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Athenaplace Finance Ltd

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Hong Kong

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Previous Detection : 2023-03-22
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 18 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

WikiFX Verification

Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to withdraw

Athena place is unable to withdraw

The netizens I met on IG claimed to be the owner of a Portuguese restaurant in Macau! Take me to trade with Athenaplace Finance Ltd! Through this platform online customer service staff to deposit and withdraw funds and then invest in MT5! This website has delayed the withdrawal when it is found that something is wrong! The online customer service staff said that manual review will take 2 months, unless the stored value of 10,000 USDT is upgraded to a gold member! After this person disappeared, the customer service staff of this website did not respond! I hope no one gets scammed again...

2022-08-14 15:50
Unable to withdraw

Stored more than 2 million in order to receive rewards, but failed to withdraw!

Because of mistrusting the recommendation of netizens, in order to receive the stored value reward, he was defrauded by the black platform Athenaplace of more than 2 million yuan. At the beginning, I met this netizen on IG. One day, I chatted with this netizen about investment. He mentioned that he was investing in international gold, and the income was not bad. He also invited me to join. After that, they taught me to download Binance, Athenaplace and MT5. Then take me to trade on Athenaplace, deposit funds through the online customer service staff of this platform, and then invest in MT5. Because I am completely unfamiliar with this field, whether it is the trading steps, data settings, and timing of entering and exiting the market, I follow the instructions of the other party. After the first small profit, there were applications for withdrawal, and indeed there were successful withdrawals, so there was no doubt in the follow-up. One day, this netizen asked me to ask the customer service. There is currently a deposit full reward event. The netizen suggested that I first participate in the $88,000 event to grab a spot. Because the threshold is too high, I was hesitant to participate. Later, netizens said that if it is really not enough, he can help some, and it is good to withdraw it and return it to him after reaching the standard. So I participated in the activity, and I applied for an extension because I could not reach it within the time limit. The platform said that I needed to pay a deposit of 10,000 US dollars (the netizens helped me pay) to continue the activity, and this deposit could not be counted in the deposit activity. In the end, I There was a shortfall of 7,000 US dollars, and netizens helped to make up for the event. The feedback was also deposited the next day, and two market transactions were made in the middle. Unexpectedly, the application for withdrawal on the evening of 8/22 kept waiting for review until noon on 8/22 when the review failed. Ask the customer service why the withdrawal was unsuccessful? It was said that my account was involved in third-party funds, which was a risk account and was suspected of money laundering. I was asked to add another $17,000 as a security deposit. It is not enough to ask the customer service if it can be deducted from the account. In short, the money is not given. In the end, he said that if I do not deal with it maliciously, I will be sued! I hope everyone will not be deceived again. Of course everyone wants to have the opportunity to make money, but this kind of malicious platform will really kill people, and I blame myself for being greedy!

2022-08-28 17:40
Unable to withdraw

Unable to withdraw

On 6/2, because I participated in the activity in the picture, I didn’t expect that after the completion of the event, it said that there was a third-party fund injection, and the third-party fund needs to be completed. After that, it was completed one after another. In the event period of 7//17, there is still a third-party fund 6404údt Completed, because the third-party funds need to be completed in another 72 hours, about 110,000 Usdt has been bet, indicating that the credit is lower than 80 points and the third-party funds need to be re-completed. Keep asking during the re-financing period if there is no fee to pay after the completion? I have always said that it will not be normal, and I can withdraw it after review, but it has to be re-injected because of the expiration date. I have been asking that it is our problem that caused it.... After asking for a long time, it is still the same. I asked friends who I know online to know After disappearing, MT5 still shows the amount of funds, but the trading center cannot log in to the website. It was too late to discover the scam. I listened to this lie in order to raise my family’s medical expenses. It made me on a heavy debt. Is there a way to solve it? I can’t get it back if I called the police. would be so stupid

2022-07-21 07:31
Unable to withdraw

Do not be deceived

I met a guy on IG more than two months ago. I cared about it every day. I started to say that I have the ability to make you better. The epidemic is like this, and I have made money in gold. Do you want to try it with me? I downloaded Binance, and MT5 also said that if you lose a dollar in Binance, Binance will compensate you. If you lose a dime in your investment, I will pay you a dollar. I was skeptical at first. Afraid of being deceived, I invested 20,000 Taiwan dollars at first, and then added another 50,000 Taiwan dollars a week later. This guy is very tricky and will tell you that if you have doubts, I can teach you to withdraw cash. If you are afraid that I am a liar, you will be You can stop, I will still be a friend in the future. I got my first investment back in early June and made a profit of more than 10,000. Then he started to tell me, if I didn’t like you and love you, would I want to help you like this? Said, if you can increase the principal to 500,000, I will help you with 20,000 USDT. During these days, I was feeling cold and warm every day. In the end, I was still seasick. After I started to find the principal, he really deposited 20,000 USDT. USDT, I have always had doubts during this period. He said that if I didn’t have to spend the rest of my life with you, why would I give you 20,000 yuan? During this period, I will trade 1~2 times a week on average, and I will make a profit every time. But I didn't withdraw money until the end of June. He asked me if I had received a message from the official website that there seemed to be activities and benefits that I could get. My ID recommended me. After making an appointment, I have to deposit another 70,000 USDT. I kept telling him that I have no principal, and he also said that this is still me. When I am transparent, he helped me 4 10,000, I will pay another 30,000. After the result is completed, I want to withdraw the money and say that I cannot withdraw. After review, your account is listed as a risk account. In order to prevent criminals from using this platform to be suspected of money laundering and maliciously steal other people's funds, according to the provisions of the "Catalogue of Current Effective Foreign Exchange Management Regulations" of the International Administration of Foreign Exchange for personal funds security, you A third-party intervention fund of 60,000 USDT needs to be paid, that is, the payment amount is: 60,000 USDT After the payment is completed, our company will review all the amounts in your account in time for you. After confirmation, the deposit amount you paid will be returned to your account. At that time, you can handle the full cash withdrawal business. Hope to know; thank you! Next, I kept writing to the customer service and said that the boy only helped me for 40,000 yuan in the event. After they checked it, they confirmed that it was not 60,000 yuan. , the risk control department also has third-party funds involved, and your account is listed as a risk account after review. The Personal Fund Security Item in the Catalogue of Main Regulations stipulates that you need to pay a third-party intervention fund of 40,000 USDT, that is, the payment amount is: 40,000 USDT After the payment is completed, our company will review all the amounts in your account in time for you. After confirmation, the amount of the deposit you paid will be returned to you. account, you can handle the full cash withdrawal business at that time, please know; thank you! Next, we also started looking for a deposit of 40,000 yuan. I also kept asking this boy if he would not be able to withdraw the money after he made the deposit. He kept telling me that there would be no such problem after I made the deposit (8/2), 8/3 of him have disappeared without any news. During this period, he kept saying that he had bought a house in Taiwan, and that he would spend the rest of his life together in the future, which gave me a lot of impossible dreams. Wake up everyone, this boy's name is Ye Ling, his IG I have attached

2022-08-05 10:30

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    more than one year
    Wow, it's really scary. This company's website can't be opened. I saw that many victims on wikifx said that this scammer actively reached out to victims through ig, which is commonly known as killing pigs! I didn't say that we should have a clear understanding of ourselves. Do those good-looking and rich people lack friends in real life? Do they need to go to ig to find strangers? Resist the temptation!
    2022-12-14 10:59
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