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AC Capital

Australia|15-20 years|
Regulated in Australia|Straight Through Processing(STP)|MT4/5 full license|Regional Brokers|Medium potential risk|Offshore Regulatory|


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MT4/5 Identification

MT4/5 Identification

Full License

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ACCapital-Live MT5
Server Location China


+61 (02) 7209 0626
C/o Louise Vari, USP, PMB 9072, Port Vila, Vanuatu


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+61 (02) 7209 0626


+678 541 3519

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AC Capital Market (V) Ltd

Company Abbreviation

AC Capital

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  • The Vanuatu VFSC regulation with license number: 700597 is an offshore regulation. Please be aware of the risk!

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Pyramid scheme complaint

Cancel membership account without any notice

I logged in last night and found that my account had been completely canceled, and I discovered without notice that all the USDT 14,900 in the account was missing! Last year, I joined Kim Markets Limited at Accapital this year, the previous operations were normal. Until the platform was updated two weeks ago, I never received a letter asking the customer service platform how to deal with it, but the customer service was delayed! What I am angry about is that the rebate activity I joined in Kcm was merged into Acc due to the platform replacement. The activity is continuous, but because the recharge was not completed within 7 days, there is no rebate. However, I have repeatedly confirmed with customer service that the trading account is still operational. , I can't withdraw it until I complete the recharge. I still recharged and operated before the account was canceled. Until last night when I went to check it out, the account was canceled without warning. I couldn't log in and said it was an invalid account. So what is the 14900usdt in my account?! Being taken away by force like this is obvious, what is this but deception? I also asked customer service about the rules of the rebate activity. They were not clearly written and did not include what would happen if the goal was not achieved. When I asked customer service, I was told that our company reserves the right of final interpretation. The rules were not written and the right of final interpretation was not stated. In your case, it is obvious that you are the ones doing all the talking! If I complete the activity today, you can also tell me how much more you have to pay before you can withdraw it. Anyway, it’s up to you as a platform to do whatever you want! It is clearly stated that there is no time limit, and I cannot withdraw money until I complete the recharge goal. It is still operable even if the goal is not completed! It's all bullshit now! Such defrauding of hard-earned money...the above is my experience of being defrauded this time! Everyone, be careful.

2024-02-20 11:43

AC Capital · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Registered Country/Area Australia (AC Capital Market Pty Ltd), Vanuatu (AC Capital Market (V) Ltd)
Founded Year 15-20 years ago
Company Name AC Capital Market (V) Ltd
Regulation AC Capital Market Pty Ltd: Australia Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), AC Capital Market (V) Ltd: Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC)
Minimum Deposit $500
Maximum Leverage 800:1, 400:1, 200:1
Spreads From 0 pips
Trading Platforms MetaTrader 5 (MT5), cTrader, AC Capital Market App
Tradable Assets Forex, Precious Metals, Indices, Commodities
Account Types Standard Account, ECN Account, Demo Account
Demo Account Available
Islamic Account Not mentioned
Customer Support Australia Office: +61 (02) 7209 0626, Vanuatu Office: +678 541 3519, Email:
Payment Methods Web pays, adyen, 网银,即刻付, electronic wallets, wire transfer, kakao, fastpay, LOT payments, Skrill, paystack, NETELLER, Webmoney, paytm
Educational Tools Economic Calendar, Market News, AC Library (Fundamental Knowledge), Autochartist, Financial News, Copy Trading System

Overview of AC Capital

AC Capital Market, with a presence spanning 15-20 years, is a significant player in the financial landscape of Australia. Regulated by the Australia Securities & Investment Commission, AC Capital Market Pty Ltd holds a Straight Through Processing (STP) license, while AC Capital Market (V) Ltd operates under the regulatory umbrella of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission with an offshore status. The institution's trading options encompass forex, precious metals, indices, and commodities.

Traders have access to a wide range of market instruments, including over 40 popular currency pairs, precious metals like Silver, Gold, Palladium, and Platinum, and global indices such as Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, Hang Seng, and Australia's ASX SPI 200 index. AC Capital Market caters to various trading needs through Standard and ECN accounts, accommodating both beginners and high-frequency traders. Notably, the ECN Account offers automated trading and raw spreads.

AC Capital Market's trading platforms, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and cTrader, provide advanced tools for technical and fundamental analysis. The company offers tools like the Economic Calendar, Market News, AC Library for fundamental knowledge, Autochartist for market analysis, financial news analysis videos, and a Copy Trading System. Comprehensive customer support channels, and a straightforward account registration process complete the offering, making AC Capital Market a notable choice for traders seeking diverse trading options and reliable support.


Pros and Cons

AC Capital offers several advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, it is regulated by ASIC and holds an STP license, ensuring a certain level of credibility. The platform provides trading opportunities in Forex, Precious Metals, Indices, and Commodities, and offers leverage options up to 800:1, allowing for potential profit growth. Different account types, including Standard, ECN, and Demo, cater to various trader preferences. Additionally, the availability of advanced trading platforms like MT5 and cTrader enhances the trading experience. Educational tools such as the Economic Calendar, Market News, AC Library, and Autochartist provide valuable insights. On the downside, the offshore regulation under Vanuatu VFSC comes with associated risks. The limited range of market instruments and account types might not suit all traders. High leverage could lead to increased potential losses. The ECN account incurs a trading commission of $6 per lot. While spreads start from 0.0 pips, there is no information provided about trading fees and spreads for the Standard Account. The minimum deposit requirement of $500 might be considered high for some traders, and there's limited information regarding deposit and withdrawal processes. Despite these aspects, the availability of a Demo account can be helpful for risk-free practice.

Pros Cons
Regulated by Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and holds STP license Offshore regulation for Vanuatu VFSC with associated risks
Offers Forex, Precious Metals, Indices, Commodities Limited types of market instruments
Leverage options up to 800:1 High leverage can increase both potential profits and losses
Different account types: Standard, ECN, Demo ECN account has a trading commission of $6 per lot
Spreads start from 0.0 pips Limited types of accounts mentioned
Multiple payment methods for deposits/withdrawals No information about trading fees and spreads for Standard Account
Advanced trading platforms: MT5, cTrader High minimum deposit fee of$500
Educational tools including Economic Calendar, Market News, AC Library, Autochartist Limited information on deposit and withdrawal
Demo account available

Is AC Capital Legit?

AC Capital Market Pty Ltd is regulated by the Australia Securities & Investment Commission and holds a Straight Through Processing (STP) license. The institution, located at Unit 803, 213 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060, has been licensed since April 18, 2007. On the other hand, AC Capital Market (V) Ltd is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and holds a Retail Forex License with license number 700597. The institution's regulatory status is identified as “Offshore Regulatory.” It's important to note that the Vanuatu VFSC regulation with license number 700597 is an offshore regulation, which entails certain risks.


Market Instruments


AC Capital Market offers a range of forex trading options, including leverage of up to 800:1, allowing traders to enter the market with minimal margin. With over 40 popular currency pairs, such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, and AUDJPY, traders can diversify their trading strategie. The default leverage is 400:1, but traders can opt for higher leverage to hold substantial positions with limited initial investment.



AC Capital Market provides trading opportunities in precious metals like SPOT Silver (5000 oz.), SPOT Gold (100 oz.), SPOT Palladium (10 oz.), and SPOT Platinum (10 oz.). These metal contracts allow traders to speculate on price movements. Symbols like XAGUSD (Silver), XAUUSD (Gold), XPDUSD (Palladium), and XPTUSD (Platinum) are available for trading.



Traders can access leading global indices like the U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Average (US30), NASDAQ 100 Index (NAS100), Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index (HKG50), and Australia's ASX SPI 200 index (AUS200) through AC Capital Market. The platform offers up to 100:1 leverage for trading indices CFD, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios by trading these well-known indices.


AC Capital Market covers a variety of commodity markets, categorized into metals, energy, livestock & meat, and agricultural products. The platform offers 100:1 leverage for trading commodities like USOIL (Crude Oil), providing traders with opportunities to speculate on price movements in these markets.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Diverse range of market instruments Limited types of market instruments
Leverage options up to 800:1
Availability of leading global indices

Account Types

Standard Account: AC Capital Market offers a Standard Account suitable for beginners and experienced traders. This account allows trading in forex, precious metals, indices, and commodities CFD products. The account setup takes 3 minutes, with a minimum deposit of $500. Trading occurs on MT5/cTrader platforms with low spreads. There are no fees, leverage options are 800:1, 400:1, or 200:1, and the minimum trade volume is 0.01 lots.


ECN Account: The ECN Account from AC Capital Market is for high-frequency traders. It facilitates automated trading in forex, precious metals, indices, and commodities CFD products. The account needs a $500 minimum deposit and uses MT5/cTrader platforms. Spreads are raw, with a $6/lot fee. Leverage choices are 800:1, 400:1, or 200:1, and the minimum trade volume is 0.01 lots.


Demo Account: AC Capital Market's Demo Account offers risk-free trading simulation. It covers forex, precious metals, indices, and commodities CFD products. It provides an environment for practicing strategies and exploring the platform. Opening is cost-free, requiring basic personal data. It's a useful tool for learning.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Demo account available Limited types of accounts mentioned
Spreads start from 0.0 pips ECN account has a trading commission of $6 per lot

How to Open an Account

Opening an account with AC Capital involves a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Register” button on the AC Capital website.

  2. Fill in your email address in the designated field.

  3. Provide your mobile number, including the country code (+), in the required format.

  4. Enter a password for your account.

  5. Confirm your password by re-entering it.

  6. Select your preferred trading platform.

  7. Read and accept the provided Terms and Conditions.

  8. Finally, click the “Register” button to complete the account registration process.



AC Capital provides leverage options of 800:1, 400:1, and 200:1 on its trading accounts.

Spreads & Commissions

AC Capital's Standard Account features low spreads, and the ECN Account offers raw spreads starting from 0 pips. The ECN Account also includes a $6 per lot trading commission.

Minimum Deposit

AC Capital Market's live account requires a minimum opening deposit of $500.

Deposit & Withdrawal

AC Capital Market offers a range of payment methods including Web pays, adyen, 网银,即刻付, electronic wallets, wire transfer, kakao, fastpay, LOT payments, Skrill, paystack, NETELLER, Webmoney, and paytm for deposits and withdrawals. There are no withdrawal fees. To deposit, choose an account type, complete an application, and select a deposit method. To withdraw, log in to My AC Centre, choose “Withdrawal,” select the trading account and amount, then confirm for the funds to be processed.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Offers a variety of payment methods No information about withdrawal processing times
No withdrawal fees Limited information about deposit and withdrawal process
No mention of currency options for deposits/withdrawals

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Trading Platform

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is an upgraded version of the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, widely used by traders worldwide. MT5 offers advanced trading features and comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis tools. Traders can access MT5 on various devices, including computers and mobile devices. The platform supports different trade orders and execution modes, along with additional functionalities like the Autochartist smart chart plug-in. With live-time charts and one-click trading, MT5 enhances market engagement and provides a range of customization options. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS systems on PCs, as well as Android and iOS devices for mobile trading.


cTrader Trading Platform

cTrader is a globally recognized trading platform known for its chart pattern indicators, fast execution, comprehensive order range, and advanced order protection features. The platform offers over 70 technical analysis indicators, customizable chart pattern indicators, and seamless sharing of trading strategies on social media. Lightning-fast execution, with orders processed in milliseconds. cTrader supports Autochartist, a unique market scanner. The platform covers various order types, including market, stop loss, stop limit, and more. Sophisticated order protection tools, real-time market sentiment indicators, and multi-device support (Windows, website, and mobile applications) contribute to a nice trading experience.


AC Capital Market App

As a leading CFD broker, AC Capital Market provides cutting-edge financial technology and low costs to investors. The AC Capital Market App offers a smarter way to access the markets. The app enables users to monitor their accounts, perform trades, deposits, and withdrawals, and stay updated with the latest market trends. The app features multi-dimensional data encryption technology for management. Fast account opening, management, real-time financial news, embedded live chat, and professional customer service enhance the user experience. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To start using the AC Capital Market App, users can scan the QR code or download it from the App Store, log in if already a client, or register as a new client.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) offers advanced features and tools No information about any potential drawbacks or limitations
cTrader provides fast execution and advanced order protection No details provided about specific issues users might encounter
AC Capital Market App available No information about potential drawbacks or limitations of the app

Educational Tools

Economic Calendar: AC Capital provides an Economic Calendar that displays real-time updates on crucial economic events worldwide. This tool aids investors in staying informed about events that might impact financial markets, enabling them to make informed trading decisions.


Market News: AC Capital offers global investors essential real-time market news through Market News. This service provides news updates about various market events, such as currency pair movements and economic factors affecting trading conditions.


AC Library - Fundamental Knowledge: AC Capital's AC Library offers educational resources, helping traders enhance their trading skills. It includes video content covering topics like trading theory, advanced investment theory, and understanding financial technical terms through simple stories.


Autochartist: Autochartist is a comprehensive market analysis tool available to investors. It offers features like technical analysis, statistical analysis, macroeconomic analysis, and fundamental analysis. It presents data in clear and intuitive charts, automated trading alerts, quality scores, market reports, volatility analysis, and more.


Financial News: AC Capital Market provides investors with world-leading trading analysis videos from Trading Central. These videos analyze financial market data, including forex, precious metals, indices, and commodities, offering the most up-to-date news and market outlook for potential investment opportunities.


Copy Trading System: The Copy Trading System offered by AC Capital allows signal providers to execute trading across multiple sub-accounts within a master trading account. It offers options in allocating funds, different trading ratios, and risk levels based on individual investor requirements.


Customer Support

AC Capital Market provides comprehensive customer support through multiple channels. For inquiries, customers can reach out to their Australia office at +61 (02) 7209 0626, located at Unit 803, 213 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW 2060, and their Vanuatu office at +678 541 3519, situated at Room 210, Crystal Palace Building, P.O. Box955, Lini Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Additionally, customer service can be contacted via email at, marketing queries at, and partnership inquiries at A contact form is also available on their website for further assistance.



In conclusion, AC Capital Market offers a range of trading opportunities for investors in Australia, spanning over 15-20 years. The company is regulated by the Australia Securities & Investment Commission and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, providing a level of oversight. AC Capital Market provides various market instruments including forex, precious metals, indices, and commodities, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios. The company offers different account types, such as Standard and ECN accounts, catering to both beginners and high-frequency traders. AC Capital Market's trading platforms, including MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and cTrader, offer advanced features and functionalities. The company provides educational tools like an Economic Calendar, Market News, AC Library, Autochartist, and financial analysis videos, aiding traders' decision-making processes. Customer support is accessible through various channels, including phone and email. However, it's important to note that the offshore regulatory status of Vanuatu entails certain risks for traders considering AC Capital Market.


Q: How can I reset my password?

A: To reset your password, go to the My AC Centre login page and click on “forgot password.”

Q: Can I use a third-party bank account for deposits and withdrawals?

A: No, according to regulations, only your own bank account can be used to bind your trading account for managing deposits and withdrawals. Third-party transactions are not accepted.

Q: Is it possible to open a USD account with AC Capital Market?

A: Yes, you can open a USD account with AC Capital Market.

Q: What happens if my account's margin ratio falls below 100%?

A: If your account's margin ratio drops below 100%, a margin call will be triggered. You won't be able to open new positions without additional deposits, and your existing positions could be at risk of liquidation.

Q: What time zone does AC Capital Market operate in?

A: AC Capital Market operates according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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The $500 minimum deposit might seem high for some, but there's a Demo account for risk-free practice. Proceed with caution due to offshore regulation and thoroughly evaluate if AC Capital fits your trading preferences.
2023-12-13 01:10
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