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Pro Funds Eu

United Kingdom|2-5 years|
Suspicious Regulatory License|High potential risk|


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+44 2080973352
125 Old Broad Street London, EC2N 1ARE C 2 N 1 A R UNITED KINGDOM


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Pro Funds Eu



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+44 2080973352

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Pro Funds Eu

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Pro Funds Eu

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United Kingdom

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Pro Funds Eu · Company Summary

Note: Pro Funds Eus official site ( is currently not functional. Therefore, we could only gather relevant information from the Internet to present a rough picture of this broker.

Risk Warning

Online trading is dangerous, and you could potentially lose all of your investment funds. Not all investors and traders are suitable for it. Please understand that the information on this website is designed to serve as general guidance, and that you should be aware of the risks.

General Information

Pro Funds Eu Review Summary
Registered Country/Region United Kingdom
Regulation No regulation
Market Instruments forex, commodities, indices, shares, and cryptocurrencie
Demo Account Unavailable
Leverage 1:500
Trading Platforms Web trader
Minimum Deposit $3,500
Customer Support telephone, email

What is Pro Funds Eu?

Pro Funds Eu is a financial institution that offers a variety of account types, including the BLACK account, GOLD account, SILVER account, and BRONZE account. These accounts cater to individuals with varying investment capacities and experience levels. The minimum deposit requirements for these accounts range from $3,500 to $100,000+. However, it is worth noting that the availability of Pro Funds Eu's website is a critical factor in assessing its credibility and transparency. As you have mentioned that the trader's website is currently unavailable, this raises concerns regarding the lack of access to important information that would typically be provided on their website.

Pro Funds Eus home page

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
• Variety of Account Types • Lack of Regulation
• Customer Service Availability • Unavailability of Website
• High Minimum Deposit
US Traders are Not Accepted
Demo Accounts and Islamic Accounts Not Offered

Pro Funds Eu Alternative Brokers

There are many alternative brokers to Pro Funds Eu depending on the specific needs and preferences of the trader. Some popular options include:

  • XM - XM offers a diverse range of trading instruments, competitive spreads, and multiple account types. It is known for its educational resources and customer support.

  • AvaTrade - With a strong global presence, AvaTrade offers a wide range of trading instruments and platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and AvaTradeGO, catering to traders of all experience levels.

  • FXTM - ForexTime (FXTM) provides a variety of account types, educational materials, and analysis tools. It offers competitive trading conditions and a range of instruments to trade.

Is Pro Funds Eu Safe or Scam?

Based on the information, specifically that Pro Funds Eu currently has no valid regulation, it raises concerns about the safety and legitimacy of the organization. Regulatory oversight is crucial in the financial industry to protect investors and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. It is important to note that the website is unavailable, indicating that the trading platform may have absconded. These make investing with them risky.

Since Pro Funds Eu is not subject to any legitimate regulations, there is no impartial body to oversee its operations, which raises the possibility of fraud or unethical behavior. It's critical to remember that this evaluation is simply based on the absence of regulation and cannot conclusively say if Pro Funds Europe is safe or a fraud.

Market Instruments

Pro Funds Eu claims to provide a wide selection of trading instruments across various asset classes, encompassing forex, commodities, indices, shares, and cryptocurrencies.

In the forex market, investors can potentially capitalize on fluctuations in currency exchange rates, engaging in currency pairs and speculating on the relative value of different currencies.


Commodities trading allows investors to participate in the price movements of tangible goods, such as gold, silver, oil, and agricultural products.

With indices, Pro Funds Eu provides access to trading on major stock market benchmarks like the S&P 500, FTSE 100, or Nikkei 225.

Investors seeking exposure to individual companies can trade shares through Pro Funds Eu. This allows clients to buy and sell stocks of publicly listed companies, potentially capitalizing on specific company developments or market sentiment surrounding particular equities.

Pro Funds Eu also claims to offer trading opportunities in cryptocurrencies, including popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

It's important for investors to carefully review Pro Funds Eu's specific offerings, trading terms, fees, and associated risks. Market instruments can vary in terms of liquidity, volatility, and regulatory considerations, so it is advisable to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and exercise caution when engaging in trading activities across different asset classes with any brokerage firm.


Account Type Minimum Deposit
BLACK $100,000+
GOLD $25,000
SILVER $7,000
BRONZE $3,500

Pro Funds Eu provides a range of live account options to cater to the diverse needs and investment capacities of their clients.

The BLACK account is designed for high-net-worth individuals or seasoned investors who have a significant amount of capital to allocate. With a minimum deposit requirement of $100,000 or more, this account likely offers exclusive features, personalized services, and potentially access to higher-level investment opportunities.

In addition, the GOLD account, with a minimum deposit requirement of $25,000, is positioned as a mid-tier option suitable for investors with a moderate level of experience and financial capacity. This account type likely offers a diverse range of investment options, along with additional benefits compared to lower-tier accounts.

Moreover, the SILVER account caters to individuals with a lower investment capacity or those who prefer more accessible entry-level options. With a minimum deposit requirement of $7,000, the SILVER account offers a solid foundation for investors looking to start or expand their investment journey.

However, demo accounts and Islamic accounts are not available.


Pro Funds Eu offers a high leverage of up to 1:500. This means that traders have the potential to control positions that are up to 500 times their account balance. High leverage can amplify both potential profits and losses, as traders can open larger positions with a relatively smaller amount of capital.

It is important to note that while higher leverage can enhance potential returns, it also increases the risk involved in trading. Traders should exercise caution and have a solid understanding of leverage and risk management strategies before utilizing such high leverage. It is advisable to thoroughly assess one's trading goals, risk tolerance, and financial capabilities before deciding to trade with Pro Funds Eu's high leverage offering.

Trading Platforms

The ProFundsEU trading platform is only a Web trader, as would be anticipated from a fraudulent company.

According to reports, ProFundsEU Web trader provides all execution kinds, 7 different chart styles, trading history, and 9 different time-frames. However, since there isn't a Demo account, we can't confirm if this is genuine or not.

You won't locate the ProFundsEU mobile login if you search for it. You must always access your account through a web browser because there is no app for iOS or Android smartphones.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Pro Funds Eu claims to offer unlimited free withdrawals for clients with BLACK accounts. This suggests that clients holding a BLACK account may not be subject to any commission charges for withdrawals.

According to the information provided, GOLD account holders are eligible for 10 free withdrawals. This implies that clients with a GOLD account can make up to 10 withdrawals without incurring any commission fees.

In addition, Pro Funds Eu states that SILVER account holders are entitled to 5 free withdrawals. This suggests that clients with a SILVER account can make up to 5 withdrawals without being subject to commission charges.

Moreover, the information indicates that the first withdrawal is free for clients with BRONZE accounts. This means that clients opening a BRONZE account can make their first withdrawal without incurring any commission fees.

Pro Funds Eu minimum deposit vs other brokers

Pro Funds Eu Most other
Minimum Deposit $3,500 $100

Customer Service

Customer Service

Pro Funds Eu places importance on providing accessible and responsive customer service to address the needs of their clients. They offer multiple channels through which customers can reach out for assistance, including email and telephone.


Telephone: +44 2080973352

It is recommended to directly contact them or refer to their official website for detailed information on how to access customer support and their specific offerings.


Pro Funds Eu aims to meet the diverse needs of investors by offering different account types with varying minimum deposit requirements. Their BLACK, GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE accounts cater to individuals with different investment capacities and experience levels. The institution provides customer service support via email and telephone to assist clients with inquiries, account management, and general assistance.

However, it's important to note that Pro Funds Eu currently lacks valid regulation, which raises concerns about the safety and legitimacy of the organization. It is important to note that the website is unavailable, indicating that the trading platform may have absconded. These make investing with them risky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What types of accounts does Pro Funds Eu offer?At Pro Funds Eu, are there any regioanl restrictions for traders?

A1: Yes. US Traders are not accepted.

Q2: Does Pro Funds Eu have valid regulations?

A2: No, Pro Funds Eu currently have no valid regulations.

Q3: How can I contact Pro Funds Eu's customer service?

A3: Pro Funds Eu can be contacted through email at Additionally, they can be reached by phone at +44 2080973352.

Q4: What Is The ProFundsEU Minimum Deposit?

A4: ProFundsEU's minimum deposit is 3,500 EUR for the Bronze account.

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more than one year
Pro Funds Eu promised that it offers 10%-25% trading bonuses, but I have received any. A big problem is that trading platform can be very unstable. My trades were executed slow in most cases. I reflected this issue, but no one would come to solve my problem.
2023-03-13 13:33
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