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Starbots · Company Summary

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.

Starbots Basic Information
Registered Country/Area Singapore
Founded year 2021
Company Name Starbots Global Limited
Regulation No regulation
Minimum Deposit N/A
Maximum Leverage 1:200
Spreads N/A
Trading Platforms MT5 trading platform
Tradable assets Forex only
Account Types N/A
Demo Account No
Islamic Account No
Customer Support No
Payment Methods No
Educational Tools a basic FAQ

General Information

Starbots is a newly established brokerage firm based in Singapore. Founded in 2021, Starbots Global Limited operates without any specific regulatory oversight. The minimum deposit requirement is not specified in the available information, making it difficult to assess the accessibility of the broker. The maximum leverage offered by Starbots is 1:200, which can potentially amplify both profits and losses for traders.

Details about the spreads are not provided, limiting transparency regarding the cost of trading on the platform. Starbots exclusively offers trading in the forex market, with no other asset classes available for trading.

While the trading platform offered is the popular MetaTrader 5 (MT5), there is a lack of information regarding the available account types. Additionally, no demo account or Islamic account options are mentioned, which may disappoint traders seeking to practice or adhere to specific religious requirements.

One notable drawback is the absence of customer support, depriving traders of the necessary assistance and guidance when faced with queries or concerns. Starbots does provide a basic FAQ section as an educational tool. However, the limited provision of educational resources may hinder the ability of traders to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for successful trading.


Is Starbots legit or a scam?

The issue of regulation is a critical aspect to consider when evaluating the credibility and reliability of a brokerage firm. In the case of Starbots, there are discrepancies regarding its claimed regulatory status. The broker asserts to be regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA), a prominent regulatory body in the financial industry. However, upon further investigation, it is discovered that Starbots is not registered as a member of the NFA.

The absence of genuine regulatory membership calls into question Starbots' adherence to the rigorous standards and requirements set by recognized regulatory authorities. Traders should exercise caution and carefully evaluate the implications of choosing an unregulated broker, as it may expose them to potential risks, including inadequate client protection, lack of oversight, and limited avenues for recourse in case of disputes.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
MT5 trading platform supported - Lack of regulatory oversight
A basic FAQ for educational needs - Limited information on account types
- No demo account
- Absence of customer support
- No specified payment methods available
- Limited transparency on spreads and commissions
- No Islamic accounts for clients adhering to Shariah principles

Market Instruments

Starbots positions itself as a forex broker, emphasizing its focus on forex trading. However, detailed and specific information regarding the range of tradable assets offered by the brokerage is noticeably scarce and difficult to ascertain from available sources. When selecting a broker, it is essential for traders to have a clear understanding of the available market instruments to align with their investment goals and strategies.


Account Types

Starbots, unfortunately, does not provide specific information regarding the available account types. The absence of detailed account information limits our understanding of the account structures and features offered by the broker.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Starbots does not provide a demo account, which is a valuable tool for traders, particularly for beginners, to practice and familiarize themselves with the trading platform and market conditions.


Starbots offers leverage to traders, with a maximum leverage ratio of up to 1:200. A leverage ratio of 1:200 signifies that for every unit of the trader's capital, they can control a position that is 200 times larger. This means that traders can trade with a higher position size relative to their available funds.

The availability of leverage at a ratio of 1:200 provides traders with the opportunity to participate in larger trading positions, potentially capitalizing on market fluctuations. However, it is crucial for traders to exercise caution and prudence when utilizing leverage. Proper risk management and a thorough understanding of leverage's impact on trading positions are essential to mitigate the potential downside risks.


Spreads & Commissions (Trading Fees)

Specific information about the spreads and commissions at Starbots is not provided in the available details. The absence of transparent information regarding trading fees makes it challenging to evaluate the cost structure associated with trading on the platform.

Commissions, on the other hand, are additional charges imposed by brokers for facilitating trades. These fees are typically a percentage of the trade size or a fixed amount per lot. Clear information about commissions is essential for traders to calculate the total cost of trading accurately.

Non-Trading Fees

Regrettably, specific information regarding the non-trading fees associated with Starbots is not available. The absence of detailed data pertaining to non-trading fees limits our ability to provide a comprehensive overview of the potential charges beyond the regular trading costs.

Trading Platform

The trading platform available at Starbots is MetaTrader trading platform (MT5), which is widely recognized and respected as one of the most prominent and favored trading platforms in the financial markets.

The MT5 platform provides traders with access to a wide range of financial instruments and markets, allowing them to trade various assets seamlessly. With Starbots' focus on forex trading, traders can utilize the MT5 platform's comprehensive charting package, technical indicators, and analytical tools specifically tailored to the forex market. This equips traders with the necessary tools to conduct in-depth market analysis, implement trading strategies, and make well-informed trading decisions.

Moreover, the MT5 platform offered by Starbots supports automated trading through the use of Expert Advisors (EAs). Traders can develop or utilize pre-existing algorithms to execute trades automatically, based on predefined parameters and trading strategies. This feature enhances efficiency and allows traders to participate in the markets even when they are unable to actively monitor their positions.


Deposit & Withdrawal

Unfortunately, specific information regarding the deposit and withdrawal processes at Starbots is not available in the provided data. The lack of detailed information pertaining to deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as associated requirements or potential fees, limits our understanding of the processes involved.

Customer Support

Starbots appears to have severe limitations when it comes to customer support, as no contact information is available in the provided data. Customer support plays a crucial role in assisting traders with their queries, concerns, and technical issues. It serves as a vital channel for communication and ensures that traders receive prompt and reliable assistance when needed. However, the lack of contact information for Starbots suggests a lack of established support channels, hindering the ability for traders to seek timely resolutions or guidance.

Educational Resources

Regrettably, Starbots does not provide any educational resources based on the available information. The absence of educational content limits the opportunities for traders to acquire knowledge, enhance their skills, and stay informed about market trends and developments.

Is Starbots suitable for beginners?

Starbots may not be the most suitable choice for beginners due to several factors. Firstly, the absence of educational resources specifically tailored to novice traders hampers the ability of beginners to acquire foundational knowledge and develop trading skills. Secondly, the lack of customer support and contact information further limits the accessibility of guidance and assistance for beginners. Additionally, the limited information about account types, deposit and withdrawal processes, and non-trading fees adds to uncertainty for beginners. Considering these limitations, beginners may find it more beneficial to explore alternative brokers that prioritize comprehensive educational resources, accessible customer support, and a user-friendly environment.

Is Starbots suitable for experienced traders?

Starbots may not be the most suitable choice for experienced traders due to several limitations and uncertainties associated with the broker. The lack of regulatory oversight raises concerns about the broker's credibility and adherence to industry standards, which may be particularly important for experienced traders seeking a secure and reliable trading environment. Additionally, the absence of specific information regarding tradable assets beyond forex further limits the options available for experienced traders who may be looking to diversify their portfolios across various financial instruments. The lack of transparency regarding spreads and commissions also hampers the ability of experienced traders to evaluate the cost structure and potential profitability of trading with Starbots. Furthermore, the absence of educational resources and limited customer support channels can hinder experienced traders who rely on continuous learning and access to reliable guidance. Experienced traders often require advanced tools, market analysis, and research materials to refine their strategies and make informed trading decisions. The lack of such resources may limit their ability to effectively analyze the markets and adapt to changing conditions.


In conclusion, Starbots presents several limitations and uncertainties that raise concerns for potential traders. The lack of transparency regarding regulatory oversight casts doubt on the broker's credibility and commitment to industry standards. This absence of regulation can leave traders vulnerable to potential risks and inadequate client protection measures.

Moreover, the absence of specific information about tradable assets beyond forex restricts the options available for diversification and limits the potential for exploring alternative markets. The lack of clarity regarding spreads and commissions further impedes a comprehensive evaluation of the trading costs associated with Starbots.

The absence of educational resources and limited customer support channels are additional drawbacks. Educational resources are essential for traders, especially beginners, to acquire knowledge and develop skills, while comprehensive customer support ensures prompt assistance and guidance.


Q: Is Starbots regulated?

A: No, Starbots operates without any regulatory oversight.

Q: What are the available tradable assets on Starbots?

A: Based on the information provided, Starbots primarily offers forex trading. However, specific details about other tradable assets are not available.

Q: Does Starbots provide a demo account?

A: No, Starbots does not offer a demo account for traders to practice or familiarize themselves with the trading platform.

Q: Are there Islamic accounts available on Starbots?

A: No, Starbots does not offer Islamic accounts tailored to clients adhering to Shariah principles.

Q: What are the customer support options provided by Starbots?

A: Unfortunately, specific customer support options are not mentioned in the available information, indicating a lack of accessible customer support channels.

Q: What payment methods are accepted by Starbots?

A: No information is provided regarding the payment methods accepted by Starbots, leaving the available options unclear.

Q: Are there educational resources available on Starbots?

A: No, Starbots does not provide any educational resources based on the available information.

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more than one year
The MT5 trading platform is user-friendly and provides a variety of tools for technical analysis. I appreciate the focus on forex trading, which aligns with my primary trading interest.
2023-12-08 10:42
more than one year
The maximum leverage of 1:200 is relatively high, and I believe the broker should provide more guidance on responsible leverage usage. The non-availability of a demo account is a drawback, especially for beginners who may want to practice before engaging in live trading. Additionally, the complete absence of customer support contact information is a major red flag, as it indicates a lack of transparency and accountability.
2023-12-07 19:31
more than one year
I have no words to express how I felt about the deception and refusal to release my investments from this company. They are scammers. Do not work with them! You will lose your money!
2022-12-14 12:16
more than one year
Don’t fall prey to this scammer, guys. Can you believe? They just told me that I can reach a 10% daily profits as long as I deposit $1000. Is this possible? They are so stupid liars!
2022-12-09 18:15
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