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Pelliron · Company Summary

Pelliron Basic Information
Company Name Pelliron
Founded 2018
Headquarters Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Regulations Unregulated
Tradable Assets Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks, Indices
Account Types Standard, Priority, VIP
Minimum Deposit 5000 USD
Maximum Leverage 1:100
Spreads Fixed, starting from 3 pips for forex
Commission Not specified
Deposit Methods Bank Wire, Credit/Debit Cards, Electronic Payment Methods
Trading Platforms MetaTrader 5 (iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Android Tablet, Mac OS)
Customer Support Email:, Phone: +442032906161, Address: Trust House, 112 Bonadie street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Education Resources Articles, Videos on Forex, Stock Market, Commodities, Investing, Trading, Hedging, Wealth Management, Investment Planning
Bonus Offerings New Year Promo, Pelliron Account Priority, Zero Swaps, Deposit interest rate 36%

Overview of Pelliron

Pelliron, established in 2018 and headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, presents itself within the online brokerage landscape without the assurance of regulation by any recognized financial authority. This absence of regulatory oversight with Pelliron introduces significant concerns regarding the safeguarding of client assets and the integrity and transparency of its trading operations. The lack of regulatory supervision means clients may face limited options for recourse in instances of disputes or discrepancies in financial dealings, emphasizing the need for potential traders to consider the risks inherent in dealing with an unregulated broker.

The firm offers an extensive array of trading instruments, such as forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices, aiming to serve a diverse investor base with varying trading preferences and strategies. Pelliron's trading conditions specify a starting minimum deposit of 5000 USD, a leverage cap of 1:100, and fixed spreads. It seeks to draw in traders with a variety of account types—Standard, Priority, and VIP—designed to meet the differing requirements of traders at various levels of experience and investment scales. However, Pelliron's unregulated status necessitates a careful approach from traders, balancing the broker's offered trading environment against the potential risks tied to its lack of regulatory compliance.

Overview of Pelliron

Is Pelliron Legit?

Pelliron is not regulated by any recognized financial regulatory authority. As an unregulated broker, it operates without oversight from regulatory bodies that are responsible for ensuring compliance with industry standards and protecting the interests of traders. This lack of regulation raises concerns about the safety and security of funds, as well as the transparency of the broker's business practices.

Trading with an unregulated broker like Pelliron carries inherent risks. Without regulatory supervision, there may be limited avenues for dispute resolution, and traders may face challenges in seeking recourse in case of any issues or disputes. Additionally, unregulated brokers may not be subject to stringent financial and operational standards, potentially leading to inadequate client fund protection and unfair trading practices.

Is Pelliron Legit?

Pros and Cons

Pelliron presents a mix of features that cater to a broad spectrum of traders, with a diverse range of trading instruments across forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. The availability of various account types, from Standard to VIP, aims to meet the needs of traders with different levels of experience and investment capacities. Promotional offers like zero swaps and attractive deposit interest rates enhance the trading experience, while the provision of comprehensive trading platforms, including MetaTrader 5, ensures robust trading capabilities.

However, Pelliron's unregulated status raises concerns about the reliability and safety of trading with the broker. The lack of regulatory oversight might lead to limited transparency in its trading practices, posing potential risks to the safety and security of client funds. Additionally, while the broker offers fixed spreads, this could result in higher trading costs compared to brokers that provide variable spreads, potentially affecting traders' profit margins.

Pros Cons
  • Diverse range of trading instruments
  • Unregulated, raising concerns about safety and security
  • Various account types with promotional offers
  • Fixed spreads could result in higher trading costs
  • Zero swaps on all instruments except for cryptocurrencies
  • Lack of transparency in trading practices due to unregulated status
  • Comprehensive trading platforms including MetaTrader 5
  • Attractive deposit interest rates

Trading Instruments

Pelliron offers a broad spectrum of trading instruments across various asset classes, including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices, catering to a diverse range of trading preferences and strategies.

Forex: Pelliron's forex offerings encompass major currency pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY, and GBPUSD, with spreads starting from 3 pips. These pairs come with a contract size of 100,000, allowing traders to leverage significant market movements in the forex market.

Cryptocurrencies: The platform also facilitates trading in popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple. Spreads for cryptocurrencies range from 500 to 2500, with contract sizes varying to accommodate different trading strategies focused on the volatile crypto market.

Commodities: For those interested in commodities trading, Pelliron provides access to gold, silver, Brent and WTI crude oil, and natural gas. These commodities are essential for traders looking to diversify their portfolios or hedge against inflation, with spreads starting from 5 pips for oil and gas and 150 pips for gold.

Stocks: The stock trading options include shares from leading companies such as Apple, Amazon, Boeing, and Google, with spreads varying significantly to reflect the underlying market conditions and liquidity. This allows traders to engage with the equity market, taking positions based on their analysis of company performance and broader market trends.

Indices: Pelliron also offers trading in major global indices like the Australia 200 Index, Xetra DAX Index, US Dollar Index, CAC40 Index, and others. These indices represent the performance of specific market segments or the overall market, providing opportunities for traders to speculate on the economic outlook of different regions.

Here is a comparison table of trading instruments offered by different brokers:

Broker Forex Metals Crypto CFD Indexes Stocks ETFs
Pelliron Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
AMarkets Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Tickmill Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
EXNESS Group Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Account Types

Pelliron offers a range of account types tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele, each designed to provide a unique set of benefits and features that cater to different levels of trading experience and investment capacities. These account types include Standard, Priority, and VIP levels, each with specific advantages:

Standard Account: Designed for traders who prefer straightforward trading conditions, the Standard Account at Pelliron requires a minimal deposit of 5000 USD, offering leverage of 1:100 and fixed spreads. It distinguishes itself by offering “zero” swaps on all instruments except for cryptocurrencies, allowing for cost-effective trading. The account supports trading in lots as small as 0.1, alongside traditional 1 lot trades, ensuring flexibility in trading volumes. Additional perks include a variety of deposit payment options and an annual interest rate of 36%, enhancing the trading experience with Pelliron's advanced trading platform.

Priority Account: This account is assigned to clients who deposit more than 10,000 USD, automatically granting them Priority status. It offers a cash-back of 3 USD for each closed full lot traded within a calendar month, with cash-back payments processed at the beginning of each new month. To maintain Priority status and qualify for cash-back, the account equity must remain at least 10,000 USD in own funds at the start of the billing month. This account type is geared towards more experienced traders seeking added value for their trading activity.

Account Types

VIP Accounts:

VIP Gold: Accessible to clients who can deposit from 100,000 USD, the VIP Gold status offers an elevated trading experience with an annual interest rate of 48%. This account is suited for high-net-worth individuals looking for premium trading conditions and higher returns on their capital.

Account Types

VIP Platinum: The pinnacle of Pelliron's account offerings, the VIP Platinum status is available to clients who deposit from 1,000,000 USD, providing an unmatched annual interest rate of 60%. This account is designed for elite traders and investors seeking the highest level of service, returns, and exclusivity.

Account Types

How to Open an Account

To open an account with Pelliron, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Pelliron website. Look for the “Sign up” button on the homepage and click on it.

 Open an Account

2. Sign up on websites registration page.

 Open an Account

3.Receive your personal account login from an automated email

4. Log in

5. Proceed to deposit funds to your account

6. Download the platform and start trading


Pelliron offers its clients a standard leverage ratio of 1:100 across its trading accounts. This level of leverage is consistent across various financial instruments, providing traders with the capability to control larger positions with a relatively smaller amount of invested capital. The 1:100 leverage ratio strikes a balance between amplifying potential profits and managing risk, making it suitable for traders who have a moderate risk tolerance and are looking for an opportunity to enhance their trading strategy without excessively increasing their exposure to market volatility.

Here is a comparison table of maximum leverage offered by different brokers:

Broker Pelliron Libertex IC Markets RoboForex
Maximum Leverage 1:100 1:30 1:500 1:2000

Spreads and Commissions

Pelliron's trading environment includes fixed spreads across a variety of financial instruments, including forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. Spreads for forex pairs start from 3 pips for pairs like EURUSD, reflecting a straightforward pricing model but potentially higher trading costs for traders compared to variable spreads. In the cryptocurrency market, spreads are significantly wider, with Bitcoin featuring a spread of 2500, indicating a higher cost of trading these volatile assets.

For commodities such as gold and silver, spreads are set at 150 and 10 respectively, which might limit the trading efficiency for those looking to capitalize on small price movements. Energy commodities like Brent and WTI crude oil are offered with a spread of 5, aligning with the market average.

Stock trading on Pelliron covers a range of major companies with varied spreads; for example, trading Amazon incurs a spread of 300, which may impact profitability for short-term trades. Indices like the S&P 500 and Nikkei 225 are available with spreads of 240 and 1200 respectively, which could affect traders' decisions depending on their strategy and the specific index's liquidity.

Pelliron does not provide clear information on commission charges, implying that trading costs are incorporated within the spreads. This might result in higher overall trading costs for some instruments, especially where spreads are wider. The promotion of “Zero Swaps” suggests an attempt to mitigate some trading costs, yet the impact of this on overall profitability will vary depending on individual trading styles and strategies.

Deposit & Withdraw Methods

Pelliron emphasizes security and reliability in its deposit and withdrawal processes, ensuring that transactions are conducted safely. Clients are required to use bank accounts, credit/debit cards, or e-currency accounts registered in their own names, strictly prohibiting third-party transactions to mitigate risks and adhere to anti-fraud policies.

For depositing funds, clients must access their Personal Office on Pelliron's platform to obtain bank account details exclusive to registered users. Pelliron accommodates payments in all currencies, crediting deposits to trading accounts in US dollars based on the prevailing exchange rate. The process involves logging into the Personal Office, selecting a payment method, specifying the deposit amount, and remembering the unique application number for future reference.

Withdrawals are facilitated directly to clients' bank accounts, with Pelliron handling all aspects of the transaction based on personal requests made through the platform. This process is designed to ensure that funds are only transferred to accounts that match the name on the trading account, with SWIFT confirmations or transfer confirmations required in some cases.

Pelliron supports various payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals, including bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and electronic payment options such as MONEYBOOKERS, VISA, MASTERCARD, and NETELLER. These methods are subject to the rules and regulations of the respective service providers, including potential fees and transaction limits. It's important for clients to be aware of these details to manage their funds effectively.

The company also outlines specific conditions for credit/debit card transactions, ensuring that withdrawals are returned to the card used for deposit and that funds are credited within 3-7 working days, depending on the card provider. Pelliron may request additional documentation for credit/debit card transactions for security purposes.

Electronic payment methods offer an alternative for clients, with withdrawals only executed via the same method used for deposits. Pelliron advises clients to familiarize themselves with the policies of these electronic payment providers before using their services.

Deposit & Withdraw Methods

Trading Platforms

Pelliron offers its clients the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform, widely recognized for its advanced trading and analytical features. MT5 is available across multiple operating systems and devices, ensuring traders can access their accounts and the markets seamlessly, whether they are at home or on the move. The platform supports iOS, allowing traders to use iPhones and iPads for mobile trading. Android users can also trade on the go with the platform available on both smartphones and tablets. For desktop trading, Pelliron provides versions for both Windows and Mac OS, catering to the majority of personal computer users. Additionally, a web version of MT5 is available, offering the flexibility to trade from any web browser without the need for downloads or installations. This comprehensive support across different platforms ensures that Pellirons clients have the flexibility and tools they need to engage with global financial markets effectively.

Trading Platforms

Customer Support

Pelliron emphasizes a customer-centric approach by offering comprehensive support through its dedicated team. Available 24/7, the support team is accessible via email at, ensuring that clients can reach out with queries or feedback at any time. For those preferring verbal communication, Pelliron provides a contact number, +442032906161, facilitating direct conversations with their specialists. The company is headquartered at Trust House, 112 Bonadie Street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, indicating a physical presence where it conducts its operations. This multi-channel support framework underscores Pelliron's commitment to maintaining high-quality service and responsiveness to client needs, aiming to enhance the trading experience through effective communication and support.

Customer Support

Educational Resources

The educational content covers a broad spectrum of topics, including an overview of different markets such as Forex, the stock market, and commodities. These resources are designed to offer insights into the mechanics of each market, trends, and strategies for effective trading.

In addition to market-specific knowledge, Pelliron delves into the broader themes of investing and trading. Topics such as the fundamentals of investing, trading principles, the concept of hedging, wealth management, and investment planning are explored to equip traders and investors with a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape. These educational materials are aimed at both novice and experienced traders, providing valuable information to help clients make informed decisions and develop robust trading and investment strategies.

Educational Resources


Pelliron offers various bonus and promotional programs designed to enhance the trading experience and reward its clients. These include:

1. New Year Promo: Pelliron celebrates the New Year by offering special promotions to its clients. Details about the specifics of the promotion can be found on their website, indicating seasonal offers to kickstart trading activities in the new year with added benefits.

2. Pelliron Account Priority: This unique cash-back program rewards active trading accounts. Traders receive cash-back directly into their trading accounts, incentivizing frequent trading and engagement with the platform. The program is aimed at providing tangible benefits to loyal traders.

3. Zero Swaps: Pelliron absorbs all charges related to swaps, both long and short, allowing traders to operate more freely and cost-effectively. This benefit removes the financial burden of swap fees from traders, making it more appealing to hold positions overnight without worrying about additional costs.

4. Deposit Interest Rate 36%: An exceptionally high-interest rate offer, where Pelliron credits an annual rate of 36%, disbursed monthly at 3%, provided there are funds in the trading account and a specified volume of lots is traded. This program encourages both the maintenance of a funded account and active trading to qualify for the monthly interest payments. It's important to note that partial payments of the bonus are not conducted, emphasizing the requirement for consistent trading activity to reap the full benefits.



Pelliron presents a mixed proposition to traders with its diverse range of trading instruments, including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices, and its variety of account types tailored to different trading volumes and strategies. The brokerage's offering of zero swap fees on all instruments except for cryptocurrencies and the provision of MetaTrader 5 across multiple devices enhance its appeal. Additionally, attractive bonus programs and promotional offers, such as deposit interest rates up to 60% for VIP clients, potentially increase the value proposition for active traders. However, the lack of regulation poses significant risks regarding fund safety, dispute resolution, and the transparency of trading practices. This unregulated status may deter cautious investors and underscores the importance of thorough due diligence for prospective clients.


Q: Is Pelliron regulated?

A: Pelliron operates without regulation from recognized financial regulatory authorities, which raises concerns about trading practices and fund security.

Q: What types of trading instruments does Pelliron provide?

A: Pelliron facilitates trading across a variety of markets including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices.

Q: Can I trade on Pelliron using MetaTrader 5?

A: Yes, Pelliron offers trading via MetaTrader 5 across various devices including iOS, Android, and web platforms.

Q: What are Pellirons policies on deposit and withdrawal methods?

A: Pelliron accepts a range of deposit methods including bank transfers and credit/debit cards, while emphasizing the importance of using accounts registered in the trader's name to ensure security.

Q: Does Pelliron offer any educational resources for traders?

A: Pelliron provides educational materials covering different aspects of trading and investing, including market overviews and investment strategies.

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Clowns and crooks of Double Case company! They doesn't accept payments with a bank card, only cash or crypto, and they don't return my money when I want to withdraw ((((( Only fake offers and money trickery!!!!
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more than one year
It's a scam company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2023-02-01 01:05
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Great account manager, well informed about the platform and trading in general, helpful and nice. About the platform, I like how easy to use it. A really good experience overall.
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