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In the exhilarating world of Forex trading, knowledge undoubtedly is power. Whether you're a novice embracing the basics or an experienced trader honing your strategy, a comprehensive Forex training course can equip you with necessary skills and insights. Offering a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels, these training programs delve into complex trading concepts, strategies, risk management, and practical trading experience.

In this article, we on WikiFX dissect various leading Forex training programs, analyzing their cost, suitability, course duration, and the certifications they offer. Our aim is to guide you in selecting a course that aligns with your trading goals and paves the way for your Forex trading success.

Below, we present a quick rundown of some leading Forex trading courses.

Forex Trading Courses Cost Level
Udemy - Forex Trading A-Z $24.99 Beginners to Advanced Traders
Udemy - Forex 101 Course $14.99 Beginners to Intermediate Traders
Asia Forex Mentor
Asia Forex Mentor - One Core Program $940/$997 Intermediate to Professional Traders
Coursera Free for some Various Levels Depends on the Course
Online Trading Academy
Online Trading Academy Free Various Levels Depends on the Course
BabyPips - School of Pipsology Free Beginners to Intermediate Traders
Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management
Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management - Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video $1,499/$2,999 Professional Traders

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading, also known as foreign exchange trading or currency trading, is the process of buying, selling and exchanging currencies on a global marketplace. This marketplace, known as the foreign exchange or 'Forex' market, is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with trading volumes exceeding $5 trillion per day.

In Forex trading, currencies are traded in pairs (for example, USD/EUR, where USD is the 'base' currency and EUR is the 'quote' currency). The objective for traders is to predict how one currency will perform against another, attempting to profit from fluctuations in the exchange rate.

The Importance of Forex Training

Forex trading, due to its complexity and volatile nature, requires a comprehensive understanding of various factors impacting the world economy, market trends, and trading strategies. That's where Forex training comes into the picture.

Forex Training courses are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the Forex market confidently. New traders can particularly benefit from these training courses as they provide a solid foundation and clear understanding of how the market works. Even for experienced traders, training courses can offer advanced techniques and strategies, keeping them updated with the evolving market trends. Moreover, Forex training can also impart vital skills such as discipline, emotional control, and decision-making under pressure, which are essential traits for a successful trader.

In this era of digital learning, numerous online Forex Training Courses have made it possible for aspiring and existing traders to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever they choose. However, you must select a course carefully, taking into consideration factors such as course content, trainer expertise, reviews, and course fees.

In summary, for anyone who wants to trade in the Forex market, getting trained is not just essential; it's the first step towards becoming successful in this venture. Whether you aspire to trade full time or just to supplement your income, the importance of getting the right Forex training cannot be overstated.

Top Forex Trading Courses

① Udemy

Udemy offers a broad range of Forex trading courses which cater to different needs and levels of proficiency. This platform is known for its thorough and affordable courses, which you can take at your own pace, with lifetime access.

The 'Forex Trading A-Z™ - With LIVE Examples of Forex Trading' course is ideal for those who prefer learning through practical examples. The 'Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course' can provide a solid foundation for beginners, while 'Forex Robots: Automate Your Trading - Forex Trading Course' is suitable for those interested in automated trading.

Udemy forex trading courses

Forex Trading A-Z ($24.99)

Beginners to Advanced Traders

'Forex Trading A-Z', which is currently one of the top-rated Forex trading courses on Udemy, could be the perfect fit for you. Originally priced at $99.99, this course is now available for just $24.99 due to their ongoing promotion.

With an in-depth focus on Forex basics, Forex acronyms and jargon, Forex analysis, technical analysis, using MetaTrader4, and the SMART way of calculating risks, this course is a comprehensive guide for anyone eager to dive into Forex Trading.

Forex Trading A-Z

Forex Trading A-Z course content

In addition to the standard curriculum, you'll get to learn from real-life examples of trades and benefit from added bonus lectures. Whether you are completely new to Forex or looking to solidify your understanding, this course seems to be a worthy investment on your path to successful Forex trading.

Forex 101 Course ($14.99)

Beginners to Intermediate Traders

Have you come across the 'Forex 101 Course' on Udemy? It's another fantastic option for you to expand your knowledge about Forex trading. Usually priced at $19.99, this course is now discounted to just $14.99 due to a special promotion.

This course covers a variety of important topics, such as:

  • Introduction to Forex trading

  • Decoding Forex pairs

  • Technique of Fundamental Analysis

  • Insights into Technical Analysis

  • Understanding risk-reward ratio

  • Overview of chart options and settings

  • Explanation and review of trade examples

Forex 101 Course

If these aspects align with your interests, this could be the ideal course for you. Plus, it's geared to suit a wide range of students, from beginners to advanced traders. So, whether you're starting from scratch or aiming to advance your trading skills, the 'Forex 101 Course' could be a brilliant addition to your learning path.

② Asia Forex Mentor

Asia Forex Mentor - One Core Program ($940/$997)

Intermediate to Professional Traders

Are you looking for an in-depth, comprehensive Forex trading course? If so, the 'One Core Program' offered by Asia Forex Mentor may interest you. This extensive online course covers virtually all critical aspects of Forex trading in great detail, offering deep insights into subjects such as:

  • MT4 Setup

  • Basic knowledge of Forex and MT4

  • Understanding Price action

  • Establishing entries, stop-loss, and exit strategies

  • Studying different trading strategies including reversals, price action patterns, and the top-down approach

  • Detailed walkthrough of the 'Road to Millions' formula


Asia Forex Mentor - One Core Program course

The only caveat is its price. Accessing the full 'One Core Program' will require an investment of $940. However, the platform offers an attractive scheme where you can start learning now for 0 and pay $997 after 7 days. This option is only debited if you find the program valuable and decide to continue.

Asia Forex Mentor - One Core Program price

It might come with a more significant upfront cost, but if affordability is less of a concern for you, the depth and comprehensiveness of the 'One Core Program' may indeed offer a wealth of practical and strategic knowledge to elevate your Forex trading skills.

③ Coursera

Coursera (free for some)

Various Levels Depends on the Course

Imagine a website that has an expansive selection of courses on nearly any subject - yes, Forex trading courses as well. All you have to do is enter your keywords into the search bar. For instance, as you can see in the screenshot below, by entering keywords like 'Forex Trading', a plethora of courses emerges.

Coursera forex trading courses

You'll find courses appropriate for every skill level - from beginners to intermediate or even mixed level traders. What's more, it conveniently displays key information about each course - the source, crucial insights, and the time you'll need to commit.

This is why I personally recommend this particular website for your Forex trading learning journey. The abundant options ensure you'll find the perfect fit for your requirements and your current skill level. So, go ahead, explore, and start enriching your Forex Trading knowledge today!

④ Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy (free)

Various Levels Depends on the Course

Online Trading Academy is a fantastic resource that you might find really beneficial, particularly since it offers free content. Online Trading Academy is a comprehensive platform specifically designed to educate individuals about various types of trading, including Forex Trading.

As you embark on your learning journey with them, you'll have access to a wealth of courses taught by experienced professional traders across various areas - Forex, stocks, futures, and more. These experts will provide fascinating insights and share practical strategies, strengthening your grasp on trading.

Online Trading Academy
Online Trading Academy details

What sets this platform apart, besides being freely accessible, is the live trading sessions they conduct. These sessions offer an opportunity to apply what you've learned and truly get a feel for trading in the real world.

⑤ BabyPips

BabyPips - School of Pipsology (free)

Beginners to Intermediate Traders

“School of Pipsology” offered by BabyPips is a free Forex trading course that could be just what you're looking for. With depth and variety, it covers a wide spectrum of topics across 11 detailed courses.

In the first course, 'Preschool', you'll start with the basics, including understanding Forex, exploring trading methodologies and times, and discerning who participates in Forex. Also, it offers a comprehensive guide on margin trading.

As you progress to the 'Kindergarten' course, expect to delve into the essentials like Forex brokers, analysis types, and chart types.

Course 1 & 2

'Elementary' will boost your understanding of support, resistance levels, Japanese Candlesticks, Fibonacci, moving averages and popular chart indicators.

'Middle School' serves as an exciting gateway to oscillators, momentum indicators, crucial chart patterns, and pivot points.

Course 3 & 4

'Summer School' introduces unique areas like Heikin Ashi, Elliott Wave Theory, and Harmonic Price Patterns.

Stepping into 'High School', you will further your skills around trading divergences, analyse different market environments, master trading breakouts and fakeouts, and familiarize yourself with fundamental analysis. You'll also venture into currency crosses and multi-time frame analysis.

Course  5 & 6

As an 'Undergraduate - Freshman', you'll approach topics like market sentiment, trading the news, and the carry trade.

In the 'Undergraduate - Sophomore' stage, topics like the U.S. Dollar Index, intermarket correlations, using equities to trade FX and country profiles await you.

Course 7 & 8

Structuring your own trading plan, identifying the type of trader you are, developing your personal trading system, maintaining a trading journal and mastering the use of MetaTrader 4 are all part of the enriching 'Undergraduate - Junior' course.

The 'Undergraduate - Senior' level navigates critical areas of risk management, position sizing, setting stop losses, scaling in and out, and comprehending currency correlations.

Course 9 & 10

The final stage, 'Graduation', imparts wisdom from common trading mistakes, alerts you to forex trading scams, offers personality quizzes, and concludes with a compelling graduation speech.

Course 11

In your pursuit of mastering Forex trading, the 'School of Pipsology' might just be the comprehensive, step-by-step guide you need.

⑥ Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management

Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management - Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series ($1,499/$2,999)

Professional Traders

If you're a retail trader with a desire to dive deep into applied Macroeconomics in your trading strategy, then the 'Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series' could be a significant addition to your learning journey. This masterclass takes a data-driven, professional trader-level approach that has the potential to provide substantial returns to your portfolio over time.

What sets this approach apart is its infrequency: FOREX positioning under this model typically occurs just once or twice a year. However, when properly executed, it can lead to outsized returns. For this kind of expert, in-depth insight, you have two options depending on your needs and budget. You can choose a 1-month access for $1,499 or extend your mastery over 12 months for $2,999.

Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series
Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series  details

While these price points may seem high, remember that this masterclass offers a wealth of professional-level knowledge and expertise. If you're a professional looking to enhance your skills and trading strategy, this could be a worthy investment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Forex Trading Course

When you're selecting a Forex Trading course, you should consider the following factors:

Content: Make sure the course content is comprehensive and covers the key areas you want to learn about. Does it offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels? Does it tackle strategies, analysis, trading psychology, risk management, and other important subjects?

Cost: Consider your budget. Some courses are free, but advanced or specialized training may come at a cost. Remember, the highest priced course doesnt necessarily guarantee the highest quality.

Instructor's Expertise: Look at the trainer's qualifications and track record. Do they have a strong background in Forex trading? Are they experienced educators?

Format and Flexibility: Is the course format (online classes, recorded videos, one-on-one sessions, etc.) suitable for your lifestyle? Check the course duration and see if it aligns with your schedule.

Certification: Some courses offer a certificate upon completion, which could be an added advantage if you're planning to use it for career advancement.

Reviews and Recommendations: Check for feedback from previous or current learners. Reviews can give you a sense of courses quality and effectiveness.

Personal Trading Style: Your trading style and goals play a crucial role in deciding the right course. Scalping, day trading, swing trading, position trading—each has unique demands and strategies.

After-Support: Post-course support is vital as you'll likely have questions when you start trading for real.

Forex Trading Course FAQs

Why should I take a Forex Training Course?

- They help you understand trading basics.

- You'll learn trading strategies.

- They teach you risk management.

-  Most give you practical experience.

-  You stay updated with market changes.

-  You can avoid common trading mistakes.

-  Lastly, they can help build your confidence in trading.

How long should I spend on a Forex Training Course?

The time commitment for a Forex training course can vary greatly depending on the specific course. Some courses might require a few hours per week for a month or two, while others might be intensive week-long courses that run for several hours per day. It's important to check the requirements for the specific course you are interested in.

Udemy - Forex Trading A-Z 5-10 hours total
Udemy - Forex 101 Course 5-10 hours total
Asia Forex Mentor - One Core Program 3-6 months with a few hours weekly
Coursera Usually 1-3 months with a few hours weekly per course
Online Trading Academy A few weeks to a few months
BabyPips - School of Pipsology A few weeks to a few months depending on your schedule
Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management - Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Around 30 hours of video content

Do these courses offer any certifications upon completion?

Yes, many Forex Trading Courses offer a certification upon completion. However, the availability and recognition of these certificates can vary from course to course. I recommend checking with the specific course provider for details about their certification process.

Udemy - Forex Trading A-Z Yes
Udemy - Forex 101 Course Yes
Asia Forex Mentor - One Core Program Yes
Coursera Yes
Online Trading Academy May offer a certificate of completion
BabyPips - School of Pipsology No official certification, but completion of all lessons is acknowledged
Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management - Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video No

Can I start trading while still learning in these courses?

Yes, many Forex Trading courses encourage you to start trading while learning. They usually provide demo accounts where you can practice trading with virtual money. This approach allows you to gain practical experience without risking real money. 

Forex Disclaimer

Trading Forex (foreign exchange) carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, risk appetite, and the possibility of incurring losses. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

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