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CHIEF · Company Summary

CHIEF Basic Information
Company Name CHIEF
Founded 2004
Headquarters Hong Kong
Regulations Regulated by SFC
Products and Services Transparent fees, IPO subscriptions, stable trading, diverse offerings, financial instruments, discretionary accounts, consulting, corporate financing
Fees Competitive, transparent, various plans, negotiable rates
Customer Support Email (, Hotline (+852 2500 9199)
Education Resources Chinese-focused market analyses, briefings, U.S. stock insights
Bonus Opening rewards, low commissions, commission-free months, real-time quotes, eDDA support

Overview of CHIEF

CHIEF, established in 2004 and headquartered in Hong Kong, stands as a reputable financial services provider known for its commitment to transparency and customer-centric offerings. Regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) with the license number AAZ607, CHIEF operates within the legal framework, ensuring compliance with established standards for financial services. The company's extensive product and service portfolio caters to diverse investment needs, featuring transparent and flexible fee structures, user-friendly IPO subscription services, stable trading systems, and a comprehensive range of financial instruments such as stocks, securities, funds, and more.

One notable aspect of CHIEF is its customer-centric approach, evident in its robust customer support channels. Clients can easily reach out to the dedicated team through email ( or a hotline (+852 2500 9199) for prompt assistance and information. CHIEF also places a strong emphasis on investor education, providing valuable resources in Chinese, including market analyses, pre-market briefings, U.S. stock insights, and discussions on various financial themes. Additionally, the company offers enticing bonus programs, including opening account rewards, low commission rates, commission-free months, real-time quotes, and direct deposit support with eDDA, further enhancing the overall client experience. Overall, CHIEF's holistic approach positions it as a reliable and customer-focused partner in the financial services landscape.


Is CHIEF Legit?

CHIEF is currently regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. Its regulatory status ensures that it operates within the legal framework and adheres to the established standards for financial services.

The specific license number provided, AAZ607, is likely the regulatory license number issued to CHIEF by the Securities and Futures Commission. This license serves as an identifier and confirms that CHIEF has met the necessary requirements and qualifications to operate in the financial markets under the regulatory jurisdiction of Hong Kong.


Pros and Cons

CHIEF, a well-established financial services provider based in Hong Kong, offers a diverse range of products and services with a focus on transparency and customer satisfaction. The platform's strengths lie in its comprehensive services, providing users with transparent and flexible fee structures, stable trading systems, and a wide array of financial instruments. CHIEF's commitment to customer-centricity is evident through robust customer support channels and valuable educational resources, particularly in market analysis. However, it's important to note potential limitations, such as a primarily Chinese-focused educational approach, limited physical presence options for account opening, and the platform's dependency on regulatory conditions, which could impact services. Despite these considerations, CHIEF's bonus programs, low commission rates, and commission-free months contribute to an overall positive and incentivized user experience.

Pros Cons
1. Comprehensive Services 1. Limited International Presence
2. Customer-Centric Approach 2. Language Focus
3. Investor Education 3. Limited Physical Presence Options
4. Transparent Fee Structure 4. Regulatory Dependency
5. Bonus Programs 5. Potential Language Barrier

Products and Services

CHIEF is a financial services provider committed to simplifying and enhancing the investment experience. They offer transparent and flexible charges, ensuring personalized fee structures that align with individual preferences and financial goals.

1. Transparent and Flexible Charges:

CHIEF offers a financial platform with transparent and flexible charges, ensuring a personalized fee structure aligned with individual preferences and financial goals.

2. IPO Subscription Services:

For IPO enthusiasts, CHIEF simplifies the application process with a user-friendly approach, featuring an extended subscription period. The platform also supports grey market trading and real-time quotes.

3. Stable Trading Systems:

CHIEF provides stable and convenient trading systems, empowering investors to seize market opportunities. Fast and convenient deposit and withdrawal services facilitate swift responses to emerging investment prospects.

4. Diverse Product Range:

CHIEF's product range includes trading in various markets such as Hong Kong stocks, global stocks, Shanghai/Shenzhen-Hong Kong stocks, as well as services like global securities, sub-accounts, IPO subscriptions, grey market trading, and stock options.

5. Broad Spectrum of Financial Instruments:

CHIEF extends its services to cover a diverse array of financial instruments, including Hong Kong and global futures, life insurance, business insurance, general insurance, funds, bonds, equity-linked notes, and even global properties.

6. Discretionary Accounts and Asset Management:

For those seeking a hands-off approach, CHIEF offers discretionary accounts and asset management services, providing tailored solutions for individual and corporate clients.

7. Consulting Services:

CHIEF also offers consulting services for individuals and corporations, ensuring tailored guidance based on unique financial situations.

8. Corporate Financing Services:

In the realm of corporate financing, CHIEF facilitates businesses through services like corporate financing, solidifying its role as a holistic financial partner.

Overall, CHIEF's comprehensive range of products and services, as outlined above, reflects its commitment to providing a one-stop solution for a wide spectrum of financial needs.


How to Open an Account?

CHIEF provides multiple convenient avenues for individuals to open an account, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

1. E-Account:

One of the streamlined options is the E-Account opening process. This online method offers a user-friendly platform where individuals can initiate and complete the account opening procedure digitally. E-Account ensures a swift and efficient experience, allowing clients to start their investment journey without the need for physical paperwork.

2. Online Appointment:

For those who prefer personalized assistance, CHIEF facilitates account opening through online appointments. Clients can schedule a virtual appointment with CHIEF's representatives, who guide them through the process, answer queries, and provide any necessary assistance. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking a more guided and interactive experience.

3. Apply in Person:

For a traditional approach, clients can visit CHIEF's physical locations to apply for an account in person. This option allows for face-to-face interactions with the staff, providing an opportunity to clarify any doubts and receive immediate assistance. It's a suitable choice for individuals who prefer a hands-on and direct approach to account opening.

4. Apply by Mail:

CHIEF also accommodates clients who prefer a remote but non-digital approach through the option to apply by mail. Individuals can request the account opening forms and related documents, complete them, and submit the application by mail. This method offers flexibility for those who may not be comfortable with online processes but still prefer the convenience of remote application.

In summary, CHIEF's multi-channel approach to account opening ensures flexibility and accessibility for a wide range of clients, aligning with varying preferences and comfort levels with digital processes. Whether clients choose the speed of E-Account, the personalized touch of online appointments, the face-to-face interaction of in-person applications, or the convenience of applying by mail, CHIEF strives to make the account opening process as seamless as possible.



1. Commission for Internet Trade:

CHIEF implements a transparent fee structure for internet trades. The normal trading plan carries a 0.0675% charge with a minimum of HK$40/RMB¥40. For frequent traders, the scheme offers a 0.1% commission with no minimum charges, calculated separately for each executed trade on the same stock.

2. Commission for Phone Trade and Prelisting Trade:

Phone trades and prelisting trades both incur a commission of 0.125%, with minimum charges of HK$68/RMB¥68 and HK$55/RMB¥55, respectively. Commission is calculated separately for each side and trading channel, charged once for every four transactions.

3. Monthly Investment Plan and Dividend Reinvestment:

During the promotional period, there is no commission fee for the Monthly Investment Plan. The commission for dividend reinvestment is free. These rates apply to CHIEF's direct clients, with negotiable rates for bulk transactions and negotiable commission for AE clients.

4. Frequent Trade Online Trading Commission Plan:

CHIEF's “Frequent Trade” Online Trading Commission Plan offers a tiered commission rate of 0.1% for selected customers or E-Account holders. This plan is limited to online trading and excludes transactions related to IPO subscriptions, grey market trading, and monthly stock savings plans. No minimum charges apply, and the commission is calculated separately for each executed trade on the same stock.

5. Financing Services - Margin Accounts:

Margin accounts at CHIEF have tiered interest rates based on the margin loan amount. Rates range from Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate + 1% for loans up to HK$100,000 to Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate + 1.5% for loans between HK$3,000,001 and HK$10,000,000. Negotiable rates are available for larger financing amounts.

6. Call for Deposit:

For call-for-deposit services, the interest rate is Chong Hing Bank Prime Rate + 5%. This service is applicable to HK Stocks Margin Accounts opened or with interest rate changes after January 18, 2021.

CHIEF's fee structure emphasizes flexibility, with no minimum commission fees for certain plans and negotiable rates for specific client needs. The platform also offers safe, user-friendly trading systems, free real-time quote services for HK and US stocks, commission-free monthly investment plans, interest-free margin financing during promotions, and quick deposit and withdrawal services.


Customer Support

CHIEF prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers robust support to address inquiries and concerns promptly. Customers can reach out to the dedicated customer support team through the email address This email service provides a convenient channel for customers to seek assistance, ask questions, or request information related to their accounts, transactions, or any other financial inquiries.

For immediate assistance, customers can also contact CHIEF's customer support hotline at +852 2500 9199. The hotline is staffed by knowledgeable and responsive professionals who can provide assistance in real-time. Whether customers have questions about account management, trading procedures, or any other financial services offered by CHIEF, the hotline serves as a direct and efficient means of communication.

Educational Resources

CHIEF is committed to empowering its clients with valuable insights and knowledge through a range of educational resources, particularly focused on market analysis. Geared towards a Chinese-speaking audience, these resources are designed to aid investors in making informed decisions and capitalizing on market opportunities.

The research team at CHIEF consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the financial industry. Their expertise allows them to provide insightful analyses of market trends and individual stocks, ensuring clients have access to timely and relevant information. The educational materials cover a variety of topics, including pre-market briefings, U.S. stock information, in-depth discussions on specific themes, macroeconomic insights, and individual stock research.

The resources are regularly updated to keep clients informed about the latest market developments. Whether clients are interested in understanding the broader economic landscape or conducting detailed research on specific stocks, CHIEF's educational materials serve as a valuable tool to enhance their financial literacy and decision-making capabilities. By offering these resources exclusively in Chinese, CHIEF ensures accessibility and relevance for its target audience, contributing to a more informed and empowered investor community.


1. Opening Account Rewards:

From now until December 31, 2023, customers opening new accounts at CHIEF's financial centers or online with the promotion code can enjoy exclusive benefits. By meeting the specified conditions, new customers can receive up to HK$300 in supermarket vouchers. Additionally, successfully referring friends or family for online account openings or securities deposits brings extra rewards.

2. Low Commission Rates:

As part of the “密密 Trade 計劃,” CHIEF offers incredibly low commission rates, with Hong Kong stock commissions as low as HK$0.01 and US stock trading commissions as low as US$0.99. This promotion includes no platform fees and no minimum charges, providing cost-effective trading options for investors.

3. Commission-Free Months for HK Stocks, US Stocks, and Funds:

Applicants for the online monthly investment plan can enjoy commission-free trading for Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, or funds. This promotion allows participants to choose between conducting their monthly investment in the first or second half of each month.

4. Free Real-time Quotes:

Both new and existing customers benefit from a complimentary one-month subscription to Hong Kong and US stock Level 1 real-time streaming quotes. With every trade, customers extend this free subscription for an additional month, ensuring ongoing access to real-time market information.

5. Direct Deposit Support with eDDA:

CHIEF facilitates 24/7 instant deposits through its support for eDDA (Electronic Direct Debit Authorization). This system ensures seamless and timely fund transfers, supporting popular transfer methods such as Faster Payment System (FPS).

These bonus offerings aim to enhance the overall customer experience, providing not only financial benefits but also added convenience and accessibility for investors engaging with CHIEF's platform.



In conclusion, CHIEF emerges as a well-established and customer-centric financial services provider, offering a comprehensive suite of services to cater to diverse investment needs. The platform's strengths lie in its transparent fee structures, robust customer support, and commitment to investor education, particularly for a Chinese-speaking audience. However, CHIEF faces challenges such as limited international presence and potential language barriers for non-Chinese speakers. Despite these drawbacks, its bonus programs, low commission rates, and a range of financial instruments contribute to an overall positive user experience, positioning CHIEF as a reliable partner for those seeking a holistic approach to their financial endeavors.


Q: Is CHIEF regulated, and what is its regulatory license number?

A: Yes, CHIEF is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, with the regulatory license number AAZ607 confirming its compliance with financial industry standards.

Q: How can I open an account with CHIEF?

A: CHIEF offers multiple avenues for account opening, including E-Account, online appointments, in-person visits, and application by mail.

Q: What fees does CHIEF charge for internet trades?

A: CHIEF's internet trade fees include a 0.0675% charge with a minimum of HK$40/RMB¥40 under the normal trading plan. Frequent traders enjoy a 0.1% commission with no minimum charges.

Q: Does CHIEF provide educational resources in languages other than Chinese?

A: CHIEF primarily focuses on providing educational resources in Chinese, potentially creating a language barrier for non-Chinese speakers.

Q: What advantages do CHIEF's bonus programs offer?

A: CHIEF's bonus programs include opening account rewards, low commission rates, commission-free months, free real-time quotes, and direct deposit support, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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more than one year
I was lured to open an account by the 50% credit bonus on first deposit, however they removed all the credits on the first deposit after an internal subaccount transfer. Looking at their formula, they were supposed to only move a proportional amount of credits between subaccounts instead they also removed the credits of the first deposit. I contacted support to revert the action, however it seems that is not possible to revert a simple subaccount transfer. The first supporter dismissed me without an answer, the second supporter told me that I’ll be contacted asap but nothing happened.
2024-03-25 02:49
more than one year
I started trading with CHIEF using their provided rewards. Everything seemed fine until I made over $100 in profits. Suddenly, I noticed they were deducting money from my account without any explanation. I tried reaching out to them, but they haven't responded or addressed the issue.
2024-02-05 21:44
more than one year
CHIEF is a regulated financial platform with a good reputation and experience. They provide a range of trading tools and platforms, as well as free analysis and information to help traders make informed decisions. Before investing, investors should carefully read the information provided by the website and terms of service and seek professional investment advice.
2023-03-29 12:24
more than one year
I have been scammed by a company that advertised a deposit bonus, so now I am highly vigilant. Generally speaking, if the amount of this bonus is too high, traders should be alert to prevent being cheated.
2023-02-28 14:04
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