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2022-08-28 17:40 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Stored more than 2 million in order to receive rewards, but failed to withdraw!

Because of mistrusting the recommendation of netizens, in order to receive the stored value reward, he was defrauded by the black platform Athenaplace of more than 2 million yuan. At the beginning, I met this netizen on IG. One day, I chatted with this netizen about investment. He mentioned that he was investing in international gold, and the income was not bad. He also invited me to join. After that, they taught me to download Binance, Athenaplace and MT5. Then take me to trade on Athenaplace, deposit funds through the online customer service staff of this platform, and then invest in MT5. Because I am completely unfamiliar with this field, whether it is the trading steps, data settings, and timing of entering and exiting the market, I follow the instructions of the other party. After the first small profit, there were applications for withdrawal, and indeed there were successful withdrawals, so there was no doubt in the follow-up. One day, this netizen asked me to ask the customer service. There is currently a deposit full reward event. The netizen suggested that I first participate in the $88,000 event to grab a spot. Because the threshold is too high, I was hesitant to participate. Later, netizens said that if it is really not enough, he can help some, and it is good to withdraw it and return it to him after reaching the standard. So I participated in the activity, and I applied for an extension because I could not reach it within the time limit. The platform said that I needed to pay a deposit of 10,000 US dollars (the netizens helped me pay) to continue the activity, and this deposit could not be counted in the deposit activity. In the end, I There was a shortfall of 7,000 US dollars, and netizens helped to make up for the event. The feedback was also deposited the next day, and two market transactions were made in the middle. Unexpectedly, the application for withdrawal on the evening of 8/22 kept waiting for review until noon on 8/22 when the review failed. Ask the customer service why the withdrawal was unsuccessful? It was said that my account was involved in third-party funds, which was a risk account and was suspected of money laundering. I was asked to add another $17,000 as a security deposit. It is not enough to ask the customer service if it can be deducted from the account. In short, the money is not given. In the end, he said that if I do not deal with it maliciously, I will be sued! I hope everyone will not be deceived again. Of course everyone wants to have the opportunity to make money, but this kind of malicious platform will really kill people, and I blame myself for being greedy!

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


因誤信網友推薦,為了領儲值獎勵,被黑平台Athenaplace詐騙了200多萬元。一開始是在IG認識這位網友,某天跟這位網友聊到投資相關,他提到自己有在做國際黃金的投資,收益還不錯,也邀請我一起加入。之後陸續教我下載了幣安、Athenaplace以及MT5。之後帶我於Athenaplace進行交易,透過此平台線上客服人員入金再到MT5進行投資。 因自己對這個領域完全不熟悉,所以不論是交易步驟、數據設定以及進出場的時機,都是按照對方指示操作。第一次小額獲利後,有申請出金,確實也有提領成功,所以後續就沒有多疑。 某天,此網友請我詢問客服,目前有一個入金滿額回饋的活動,網友建議我先參加88,000美元活動搶佔名額,因門檻太高,一度猶豫是否要參加。後來網友說,如果真的不夠,他可以協助一些,等達標再提領歸還給他就好。於是我參加了活動,期間還因為無法在時間內達成而申請延期,平台說需要繳10,000美金(網友幫我支付)的保證金繼續完成活動,且這筆保證金不能算在入金的活動裡面,最後我差了7000美金,網友幫忙補上也達成活動。 隔天回饋也入金了,中間還做了兩次行情的交易,豈料8/22晚上申請出金一直出現待審核,直到8/22中午出現審核未通過。詢問客服為何提領沒成功?說我的帳戶有第三方資金介入,屬於風險帳戶,有洗錢嫌疑,要我再補入17,000美元作為保證金。詢問客服能不能從帳戶扣除也不行,總之就是不給出金,最後還說如果我惡意不處理,要對我起訴! 希望大家不要再被騙了,有賺錢的機會當然大家都想要,只是這種惡意的平台真的會害死人,也怪自己貪心!

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