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Pyramid scheme complaint

XMUSA It's a fraudulent group.It's a team game.

About 3 weeks after opening an account with XMUSA. A text was sent to me. "Hello, respected users: November is the tax uniform collection time for collecting users' personal profit income tax in the fourth quarter of the company, and now all users' tax declarations have been completed, and your withdrawals have passed the examination. However, according to the confirmation of the financial department, the total profit of your trading account is: 299793.3 USD, the tax you need to pay is 20% of the profit of the account, the amount is: 59958.66 USD, after the payment is completed, the financial department will process the withdrawal for you within 48 hours.According to the regulations, the payment must be completed by 24:00 on November 21, 2022.If you do not make the payment within the stipulated time, the transaction will be Your account will face a freeze.We will transfer your account to a regulator.This will affect your credit rating.Please arrange a reasonable amount of time to avoid unnecessary losses. ” This is an exchange with XMUSA. 11:27 Hitoshi Chiyonobe Please withdraw from the account. Thank you. 11:29 XM Global Limited Hello. We cannot deduct from your account because your affiliation funds are different. You have to pay the tax yourself.11:39 Chidai Enyuan Where do you pay the tax? 11:40 XM Global Limited Hello, when you pay the tax, please contact us to provide a dedicated tax account.11:41 Chidai Enyuan? 11:41 Chidai Enyuan Can you contact us for the bank account? 11:42 XM Global Limited Hello, the company will transfer the personal income tax to the supervisory authority on behalf of the company, and the supervisory authority will pay the tax to the tax department in a unified way, 11:44 Chidai Yan Yun, will the tax be deducted from my account? Since they are different, it is not possible to deduct from the internal funds of the trading account. The internal funds in your trading account are deposit transaction funds and cannot be used for personal income tax deductions. If we deduct from your trading account without your permission, you will be punished by the supervisory authority.11:46 Chiyobu Hitoshi How do I pay? 11:48 XM Global Limited Hello, if your tax payment method and deposit method are the same and you need to pay taxes, please contact us to provide a dedicated tax account. 11:49 Chiyodaoyuan Can I use any bank for my tax account? 11:50 XM Global Limited Yes, it is the same as the way of saving. 11:50 Chiyodaoyuan Will it be frozen on the 21st? 11:51 Chiyodaoyuan When do I have to pay? 11:52 XM Global Limited Hello, the tax will be paid by 24:00 on November 21, 2022. If you do not pay the tax within the allotted time, your trading account will be frozen.11:53 Chiyoyonen What happens if the account is frozen? Will it be ok if I pay the tax after that? 11:54 XM Global Limited Hello, after your trading account is frozen, the company will hand over your account to the supervisory authority. This will affect your credit rating. Please arrange your time reasonably and avoid unnecessary losses11:55 Chiyonen Hitoshi I am not ready immediately. Will it be ok if I make the payment after that?11:56 XM Global Limited If you pay the completed taxes by 24:00 on November 21, 2022, the finance department will release the money within 48 hours.11:57 Chiyoyuan A. Tax payment will be delayed. Even if you are a few days late, please respond.11:57 XM Global Limited Paying beyond the stipulated time will echo your credit downgrade and avoid unnecessary losses.Please complete the payment on November 21, 2022 at 24:00.11:59 XM Global Limited Hello, how many days Do I need to delay? You may submit an application for postponement.11:59 Chiyoda Yasuyuki Please submit, thank you.12:00 Chiyoda Yasuyuki One week, please.12:01 XM Global Limited Hello, do I need to postpone until November 25.12:02 Chiyoda Yasuyuki Until November 28, please.12:03 XM Global Limited Yes, I need to postpone until November 25.12:03 XM Global Limited Yes, I need to postpone until November 28.12:03 XM Global Limited Yes, I need to postpone until November 25. :03 XM Global Limited Yes, I will now submit the deferral request for you. You will have to wait for notification if it will pass or not. I will let you know as soon as I receive the notification. 12:03 Hitoshi Chiyonobu Please accept my best regards. 12:03 XM Global Limited You are welcome. If you have any problem, please contact me anytime. 12:04 Hitoshi Chidaiobu Yes, I will. Thank you very much.12:04 XM Global Limited You are very welcome.13:35 Chiyonobu Hitoshi How many months are there in a year to collect personal income tax? How many more months will there be? 13:37 XM Global Limited Taxes are received quarterly.13:37 Chiyoyuan What month is it? 13:38 XM Global Limited It is divided into one quarter every three months.13:38 Chiyoyuan So what month, what month, what month and what month? 13:40 XM Global Limited January to March is the first quarter April to June is the second quarter July to September is the third quarter August to December is the fourth quarter every quarter we collect taxes based on each user's profit13:41 Chiyoyuan Hitoshi Thank you. Why am I collecting in November? 13:42 XM Global Limited November is the 4th quarter collection month. 13:43 Chiyoyuan A November is the 3rd quarter collection month? 13:45 Chiyoyuan A I only started trading on XM at the end of October. 13:45 XM Global Limited No, we are now collecting all earnings tax for the fourth quarter. 13:46 XM Global Limited It is not even a month yet. how do you collect for December? 13:47 XM Global Limited This should be calculated based on December earnings. 13:47 XM Global Limited Is December 13:48 Chiyoda Yan a. You are currently collecting for October, November, and December, correct? 13:48 XM Global Limited If your December profit is USD 100,000, you will have to pay USD 20,000 in taxes13:49 XM Global Limited Yes13:49 Chiyoda Yan a. You are collecting monthly? deferred Do you collect it every month? 13:50 XM Global Limited No, we chose to collect it in November so that our users can be ready to pay the tax.13:51 deferred thousand? I don't understand what you mean.13:51 XM Global Limited If you have profits in December after paying the tax, you will have to pay the tax again.13:51 XM Global Limited So it is a monthly tax.13:52 XM Global Limited Our company collects the tax in November.13:53 XM Global Limited We collect the tax in November. 13:53 XM Global Limited No, I am waiting to receive it the next time my company collects taxes.13:53 XM Global Limited Do you understand that? 13:53 Chiyoyuan Akinobu I don't know.13:54 Chiyoyuan Akinobu Akinobu I don't know if I can do it before November 28th, but I will try my best to collect the taxes. I don't know, but I will try my best to collect the tax. You should have guided us at the beginning of the transaction. That's the unfriendly part.13:55 XM Global Limited November is the profit tax before we receive it from our users, and we will calculate the profit tax after we pay this time while we are waiting for the next time we collect the tax.13:55 XM Global Limited I will defer for you to I have applied for a deferment for you. I will let you know as soon as I receive a response.13:55 Hitoshi Chiyonobu Yes. You are welcome. I will be happy to serve you.14:53 XM Global Limited Hello, your deferral application has already been denied and you need to complete the payment by November 21, 2022 15:10 Chiyonobu Hitoshi Hello, please reapply for deferral until November 25 15:11 XM Global Limited Yes, I am applying now. I will let you know as soon as I receive a reply.15:33 XM Global Limited Hello, I have been notified and due to your personal situation, we will make every effort until November 25, 2022 for you, but you need to pay a part of USD 10,000 tax first and then we will We can postpone until November 25, 2022 for you. Please arrange the time reasonably to avoid unnecessary losses.15:34 Chiyoda Enyuan Can't you do it for USD 7,000? 15:35 XM Global Limited No, you can pay USD 10,000 and then postpone it before it goes into effect.15:35 Chiyoda Enyuan Yes, you can do it for USD 10,000 and then postpone it.15:36 XM Global Limited No, you can do it for USD 10,000 and then postpone it before it goes into effect. 15:36 XM Global Limited Yes, do you want to pay now? 15:36 Chiyoyuan Hitoshi I will pay on November 21. 15:37 XM Global Limited Yes, if you have any problem, please contact me anytime. 15:37 Chiyoyuan Hitoshi Yes, thank you very much. We will contact you again.15:37 XM Global Limited You are welcome. We will be happy to serve you.16:57 Chiyonobu Hitoshi Thank you for your time. Can you process the tax payment after the tax preparation was delayed and frozen? 16:57 Chiyoyuan A. I may ask you to take care of it. 16:59 Chiyoyuan A. There is a credit issue, but I didn't learn enough. I should have withdrawn the tax amount and put it in my deposit book17:03 XM Global Limited No, you have to pay the tax on time17:05 Chiyoyo Yan ah If you do not meet the deadline, if you cannot pay. You freeze the account, right? Can you please arrange for the tax to be ready and paid in a few days? 17:05 XM Global Limited If you fail to pay the tax in the stipulated time, all the responsibility is yours.17:05 Chiyoyuan a. I am asking about the remedies after that.17:08 XM Global Limited When can I pay the tax.17:08 XM Global Limited When can I pay the tax? 17:09 Chiyodaoyoen Hitoshi You can pay the tax after talking to Okinawa Bank since it is 8.4 million yen. 17:10 XM Global Limited Please provide your exact time and I will feedback. 17:14 Chiyodaoyoen Hitoshi Currently, if you pay the $10,000, you will get a deferment until November 2-5. I understand that you can postpone the payment until November 5. I may lose your trust, but I am going to be a little more delayed in paying my taxes. I will be able to pay them by the end of this month. I did not know that the tax bill would come on such a schedule. The Chinese told me to deposit all my funds and I deposited all the money, so now I have nothing on hand.17:16 Chiyonobu Hitoshi I was trading without knowing anything about the schedule or the XM company.17:18 XM Global Limited Hello, you can pay the $10,000 tax bill first and 17:19 Chiyonobu Hitoshi I am an amateur who just started to trade FX. Please give me your best regards.

2022-11-30 18:41
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