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Squire’s Finance Limited

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+44 2080977710
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Squire’s Finance Limited

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Squire’s Finance Limited

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United Kingdom

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Squire’s Finance Limited · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name Squire‘s Finance Limited
Registered Country/Area United Kingdom
Founded Year 2022
Regulation Unregulated
Minimum Deposit €250
Maximum Leverage top to 1:1000
Spreads As low as 0.0 pips
Trading Platforms WebTrader
Tradable Assets Forex,indices,commodities,stocks,cryptocurrencies
Account Types test,beginner,standard,corporate,vip
Demo Account Available
Customer Support Phone, email, and social media
Deposit & Withdrawal Multiple options available
Educational resource Seminars, webinars, education

Overview of Squire’s Finance Limited

Squires Finance Limited, established in 2022 in the United Kingdom, emerges in the financial domain, offering an array of online trading services across diverse assets such as Forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies through the WebTrader platform.

Despite its unregulated status, the company endeavors to cater to a multifaceted clientele by providing various account types—test, beginner, standard, corporate, and VIP—with a competitive trading environment that boasts up to 1:1000 leverage and spreads as low as 0.0 pips. With a commitment to accessibility and client support, it mandates a minimum deposit of €250, offers a demo account, and assures customer assistance through phone, email, and social media.

Although multiple deposit and withdrawal options are available, potential traders should exhibit caution due to the inherent risks associated with unregulated entities and seek further clarity on the security of funds and transaction processes.

Overview of Squire‘s Finance Limited

Is Squires Finance Limited Legit or a Scam?

Squires Finance Limited is unregulated. This means that it does not adhere to the guidelines, rules, and oversight of any financial regulatory body. In the context of trading platforms, regulation serves to protect traders and ensure that the broker operates with transparency and integrity, adhering to specified legal and ethical standards.

It's worth noting that engaging with an unregulated broker like Squires Finance Limited presents significant risks. Traders might be devoid of legal recourse in the event of a dispute or malpractice and lack protections that are typically assured by regulatory entities. Thus, potential and existing clients should exercise utmost caution and vigilance, thoroughly scrutinizing all aspects of the broker and perhaps contemplating other regulated alternatives for a safer trading experience.

Pros and Cons


  1. Diverse MSG Assets:Squires Finance Limited offers a wide array of tradable assets, including Forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, providing traders with multiple investment avenues.

  2. Variety of Account Types:With account types ranging from test to VIP, the company caters to different trading needs and financial capabilities, accommodating both novice and experienced traders.

  3. Competitive Trading Conditions:Offering maximum leverage up to 1:500 and spreads as low as 0.0 pts, the company provides potentially lucrative trading conditions for its clients.

  4. Accessible Trading Platform:The WebTrader platform ensures easy access and user-friendly experience without necessitating additional software downloads.

  5. Customer Support:Providing customer support via multiple channels, including phone, email, and social media, indicates a commitment to assisting clients in their trading journey.


  1. Lack of Regulation:Being unregulated significantly increases risk and provides no assurance regarding the safety of traders investments and adherence to ethical practices.

  2. Opaque Transaction Details:The absence of detailed information concerning deposit and withdrawal methods, including potential fees and processing times, is a drawback.

  3. Potential Security Concerns:Without regulatory oversight, there might be security vulnerabilities or less stringent adherence to cybersecurity practices, possibly risking client data and financial assets.

  4. Insufficient Platform Information:Detailed specifics about trading tools, features, and functionalities of the WebTrader platform are not provided, hindering comprehensive assessment.

  5. Questionable Credibility:The combination of being a newly established entity and unregulated raises questions regarding its reliability and long-term sustainability, which could deter potential traders.

Pros Cons
Diverse MSG Assets Lack of Regulation
Variety of Account Types Opaque Transaction Details
Competitive Trading Conditions Potential Security Concerns
Accessible Trading Platform Insufficient Platform Information
Customer Support Questionable Credibility

Market Instruments

Squires Finance Limited offers a range of market instruments across various asset classes, providing opportunities for diversified investment strategies for traders. Below is an exploration of the market instruments available for trading, as per the provided information:

  1. Forex (Foreign Exchange):

  • Currencies: Engage in currency trading across major, minor, and exotic FX pairs, exploring the volatility and opportunities in the global currency markets.

  1. Indices:

  • Global Indices: Trade on the movement of major global indices, accessing various international markets and leveraging the trends and shifts in aggregated stock prices.

  1. Commodities:

  • Hard and Soft Commodities: Invest in a mixture of hard commodities like metals (e.g., gold, silver) and energy resources, as well as soft commodities like agricultural products (e.g., wheat, coffee).

  1. Stocks:

  • Equities: Gain exposure to the global equity markets, trading in the stocks of numerous companies across different sectors and geographical locations.

  1. Cryptocurrencies:

  • Digital Assets: Navigate through the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, trading popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various altcoins.

Each of these market instruments allows traders to capitalize on the diverse opportunities and manage risk through a varied investment portfolio. However, traders should approach these instruments with a solid understanding of each asset class, coupled with a robust risk management strategy, especially considering the high-leverage offering of up to 1:500 provided by Squires Finance Limited. Additionally, given the unregulated nature of the platform, due diligence and a cautious approach are imperative before engaging in trading activities with the company.

Market Instruments
Market Instruments

Account Types

Squires Finance Limited offers various types of account.

  1. TEST Account: Catering primarily to novices or those seeking minimal financial commitment, the TEST account provides a gateway to forex trading. With a low minimum deposit, users gain access to the currency pairs market with respectable leverage and modest spreads, supported by low commissions and account management.

  2. BEGINNER Account: A step above the TEST, the BEGINNER account facilitates expanded access to both currency pairs and indices. Designed to meet the needs of traders who have gained initial market familiarity, it allows a little more exposure and slightly better trading conditions, with a manageable leap in minimum deposit.

  3. STANDARD Account: Targeting intermediate traders, the STANDARD account broadens trading instrument availability and further optimizes trading conditions. The increase in minimum deposit provides access to commodities in addition to currency pairs and indices, underlined by more attractive spreads and higher leverage.

  4. CORPORATE Account: Intended for entities or individuals with significant capital, the CORPORATE account unveils a wider trading environment with optimal conditions. Users are facilitated with an array of trading instruments, low spreads, and augmented support, all while enjoying trading without fees.

  5. VIP Account: The pinnacle of accounts, VIP, is crafted for elite traders or investors, boasting the highest leverage and access to a plethora of trading instruments. Individual conditions and commission-free trading align to provide an exclusive trading environment, underpinned by access to hedge fund contracts.

Account Type Min. Deposit (€) Leverage Spreads Min. Trade Volume Trading Instruments Commissions Special Features
TEST 250 1:200 0.8 pips 0.01 Currency pairs Low -
BEGINNER 2000 1:300 0.6 pips 0.01 Currency pairs, Indices Low -
STANDARD 50000 1:400 0.5 pips 0.01 Currency pairs, Indices, Commodities Low -
CORPORATE 150000 1:500 0.4 pips 0.01 Currency pairs, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Stocks - Trading without Fees
VIP 150000 1:1000 Floating Not Specified Currency pairs, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Stocks None Hedge Fund Contracts
Account Types
Account Types

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with Squires Finance Limited can be achieved through a few clear steps, crafted to streamline the process for aspiring traders:

  1. Registration: Begin by navigating to the Squires Finance Limited website and locating the “Register” button, typically prominently displayed on the homepage. Clicking this will redirect you to a registration form where you'll input foundational personal details such as name, email address, and contact number.

  2. Account Type Selection: Subsequent to registration, you‘ll need to select your desired account type. Squire’s Finance Limited offers varied options including TEST, BEGINNER, STANDARD, CORPORATE, and VIP, each tailored with distinct features and conditions to cater to different trading needs and investment capacities.

  3. Verification: Once the initial registration and account selection are complete, a verification process ensues. Here, you will be expected to submit identification and possibly address verification documents, such as a passport or drivers license, and potentially a recent utility bill or bank statement, adhering to standard KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols.

  4. Deposit Funds: With verification complete, the next stage involves funding your account. Ensure you deposit at least the minimum required amount for your chosen account type using one of the supported deposit methods. Squires Finance Limited has purportedly made multiple options available to accommodate varied preferences.

  5. Start Trading: Finally, with your account verified and funded, you can commence trading. Accessing the WebTrader platform, you will find a suite of trading instruments across various asset classes. Ensure to acquaint yourself thoroughly with the platform functionalities and maybe opt to initiate your journey with some risk-free demo trading to familiarize yourself without financial commitment.

Open an Account


Squire‘s Finance Limited offers varying degrees of leverage depending on the account type a trader selects. Leverage in trading refers to the ability to control a large position with a relatively small amount of capital. Here’s a breakdown per account type:

  1. TEST Account: Leverage of 1:200

  2. BEGINNER Account: Leverage of 1:300

  3. STANDARD Account: Leverage of 1:400

  4. CORPORATE Account: Leverage of 1:500

  5. VIP Account: Leverage of 1:1000

Its pivotal to note that while leverage can amplify profits, it also proportionally increases the risk of losses, often allowing traders to lose their entire trading capital much faster in volatile market conditions. Especially for beginners and even experienced traders, a careful and calculated approach to leveraging positions is crucial, typically advocating for the utilization of lower leverage and adequate risk management practices, such as using stop-loss orders. Always ensure you understand the full implications and risks associated with leveraged trading.


Spreads & Commissions

Squires Finance Limited features a diverse range of spreads and commission structures across its various account types, primarily differentiated by the investment levels and features associated with each account. Below is an outline of the provided information on spreads and commissions for each account type:

  1. TEST Account:

    1. Spreads: Starting from 0.8 pips

    2. Commissions: Low

  2. BEGINNER Account:

    1. Spreads: Starting from 0.6 pips

    2. Commissions: Low

  3. STANDARD Account:

    1. Spreads: Starting from 0.5 pips

    2. Commissions: Low

  4. CORPORATE Account:

    1. Spreads: Starting from 0.4 pips

    2. Commissions: No trading fees mentioned

  5. VIP Account:

    1. Spreads: Floating from 0 pips

    2. Commissions: Trading without commission

These details illustrate that as traders move up in account tiers (typically requiring higher minimum deposits and possibly catering to more experienced traders), they access more favorable trading conditions, exemplified by lower spreads and possibly reduced commissions.

Always, due diligence is paramount. Given the unregulated status of Squires Finance Limited, any prospective trader should conduct thorough research and possibly consult with a financial advisor to understand fully the cost structures, inherent risks, and to ensure transparent and fair trading conditions before proceeding.

Trading Platform

WebTrader, utilized by Squires Finance Limited, stands out as a powerful and versatile trading platform, designed to cater to diverse trading needs and strategies. With a rich array of features, such as varied execution modes (Instant, Request, Market, and Exchange execution) and a comprehensive suite of order types (including market, pending, and stop orders), traders are equipped to navigate the financial markets effectively.

Noteworthy advantages include access to professional charting tools, over 80 indicators, compatibility with Expert Advisors (EAs), and a multilingual interface, offering a conducive and insightful trading environment for both novice and experienced traders alike. Begin your trading journey with the robust capabilities of WebTrader by opening an account today.

Trading Platform

Deposit & Withdrawal

Squire‘s Finance Limited offers multiple options for deposits and withdrawals to cater to various client needs. While specific methods aren’t detailed, typically platforms provide bank transfers, credit/debit card transactions, and e-wallet options. The lowest deposit amount is €250.It's imperative to check their website or contact customer support for exact details regarding transaction methods, fees, and processing times. Ensuring a clear understanding of these aspects is vital before engaging in trading activities on the platform. Always approach financial transactions with caution and be mindful of the platforms regulatory status.

Customer Support

Squires Finance Limited places a high emphasis on ensuring accessible and responsive customer support to cater to the varied inquiries and needs of its clientele. The support specialists are dedicated to providing crucial information and assistance on-demand, positioning themselves as a reliable resource for traders and potential clients alike. Whether it's through a direct phone call to +442080977710 or via email at and, the team ensures they are readily available to tackle any questions or issues you might encounter.

Furthermore, their physical presence at 20 Farringdon St, London EC4A 4BL substantiates their commitment to being accessible and transparent in their operations. Do feel free to reach out to them at any time, ensuring a smooth and well-supported trading journey with Squires Finance Limited.

Customer Support

Educational Resources

Squires Finance Limited is not only a platform for trading but also a hub for educational enrichment, offering various resources to enhance traders' knowledge and strategic approach to the financial markets. Their educational support extends from in-person seminars to online webinars, where specialists, with vast experience in global markets, engage with attendees, introducing them to novel trading strategies and market insights. These sessions are designed to be interactive, free of charge, and are structured to cater to various trading proficiency levels. Moreover, the platform keeps its users abreast of the latest in the financial world through its News section.

Educational Resources
Educational Resources


Squires Finance Limited emerges as a trading platform, proffering varied account types, and a leverage of up to 1:1000. With a robust WebTrader platform, it provides a multifaceted trading environment suitable for diverse trading strategies and a wide array of market instruments.

Additionally, it emphasizes customer support and trader education, with various contact points and a wealth of educational resources including seminars and real-time market news. Though it offers a range of services, potential traders should assess the platform thoroughly, considering its unregulated status, to ensure it aligns with their trading needs and risk appetite.


Q: What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with Squires Finance Limited?

A: The minimum deposit requirement starts from €250, varying according to the specific account type selected.

Q: What trading platforms does Squires Finance Limited offer?

A: Squires Finance Limited offers the WebTrader platform, which is known for its versatility and comprehensive suite of trading features, applicable to various trading strategies and objectives.

Q: What types of trading accounts are available?

A: The platform provides several account types, including TEST, BEGINNER, STANDARD, CORPORATE, and VIP, each coming with distinct features, minimum deposit requirements, and trading conditions.

Q: Are there educational resources available for traders?

A: Yes, Squires Finance Limited offers a range of educational resources including seminars, webinars, and a continuously updated news section to keep traders informed about market developments.

Q: What financial instruments can I trade on the platform?

A: Traders can engage in trading a range of instruments including currency pairs, indices, commodities, metals, and stocks, though availability may depend on the account type.


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I want to share my experience with Squire's Finance Limited, a financial firm I joined a few months ago. Initially, I invested 25,000 euros with them, and after doubling my money, I decided to add another 40,000 euros to my investment. It all seemed promising, and my investment officer, Tyler Cameron, was actively assisting me with making trades. For a while, things appeared to be going well, and our investments managed to accumulate over 150,000 euros in profits. However, my experience took a drastic turn when I decided to request a withdrawal. To my surprise, it has been over two weeks, and my request remains unapproved. I reached out to the company for an explanation, and what I was told left me deeply concerned. They informed me that, as per their company policy, I would need to deposit an additional 22,000 euros upfront to cover a 13% withholding tax. This demand raised numerous red flags, and I began to question the legitimacy of the entire operation.
2023-10-26 20:39
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