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I recently invested in a platform, ID: 210881. People I met on the Internet asked me to participate in their activities, with a stored value of 300,000 US dollars and a gift of 33,000 US dollars. He said that he would help me to complete it together. At that time, the activity content did not explain the activity After I completed the stored value task with my friends, the customer service staff said: "There are multiple three-party cross-border fund deposits in your account, the total amount is: 259,000 USD. According to the International Financial Management Regulations, you need to pay 5% of the funds. The total amount of income tax is: 12950USD. Please complete the payment within 7 working days after applying for withdrawal. After payment, you can withdraw normally. Overdue payment will result in a high late payment fee, which will affect your financial reputation. Please pay taxes on time! "According to Taiwan's normal, the tax is directly deducted and then the remaining money is given (and I also checked the Internet), so I asked to deduct the tax from it, but the customer service staff said: "We are a legal transaction with a formal financial license. It is strictly regulated by international financial management regulations, any deduction of funds from user accounts will be severely punished by financial regulatory authorities or even revoked financial licenses, so we have no right to deduct taxes from your account.” In desperation, I only I can pay the tax, and I also asked the customer service if this is the only payment. The customer service also said yes. After paying the tax, the customer service staff said that the headquarters thought I was suspected of money laundering, but after investigation I did not launder money, but it damaged their reputation. The fine is 10,000 dollars. The problem is that the rules of the game were not informed at the beginning, and then they said that I damaged my reputation, and I couldn’t show the proof of damage to my reputation. I don’t know how the fine is calculated. What reason would I use to keep asking me to pay and not withdraw it, and then the netizen kept asking me to put money in, with a little threat, but when I really had no money and was unwilling to invest any more, others followed suit. Disappeared, I hope you will not be deceived like me again

2022-07-11 10:04
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