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Within the unpredictable realm of Forex trading, selecting a reliable broker is key to a successful investment journey. Amid this intricate world operates WikiFX, a trustworthy platform that has been dedicatedly servicing Forex investors. WikiFX stands strongly against deceitful elements in the market, vouching for transparency, and adhering to regulations. It provides crucial toolkits helping investors better understand their brokers, discouraging illicit activities and promoting informed decision-making. In this article, we aim to provide investors with essential information and techniques to identify and avoid scam Forex brokers.

What is a Forex Scam?

A Forex scam is a fraudulent scheme carried out by dishonest individuals or organizations who aim to deceive and scam traders in the forex market. These scams often involve manipulation of market prices, false promises of high returns, or using deceptive practices to induce investments. They take advantage of unregulated spaces, insufficient investor knowledge, and the high-risk, high-reward nature of the forex market. It's crucial to be able to recognize these scams to protect your investments.


Types of Common Forex Scams

Signal Seller Scam

This type of scam involves signal sellers, who promise customers lucrative returns based on their trade recommendations. However, these signals often prove to be ineffective or fake.

Phony Forex Trading Investment Scams

These scams promise high profits to investors for participating in a forex fund. However, these are typically Ponzi schemes, where funds from new investors are used to pay off older investors.

Software Scams

These scams involve the sale of trading software that promises to identify favourable forex trades. Often, the performance of this software is falsified, leading to losses for the trader.

Broker Scams

Some dishonest brokers may manipulate price feeds or spreads, refuse client withdrawals without reasonable justification, or use other unethical practices to scam their clients.

Red Flags Indicating a Forex Scam

High Returns with Zero or Low RiskForex trading always involves some degree of risk. If a broker guarantees high returns with no or minimal risk, this is a significant red flag.

Unlicensed BrokersAlways check if the broker is licensed by the relevant authorities. An unlicensed broker can operate without any regulation or accountability, thereby increasing the risk of fraud.

Pressure to InvestScammers often use high-pressure tactics to convince investors to make decisions quickly. If you feel pressured to invest, its a warning sign that something is not right.

Lack of Transparency in Fee StructureUnderstanding a brokers fee model is critical. Deceptive charges, hidden or additional fees, or lack of clarity regarding costs can indicate a scam.

this is a scam

Difficulty Withdrawing FundsLegitimate brokers will allow you to withdraw your money without unnecessary delays or limitations. If a broker makes it overly complicated or virtually impossible to withdraw your funds, this is a major red flag.

Inconsistencies in CommunicationIf a broker offers information that contradicts whats on their website, or if they avoid answering specific questions, it could be a warning sign of potential dishonesty.

Unprofessional WebsiteWhile not a sure sign of scam, an unprofessional, poorly-designed, or error-ridden website can indicate a lack of investment and care in the business.

Unsolicited OffersIf a broker approaches you unsolicited or a deal comes out of nowhere, its likely a scam. Ethical brokers do not use these methods to attract clients.

Positive Reviews That Seem too Good to Be TrueLegitimate businesses are usually transparent, providing a mix of positive and negative reviews. If a forex brokers website only has glowing reviews, carefully investigate their legitimacy.

How to Avoid Falling for Scam Forex Brokers?

Research: Do comprehensive research before choosing a Forex broker. Look at reviews and feedback from other traders.

Regulation: Ensure the broker is regulated by a reliable regulatory body in your region. Regulatory bodies are necessary for legal operations and compensation schemes in case of potential wrongdoing.

Trading Platform: Check the broker's trading platform for its functionality and reliability. Any reputable broker should have a stable, user-friendly platform.

Customer Service: Evaluate their customer service responsiveness and professionalism. Being able to communicate effectively is crucial in case of any discrepancies or issues.

learn how to avoid forex scams

Transparency: Make sure all costs, fees, and pricing structures are transparent and clearly explained. Avoid brokers who have hidden fees or complicated pricing structures.

Trial Period/Demo Account: Many reputable brokers provide a trial period or a demo account so you can get familiar with the trading environment. This can be extremely beneficial for beginners.

Understanding Your Needs: Indeed, your chosen broker should match your trading goals and strategies. Different brokers cater to different types of traders, so understanding your trading style can lead to better compatibility.

Avoid Unrealistic Promises: Avoid anyone who promises high profit with zero or extremely low risk. In Forex trading, there's no such thing as a guaranteed profit.

By staying vigilant to these points, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling for scam forex brokers.

WikiFX Forex Broker Scam List

USA Black List

WikiFX provides an essential resource for traders called the Forex Broker Frauds List. This list enumerates the top blacklisted forex brokers across different regions, serving as a strong caution for all traders.

warning scam

In the United States, brokers such as STAGE FIVE, KOT4X, BBI Trading, Aximtrade, hankotradeQUOTEX, Validus, Athens, OmegaPro, and Hero FX have all found themselves on this list due to questionable practices that deem them inappropriate for reliable forex trading.

Rank USA Black List Brokers Reasons for List
1 STAGE FIVE Be wary of potential trade manipulations and unregulated practices.
2 KOT4X Caution due to claims of unresponsive customer service and unexpected trading losses.
3 BBI Trading Tread carefully because of reported unauthorized transactions and withdrawal issues.
4 AximTrade Alerts have been raised about problematic withdrawal procedures and hidden fees.
5 Hankotrade Cautious stance advised due to instances of account termination without plausible reasons.
6 QUOTEX Concerns have been expressed about dubious trading practices and poor customer service.
7 Validus Be mindful of possible unprofessional conduct and unfeasible trading terms.
8 Athens Warnings have been issued due to unresponsive communication channels and questionable trading results.
9 OmegaPro Exercise caution due to alleged instances of manipulated trading results.
10 Hero FX Be careful with unreliable customer service and potential hidden charges.

USA Black List

UK Black List

The United Kingdom's list highlights brokers including Gomax, My Forex Funds, Bitwest Group, Validus, EagleUp, FiatVisions, Galileo FX, Fxcess, ECG Brokers, and Orbis Exchange Group. These entities have shown untrustworthy activities, and WikiFX strongly advises UK traders to stay clear of these platforms.

Rank UK Black List Brokers Reasons for List
1 Gomax Be vigilant due to concerns regarding their unclear regulatory status and potential issues with fund withdrawal.
2 My Forex Funds Proceed with caution due to complaints about poor customer service and alleged unfair trading practices.
3 Bitwest Group Caution is advised due to reportedly high spreads and insufficient financial transparency.
4 Validus Take note of potential issues such as unexpected fees and irregularities in trade execution.
5 EagleUp Be wary of reports suggesting poor communication from customer support and hidden charges.
6 FiatVisions Exercise caution due to instances of questionable trading practices and failure to process withdrawals.
7 Galileo FX Be careful because of claims of manipulated trading results and non-responsive customer service.
8 Fxcess Beware of potential issues relating to unclear fee structures and lack of customer support.
9 ECG Brokers Be mindful of reports about unresponsive customer service and difficulty in withdrawing funds.
10 Orbis Exchange Group Proceed with caution due to allegations of aggressive marketing tactics and misleading investment advice.

UK Black List

Japan Black List

In Japan, the brokers considered to be at high risk include Huigu, Properfly, VentorusFulton FX, ModmountAmeriprise FinancialCFABreitling Prime, GEMFOREX, and Capital One Forex. They have landed on this list due to specific practices that contravene the trust of individual traders and the wider forex trading community.

Rank Japan Black List Brokers Reasons for List
1 Huigu Exercise caution due to allegations surrounding unclear regulatory status and inconsistency in trading results.
2 Properfly Be vigilant because of reported issues with fund withdrawal and lackluster customer support.
3 Ventorus Issues concerning insufficient financial transparency and poor communication have been flagged.
4 Fulton FX Be cautious due to reports of high trading fees and unreliable trading platforms.
5 Modmount Trading with them might be risky due to alleged hidden charges and questionable trading practices.
6 Ameriprise Financial Caution is advised due to concerns about their customer service responsiveness and withdrawal issues.
7 CFA Beware of possible irregularities in trade execution and issues in obtaining funds.
8 Breitling Prime Take note of their questionable marketing tactics and misleading trade advice.
9 GEMFOREX Concerns have been raised about their unclear fee structures and lack of transparency.
10 Capital One Monitor complaints about sporadic customer service and delays in fund withdrawal.

Japan Black List

Australia Black List

Likewise, in Australia, the brokers BISON PRIMETrade99, CCF MarketsValidusInvestments Global, CCF, TRADE MARKETS PRO, TriumphFX, BBI Trading, and Galileo FX have also found themselves on this black list due to similar practices that offend forex trading norms and regulations.

Rank Australia Black List Brokers Reasons for List
1 BISON PRIME Be wary due to potential trading irregularities and unclear regulatory status.
2 Trade99 Caution is recommended due to reported issues with withdrawals and customer service.
3 CCF Markets Be vigilant of potentially high fees and unanticipated trading losses.
4 Validus Pay attention to possible miscommunication and hidden charges.
5 Investments Global Exercise caution regarding potential issues with transparency and withdrawal processes.
6 CCF Proceed with caution due to allegations of poor customer support and high spreads.
7 TRADE MARKETS PRO Be mindful of reported transaction failures and unresponsive customer service.
8 TriumphFX Approach with caution due to instances of misleading advertising and difficult withdrawal procedures.
9 BBI Trading Be wary of reported issues surrounding unprofessional practices and failure to process withdrawals.
10 Galileo FX Heed warnings about their unclear fee structures and withholdings of fund withdrawals.

Australia Black List

Note: The above screenshots only provide the top 10 blacklisted brokers, for more information, you can click the following link to view the complete list: can also click 'Select Country/District' button at the bottom left corner of WikiFX's homepage to see more about the fraud ranking lists.

click 'Select Country/District' button

If you're not familiar with the above forex brokers, you are a lucky dog! It's very possible you haven't fallen into the traps of these scam operators. If you recognize these names, it could mean you're well-aware of forex scams, or, unfortunately, you might have been victimized.

Regardless, don't despair — we're in this together. Educate yourself about these blacklisted brokers and steer clear of them in future transactions. If you have faced issues with these or any other brokers, feel free to share your experience on our platform via WikiFX Exposure. By doing so, you are not only helping to expose the true nature of these fraudulent operators but also potentially protecting other innocent individuals from getting scammed.

WikiFX exposure


In conclusion, while there are many reputable Forex brokers, it's essential to stay vigilant and thoroughly investigate before making an investment decision. The blacklists provided by different countries are valuable resources to consider when choosing a broker. Remember, your financial safety lies primarily in your hands, so it's always worth taking the time to research and make informed decisions regarding your investments.

Forex Scam FAQs

How to Recover Lost Money in Forex When Scammed?

- Contact your broker: Express your concerns directly.

- Document all transactions and communications.

- File a complaint with the regulatory body.

- Dispute the charges with your credit card company if applicable.

- Report to law enforcement.

- Consider a funds recovery company.

- Share your experience online to warn others.

How do Regulatory Bodies Play a Role in Preventing Forex Scams?

- Giving licenses to brokers who meet specific conditions.

- Monitoring brokers to ensure they adhere to regulations.

- Protecting consumers by enforcing standards.

- Penalizing non-compliant brokers with fines or license revocation.

Are There Any Reliable Resources for Checking a Forex Broker's Legitimacy?

Yes, WikiFX is a reliable resource for checking the legitimacy of a Forex broker. It provides detailed information about a broker's regulatory status, trading software, business scope, and more. All evaluations are based on factors like supervision, software authenticity, company size, and risk. 

Are All Forex Brokers Potential Scammers?

No, not all Forex brokers are potential scammers. There are many reputable Forex brokers that operate honestly and are regulated by respected authorities. Feel free to explore the ranking lists provided by WikiFX to gather more insights about the top-rated Forex brokers.


Trading Forex (foreign exchange) carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, risk appetite, and the possibility of incurring losses. There is    a possibility that you may sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you can not afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

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