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SmartTrader · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name SmartTrader
Registered Country/Area United States
Years 2-5 years
Regulation Unregulated
Market Instruments Forex, Metals, Indices, and Commodities
Account Types Free, Plus, Prime, and Pro
Maximum Leverage 500:1
Samrt Tools Trend/Swing Tools, Market Levels, and Range Tools
Educational Resources Tutorials, Blog, Knowledge Base, Ideas Community, Trading Rooms, and Marketplace

Overview of SmartTrader

SmartTrader, operating in the United States for the past 2-5 years, presents itself as a trading platform offering a range of market instruments, including Forex, Metals, Indices, and Commodities. Despite being unregulated, the platform provides users with various account types, meeting different trading needs, from the Free tier to the more advanced Plus, Prime, and Pro levels.

With a maximum leverage of 500:1, SmartTrader empowers traders to explore various market opportunities. The platform equips users with a suite of tools, including Trend/Swing Tools, Market Levels, and Range Tools, enhancing their analytical capabilities.

Additionally, SmartTrader places a strong emphasis on education, offering a comprehensive array of resources such as tutorials, a blog, a knowledge base, an Ideas Community, Trading Rooms, and a Marketplace, claiming to support traders in their journey toward informed decision-making.

Overview of SmartTrader

Regulatory Status

SmartTrader operates as an unregulated trading platform. Using an unregulated broker can damage your reputation, especially if you become involved in any negative publicity or legal issues. This could impact your ability to secure loans, credit, or other financial services in the future.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Different Market Instruments Lack of Regulatory Oversight
Four Account Types Relatively Short Company History
Maximum Leverage of 500:1 Limited Customer Support Channels
Advanced Analytical Tools No Mobile App Availability
Rich Educational Resources /


  1. Different Market Instruments: SmartTrader provides a variety of trading options, including Forex, Metals, Indices, and Commodities, allowing users to diversify their portfolios.

  2. Four Account Types: The availability of Free, Plus, Prime, and Pro account types for a broad range of traders with different preferences and requirements.

  3. Maximum Leverage of 500:1: SmartTrader offers a maximum leverage of 500:1, providing traders with flexibility in managing their positions and potential returns.

  4. Advanced Analytical Tools: The platform offers advanced analytical tools, including Trend/Swing Tools, Market Levels, and Range Tools, enhancing traders' technical analysis capabilities.

  5. Rich Educational Resources: SmartTrader offers a comprehensive set of educational resources, such as Tutorials, a Blog, a Knowledge Base, an Ideas Community, Trading Rooms, and a Marketplace, facilitating continuous learning.


  1. Lack of Regulatory Oversight: SmartTrader operates without regulatory oversight, potentially exposing traders to higher risks and lacking the investor protections provided by regulated platforms.

  2. Relatively Short Company History: The platform's 2-5 years of operation may lack stability and reliability.

  3. Limited Customer Support Channels: SmartTrader's customer support options may be limited, potentially affecting the responsiveness and accessibility of assistance for users.

  4. No Mobile App Availability: The lack of a dedicated mobile app may limit the flexibility and convenience for traders who prefer to execute trades on the go.

Market Instruments

SmartTrader offers a selection of market instruments, including Forex, Metals, Indices, and Commodities.

In the realm of Forex, traders can engage in the dynamic foreign exchange market, exploring various currency pairs to capitalize on market movements.

The platform extends its offerings to Metals, allowing users to trade precious metals such as gold and silver, providing opportunities for portfolio diversification.

SmartTrader also encompasses Indices, enabling traders to speculate on the broader market movements by trading popular stock indices like the S&P 500 or Dow Jones.

Lastly, the inclusion of Commodities allows users to delve into the trading of tangible goods such as energy resources or agricultural products.

Market Instruments

Account Types

SmartTrader offers four distinct account types for different trading needs: Free, Plus, Prime, and Pro.

The Free plan, at $0, provides a foundational experience, allowing users access to one chart per workspace, one saved workspace, and syncing capabilities for a single device. It also includes three indicators per chart and 100+ popular indicators, ensuring a basic yet comprehensive analytical toolkit.

Stepping up, the Plus plan, priced at $14.95 per month, enhances the user experience with the provision of two charts per workspace, five saved workspaces, and the ability to sync across multiple devices. This plan also extends the indicator capabilities, offering five indicators per chart, the creation and saving of five custom indicators, and continued access to 100+ popular indicators.

For those seeking more advanced features, the Prime plan, priced at $29.95 per month, unlocks greater potential with four charts per workspace, ten saved workspaces, and synchronization across two devices. The indicator repertoire expands further, with seven indicators per chart, the creation and saving of ten custom indicators, and, like its predecessors, unlimited access to 100+ popular indicators.

At the pinnacle is the Pro plan, available at $99.95 per month. This top-tier subscription offers the most comprehensive features, including six charts per workspace, fifty saved workspaces, and synchronization capabilities across five devices. The Pro plan provides traders with unlimited access to a wide array of indicators, ensuring flexibility and depth in their technical analysis toolkit.

Furthermore, all plans offer varying degrees of Smart tools, ranging from one Smart Support and one Smart Resistance in the Free plan to a generous ten of each in the Pro plan. Additionally, the Pro plan provides users with unlimited text message (SMS) notifications, a feature not available in the Free or Plus plans.

Feature Free ($0) Plus ($14.95/mo) Prime ($29.95/mo) Pro ($99.95/mo)
Charts per workspace 1 2 4 6
Saved workspaces 1 5 10 50
Synced devices 1 0 2 5
Indicators 3 Indicators per Chart and 100+ Popular Indicators 5 Indicators per Chart, 5 Create and Save Custom Indicators, and 100+ Popular Indicators 7 Indicators per Chart, 10 Create and Save Custom Indicators, and 100+ Popular Indicators Unlimited access
Popular indicators Included 100+ Included Included
Smart tools 1 Smart Support, 1 Smart Resistance, and limited access 3 Smart Support, 3 Smart Resistance, and limited access 5 Smart Support, 5 Smart Resistance, and unlimited access 10 Smart Support, 10 Smart Resistance, and unlimited access
Text Message (SMS) Notifications N/A N/A 100 300
Account Types

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with SmartTrader is a straightforward process that can be completed online in a matter of minutes. Here's a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Visit the SmartTrader website and click “Open Account.”

How to Open an Account?
  1. Fill out the online application form: The form will request your personal information Be sure to have your identification documents (passport or ID card) and proof of address handy for uploading.

  2. Fund your account: SmartTrader offers various deposit methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets. Choose your preferred method and follow the instructions to complete the deposit.

  3. Verify your account: Once your account is funded, you'll need to verify your identity and address. This typically involves submitting scanned copies of your ID documents and proof of address.

  4. Start trading: Once your account is verified, you're ready to explore the SmartTrader trading platform and start making trades.

How to Open an Account?


Leverage magnifies both your profits and losses. With 500:1 leverage, a small 0.2% movement against your position can wipe out your entire account. This can happen very quickly, especially in volatile markets.

When your account value falls below a certain threshold due to losses, the broker may issue a margin call, forcing you to deposit additional funds or liquidate your position. This can be stressful and lead to further losses if you're forced to sell assets at an unfavorable price.

Smart Tools

SmartTrader presents a suite of powerful and intuitive Smart Tools designed to enhance traders' analytical capabilities.

The Trend/Swing Tools include Smart Fibonacci, Smart Waves, and Smart Patterns, offering advanced charting functionalities to identify and analyze trends, swings, and patterns in the market.

Market Levels introduce Smart Support, Smart Resistance, and Smart Pivots, providing users with essential tools to recognize key support and resistance levels and pivotal points for strategic decision-making.

Additionally, Range Tools, consisting of Daily Encapsulation, Weekly Encapsulation, and Candlestick Overlay, empower traders to visualize and understand price ranges and candlestick patterns over different timeframes. These Smart Tools collectively contribute to a comprehensive trading experience, aiding users in making informed decisions and executing effective trading strategies on the SmartTrader platform.

Smart Tools

Educational Resources

SmartTrader prioritizes trader education by offering a range of educational resources to empower users on their trading journey.

Tutorials provide step-by-step guides and instructions, ensuring users have a solid foundation in using the platform's features.

The Blog keeps traders informed about market trends, news, and analysis, fostering a deeper understanding of the financial landscape.

The Knowledge Base serves as a comprehensive repository of information, offering insights into various trading concepts and strategies.

The Ideas Community provides a collaborative space for traders to share insights and discuss potential trading opportunities.

Trading Rooms offer real-time engagement and discussions with experienced traders, facilitating an immersive learning experience.

Lastly, the Marketplace enhances education by providing access to additional tools and resources curated to support traders in honing their skills and achieving success in the dynamic world of trading.

Educational Resources


In conclusion, SmartTrader presents a platform with notable strengths, including the provision of multiple market instruments, four distinct account types, advanced analytical tools, and a rich array of educational resources. However, these advantages come with inherent risks and drawbacks. The platform operates without regulatory oversight, potentially exposing users to uncertainties. Limited customer support channels and the absence of a dedicated mobile app may hinder user experience.

While the platform offers robust features, users should carefully weigh the benefits against these notable shortcomings before engaging in trading activities on SmartTrader.


Q: Why would I pay for SmartTrader when I can get it for free?

A: If you want premium support plus additional power and customization functionality - like more charts per workspace, more types of alerts, more indicators per chart, custom templates, and live broker account connections - then a paid plan is right for you.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A: Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time through the Billing Portal.

Q: Why are Prime and Pro plans so similar?

A: In the case where you need to connect more broker accounts or more charts per workspace, a Pro account is what you want.

Q: What market instruments can I trade on SmartTrader?

A: SmartTrader supports trading in Forex, Metals, Indices, and Commodities.

Q: What account types are available on SmartTrader?

A: SmartTrader provides users with a choice of four account types: Free, Plus, Prime, and Pro.

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more than one year
I have found the customer service at SmartTrader to be quite helpful, although the fees are on the higher side. The minimum deposit requirement is also quite steep, making it challenging for beginners like myself to engage in trading on the platform.
2024-01-31 19:23
more than one year
Competitive broker! Once I decided to try services out, it was difficult for me to navigate the website. then, I realized that my brain just lagged :D. The navigation turned out to be simpler than I thought.
2023-02-22 14:19
more than one year
I would not even give it one star. Why? I have experienced the worst trading service on this platform. Its trading platform lost connection and I cannot login and there is no way I can open that platform. However, their support staff did not reply me at all, so speechless!
2023-02-15 09:43
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