on Monday with investors anxious to see if Wall Street can sustain its rally as hopes U.S. inflation has peaked will be tested by likely hawkish commentary from the Federal Reserve this week.

News 2022-08-16 18:17

Greenback gains, Aussie tumbles after weak Chinese data

The risk-sensitive Australian and New Zealand dollars retreated from near two-month highs against the greenback on Monday due to dissappointing data from China, a key trading partner, while the Chinese yuan weakened after a surprise cut in interest rates.

News 2022-08-16 18:14

WikiFX Live Event: In Depth Market Analysis With Sri Thesigan

Calling all traders, especially those who want to learn how Chart Patterns and Breakout work! WikiFX will be conducting a live stream event with Sri Thesigan.

News 2022-08-16 18:11


The Christ Embassy Church on Odili Road in Port Harcourt has been picketed by dozens of victims of MBA forex trading who claim three of the church's pastors robbed them of billions of naira.

News 2022-08-16 17:38


A person who trades currencies on the foreign exchange is referred to as a currency trader, foreign exchange trader, or forex trader. Professional traders who trade for a financial institution or group of clients are considered forex traders, while amateur traders who trade for their personal financial benefit, either as a pastime or a living, are also included.

News 2022-08-16 17:35

The Clones of Wintersnow Ltd

Copycats exist in every industry. It is not uncommon to see syndicates creating clones of reputable brands or companies to deceive clients to think that they are the authentic ones. This applies to the world of forex trading too.

Exposure 2022-08-16 17:30

MT4 vs MT5: Which one to choose

When many forex traders are seeking brokers on WikiFX., they usually wonder if the broker they selected uses MT4 or MT5. Why does it matter? what kind of role that MT4 and MT5 are playing respectively? In today’s article, we will explore both differences and similarities between MT4 and MT5 platforms.

News 2022-08-16 17:29


As we know so far, forex trading is one of the most profitable businesses in the financial market. However, it doesn’t mean everyone can win big while trading forex. Instead, many people suffer a heavy loss in the forex market. The biggest challenge for them lies in seeking a solid broker. Based on WikiFX’s official website, we have listed the 5 FX scam brokers in August 2022 to protect you from getting scammed.

News 2022-08-16 16:57

Everything You Need to Know About Holding A Daily Trading Position Overnight

Day traders often only purchase and sell stocks, currencies, or futures contracts during the day's trading session. These deals are often executed before the market closes. As a result, maintaining holdings overnight requires cautious judgment. In this post, we will look into overnight positions in Forex trading.

News 2022-08-16 16:04

NASDAQ 100 Forecast: Index Powers Through Resistance

The NASDAQ 100 Index rallied yet again on Monday to show that the markets are ready to continue ripping toward the 200-day EMA. Fundamentally, there’s no reason whatsoever that the NASDAQ 100 should be powering higher the way it is, but at the end of the day, the markets have changed so much over the last 14 years that they have lost grip with economic reality. This should not be a surprise, because the Federal Reserve has caused this problem.

News 2022-08-16 15:13

Bonus Trap: Unregulated FX Broker Trade Horizon Receives Multiple Warnings

To attract traders to invest, forex brokers often offer bonuses for investors who deposit. For scammers, however, offering deposit bonuses is a method of fraud.

News 2022-08-16 15:02

Forex Scam Alert! The CNMV Added FXPace to its Warning List

As forex trading gets popular among traders, many unlicensed brokers are trying to attract investors with its self-claimed fantastic attracting information as their cheating ways.

News 2022-08-16 14:58

Potential Scam: CySEC&FCA Blacklist Unauthorised EuropeFx

Financial frauds happen worldwide, but the forex market is more vulnerable to scammers due to its immense volume of financial transactions.

News 2022-08-16 14:53

All Scams in one? The SCB Warns Against 15 Similar Forex Entities

Recently, Our Brokers Review exposed a scam forex brokerage

News 2022-08-16 14:49

Negative Reviews: CySEC Added GreenWaveX into Its Warnings

GreenWaveX has got many negative reviews and investors who traded with this broker have raised many complaints against it.

News 2022-08-16 14:41

Another Broker Has Been Added To The CNMV's Watch List

WikiFX has discovered that the forex broker FXPACE was one of the aforementioned fraudulent firms.

News 2022-08-16 14:33

EUR/USD Forex Signal: Another Drop to Parity Can’t Be Ruled Out

Bearish View Sell the EUR/USD pair and set a take-profit at 1.005. Add a stop-loss at 1.0245. Timeline: 1 day. Bullish View Set a buy-stop at 1.0240 and a take-price at 1.0365. Add a stop-loss at 1.0150.

News 2022-08-16 14:08
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