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Aval Fx Capital Group

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United Kingdom

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Previous Detection : 2024-06-20
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ACG · Company Summary

Basic Information
Registered Countries United Kingdom
Regulation No License
Company Name Aval FX Capital Group
Minimum Deposit N/A
Maximum Leverage N/A
Minimum Spread N/A
Trading Platform N/A
Trading Assets Forex
Payment Methods N/A
Customer Support Email Only

Overview of ACG

ACG, an online forex trading broker incorporated in 2019 and registered in the United Kingdom, presents several challenges for traders seeking information. The broker's official website is currently inaccessible, and important details like trading assets, account types, minimum deposits, and available trading platforms are difficult to find. This lack of transparency raises red flags and is a cause for concern, especially given the potential risks involved in forex trading. Traders should exercise caution and conduct extensive research before engaging with brokers like ACG that lack transparency and essential information.


Is ACG legit or a scam?

ACG claims to be registered in the United Kingdom, and as a result, it should fall under the oversight of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, our research did not yield any information regarding Aval FX Capital Group on the FCA's official website, which is a concerning sign. It is highly probable that this broker is not regulated to offer trading services. As a trader, it is essential to note that working with an unregulated broker poses significant risks, including a lack of accountability, potential fraud, and loss of invested capital. In light of this, traders should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging in trading activities with unregulated brokers like ACG.


Pros & Cons

ACG is an unregulated forex broker with several concerning drawbacks, including an inaccessible official website and poor customer support. Additionally, the broker lacks essential company information regarding trading assets, account types, and minimum deposits. These issues make it challenging for potential clients to gain a clear understanding of what services ACG offers and what type of trading experience they can expect. Given the potential risks associated with working with unregulated brokers, traders should be cautious and thoroughly investigate ACG's reputation and track record before engaging in trading activities.

On the positive side, it is possible that ACG offers competitive trading conditions such as low spreads and favorable leverage options. However, without access to their official website or additional information from the broker, we cannot confirm these benefits. It is also possible that ACG may cater to traders with unique needs or preferences, but the lack of transparency makes it difficult to assess this aspect of the broker. Overall, while there may be potential benefits of working with ACG, traders should weigh these against the significant risks and drawbacks before making a decision.

Pros Cons
None No regulation
Inaccessible official website
Poor customer support
Insufficient company information

Markets Instruments

While it can be assumed that ACG provides forex trading based on its claim as a forex broker, the lack of accessible official website and insufficient information about the company makes it difficult to verify the specific services and offerings provided. Therefore, it is essential for potential traders to exercise caution and thoroughly research and verify ACG's capabilities and credibility before engaging in any trading activities.


Although there is a lack of available leverage information for ACG, it is important for investors to be aware of general leverage guidelines. In Europe and Australia, the maximum leverage for major currencies typically reaches up to 1:30, while in the United States and Canada, it is around 1:50. It's crucial to understand that leverage can magnify both profits and losses, which can be particularly detrimental for inexperienced investors. If you are new to trading, it is advisable to start with lower leverage, such as no more than 1:10, to manage risk effectively.


Trading Platform

ACG's lack of clarity regarding the trading platform provided adds to the existing challenges in obtaining essential information about the broker. Without clear information on the trading platform, potential traders are unable to assess the features, functionality, and user experience offered by ACG. It is crucial for individuals to have access to a reliable and user-friendly trading platform that meets their needs in order to engage in successful trading activities. Therefore, the absence of clear information about the trading platform from ACG is a significant drawback that potential traders should consider.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, ACG's customer support appears to be limited, as it can only be reached through the provided email address: This suggests a lack of alternative communication channels, such as phone support or live chat, which can be more efficient for addressing urgent concerns or providing immediate assistance. Limited customer support options may lead to delays in response times and potentially frustrate clients who require timely support or have urgent inquiries. It is important for traders to consider the level of customer support provided by a broker, as prompt and reliable support can be crucial in resolving issues and maintaining a satisfactory trading experience.

Risk Warning

Trading leveraged products like forex, cryptocurrencies, and derivatives involves a high level of risk to your capital. It may not be suitable for all investors, and it is crucial to fully understand the risks involved. Before engaging in such trading activities, it is important to consider your investment objectives and level of experience. Proper risk assessment and risk management strategies should be employed to protect your capital. It is recommended to seek professional advice or educate yourself extensively on the risks associated with leveraged trading before making any investment decisions.



In conclusion, ACG, an online forex trading broker registered in the United Kingdom, presents several disadvantages and potential risks for traders. The broker lacks regulation, raising concerns about fund security. Customer support is reported to be unsatisfactory, potentially leading to difficulties in seeking assistance. Insufficient company information, including details about trading assets and minimum deposits, makes it challenging for individuals to make informed decisions. The lack of clarity regarding the trading platform further adds to the challenges of assessing the broker's services. Additionally, the absence of alternative customer support channels limits timely assistance. Furthermore, trading leveraged products carries a high degree of risk, and investors must fully understand the associated risks and employ proper risk management strategies. It is advisable to thoroughly research and verify ACG's credibility and capabilities before engaging in trading activities with the broker.


Q: Is ACG a regulated forex broker?

A: No, ACG is currently an unregulated forex broker.

Q: Is it possible to access ACG's official website?

A: No, ACG's official website is currently inaccessible.

Q: What information is lacking about ACG?

A: ACG lacks essential company information like trading assets, account types, and minimum deposits.

Q: What is the quality of ACG's customer support?

A: ACG's customer support is reportedly poor.

Q: Are there any potential benefits of working with ACG?

A: It is possible that ACG offers competitive trading conditions like low spreads and favorable leverage options, but without access to their official website or additional information from the broker, we cannot confirm these benefits.

Q: Should traders be cautious when considering working with ACG?

A: Yes, given the potential risks associated with working with unregulated brokers and ACG's lack of transparency and essential information, traders should proceed with caution and carefully investigate the broker's reputation and track record before engaging in trading activities.

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more than one year
I had a terrible experience with AGG, as they promised high returns and guaranteed profits, but instead, I lost a significant amount of money due to their fraudulent activities.
2023-02-27 10:56
more than one year
ACG is a scam do not even talk to these people they are very aggressive crooks and thieves. They are very unprofessional and prey on people who trust them.
2022-12-14 13:45
more than one year
There is no way the market could account for such a wide spreads, I cannot understand how the spread on major currency pairs has risen to over 100 pips. They must have manipulated the spreads!
2022-12-10 12:16


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