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Previous Detection : 2024-05-23
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Pyramid scheme complaint

A Romance Scan. Induced Fraud

The guy claimed that he was a staff of HSBC and had insider info. He said he couldn’t operate by himself and asked me to help him operate and attracted me to invest with him. The individual income tax was required when I wanna withdraw funds. Later, he disappeared. These are photos of him. I wanna find him.

2021-03-24 01:16
Unable to Withdraw

Cheat my centiment and my money

The person who lied to me at the beginning said he was an HSBC employee and an executive. He said that he liked me, that he was on a business trip to Hong Kong, and asked me to help manage his account. I said no, and he insisted on letting me. It’s very simple to help. It’s fine to buy gold based on his time every day, saying that this is the internal news his president told him. Later, I will open an account and make some money. If I refuse to play, I say I don’t trust him. I didn’t like him, and forced me step by step. I opened an account with a soft heart. At the beginning, I made less investment. I had a mentality of losing money. I had trouble with him because I didn’t want to play with it. He deleted my WeChat twice during the period and deleted it. He pulled me back again, and then said how much he topped up my account and how much I topped up. It was fair. I suspected that my guess was wrong for many times, but I still agreed. I charged a few thousand and he charged 40,000. I collected more than 50,000 and started playing. He tells me the time to place an order every day. This little money will add more than 70,000 principal to the next day. I plan to show that the money will give him the principal, but I find that I can’t pay. , The customer service said that it needs to accumulate to recharge to have unlimited performance. I still have 4900 yuan to reach a premium member to achieve unlimited performance. I recharged 4900 yuan and prepared to submit it. Then I found that the balance of the money was 0. The performance record of more than 80,000 was approved. However, it will be credited to the account after passing the review in the past. This time it is not possible. Ask the customer service and she said that the profit exceeds 20,000 yuan. I need to pay a tax of 5520.8 yuan. 20% of the total profit can be submitted. It's off work...In short, you shouldn't be soft-hearted, and the Internet uses emotions to defraud money more and more...

2021-03-06 01:27

    HSBC · Company Summary

    General Information of HSBC

    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC, for short), a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings, is the largest registered bank in Hong Kong, China. HSBC is one of the three largest note-issuing banks in Hong Kong, China (the other two are Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Standard Chartered Bank, respectively). HSBC's head office is located at HSBC Head Office Building, 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong. HSBC and its subsidiaries currently operate approximately 700 branches and offices, mainly in the Asia Pacific region. HSBC has an annual turnover of US$79.6 billion (2018) and 235,217 employees (2019), with Kee Chin as Chairman of the Board and Wang Dongsheng as Chief Executive Officer. In the morning of July 24, 2020, Beijing time, the High Court of British Columbia, Canada, made public the evidentiary materials for the next stage of the trial of Meng Wanzhou's extradition case. As early as May 28, the court ruled that Meng's case was essentially a fraud case. The public evidence shows that the so-called Meng Wanzhou case is a political case concocted by the United States. HSBC played a disgraceful role by participating in the framing, malicious manipulation, piecing together materials, and fabricating incriminating evidence.

    Regulation of HSBC

    HSBC is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong and holds a full license from the Labuan Financial Services Authority in Malaysia. However, the full license it claims to hold from ASIC in Australia is suspected to be a fraudulent one.


    HSBC's personal finance business includes banking services (accounts and online banking), debit (credit cards and loans), investment (securities and foreign exchange), insurance (insurance and planning), and wealth foresight (analysis and market data). Banking services include all-in-one accounts (HSBC One, HSBC Premier, etc.), deposits, debit cards, foreign currency and RMB services, community banking services, HSBC FinFit, banking services and payments, MPF, global banking services, and Greater Bay Area services. Lending services cover credit card applications, overdraft services, mortgages, loans, etc. Investment products and services mainly include stocks, bonds, trust funds, warrants, foreign exchange, etc. Insurance products mainly include life insurance, savings plans, medical insurance, retirement planning, home insurance, travel protection wealth, etc. The Wealth Vision section mainly includes investment classes, selected articles, and wealth vision, etc.


    Business finance mainly includes daily finance, financing and credit card, payment (income and expense service), protection and investment (insurance and asset appreciation), and import/export deposit service. Daily wealth management mainly includes commercial cards, commercial integrated accounts, foreign exchange, deposit and investment services, and wealth management services. Financing and credit card services mainly include export services, commercial cards, commercial loans, accounts receivable financing, and import services. Payment services mainly include commercial cards, international and local payments, foreign exchange, accounts receivable services, and payment services. Protection and investment services mainly include life insurance, unit trusts, commercial insurance, foreign exchange, fixed interest investments, stocks, trade-related insurance, employee services, and MPF. Import and export charge services include export services, accounts receivable financing, account opening, trade-related insurance, import services, and bank guarantees.

    Global Banking & Markets

    HSBC Global Banking & Capital Markets offers a range of solutions such as financing and advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, a global research, global trade and receivables financing, trading markets, global liquidity and cash management, securities services, sustainable finance, and spiritual leadership.

    Private Banking of HSBC

    Private Banking covers banking (accounts and services), lending (loans and financing), investments (services & analysis), planning (wealth solutions), and insights (proprietary analysis). Banking services mainly include transaction banking, credit and debit cards, foreign exchange, and margin trading. Lending services mainly include customized loan services, financing backed by oil-priced securities, residential mortgages, and specialized asset financing. Investment services cover advisory services, discretionary services, multi-asset solutions, single-asset solutions, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and other alternative investments. Planning services include succession planning, trust administration, private family funds, estate administration, liquidity planning, family business succession planning, family governance, philanthropy, and insurance services.

    Service Fees of HSBC

    The latest service fees for credit cards, loans, overdraft services, investments, insurance, and MPF are available on HSBC's official website. Details of the fees are available on HSBC's website.

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