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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!

BTCC Global

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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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BTCC Global


BTCC Global

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Warning: Low score, please stay away! 4
Previous Detection : 2024-07-15
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 9 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
  • The United StatesNFA regulation (license number: 0520541) claimed by this broker is suspected to be clone. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The current information shows that this broker does not have a trading software. Please be aware!

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Pyramid scheme complaint

The fake market of the digital currency led to forced liquidation.

At 8:20 on March 15th, the market of BTC and ETH soared up, particularly the price on ETH, from $122 to $139 then to $122, leading to my short position, which should be profitable, became forced liquidation. It is simply manipulated by this incredible platform. The customer service kept shirking.

2020-03-25 20:44
Unable to Withdraw

Unable to withdraw/ Delayed arrival of deposit/ Unavailable login/ Inconsistent and delayed market

I want clarify that I don’t know that BTCC Global is a fraud platform. I used it for observing the market in April. There was an activity and the service, without mentioning the rule, inveigled me to deposit fund. I deposited on April 10th, not knowing that the withdrawal arrivals are in batches. The request of $5000 was refused. At 11:25, May 27th, I deposited $5000, bringing the total into 15 thousand dollars. Later, without notifying me, it withheld $5000 on 29th and even changed my password. All my fund was gone. During that time, the APP always got stuck, a 5-minute gutter existent, that is, if it is 10:30:30, the market would be the market 5 minutes ago. In addition, the PC version provided was unavailable fro login. But I could log in to other website with my network. But I couldn’t open this or needed to wait one minute or so. And the price of BTC on it plummeted by more than 50%. l seriously doubted that it could log in and manipulate my data. What’s more, it always encouraged its clients to make investment, only to covet their losses and stand by. The website address has been modified for times, such as and The number 4008428916 was claimed to be the service line. A person proclaimed as the client manger said that my number, 85235264313/85235264306, was from HK and doubted the authenticity of my complaint in this February. I doubted that the fraud platform staged the whole thing. Actually, the compliant in May is yet to be received. The QQ service(800046773) kept fending off. It also asked why I didn’t deposit fund through phone call(85235261346) and ripped me 15 thousand dollars off. It manipulated on my account and made all fund doomed. If I made profits, the so-called expert would be credited with. If I suffer losses, then onus was on me. The service claimed that other platforms were all frauds and those victims were scammed since they hadn’t pay fee to it. Nothing but a crock.

2020-06-19 11:55

    BTCC Global · Company Summary

    Aspect Information
    Registered Country/Area United States
    Founded Year 2-5 years
    Company Name BTCC Global
    Regulation Suspicious Regulatory License
    Minimum Deposit 200 USDT (credit card)
    Maximum Leverage Up to 150x
    Spreads Start from 0.09 pips
    Trading Platforms App (iOS/Android), Web Platform
    Tradable Assets Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Tokenized Commodities, Tokenized Stocks, Blockchain, DEFI, NFT, GameFi, Fan Tokens
    Account Types Range of accounts, VIP levels based on value and trade volume
    Demo Account Available with 100,000 USDT
    Islamic Account Not mentioned
    Customer Support Email, Social Media, Online Support
    Payment Methods Major credit cards (Mastercard, VISA), ACH transfers, Simplex, others
    Educational Tools Educational steps, informative articles
    Reviews Multiple negative reviews, withdrawal issues, poor customer service
    Conclusion Caution advised due to red flags

    Overview of BTCC Global

    BTCC Global, operating as BTCC UK LIMITED, claims regulatory oversight by the US National Futures Association (NFA) but has raised suspicions due to a lack of credible regulation and numerous complaints. The absence of associated trading software adds to these concerns. It's crucial to exercise caution when dealing with this entity.

    Market offerings encompass prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), along with tokenized commodities (Gold, Silver), stocks (Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft), and exposure to blockchain assets, DEFI tokens, NFTs, and emerging GameFi sector tokens like Axie Infinity.

    BTCC Global offers varied account types, including a Demo account and VIP levels, with associated trading fees and leverage up to 150x. Payment methods range from credit cards to ACH transfers and crypto purchases via Simplex. While providing mobile and web-based platforms, the platform's credibility is questioned due to negative user reviews citing withdrawal difficulties, market data inconsistencies, and subpar customer support.


    Pros and Cons

    BTCC Global presents a diverse array of market instruments, encompassing Bitcoin, Ether, tokenized commodities, tokenized stocks, blockchain assets, DEFI tokens, NFTs, GameFi tokens, and fan tokens. On the flip side, concerns arise due to a suspicious regulatory license and lack of valid regulation. The platform offers various account types but faces scrutiny with multiple complaints and potential scam risks. Leveraging options extend up to 1:150, yet the absence of proper trading software is noteworthy. While the platform boasts low spreads starting at 0.09 pips, its trading platform options are limited. Diverse payment methods for deposits are available, but withdrawal difficulties and delayed deposits are reported. User-friendly app and web platforms exist, yet issues such as unavailable login and inconsistent market data surface. Educational steps and articles are provided, but users have reported high slippage and unexpected fees. The platform does offer customer support through multiple channels.

    Pros Cons
    Offers a variety of market instruments including Bitcoin, Ether, tokenized commodities, tokenized stocks, blockchain assets, DEFI tokens, NFTs, GameFi tokens, and fan tokens Suspicious regulatory license and lack of valid regulation
    Offers different account types Multiple complaints and potential scam risks
    Leverage up to 1: 150 Absence of valid trading software
    Low spreads start from 0.09 pips Limited trading platforms available
    Diverse payment methods for deposits Withdrawal difficulties and delayed deposits
    User-friendly app and web platforms Unavailable login and inconsistent market data
    Provides educational steps and articles High slippage and unexpected fees
    Offers customer support through various channels

    Is BTCC Global Legit?

    BTCC Global, operating under the name BTCC UK LIMITED, claims to be regulated by the United States National Futures Association (NFA) with license number 0520541. However, it has been flagged as a suspicious clone by regulatory agencies, and there is verified information indicating a lack of valid regulation. Multiple complaints have been lodged against this broker in recent months, raising concerns about potential risks and the possibility of a scam. Additionally, there is an absence of trading software associated with this broker. Caution is advised when considering any engagement with BTCC Global due to these red flags.


    Market Instruments

    1. Bitcoin (BTC): BTCC Global provides the opportunity to trade Bitcoin, the pioneering and widely recognized cryptocurrency.

    2. Ether (ETH): Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, is also available for trading.

    3. Tokenized Commodities: Tokenized versions of real-world commodities are accessible, such as Gold (GOLDUSDT) and Silver (SILVERUSDT), enabling exposure to the commodities market.

    4. Tokenized Stocks: BTCC Global offers trading of tokenized stocks, allowing investors to engage with stock markets through digital tokens representing companies like Tesla (TSLAUSDT), Amazon (AMZNUSDT), and Microsoft (MSFTUSDT).

    5. Blockchain: Apart from cryptocurrencies, the platform provides access to blockchain-related assets like Ethereum (ETHUSDT) and Monero (XMRUSDT).

    1. DEFI (Decentralized Finance): The decentralized finance sector is represented by tokens like Yearn.Finance (YFIUSDT) and Uniswap (UNIUSDT).

    2. NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens): BTCC Global includes NFT tokens like ENS (ENSUSDT), catering to the growing interest in digital art and collectibles.

    3. GameFi: The emerging GameFi sector is covered by tokens like Axie Infinity (AXSUSDT) and Run (RUNEUSDT).

    4. Fan Tokens: Fan tokens linked to sports clubs, such as Paris Saint-Germain (PSGUSDT) and Juventus (JUVUSDT), are also available.


    Pros Cons
    Offers diverse range of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) Lack of specific details about trading conditions
    Access to tokenized versions of commodities and stocks Potential lack of market depth or liquidity
    Represents emerging sectors like DEFI, NFTs, GameFi, and Fan Tokens Limited information on risk management and hedging options

    Account Types

    BTCC Global offers a range of account types, including a Demo account with 100,000 USDT for practice. The VIP levels are structured based on estimated total value (USD) and 30-day trade volume requirements. Trading fees vary from 0.0650% for the base level to 0.0300% for VIP level V9, with fee coverage rates ranging from 0% to 100%. VIP level upgrades occur automatically, and users are not downgraded once upgraded. Cumulative deposits of 200 USD immediately upgrade users to VIP1. Note that trading fees are not distinguished between taker and maker, and withdrawal fees vary by cryptocurrency.

    Pros Cons
    Offers a range of account types including a Demo account Trading fees not distinguished between taker and maker
    VIP levels with clear upgrade criteria and benefits Withdrawal fees vary by cryptocurrency
    VIP level upgrades occur automatically


    BTCC Global offers leverage options of up to 150x for traders.


    Spreads & Commissions

    BTCC Global features low spreads, with popular pairs like BTCUSDT Perpetual having spreads as low as 0.17 points, and ETHUSDT Perpetual offering spreads as low as 0.09 points. Commission rates vary, with certain pairs having rates as low as 0.02%, subject to market conditions and trading volumes.

    Minimum Purchase

    The initial minimum purchase amount using a credit card on BTCC Global is set at 200 USDT. Further purchase criteria for subsequent transactions are outlined by respective service providers and should be consulted for specific details.

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    Users can initiate deposits via major credit cards such as Mastercard and VISA, with a minimum first purchase amount of 200 USDT and subsequent amounts according to service providers' requirements. Additionally, BTCC enables ACH transfers for fiat deposits, with processing times ranging from 1 to 5 business days and a 5-day withdrawal hold period for ACH deposits. For crypto purchases, users can opt for Simplex and other service providers, promptly contacting customer support for immediate assistance with non-MoonPay or non-Simplex transactions.


    Pros Cons
    Offers crypto purchase options Withdrawal difficulties and delayed deposits
    Accepts major credit cards and ACH transfers 5-day withdrawal hold period for ACH deposits
    Reports of issues with non-MoonPay/non-Simplex transactions

    Trading Platforms

    BTCC Global offers an app and web platform, allowing users to trade anytime and anywhere. The platform is available for download on iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play. Stay updated and engaged in the crypto market with BTCC Global's user-friendly trading solutions.


    BTCC Global also offers a web-based exchange interface for fiat-crypto transactions, allowing traders to open accounts and conduct transactions through their browser.

    Pros Cons
    Offers app and web platforms for trading Limited trading platform options
    User-friendly interface for easy navigation Issues reported with login and market data
    Accessible for iOS and Android devices Potential inconsistency in platform performance

    Educational Tools

    BTCC Global provides a series of educational steps, guiding users through account setup, identity verification, crypto deposit, and executing their initial futures trade with leverage. The platform also offers informative articles covering crypto basics, credit cards, meme coins, futures trading, and market predictions to help users stay informed and make informed trading decisions.


    Customer Support

    BTCC Global offers customer support through various channels, including email (, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, and online customer support accessible via email ( These avenues provide users with options to seek assistance and engage with the platform's support team for inquiries or assistance.


    BTCC Global has received multiple negative reviews on WikiFX, with users reporting issues related to withdrawal difficulties, delayed deposits, unavailable login, inconsistent and delayed market data, and high slippage. Traders have expressed frustration over unexpected fees, random position-closing rules, and manipulative practices that resulted in losses. There have been claims of withheld funds, unauthorized password changes, and poor customer service response. Additionally, there are accusations of a manipulated market leading to forced liquidations, raising concerns about the platform's legitimacy. Users have shared their experiences of being deceived by trading recommendations and encountering obstacles when trying to withdraw their funds.



    In conclusion, BTCC Global, operating as BTCC UK LIMITED, presents both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, the platform offers a variety of market instruments, account types with different fee structures, leverage options, and deposit methods. It also provides accessible trading platforms and educational resources to assist users. However, caution is warranted due to several red flags, including a suspicious regulatory license, lack of valid regulation, and numerous user complaints. Negative reviews detailing issues with withdrawals, market data, customer service, and alleged manipulative practices raise concerns about the platform's trustworthiness and reliability. As such, potential users should carefully weigh these factors before engaging with BTCC Global.


    Q: Is BTCC Global a legitimate company?

    A: BTCC Global, operating as BTCC UK LIMITED, claims regulation by the US National Futures Association (NFA), but suspicions arise due to flagged clone status and lack of valid regulation.

    Q: What trading instruments are available on BTCC Global?

    A: BTCC Global offers trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, tokenized commodities, stocks, blockchain assets, DEFI tokens, NFTs, GameFi tokens, and fan tokens.

    Q: What are the account types offered by BTCC Global?

    A: BTCC Global provides various account types, including a Demo account and VIP levels based on total value and trade volume. Fees range from 0.0650% to 0.0300% with fee coverage rates from 0% to 100%.

    Q: What leverage options does BTCC Global offer?

    A: BTCC Global provides leverage options of up to 150x for traders.

    Q: How is customer support available at BTCC Global?

    A: BTCC Global offers customer support through email, social media platforms, and an online customer support portal.

    Q: Are there any concerns raised about BTCC Global?

    A: Yes, there are multiple negative reviews and claims about withdrawal difficulties, delayed deposits, market manipulation, and poor customer service.

    Q: What educational resources does BTCC Global offer?

    A: BTCC Global provides educational steps for account setup, verification, and trading, along with informative articles on various crypto-related topics.


    WIKIFX REPORT: BTCC Unveils New Logo in Celebration of 11th Anniversary, Strengthening its Commitmen

    NewsWIKIFX REPORT: BTCC Unveils New Logo in Celebration of 11th Anniversary, Strengthening its Commitmen

    2022-06-22 15:01

    BTCC is celebrating its 11th anniversary in June this year with an update to its logo to bring a fresh look to the market.

    2022-06-22 15:01
    WIKIFX REPORT: BTCC Unveils New Logo in Celebration of 11th Anniversary, Strengthening its Commitmen

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    more than one year
    I'm a seasoned trader, and I won't sugarcoat it. BTCC Global raises serious safety concerns. Numerous discussions in the community revealed a significant number of traders falling victim to scams.
    2024-02-01 12:19
    more than one year
    Man, I can't believe this so-called forex company BTCC Global scammed so many people and ran away with the money. It's really frustrating and makes me hate these scammers even more. I hope others learn from this and do their research before trusting any trading platform. Stay safe out there, folks.
    2023-03-23 10:33
    more than one year
    BTCC Global is a scam company that has scammed me and many people! The deposit is very fast, and the account can be received in more than an hour, but the withdrawal is impossible!
    2023-02-28 13:56


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