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+852 2980 0888
香港皇后大道中183號中遠大廈 22樓2201-2207 及 2213-2214室 (上環站E2 出口)


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LUKFOOK · Company Summary

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.

General Information

LUKFOOK Review Summary in 10 Points
Founded 2011
Registered Country/Region Hongkong
Regulation Regulated by SFC
Demo Account Not Available
Products & Services Securities trading, Futures trading, Wealth management, Network finance, Investment immigration, Asset management
Trading Platforms Luk Fook Securities Online Trading System (Web Version), Hong Kong Stock Express Trading Software (PC Download),AAStocks (Hong Kong Stock App),Luk Fook Trading Treasure (Hong Kong and US Stock App),Ayers Security Key (v1.3.1), SP Trading Software (R8.77.14); SPTrader Pro HD
Minimum Deposit 0
Customer Support Phone, Email, Address, Enquiry form

What is LUKFOOK Limited?

LUKFOOK is a global financial company based in Hong Kong. It provides traders with access to a range of products and services including Securities trading, Futures trading, Wealth management, Asset management, Investment immigration, Asset management. It is now under SFC (Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong) regulation with License No. AXW976.

LUKFOOK Limited's home page

In the following article, we will analyze the characteristics of this broker from various aspects, providing you with simple and organized information. If you are interested, please read on. At the end of the article, we will also briefly make a conclusion so that you can understand the broker's characteristics at a glance.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
• Regulated • Withdrawal fees applied
•Wide range of products and services • Commissions charged
• No minimum deposit requirement

Is LUKFOOK Limited Safe or Scam?

When considering the safety of a financial company like LUKFOOK or any other platform, it's important to conduct thorough research and consider various factors. Here are some steps you can take to assess the credibility and safety of a financial company:

  • Regulatory sight: It is regulated by SFC (Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, License No. AXW976) which makes it appears to be a reliable and reputable. But it is important to note that experience alone does not guarantee the legitimacy or security of a financial company.

SFC license
  • User feedback: Read reviews and feedback from other clients to get an understanding of their experiences with the brokerage. Look for reviews on reputable websites and forums.

  • Security measures: LUKFOOKs IT systems are protected by a variety of security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and data encryption.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to trade with LUKFOOK is a personal one. You should weigh the risks and benefits carefully before making a decision.

Products & Services

LUKFOOK Financial offers a wide range of financial products and services, including securities trading, futures trading, wealth management, network finance, investment immigration, and asset management.

Securities trading: LUKFOOK provides clients with access to the Hong Kong stock market, as well as other global markets. Clients can trade stocks, bonds, and other securities through LUKFOOKs online trading platform or through a broker.

Futures trading: LUKFOOK also offers futures trading services. Clients can trade futures contracts on a variety of underlying assets, such as commodities, currencies, and indices.

Wealth management: LUKFOOKs wealth management services offer a comprehensive range of solutions for high-net-worth individuals and families. These services include portfolio management, estate planning, and taxation advice.

Network finance: LUKFOOKs network finance services help clients connect with investors and businesses around the world. This can be helpful for businesses that are looking to raise capital or for individuals who are looking to invest in overseas markets.

Investment immigration: LUKFOOKs investment immigration services help clients obtain Hongkong residency or citizenship through investment. This can be a way to secure a second passport or to access other benefits, such as tax breaks or education opportunities.

Asset management: LUKFOOKs asset management services help clients manage their investment portfolios. This includes selecting investments, rebalancing portfolios, and managing risk.

How to Open a LUKFOOK Account?

LUKFOOK Financial offers two types of accounts: individual accounts and company accounts. Individual accounts can be opened online, by reservation, in person, or by postal delivery. Company accounts can only be opened in person or by postal delivery.

To open an individual account online, you will need to provide your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and nationality. You will also need to provide your contact information, such as your email address and phone number. You will need to upload a copy of your passport or other valid identification document and a copy of a document that shows your current valid address in three months.

To open an individual account by reservation, you will need to contact a LUKFOOK representative and schedule an appointment. You will need to bring the same documents as you would for an online account opening.

To open an individual account in person, you will need to visit a LUKFOOK branch. You will need to bring the same documents as you would for an online or reservation account opening.

To open an individual account by postal delivery, you will need to download the account opening form from the LUKFOOK website and mail it to LUKFOOK along with the required documents.

To open a company account, you will need to provide the same information as you would for an individual account, as well as the information for the company, such as its name and registered address. You will also need to provide a copy of the company's registration certificate and other requested valid documents.

Both individual and company accounts can be opened in Hong Kong or Macau.

How to Open a LUKFOOK Account?

Trading Platforms

Luk Fook Securities provides a comprehensive range of trading platforms to cater to the diverse needs of their clients. For securities trading, they offer the Luk Fook Securities Trading System, which includes a web-based version accessible through a web browser. This user-friendly platform allows clients to execute trades, access real-time market data, and manage their portfolios conveniently.

For PC users, Luk Fook Securities offers the Hong Kong Stock Express Trading Software, a downloadable trading platform. This software provides advanced features and tools specifically designed for efficient trading in the Hong Kong stock market.

Mobile users can benefit from the AAStocks app, which focuses on Hong Kong stock trading. This app allows clients to access real-time quotes, track their portfolios, and execute trades on the go, providing flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, Luk Fook Securities provides the Luk Fook Trading Treasure app, designed for clients interested in trading both Hong Kong and US stocks. This app offers comprehensive market data, news, analysis, and the ability to execute trades in both markets, empowering clients to make informed investment decisions across different regions.

In addition to their securities trading platforms, Luk Fook also offers Luk Fook Futures Trading System. The platform includes the SP Trading Software and SPTrader Pro HD for mobile users, which provides features tailored specifically for futures trading, enabling clients to engage in futures markets with ease.

Overall, Luk Fook Securities' range of trading platforms, including web-based systems, downloadable software, and mobile apps, caters to the preferences and trading needs of their clients across different markets.

Trading Platforms

Deposits & Withdrawals

LUKFOOK offers various deposit and withdrawal methods for its securities and futures accounts.


They can make a bank transfer, where they transfer funds directly from their bank account to their securities/futures account.

Another option is to deposit a cheque, which can be done through various means such as visiting a bank counter, using an ATM, or utilizing a cheque deposit machine.

Customers can also opt for a telegraphic transfer, which involves transferring funds electronically from one bank to another.

Additionally, the Faster Payment System (FPS) is available for depositing funds, providing a convenient and efficient way to transfer money.

However, it's important to note that cash deposits are not recommended by the company. While cash deposits may seem like a straightforward method, LUKFOOK advises against it, possibly due to security concerns or administrative difficulties. It is recommended that customers explore the other deposit methods available to ensure a seamless and secure transaction process.


One option is cheque withdrawal in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). Customers can request a cheque to be issued from their securities/futures account, which they can then deposit into their bank account.

Another method is electronic transfer payment, which allows customers to transfer funds electronically from their securities/futures account to their designated bank account. However, it's important to note that there is a handling fee of HK$150 associated with this method.

Customers also have the option of remittance as a withdrawal method, where they can request the transfer of funds from their securities/futures account to an external account. This method incurs a handling fee of HK$250 per transaction or the higher cost required by the company. It's essential for customers to be aware of these fees when considering the remittance option.

Method Description Handling Fee
Bank Transfer Funds are transferred from a customer's bank account to their LUKFOOK account. None
Cheque Deposit A cheque is deposited into a LUKFOOK account. None
Telegraphic Transfer Funds are transferred from a customer's bank account to their LUKFOOK account via a telegraphic transfer. None
FPS Funds are transferred from a customer's bank account to their LUKFOOK account using FPS. None
Cash Deposit Cash is deposited into a LUKFOOK account at a LUKFOOK branch. None (not recommended)
Cheque Withdrawal (HKD) A cheque is issued for the withdrawal of funds from a LUKFOOK account. None
Electronic Transfer Payment Funds are transferred from a LUKFOOK account to a customer's bank account. HK$150
Remittance Funds are transferred from a LUKFOOK account to a third-party account. HK$250 per transaction or the higher of the cost required by the company

Customer Service

LUKFOOK provides multiple customer service options to assist its clients. Customers can reach out to LUKFOOK through various channels to address their queries and concerns as below:


General Enquiry: (852) 2980 0888

Account Opening Hotline: (852) 2980 0804


In addition, LUKFOOK also offers a enquiiry form on their website. Customers can fill out this form with their queries, providing details about their specific needs or concerns.

Furthermore, LOOKFOOK demonstrates the addresses of their offices across China on their webpage so that clients can check accordingly for details, such as the contact information, opening hours. Clients can check details accordingly based on their specific needs.

contact details


According to available information, LUKFOOK is a SFC -regulated Hongkong -based financial company providing a range of products and services including Securities trading, Futures trading, Wealth management, Asset management, Investment immigration, Asset management. Even though the regulation status makes the company appears reliable, it is critical that potential clients exercise caution, conduct thorough research and seek up-to-date information directly from LUKFOOK Limited before making any investment decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: Is LUKFOOK Limited regulated?
A 1: Yes. The broker is currently regulated by the SFC (Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, License No. AXW976)
Q 2: What is the minimum deposit for LUKFOOK Limited?
A 2: The minimum initial deposit to open an account is USD 0.
Q 3: Is LUKFOOK Limited a good broker for beginners?
A3: Yes. It is a good choice for beginners because it is regulated well and offers various products & services.

Broker Information

Company Name


Company Abbreviation


Regulatory Status


Platform registered country and region

Hong Kong

Company website
Phone of the company
  • +852 2980 0888





Company address
  • 香港皇后大道中183號中遠大廈 22樓2201-2207 及 2213-2214室 (上環站E2 出口)









Customer Service Email Address

Company Summary

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more than one year
I wish they would provide translations or other language support for their website and platform to make it more accessible to a wider audience. If you're an English speaker considering trading with LUKFOOK, be aware that their website is only available in Chinese. You may want to consider choosing a broker that provides more comprehensive language support.
2023-03-24 14:02
Mazzy star
more than one year
The online trading system is not easy to use. I don’t know what’s going on, it’s always stuck. The customer service staff is always busy and can’t help at all. Anyway, my experience is not very good. The commissions and charges on the platform are acceptable and reasonable.
2022-12-13 13:43
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