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Pro Fx Limited


Pro Fx

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Pro Fx · Company Summary

Aspect Details
Registered Country/Area UK
Founded Year 2011
Company Name ProFx Global Limited
Regulation None
Minimum Deposit $500 (ECN Account)
Maximum Leverage 1:1000
Spreads Variable (starting from 0 pips for ECN)
Trading Platforms VERTEX FX
Tradable Assets Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Indices, Cryptocurrencies
Account Types ECN, ECN Prime, Pro
Demo Account Yes
Islamic Account yes
Customer Support Website, Phone, Email, Social Media
Payment Methods Bank Wire, E-wallets, Cryptocurrencies
Educational Tools Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure

Overview of Pro Fx

ProFx, a UK-based trading platform established in 2011, offers a wide range of financial instruments, including forex, commodities, CFDs, indices, and cryptocurrencies. While it provides features like variable spreads, multiple account types, and a user-friendly trading platform, it's crucial to note that ProFx operates without regulatory oversight. This factor, alongside high leverage options and limited educational resources, underscores the importance of exercising caution and prioritizing risk management strategies if considering using this platform.

Pro Fx

Is Pro Fx legit or a scam?

While Pro Fx maintains a UK registration, it's crucial to note that it currently operates without oversight from a recognized financial regulator. This absence of regulatory supervision carries significant implications for potential traders, warranting careful consideration.


Regulatory bodies, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, play a vital role in safeguarding investor interests. They enforce rigorous standards for financial services providers, ensuring they adhere to strict ethical guidelines, maintain adequate financial resources, and protect client funds.

Pros and Cons

ProFx offers a decent platform for experienced traders seeking diverse instruments and potentially tight spreads. However, the lack of regulatory oversight, high leverage, and limited educational resources pose significant risks for beginners and require careful consideration. Evaluate your risk tolerance and trading goals thoroughly before using ProFx.

Pros Cons
  • Diverse selection: Forex, commodities, CFDs, indices, cryptocurrencies
  • Limited compared to some major platforms
  • Variable spreads, potentially tight for active traders
  • High leverage (up to 1:1000) carries significant risk
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Overnight interest fees, potential processing fees for specific methods
  • VERTEX FX: user-friendly, with advanced features and mobile app
  • Limited compared to some industry-leading platforms
  • Multiple contact channels: website, phone, email, social media
  • Unverified response times and quality due to lack of oversight
  • -Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure
  • Limited, lacks structured learning materials

Market Intruments

ProFx, a diverse trading platform, caters to a range of investment styles with its comprehensive instrument selection.

Forex enthusiasts can delve into the world's largest financial market, trading major, minor, and exotic currency pairs with competitive spreads and flexible leverage options. Whether seeking short-term volatility or long-term trends, ProFx's extensive forex offering provides ample opportunity.

For those seeking exposure to broader market movements, commodities like gold, oil, and agricultural products are readily available. ProFx facilitates speculation on these dynamic assets, allowing traders to capitalize on global economic shifts and resource fluctuations.

CFDs (Contracts for Difference) offer a versatile way to trade on various assets without physical ownership. ProFx's CFDs encompass stocks, indices, and commodities, enabling traders to leverage market movements with greater flexibility and potentially amplified returns.

Index traders can access a diverse selection of regional and global benchmarks, capturing the collective performance of leading companies within specific sectors or economies. ProFx's index CFDs provide a convenient and efficient way to diversify portfolios and track broader market trends.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are not left behind, with ProFx offering a curated selection of established and emerging digital assets. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies with tight spreads and reliable execution, tapping into the burgeoning potential of this transformative asset class.

ProFx's instrument diversity empowers traders to tailor their strategies and navigate market dynamics with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, ProFx offers the tools and assets to pursue your financial goals.


Account Types

Pro Fx offers three tiered trading accounts to cater to diverse needs and experience levels: ECN , ECNPrime, and Pro.

Key Features:

  • Minimum deposit: ECN requires the highest deposit, followed by ECNPrime and Pro.

  • Spreads: ECN offers tighter spreads than ECNPrime and Pro.

  • Commission: ECNPrime and Pro charge no commission, while ECN has a per-trade commission.

  • Leverage: All accounts offer a high leverage of 1:500.

  • Scalping: All accounts allow scalping strategies.



  • ECN is best for high-volume traders seeking tight spreads and willing to pay commissions.

  • ECNPrime offers a balance between spreads and commission-free trading for moderate-volume traders.

  • Pro is the most budget-friendly option with wider spreads but no commission, suitable for beginners or low-volume traders.


How to open an account?

Here's a step-by-step guide on opening an account with ProFx:

  1. Visit the ProFx website:

  • Access the official ProFx website.

  • Locate the “Open Account” button, typically prominently displayed on the homepage or in the main navigation menu.

  1. Complete the registration form:

  • Fill in your personal details, including:

    • Full name

    • Email address

    • Country of residence

    • Phone number

    • Date of birth

  • Create a secure password for your account.

  • Thoroughly read and agree to ProFx's terms and conditions.

  1. Submit verification documents:

  • Upload clear copies of your government-issued ID (passport or driver's license) and proof of residency (utility bill or bank statement).

  • ProFx will verify your identity and address to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

  1. Choose your account type:

  • Select the account type that best suits your trading needs and preferences, considering factors like minimum deposit, spreads, commissions, and leverage. Refer to the detailed information provided earlier for guidance.

  1. Fund your account:

  • Deposit the minimum amount required for your chosen account type using Pro Fx's supported payment methods.

  • Methods may include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets.

  1. Start trading:

  • Once your account is funded, you can access the Pro Fx trading platform and begin placing trades in the markets of your choice.



ProFx offers high leverage up to 1:1000, meaning you can control a position 1000 times larger than your deposited capital. This leverage can be both a powerful tool and a double-edged sword.

Amplifying profits: When used strategically, leverage can magnify your potential gains. A small price movement in your favor can lead to significant returns on your investment. This can be particularly appealing for experienced traders seeking outsized returns or specific trading strategies.

Magnifying losses: However, the same amplifying effect applies to losses just as readily. Any unfavorable price movement becomes proportionately larger, potentially leading to swift and significant losses exceeding your initial deposit. This makes high leverage risky, especially for beginners, and requires discipline and proper risk management strategies.

Regulation and responsible use: Remember, ProFx operates without regulatory oversight, which means there's no guarantee of investor protection or safeguards against excessive leverage use. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise caution and carefully assess your risk tolerance before utilizing ProFx's high leverage. Consider starting with lower leverage and gradually increasing it only when you have a solid understanding of market dynamics and risk management practices.

Ultimately, ProFx's high leverage provides an opportunity for experienced traders, but beginners should approach it with extreme caution and prioritize education and risk management above potential quick gains.

Spreads & Commissions (Trading Fees)

ProFx offers a range of trading accounts, each with its own unique blend of spreads and commissions. Understanding these differences is crucial for choosing the option that best suits your trading style and risk tolerance. Let's delve into the details:

Variability: Spreads at ProFx are variable, meaning they can fluctuate based on market conditions and liquidity. This can be advantageous for high-volume traders seeking the tightest spreads during peak market hours. However, it also introduces an element of uncertainty for those who prefer predictable costs.

Account-specific nuances: Each account type boasts distinct spread and commission characteristics:

  • ECN : This account offers the tightest spreads, starting from 0 pips, but charges a $7 commission per round-turn trade. Ideal for active traders seeking precise execution and willing to pay for it.

  • ECNPrime: A balance between cost and performance, ECNPrime features spreads starting from 1 pip with no commissions. This suits moderate-volume traders who prioritize good value and transparency.

  • Pro: The most budget-friendly option, Pro offers wider spreads starting from 1.6 pips but eliminates commission fees. This caters to beginners or low-volume traders who prioritize affordability over razor-sharp spreads.

Other Fees

Beyond spreads and commissions, ProFx incurs additional fees that can affect your overall trading costs. Understanding these charges is crucial for informed decision-making. Here's a breakdown:

Overnight Interest Fees (Swap):

  • Nature: Charged when holding open positions overnight, reflecting the difference in interest rates between the two currencies in a currency pair.

  • Calculation: Varies based on the currency pair and current interest rates. ProFx's website provides detailed swap calculations for each instrument.

  • Impact: Can significantly impact long-term positions, especially during periods of high interest rate differentials.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees:

  • Nature: Charged for depositing and withdrawing funds from your trading account.

  • Fees: Vary depending on the chosen payment method. Some methods, like bank transfers, might incur higher fees than e-wallets.

  • Impact: Can eat into your profits if you make frequent deposits and withdrawals. Consider choosing cost-effective methods for regular transactions.

Inactivity Fees:

  • Nature: Charged if your account remains inactive for a certain period (typically 6 months).

  • Fees: Usually a fixed monthly fee deducted from your account balance.

  • Impact: Can erode your capital if you neglect your account for extended periods. Monitor your account activity and consider transferring your funds elsewhere if you anticipate extended inactivity.

Additional considerations:

  • Currency Conversion Fees: ProFx charges a fee for converting funds between different currencies. Be aware of these costs when depositing or withdrawing funds in a currency other than your account base currency.

  • Payment Processing Fees: Depending on your chosen payment method, additional fees might be charged by the payment processor itself.

By being mindful of these additional costs, you can budget accordingly and make informed decisions that optimize your trading experience with ProFx. Remember, choosing the most cost-effective account and payment methods can significantly impact your profitability in the long run.

Trading Platform

ProFx empowers its traders with VERTEX FX, a powerful and user-friendly trading platform designed to cater to diverse needs and experience levels. VERTEX FX offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance your trading experience, allowing you to navigate the markets with confidence:


Intuitive Interface: VERTEX FX boasts a sleek and customizable interface, making it easy to navigate essential tools and functions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious newcomer, finding your way around is a breeze.

Advanced Charting: The platform packs powerful charting capabilities, letting you analyze market trends with a variety of technical indicators and drawing tools. Gain valuable insights into price movements and make informed trading decisions.

Multiple Order Types: Choose from a range of order types to execute your trading strategies precisely. Market, limit, stop-loss, and trailing stop orders are all readily available, ensuring you have the flexibility to manage your positions effectively.

Market Depth: Gain immediate access to market depth information, giving you a clear picture of bid and ask orders at different price levels. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions based on real-time market conditions.

News & Analysis: Stay informed with integrated news feeds and market analysis directly within the platform. Keep your finger on the pulse of the markets and react quickly to potential catalysts.

Mobile Trading: Take your trading on the go with the VERTEX FX mobile app. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app offers essential features and real-time market access, allowing you to manage your positions and seize opportunities wherever you are.


Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposit Methods:

Processor Minimum Deposit Deposit Fee Deposit Time Notes
Bank Wire $50 Varies (depends on bank) 24-48 Hours Minimum withdrawal of $100 or $20 fee applies.
Tether $10 0% Instant Calculated at current market TT rate.
Perfect Money $10 0% Instant Calculated at current market TT rate.
Bitcoin $10 0% Instant Calculated at current market TT rate.

Withdrawal Methods:

Processor Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Fee Withdrawal Time Notes
Bank Wire $50 0% 24-48 Hours Minimum withdrawal of $100 or $20 fee applies. Sent to client's personal bank account.
Skrill $20 0% 24 Hours Same system as deposit (Skrill to Skrill).
Neteller $20 0% 24 Hours Same system as deposit (Neteller to Neteller).
Perfect Money $20 0% 24 Hours Same system as deposit (Perfect Money to Perfect Money).
Credit Card $20 0% 24 Hours Same system as deposit (credit card to credit card).

Additional Points:

  • All deposits are calculated according to the current market TT rate.

  • Third-party payments and IB rebates cannot be transferred to client accounts.

  • Clients cannot transfer funds to other clients' accounts.

  • Withdrawals are sent to the client's personal bank account for bank wire transfers.


ProFx offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, including bank wires, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Most deposits are instant, while withdrawals typically take 24-48 hours. While ProFx itself doesn't charge fees, be mindful of potential fees from your payment provider and minimum withdrawal amounts.

Remember to visit ProFx's website for the most up-to-date information on deposit and withdrawal policies.

Customer Support

ProFx ensures a comprehensive and accessible customer support experience through various channels. The company, reachable via its official website at, provides a dedicated phone line at +44 7424 067451, allowing clients to connect directly with the support team for prompt assistance. In addition to traditional communication methods, ProFx maintains a strong online presence, with active social media accounts on Facebook ( and Instagram ( These platforms serve as additional avenues for clients to engage with the broker, stay informed about updates, and seek support. For written inquiries, ProFx offers two primary email contacts:info@profx.ukfor general information andsupport@profx.ukfor specific customer assistance. This multi-channel approach underscores ProFx's commitment to providing diverse and easily accessible customer support options, ensuring clients can reach out through their preferred means of communication.


Educational Resources

While ProFx offers some educational resources, it's crucial to approach them with caution due to the platform's lack of regulatory oversight. However, let's delve into what their resources entail:

Terms & Conditions: This lengthy document outlines the legal agreement between ProFx and its users. It covers important aspects like fees, account opening procedures, trading rules, risk warnings, and limitations of liability. While not strictly educational, thoroughly reading and understanding these terms is essential for protecting your interests.

Privacy Policy: This document explains how ProFx collects, uses, and stores your personal information. It informs you about what data they gather, how they use it, and with whom they might share it. Understanding their data practices ensures you make informed decisions about sharing your personal information.

Risk Disclosure: This document highlights the inherent risks associated with trading financial instruments. It emphasizes the potential for losses, the volatility of markets, and the importance of understanding your own risk tolerance before engaging in trading. While not a comprehensive educational resource, this disclosure serves as a reminder of the inherent risks involved.

ProFx's educational resources fall short of a structured learning program. While the provided documents offer valuable information, they focus on legal and risk aspects rather than actively educating users about trading strategies, market analysis, or platform functionalities.



ProFx offers a platform with intriguing possibilities for experienced traders. The diverse instrument selection, potentially tight spreads, and user-friendly interface create a potentially rewarding environment. However, navigating these waters requires utmost caution due to a key factor: ProFx operates without regulatory oversight.

This lack of regulatory supervision casts a long shadow over any potential benefits. The high leverage options, limited educational resources, and unverified customer support quality increase the inherent risks of financial trading. For beginners, ProFx is simply not worth the gamble.

Even for experienced traders, a cautious approach is essential. Utilize ProFx with a deep understanding of risk management, prioritize low leverage, and constantly supplement your knowledge with independent sources. This platform can be a tool, but only if wielded with extreme care and a realistic assessment of its limitations.

Ultimately, the decision to utilize ProFx rests on your individual risk tolerance and priorities. If safety and regulatory protection are paramount, numerous better-regulated platforms exist. ProFx, with its attractive but untethered possibilities, is best left to those who fully understand the potential consequences and possess the experience to navigate its choppy waters responsibly.


Q: Is ProFx a regulated broker?

A: No, ProFx is not regulated by any major financial institution, which increases the risk associated with using their platform.

Q: What instruments can I trade on ProFx?

A: ProFx offers a variety of instruments, including forex, commodities, CFDs, indices, and cryptocurrencies. However, their selection is smaller compared to some major platforms.

Q: What are the account types available on ProFx?

A: ProFx offers three tiered account types with different minimum deposits, spreads, and commissions. You can choose the one that best suits your trading needs and experience level.

Q: Does ProFx charge fees?

A: While ProFx doesn't charge deposit or withdrawal fees, other potential fees exist, such as overnight interest fees and processing fees for specific methods. Additionally, be mindful of potential fees charged by your payment provider.

Q: What trading platform does ProFx use?

A: ProFx uses the VERTEX FX platform, which is user-friendly and offers advanced features like charting tools and mobile access. However, it's considered less comprehensive than some industry-leading platforms.

Q: Does ProFx provide educational resources?

A: ProFx offers limited educational resources, mainly focusing on legal and risk aspects through documents like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Risk Disclosure. Additional independent research from reputable sources is highly recommended.

Q: Is ProFx suitable for beginners?

A: Due to the lack of regulatory oversight, high leverage options, and limited educational resources, ProFx is not recommended for beginners. It's better suited for experienced traders who can manage risk effectively and understand the limitations of an unregulated platform.

Q: What are the alternatives to ProFx?

A: Numerous regulated platforms offer similar or even better services than ProFx with additional security and safety measures. Consider your risk tolerance and prioritize regulation when choosing a trading platform.

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