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WinzoneTechnology-Demo MT4
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Pyramid scheme complaint

winz Traders’ adviser gave reverse advice on CSI 300 in a live stream studio

I am a member of the Tiger Guards, but I don't feel glorified for this. In the beginning of March, I was looking for a problem in Baidu. At that time, a stock page popped up. Usually, friends and colleagues around me said that the stock bull market came, and I was curious at the moment. So I clicked it and saw that there were information about stock tactics and other content. I saw in the end there was a WeChat’ account, that is, Mengde’s WeChat (A200****263), and I added he. After he accepted my adding invitation, I asked if he sold stocks. He shared his stocks in his friend circle, and I found it was indeed on the rise. On March 15th, he said he could not give us an one-on-one guidance, so he recommended his assistant’s WeChat to us (wuhao70****184, WeChat name Peas). He introduced her me, and let me call her Kiki. Then I was added into a group called Tiger Guards. She said Meng would announced the time for lessons about stock investment in the live stream studio in the group. On March 18th, the class was held in the live studio, and he helped us to invest in stock when the stock market opened. At first, I was worried that he would let us to buy stocks that he let go. But after paying attention to two stocks, I found his technology is very high, making me worship him. So I put down the warning. At the beginning of April, the adviser said that stock investment was dangerous, but the risks could be offset by CSI 300. He said since one could not complete the big project, he needed to recruit the core members of the Tiger Guards. Members with funds could trade together and could sign up, but need to open an account first. He recommended a customer service manager’s WeChat to us (over20****0's WeChat). As soon as I saw that the adviser that I worshiped said so, I registered and was approved to become their core personnel. On April 22, they said that they would liberate the group in order not to reveal secrets. And he let me to add an account(fun6****27) so as to have one-on-one guidance. And, I was asked to follow to the instructions, or I couldn’t enjoy the one hundredth of the target of 240%. After the first one-on-one guidance on April 25 I lost 35,000, he also comforted us that it was a mistake and the lost money could be earned back later. On April 26, I profited 10,000. On April 28, the last trade directly cause me to lost a great deal, with only 6058 dollars left in the account. I feel like I am going to collapse. The adviser I used to admire is a big liar. Everything is a scam.

2019-09-28 23:01

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