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+1758 054-4432398
Office No. MF-072 Golden Eyes Business Center, Al Muteena Area, Deira, Dubai, UAE
The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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+1758 054-4432398

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Vistova Markets Limited

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Saint Lucia

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Pyramid scheme complaint


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This platform is a Ponzi Scheme. Please stay away! 5
Previous Detection : 2024-05-30
  • This broker has been verified to be illegal and all of its licences have expired, and it has been listed in WikiFX's Scam Brokers list. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The platform is a Ponzi Scheme, which refers to the use of "principle of value multiplication". In the form of rolling or static fund circulation, it uses the money of next member to pay to the present one, which is essentially a pyramid scheme with the distinction of hidden, deceptive and socially harmful. By calling common person's desire for money, fraudsters in the platform begin raising funds underground. Since this kind of platform mostly will abscond after 1 or 2 years, the fund-raising mode just can exist less than 3 years.

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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to Withdraw


If anyone still thinks that they are still investing in this company, they should immediately give an order to withdraw their money, save their money with Forteclaim and walk away without even looking back. Otherwise, they will defraud you with all kinds of schemes with their fraudulent algorithms and make you believe that your money has gone bankrupt.    

2024-02-20 17:04
Unable to Withdraw

The platform does not give withdrawal for various reasons, including a series of tactics from stocks to foreign exchange.

Vistova teamed up with Baoxin Investment Consulting to defraud money and refused to give out money for various reasons. She joined Baoxin Investment Consulting by chance on the Internet. First, she joined a group to promote stocks and paid a membership fee of 10,000 yuan. At first, all the stocks she gave were profitable, and later They all lost money, and the loss reached 110,000. They said that the stock market was not easy to change and they went to gold and crude oil, and the loss of 110,000 could be made up for. I was asked to open an account at Vistova to store value. I initially deposited 200,000 in value and then followed up. Later, I kept asking for more funds. Because I wanted to add a large amount of 2 million, I wanted to try to withdraw it, but I couldn't withdraw it. The website also turned into a scam website that day. Although the website was restored later, the same excuse said that I had to pay the share first and blacklisted me. I paid more than 50,000 yuan in dividends but they still refused to collect it. I was delayed and said that I would have to wait until after Christmas or New Year’s Day. Vistova customer service manager Chen canceled my LINE platform website and I couldn’t access it. I asked the group what happened, Lian Bao Xin Tou Gu also quit my group, and the website became a scam website again. Someone should have reported it to the police. I told my assistant that I would go to the police if he didn’t withdraw the money for me. She also deliberately choked me and asked me to go to the police. But she wouldn’t withdraw the money for me. There are currently 31,914 US dollars (about NT$1 million) in it, which cannot be withdrawn.

2024-03-15 16:34
Unable to Withdraw

Financial fraud suffered by Baoxin investment consultant Guo Zhenrong and Vistova manager Chen

On November 1st, I participated in Baoxin Investment Guo’s plan and deposited more than 23 million yuan in total. On December 25, I wanted to apply for a withdrawal of 3.3 million yuan, but Vistova manager Chen said that I had to pay a handling fee of nearly 470,000 yuan. On December 28, after I deposited the money into the designated wallet, I was still unable to withdraw the money and lost contact with Chen. On December 29, a financial fraud report was officially filed with the police.

2024-01-08 08:55
Unable to Withdraw

After receiving the investment in soaring stocks, the total loss in foreign exchange was nearly 10 million!

In order to receive the hot stocks on FB, link to the FB message called "Eagle Spreading Wings". Then I joined his line and met an investment consultant who called himself Guo Zhenrong. Later, his assistant Misia invited me to join the Baoxin Investment Consulting elite team group. Teacher Guo proposed a compound interest plan to help the world. The cooperative foreign exchange platform is Vistova. Manager Chen is responsible for fund supervision and deposits and withdrawals, using MT5 as the order platform. It advertises the operation of crude oil and gold CFD contracts, claiming that it can make amazing profits, so I started this plan. It is also emphasized that those who participate in the operation are exempted from the commission for the first half month, and after half a month, they must pay the feedback commission according to the fund level, so as to attract the group members to invest more funds in the short term. I increased my bet to 5.1 million within 5 days. After the operation date, I applied to withdraw US$30,000, which is equivalent to about NT$960,000, but only NT$300,000 was withdrawn. I thought it was strange and asked Teacher Guo and Manager Chen what was wrong, because it was the first time to withdraw money. I didn't dare to be too arrogant and refused to withdraw money, so I made a top-up of NT$960,000. I successively withdrawn a total of about NT$1.7 million. However, the amount withdrawn is not recorded in one lump sum, but is split into 300,000 each, which makes it feel weirder! Therefore, I want to withdraw the remaining principal of NT$3.4 million first, and only keep the profit part to continue the operation. Moreover, Teacher Guo emphasized that it is up to the individual to decide how much money he wants to withdraw, and he will definitely be able to withdraw it without any problems. Unexpectedly, Manager Chen told me that my account was suspected of being involved in money laundering and had been frozen and could not be withdrawn. I had to pay one-half of the principal, about 2.5 million, as a deposit before I could withdraw it! I was determined not to pay any more funds, and the two sides were in a stalemate. Finally, Manager Chen told me: The Financial Supervisory Commission issued a list of abnormal accounts to clear. I was frightened and quickly made up 2.5 million, but then they kept giving various excuses to prevent me from withdrawing money. I realized it's a scam.

2024-03-21 16:24

Vistova sent a communique. Mr. Chen and Baoxin Group are scammers.

On September 21st, I joined Baoshin Investment Group, who offered me high returns from investing in gold and oil. I found it all very interesting and was introduced to Mr. Chen, who claimed to be the General Manager of Vistova. So I decided to deposit about 4 million RMB and everything was going well until the second time I withdrew my money when they made excuses for me to withdraw my money and I had to pay the commission they asked me to pay. Eventually I could not withdraw any more and I told them I was going to report them to the police for fraud. Today I received an email from Vistova and they explained to me that Mr. Chen is not the managing director of the company, he is just an agent who introduces clients. Mr. Chen and Baoxin Group committed fraud and stole my money. Vistova wants me to help report the scammers and I just want to help get my money back.

2024-02-10 09:51
Unable to Withdraw

Black platform returns my principal

I joined Baoxin Investment Consulting in FB Advertising in early September 2023 and traded Taiwan stocks under the leadership of Liu Yuanhang. Every night, Guo Zhenrong analyzes Taiwan stocks in an online group called "Baoxin Investment Consulting Elite Team". Due to difficulties in Taiwan stock trading at the end of September, CFDs were launched in mid-October, exchanging Taiwan dollars for USDT coins. On October 25, Liu Yuanhang claimed that he was guaranteed to make profits but had to share a larger share, and said that those who lost money in the stock market would be compensated. I opened an account at Vistova, and every time I deposit money in MT5, I need to go to V-Chen Zhiyuan, who will find the U merchant and change the USDT currency to the wallet address. The withdrawal is set to be withdrawn by the financial card. I initially invested NT$300,000 in cash. Under the leadership of Liu Yuanhang, I traded twice a day and made a profit by controlling the water level to one-third. I made three withdrawals, totaling 36,000 yuan. The platform fluctuated 4,000 points and the position was liquidated. There were three times when the assets were negative, but they were replenished, with a total investment of NT$3.4 million. On November 27, I contacted Liu Yuanhang from Baoxin Investment Holdings and asked for a loan of 5 million in credit. I asked V-Chen Zhiyuan for his wallet address and deposited the money. I wanted to make a profit and pay back the money as soon as possible because the return date is December. 6th. At first, they only said that they could not control the withdrawals, but did not say that they would change the account to trust the user. On November 28, I confirmed to V-Chen Zhiyuan that the account was controlled by a trusted user and could not be withdrawn. I protested to Liu Yuanhang and negotiated to pay the full share on December 5, which was about 3 million. He will handle the credit part and wait for it to be withdrawn before returning it. He will provide the wallet address and I will remit it. I explained to Liu Yuanhang that to pay the share and return the credit, the money must be withdrawn first. Liu Yuanhang said that if I don’t repay the credit and share, everything will be handled by the platform’s legal affairs. On December 6, V Chen Zhiyuan said that the credit loan would not be repaid and the relevant legal issues would be handled by legal affairs. I said okay, wait for legal processing. I asked if all the withdrawal problems could be solved by the legal affairs department. he said yes. On December 9, I contacted them online. From December 15, Liu Yuanhang and V Chen Zhiyuan of Baoxin Investment Holdings did not read or reply to messages. On December 18, I reported to your platform that I could not withdraw money, only to learn that I was warned by 165 that it was a suspected fraud.

2024-01-22 18:59
Unable to Withdraw

Can't withdraw money

When I applied for a withdrawal, I was charged taxes, and on December 19, 2023, an error occurred in the remittance process, and my tax account (1436244) was placed under risk management. Verification of funds is necessary for investigation by relevant departments to determine whether there is any illegal activity, to protect your legitimate rights, and for our company's fairness and impartiality. In order to verify the funds for your transfer, you will be required to pay 20% of the total funds in your trading account for verification. We complete verification within 1 hour after receiving funds. If there are no problems with funds verification, we will transfer all funds in your trading account (including verification funds and trading funds) to your designated bank account. Total funds in trading account: $92,215.09 Amount of funds required for verification: $18,443, equivalent to 2,653,898 yen. I received a message saying: please withdraw your money now.

2024-01-08 18:16
Unable to Withdraw

vistova and Baoxin investment advisors have teamed up for a scam!

I was on FB in September to receive the soaring stock, linked to the FB message called "Eagle Spread Wings". Afterward, I joined his line and got to know the investment advisor teacher who called himself Guo Zhenrong, and then Misia, the assistant, invited me to join the Baoxin investment advisor elite team group. At first, I traded Taiwan stocks, but the performance was not good. Later, Mr. Kuo put forward a plan to cooperate with the forex platform Vistova, by the manager, Chen, is responsible for funds supervision and withdrawal of the deposit of gold matters, to MT5 for the order platform. Labeled crude oil and gold CFDs, claiming to double or even several times dozens of times the profits. At the end of October and the beginning of November began to operate the program. He emphasized that in the first half of the month participants free share, half a month after the level of funds to pay according to the share, to attract the group of friends short-term investment in more funds. I increased the code to 5.1 million in 5 days. On November 1, I remitted 44,210 U.S. dollars, three remittances. When the NT $ 5.15 million was remittance, the other side told us to use the platform provided to apply for a personal account, and according to the remittance of additional deposits into the account, withdraw from the account to withdraw. Followed the operation a few times on the account and also made a profit of about 1 million dollars. I applied for a withdrawal of 30,000 US dollars, equivalent to about 960,000 Taiwan dollars, but only 300,000 Taiwan dollars were withdrawn. I felt very strange and asked Mr. Kuo and Manager Chen what happened. Since it was the first time I withdrew the money, I was able to get the full amount of NT$960,000 later on. The total amount I withdrew was about NT$1.7 million. However, the amount of withdrawals was not credited in a single installment, but was split into 300,000 dollars each, all cash deposits, the more I felt strange! Therefore, I would like to withdraw the full amount first, if the withdrawal is successful in the re-storage operation to ensure the safety of the funds. Mr. Guo emphasized how much he wanted to withdraw the amount of personal freedom, you can withdraw the amount will not be a problem. Unexpectedly on November 9, Chen told me that my account suspected of being involved in money laundering was frozen and could not be withdrawn, I must pay one-half of the principal amount of about 2.5 million as a deposit, only to let the withdrawal! I am firmly unwilling to pay funds, the two sides stalemate, and finally, Manager Chen told me that the FSC will issue an abnormal account zero list... In the process of applying for the full amount of withdrawals, Huang Meili (later found to she a fraud accomplice) also said that she applied for the full amount of withdrawals, but the same account was frozen to pay another deposit of 2.5 million square can be withdrawn, and then coordinated, as long as 1 million. She borrowed 1 million to pay and will be frozen account all the funds, including 1 million deposit, including one-time withdrawals out. She also posted a notice of withdrawal of more than 6.11 million into her account for me to see. She tried to convince me to make some more payments and withdraw the full amount as well. I sensed that she was an accomplice to the scam and firmly refused to pay anymore! In the process of coordinating to get back the funds, Zhenrongline said he would send his account for me to the company as a guarantee, as long as I take me to operate three more times can be successfully withdrawn from the gold, but also said that if you can not withdraw the gold, he wants to remit to me 20 million to show good faith (the world's funniest jokes!) But this time the operation is required to pay a share, this is the company regulations. I said that I wait for three operations, and then pay three times the share of the gold, Guo Zhenrong said that can not be operated once to pay a share of the operating account can not be deducted from the operating account share, and must be paid in addition to can, of course, I firmly do not agree, but also because I insisted on the end, and they can not induce me to pay into any dime! Fraudulent criminals, disgraceful!

2024-01-30 06:25

    Vistova · Company Summary

    Aspect Information
    Company Name Vistova
    Registered Country/Area Saint Lucia
    Founded Year 2023
    Regulation Unregulated
    Minimum Deposit $500
    Market Instruments CFDs,Futures,Commodities,Indices
    Account Types Individual account
    Spreads&commissions as low as 0 pips,0 commissions
    Trading Platforms Vistoca app(based on Meta Trader 5)
    Demo Account Available
    Customer Support,Phone:054-4432398
    Deposit & Withdrawal Bank transfer,credit/debit card

    Overview of Vistova

    Vistova, a newly established trading company founded in 2023 and headquartered in Saint Lucia, offers a range of financial services. However, it's important to note that Vistova operates without regulatory oversight. The minimum deposit requirement to open an individual account with Vistova is $500.

    Traders can access various market instruments, including CFDs, futures, commodities, and indices. Vistova offers competitive spreads as low as 0 pips, and it does not charge commissions for trading. The trading platform provided is the Vistoca app, which is based on Meta Trader 5, offering a familiar and robust trading experience.

    Clients have the option to explore their trading strategies through a demo account, and customer support can be reached via email at or by phone at 054-4432398.

    While Vistova provides accessible entry into trading, the absence of regulation should be taken into consideration when evaluating this brokerage.

    Overview of Vistova

    Is Vistova Legit or a Scam?

    Vistova Markets Limited, a trading company operating under the Common Financial Service License, is currently unauthorized and unregulated by any official financial regulatory authority. Despite mentioning its affiliation with the United States NFA with license number 0559510.

    Is Vistova Legit or a Scam?

    It is important to note that the regulatory status is abnormal, and the official regulatory status is unauthorized. Traders should exercise extreme caution and be aware of the associated risks when considering Vistova, as it lacks proper regulatory oversight and certification.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros Cons
    Low Minimum Deposit Lack of Regulation
    Competitive Spreads Limited Account Types
    Vistoca App Unregulated Deposits
    Demo Account Customer Support
    Diverse Market Instruments Risk of Scams


    1. Low Minimum Deposit: Vistova offers a relatively low minimum deposit requirement of $500, making it accessible to traders with smaller initial capital.

    2. Competitive Spreads: Vistova provides competitive spreads as low as 0 pips, which can potentially result in cost savings for traders.

    3. Vistoca App: The trading platform is based on Meta Trader 5, which is a popular and widely recognized platform known for its robust features and tools.

    4. Demo Account: Vistova offers a demo account, allowing traders to practice and test their strategies without risking real capital.

    5. Diverse Market Instruments: Traders can access a variety of market instruments, including CFDs, futures, commodities, and indices, providing opportunities for diversification.


    1. Lack of Regulation: One of the significant drawbacks is the lack of regulation. Vistova operates without oversight from financial regulatory authorities, potentially raising concerns about investor protection.

    2. Limited Account Types: Vistova offers only one account type, the “Individual account,” which may not cater to the diverse needs and preferences of different traders.

    3. Unregulated Deposits: Depositing funds with an unregulated broker carries inherent risks, as there may be limited safeguards in place to protect clients' funds in the event of financial issues.

    4. Customer Support: While customer support is available, the quality and responsiveness of support services may vary, as there are no regulatory standards to enforce service levels.

    5. Risk of Scams: Unregulated brokers can pose a higher risk of fraudulent activities or scams, and traders should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with such entities.

    Market Instruments

    Vistova Markets Limited provides a diverse array of market instruments, allowing traders to explore various asset classes for investment opportunities:

    1. CFDs (Contracts for Difference):

      1. Vistova offers CFD trading, which allows traders to speculate on the price movements of a wide range of underlying assets without owning the assets themselves. This includes assets like stocks, commodities, and indices.

    2. Futures:

      1. Traders can engage in futures trading through Vistova, providing exposure to contracts that obligate the purchase or sale of an asset at a predetermined price on a future date. Futures can cover commodities, financial instruments, and more.

    3. Commodities:

      1. Vistova allows traders to participate in the commodities market, which includes trading in physical goods like metals, energy products, and agricultural commodities. This offers diversification and potential hedging opportunities.

    4. Indices:

      1. The platform facilitates trading in global indices, giving traders access to the performance of entire stock markets or specific sectors. This can provide a broad-based approach to equity market investments.

    It's important to note that Vistova operates without regulatory oversight, and traders should be aware of the associated risks when trading these instruments.

    Market Instruments

    Account Types

    Vistova Markets Limited offers a single account type known as the “Individual account.” Traders have the option to open and operate this account type, which caters to individual investors. However, it's essential to note that Vistova does not provide multiple account options or tiered account structures, which may limit the flexibility for traders with varying preferences and trading styles.

    How to Open an Account?

    To open an account with Vistova Markets Limited, follow these four steps:

    1. Registration:

      1. Visit the Vistova Markets website and locate the registration section. You will need to provide personal information, including your name, contact details, and a valid email address. Create a unique username and password for your account.

    2. Account Verification:

      1. After completing the registration, you may be required to undergo a verification process. This typically involves submitting identification documents, such as a government-issued ID, proof of address, and any other documents requested by Vistova for KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance.

    3. Funding Your Account:

      1. Once your account is verified, you can proceed to fund it. Vistova Markets offers various payment methods, including bank transfers and credit/debit cards. Choose the payment method that suits you best and follow the instructions to deposit the desired amount into your trading account. Be aware of the minimum deposit requirement.

    4. Start Trading:

      1. With a funded account, you are ready to start trading. Access the trading platform, which is based on Meta Trader 5, and begin exploring the available market instruments, placing trades, and managing your investments.

    It's important to exercise caution and conduct due diligence when opening an account with Vistova, as the company operates without regulatory oversight, which can pose certain risks to traders.

    How to Open an Account?

    Spreads & Commissions

    Vistova Markets Limited distinguishes itself by providing traders with competitive spreads and commission-free trading. The spreads offered by Vistova can be as low as 0 pips, which is especially appealing to traders aiming for cost-effective trading conditions.

    The absence of commissions means that traders can execute their trades without incurring additional charges, potentially saving on transaction costs. However, it's crucial to emphasize that Vistova operates without regulatory oversight, and while the prospect of low spreads and commission-free trading is enticing, traders should exercise caution and carefully consider the associated risks.

    Trading with an unregulated broker may expose traders to heightened risks related to fund security and transparency, making it essential to conduct thorough due diligence before engaging in trading activities with Vistova Markets Limited.

    Spreads & Commissions

    Trading Platform

    Vistova Markets Limited offers its clients access to the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform, providing a powerful and versatile tool for trading various financial instruments.

    The MT5 platform is known for its user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, technical analysis capabilities, and support for automated trading through Expert Advisors (EAs). Traders can benefit from the convenience of trading on the MT5 platform, which allows them to execute trades and monitor market conditions from anywhere in the world.

    This platform's versatility and features make it a popular choice among traders seeking a reliable and feature-rich trading environment, even though Vistova operates without regulatory oversight.

    Trading Platform

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    Vistova Markets Limited provides traders with several deposit and withdrawal options, along with specific minimum deposit requirements:

    Payment Methods:

    • Bank Transfer: Traders can fund their accounts using bank transfers, which involve transferring funds from their bank accounts to their trading accounts with Vistova.

    • Credit/Debit Card: Vistova accepts deposits made via credit and debit cards, allowing for convenient and secure transactions.

    Minimum Deposit:

    • The minimum deposit requirement at Vistova Markets Limited is $500. Traders must deposit at least this amount to open and fund their trading accounts.

    It's important to note that while Vistova offers flexibility in payment methods, the minimum deposit requirement should be considered when opening an account.

    Additionally, traders should exercise caution due to Vistova's lack of regulatory oversight, considering the potential risks associated with trading on an unregulated platform.

    Customer Support

    Vistova Markets Limited provides customer support to its clients through various channels, including email and phone contact. Clients can reach out to the company's support team by emailing them at or by calling the provided phone number, 054-4432398.

    Additionally, the physical address of Vistova is Office No. MF-072 Golden Eyes Business Center, Al Muteena Area, Deira, Dubai, UAE. This accessibility to customer support aims to assist clients with their inquiries, account-related matters, and any assistance they may require while trading with the company.

    However, it's essential to keep in mind that Vistova operates without regulatory oversight, and clients should exercise caution and conduct due diligence when engaging with the broker's services.

    Customer Support


    In conclusion, Vistova Markets Limited offers traders the opportunity to engage in financial markets trading with competitive spreads and commission-free trading.

    The availability of the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform enhances the trading experience, providing advanced tools and accessibility from anywhere in the world.

    However, it's crucial to note that Vistova operates without regulatory oversight, which may pose risks related to fund security and transparency.

    Traders considering Vistova as their broker should carefully weigh the potential benefits of low spreads and convenient trading against the risks associated with unregulated trading environments and conduct thorough due diligence before proceeding.


    Q:Is Vistova Markets Limited a regulated broker?

    1. A:No, Vistova Markets Limited operates without regulatory oversight.

    Q:What is the minimum deposit requirement to open an account with Vistova?

    1. A:The minimum deposit to open an account with Vistova is $500.

    Q:What trading platform does Vistova offer?

    1. A:Vistova offers the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform.

    Q:Are there any commissions for trading with Vistova?

    1. A:Vistova offers commission-free trading, but traders should be aware of potential spreads.

    Q:What payment methods are accepted for deposits and withdrawals?

    1. A:Vistova accepts deposits via bank transfers and credit/debit cards.

    Q:Is there a demo account available for practice trading?

    1. A:Yes, Vistova provides a demo account for traders to practice their strategies.

    Q:Where is the physical address of Vistova located?

    1. A:Vistova's physical address is Office No. MF-072 Golden Eyes Business Center, Al Muteena Area, Deira, Dubai, UAE.

    Q:How can I contact Vistova's customer support?

    A:You can reach Vistova's customer support by emailing or calling 054-4432398.

    Q:What types of market instruments can I trade with Vistova?

    1. A:Vistova offers CFDs, futures, commodities, and indices as trading instruments.


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    more than one year
    Just signed up with Vistova Markets. They seem new, but offer lots of trading options (CFDs, metals, etc.). Couldn't find much about fees though. Maybe a good platform for experienced traders who can do their own research, but I'm a beginner so I'm a bit cautious for now.
    2024-03-14 17:15
    more than one year
    I've found Vistova to be very problematic, with severe slippage, inconsistent data, and suspect market manipulation. After joining an investment group and making an initial profit, my position was liquidated with substantial loss. Other members' experiences with non-withdrawal of funds make it seem like a possible fraudulent scheme. I advise caution when considering investing with Vistova.
    2023-12-15 18:29
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