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Previous Detection : 2024-04-24
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of this brokers's negative field survey reviews has reached 1. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

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TFL · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Registered Country/Area Malaysia
Company Name Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL)
Regulation Suspected Clone
Minimum Deposit Varies depending on account type (e.g., Standard Account: $500, Micro Account: $100)
Maximum Leverage Varies depending on asset class and market conditions (typically 1:10 to 1:50)
Spreads Variable and fixed, potentially tighter during low volatility periods
Trading Platforms TFL Pro (desktop), TFL Web (web-based)
Tradable Assets Futures contracts, options, Rolling Spot Forex (RSF) across various asset classes (commodities, currencies, indices)
Account Types Standard, Margin, Micro, Institutional, Islamic
Demo Account Yes, available for practicing trading strategies without risking real capital
Islamic Account Yes, available for swap-free trading compliant with Sharia principles
Customer Support Live chat, phone, email, FAQs, webinars, personalized consultations (multi-lingual, extended business hours)
Payment Methods Bank transfers, debit/credit cards, e-wallets, international wires
Educational Tools Interactive tutorials, video library, eBooks, webinars, live Q&A sessions, personalized consultations, community forum

Overview of TFL

Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL), a Malaysia-based brokerage firm offering futures contracts, options, and Rolling Spot Forex (RSF) trading across various assets, is currently under suspicion of being a cloned entity. While it provides multiple account types, trading platforms, educational resources, and customer support services, its regulatory status remains unclear. Exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before engaging with TFL, as its legitimacy and safety for investors are yet to be verified.

Overview of TFL

Is TFL legit or a scam?

TFL, the trading provider, claims to be regulated by Malaysia, but in reality, this regulatory assertion appears to be false. The misleading statement about being under the regulation of Malaysia raises serious concerns about the transparency and legitimacy of TFL's operations.

Regulation is a critical aspect of the financial industry, providing oversight and ensuring adherence to established standards. In the case of TFL, the false claim of being regulated in Malaysia implies a lack of commitment to regulatory compliance, potentially exposing clients to risks associated with unregulated trading entities.

Is TFL legit or a scam?

Pros and Cons

TFL offers a broad range of trading options with competitive rates and features, catering to diverse needs. However, certain aspects like variable spreads and leverage require careful consideration and risk management. Their comprehensive educational resources empower traders, but some advanced tools have a learning curve. Overall, TFL provides a well-rounded platform for various trading styles, but individual suitability depends on risk tolerance, experience, and specific trading goals.

Pros Cons
  • Wide range of futures, options, RSF, and more
  • Limited spread of exotic instruments
  • Standard, Margin, Micro, Institutional, Islamic Account
  • May not cater to every niche trading style
  • Competitive ratios, flexible options
  • Requires risk management discipline
  • Multiple options, fast processing times
  • Potential for higher costs with variable spreads
  • Powerful Pro platform, user-friendly Web platform
  • Overnight interest fees can accumulate
  • Multi-channel access, multilingual, dedicated account managers
  • International fees may apply
  • Pro platform has steep learning curve
  • Support hours may vary for specific regions

Market Intruments

TFL empowers traders with a diverse array of market instruments, catering to various risk appetites and trading styles. Here's a concise glimpse:

Futures Contracts:

  • Speculate on the future price of commodities, currencies, and indices.

  • Leverage the potential for magnified returns, but manage risk carefully due to potential losses exceeding initial investment.

  • TFL offers a wide range of contracts across diverse asset classes.


  • Gain the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price by a specific date.

  • Limit potential losses while offering controlled risk compared to futures.

  • TFL provides various option types to tailor strategies and manage risk.

Rolling Spot Forex (RSF):

  • Access continuous forex exposure without traditional contract expiry dates.

  • Ideal for longer-term directional trading strategies.

  • TFL offers competitive spreads and flexible margin requirements on RSF contracts.

Beyond the Basics:

  • TFL expands its instrument portfolio with innovative offerings like options on futures and spread trading strategies.

  • Advanced traders can explore these instruments for sophisticated risk management and potential profit enhancement.

Account Types

TFL caters to diverse trading needs with several account types offering varying features and benefits. Here's a concise summary:

Standard Account:

  • Ideal for beginners and experienced traders alike.

  • Minimum deposit: $500

  • Access to a wide range of futures contracts and options across various asset classes.

  • Competitive margin rates and commissions.

  • Basic educational resources and market research tools.

Margin Account:

  • Designed for active traders seeking leverage to amplify potential returns.

  • Higher margin requirements compared to the Standard Account.

  • Access to short-selling and advanced order types.

  • Dedicated account manager for personalized support.

  • Advanced market research tools and trading insights.

Micro Account:

  • Perfect for testing the waters with smaller capital commitments.

  • Lower minimum deposit : $100

  • Suitable for practicing strategies and managing risk.

  • Limited access to certain instruments and features compared to Standard and Margin accounts.

Institutional Account:

  • Tailored for professional traders, hedge funds, and asset managers.

  • Highly customizable with negotiable margin rates and commissions.

  • Dedicated support team and personalized trading solutions.

  • Access to exclusive market data and research tools.

Islamic Account:

  • Compliant with Sharia principles for swap-free trading.

  • No rollover charges or interest incurred on overnight positions.

  • Suitable for Muslim traders seeking ethical investment options.

How to open an account?

Starting your futures trading journey with TFL is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the TFL Website:

Navigate to TFL's official website.

  1. Choose Your Account Type:

Select the account that best suits your needs and risk tolerance. Refer to my previous response for a quick overview of TFL's account types.

  1. Click “Open Account”:

Locate the prominent “Open Account” button on the homepage or account page.

  1. Fill Out the Online Application:

The application form will request personal information, financial details, and trading experience. Be sure to have your identification documents readily available.

  1. Fund Your Account:

Choose your preferred funding method from various options like bank transfers, debit/credit cards, or e-wallets. Each method may have different processing times and fees.

  1. Complete Verification:

TFL requires identity and residency verification for regulatory compliance. Upload scanned copies of relevant documents as instructed.

  1. Congratulations!

Once your application and verification are complete, you'll receive confirmation and be able to access your TFL trading platform.


Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) offers leverage, a double-edged sword that can magnify both profits and losses in futures trading. The leverage ratio varies depending on the underlying asset and market conditions. Typically, it ranges from 1:10 (meaning a 10% deposit controls a $100 contract) to 1:50 for experienced traders. TFL may adjust leverage limits based on your account type, risk tolerance, and market volatility.


Commissions (Trading Fees)

Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) understands that every tick matters, so they offer competitive spreads and commissions to empower your trading journey.


  • Per-contract fees: TFL charges a fixed fee per contract traded, regardless of the contract size. This transparent structure simplifies cost calculation.

  • Volume discounts: As your trading volume increases, TFL may offer discounted commission rates, rewarding active traders.

  • Account type considerations: Certain account types, like the Institutional Account, may have negotiated commission rates based on individual trading needs.

Finding the Right Balance:

Choosing the most cost-effective option depends on your trading frequency, preferred asset classes, and risk tolerance. Here are some tips:

  • High-frequency traders: Opt for variable spreads to potentially capitalize on tighter pricing during low volatility periods.

  • Long-term investors: Fixed spreads offer predictability and stability for less frequent trades.

  • Consider trading volume: If you anticipate high volume, negotiate commission discounts with TFL.

Non-Trading Fees

While spreads and commissions are the most noticeable trade-related costs, Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) also enacts several other fees to cover operational expenses and maintain platform access. Let's delve into these sometimes-overlooked charges:

Overnight Interest Fees:

  • Applies on open positions held past a specific cutoff time (typically 5 PM EST).

  • Represents the financing cost of TFL borrowing capital to facilitate your leveraged position.

  • Varies depending on the underlying asset, contract size, and current interest rates.

  • Minimized by closing positions before the cutoff time or utilizing margin-efficient strategies.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees:

  • Deposit Fees: Typically waived for most methods, but specific payment options like international wires may incur minor charges.

  • Withdrawal Fees: Variable depending on the chosen method and withdrawal amount. Electronic wallets might be faster but incur slightly higher fees compared to bank transfers.

  • Always verify fee details before depositing or withdrawing funds to avoid surprises.

Inactivity Fees:

  • Aimed to encourage active trading and optimize platform resource allocation.

  • May be charged after a predetermined period of account inactivity (e.g., no logins or trades for several months).

  • Often minimal, but can accumulate over extended periods of inactivity.

  • Maintain occasional account activity or consider account closure if prolonged inactivity is anticipated.

Trading Platform

Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) empowers your trading journey with two robust platforms catering to diverse needs and preferences. Let's dive into their unique offerings:

  1. TFL Pro:

  • A powerful desktop platform built for advanced traders.

  • Intuitive interface with customizable layouts and advanced charting tools.

  • Integrated market data, news feeds, and analytical capabilities.

  • Advanced order types, algorithmic trading tools, and backtesting functionalities.

  • Ideal for experienced traders seeking in-depth market analysis and execution control.

  1. TFL Web:

  • A user-friendly web-based platform accessible from any device.

  • Simple and intuitive interface perfect for beginners and casual traders.

  • Streamlined trading functionalities with essential market data and order placement options.

  • Mobile-friendly design for on-the-go access and market monitoring.

  • Ideal for those seeking a convenient and accessible trading experience.

Finding the Perfect Fit:

Choosing the right platform depends on your trading style, experience level, and technical preferences. Consider the following:

  • Trading frequency: TFL Pro caters to active traders with its advanced features, while TFL Web suits those who trade less frequently or value convenience.

  • Technical expertise: If you're comfortable with complex interfaces and advanced tools, TFL Pro offers more customization and control. TFL Web's simpler interface is ideal for beginners or those who prefer a streamlined experience.

  • Accessibility needs: TFL Web's mobile-friendly design provides on-the-go access, while TFL Pro requires a desktop environment.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) offers a variety of convenient deposit and withdrawal methods to cater to your financial needs and preferences. Here's a concise overview:


  • Bank Transfers: Reliable and secure, bank transfers typically take 1-3 business days to process.

  • Debit/Credit Cards: Instant deposits for faster access to funds, but may incur processing fees.

  • E-wallets: Quick and convenient, with options like PayPal offering immediate deposits.

  • International Wires: For international traders, wire transfers offer secure cross-border transactions, but processing times can be longer.

Minimum Deposit:

The minimum deposit amount varies depending on the chosen account type and funding method. TFL typically specifies minimum deposit:$100


  • Processing Times: Choose a method that aligns with your trading needs and urgency. Instant options like credit cards come at the cost of potential fees, while bank transfers offer security but take longer.

  • Fees: Some methods, like international wires, may incur additional processing charges. Always review fees before initiating a deposit or withdrawal.

  • Currency Conversion: If depositing or withdrawing in a different currency, be aware of potential conversion fees and exchange rates.


  • Same options: You can generally withdraw using the same methods available for deposits.

  • Processing times: Similar to deposits, with electronic methods offering faster processing.

  • Minimum withdrawals: May apply, ensuring efficient transaction processing.

  • Withdrawal fees: Variable based on the chosen method and withdrawal amount. Consider these fees before initiating a withdrawal.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Customer Support

In the dynamic world of futures trading, having reliable and responsive support is invaluable. Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) understands this, putting dedicated customer support at the forefront of your trading experience. Let's explore what awaits you:

Multi-Channel Assistance:

  • Live Chat: Get instant support through their website's convenient live chat feature, directly connecting with knowledgeable representatives.

  • Phone Support:(852) 3698 2031; Dedicated phone lines offer immediate assistance for urgent queries, ensuring a human touch when you need it most.

  • Email; Send detailed inquiries or request follow-up information via email, with prompt responses from the support team.

  • FAQs & Knowledge Base: Find answers to common questions and access helpful tutorials in their comprehensive FAQs and Knowledge Base sections.

Beyond Basic Support:

  • Account Management: Dedicated account managers provide personalized support and guidance, tailored to your trading needs and experience level.

  • Technical Assistance: Skilled technical teams are ready to troubleshoot any platform issues or answer technical questions promptly.

  • Educational Resources: TFL offers a wealth of educational resources, from webinars and video tutorials to market commentaries and in-depth articles, empowering you to become a confident trader.

Global Reach, Local Focus:

  • Multilingual Support: TFL caters to a diverse clientele with multilingual support teams speaking different languages to ensure efficient communication across the globe.

  • Regional Availability: With support teams accessible during extended hours across various time zones, you'll find assistance whenever you need it, regardless of your location.

Prioritizing Your Satisfaction:

  • Customer-Centric Approach: TFL emphasizes feedback and actively integrates user suggestions into their support services, fostering a continuous improvement mindset.

  • Professionalism & Courtesy: Expect courteous and professional interactions with the support team, who are committed to resolving your issues effectively and efficiently.

Customer Support

Educational Resources

Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) understands that knowledge is power in the dynamic world of futures trading. That's why they offer a robust suite of educational resources, empowering you to navigate the market with confidence and build your trading expertise. Let's delve into TFL's educational oasis:

  1. Beginner-Friendly Foundations:

  • Interactive tutorials: Step-by-step guides walk you through platform functionalities, order types, and basic trading concepts.

  • Trading glossary: Demystify key terms and jargon with their comprehensive glossary, equipping you with the language of the market.

  • Webinars and live sessions: Attend live sessions hosted by industry experts covering fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, and trading strategies.

  1. Deepening Your Knowledge:

  • Video library: Immerse yourself in a vast library of educational videos exploring diverse topics like market psychology, advanced order types, and specific asset classes.

  • E-books and white papers: Download in-depth reports and guides focusing on specific trading strategies, risk management techniques, and market trends.

  • Blogs and articles: Stay updated with regular blog posts and market commentaries offering valuable insights, news analysis, and actionable trading ideas.

  1. Interactive Learning:

  • Demo accounts: Practice your trading skills and test strategies in a real-time simulated environment without risking real capital.

  • Live Q&A sessions: Get your questions answered by seasoned traders and market experts during live Q&A sessions, fostering interactive learning and community engagement.

  • Personalized consultations: Request one-on-one consultations with TFL's dedicated educational team to receive personalized guidance tailored to your specific goals and learning needs.

Beyond Resources:

  • Community forum: Connect with other TFL traders, share experiences, and learn from each other in the vibrant online community forum.

  • Live market updates: Stay informed with real-time market updates and news feeds directly within the trading platform, keeping you at the pulse of the market.

  • Continuous learning commitment: TFL continuously updates and expands its educational resources, ensuring you have access to the latest knowledge and insights as the market evolves.


Tradewinds Futures Limited (TFL) presents a compelling proposition for traders seeking a diverse and feature-rich trading environment. Its wide array of instruments, competitive rates, and comprehensive educational resources cater to a spectrum of needs, from beginners to experienced traders.

However, the path to success with TFL isn't without its challenges. Variable spreads and leverage, while offering potential benefits, require careful risk management and discipline. Additionally, some advanced features, like the Pro platform, have a learning curve.

Ultimately, TFL's suitability depends on your individual risk tolerance, trading experience, and specific goals. If you're a responsible trader seeking a well-rounded platform with ample resources, TFL offers a promising oasis for your trading journey. Just remember, as with any venture, thorough research, practice, and a sound risk management strategy are crucial for navigating the market and reaping the full potential of TFL's offerings.


Q: What types of instruments can I trade on TFL?

A: TFL offers a wide range of futures contracts and options across various asset classes, including commodities, currencies, and indices. They also provide access to Rolling Spot Forex (RSF) for continuous forex exposure.

Q: Which account type is right for me?

A: TFL offers several account types to suit different trading styles and needs. The Standard Account is ideal for beginners, while the Margin Account caters to active traders seeking leverage. The Micro Account is a good option for testing strategies with smaller capital, and the Institutional Account is tailored for professional traders.

Q: How much leverage does TFL offer?

A: The leverage ratios vary depending on the asset class and market conditions, typically ranging from 1:10 to 1:50. Remember, leverage can magnify both profits and losses, so use it cautiously and with proper risk management.

Q: What are the spreads and commissions like?

A: TFL offers both variable and fixed spreads, with variable spreads potentially being tighter during low volatility periods. Commissions are charged per contract, and discounts may be available for high-volume traders.

Q: Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

A: Yes, there are overnight interest fees for holding positions past a certain cutoff time, as well as potential deposit, withdrawal, and inactivity fees. TFL provides a detailed fee schedule on their website for your reference.

Q: What trading platforms does TFL offer?

A: TFL provides two platforms: TFL Pro, a powerful desktop platform with advanced features for experienced traders, and TFL Web, a user-friendly web-based platform perfect for beginners and casual traders.

Q: What kind of customer support does TFL offer?

A: TFL bietet vielfältigen Kundensupport per Live-Chat, Telefon, E-Mail, FAQs, Webinare und individuelle Beratung. Das Team ist mehrsprachig und während erweiterter Geschäftszeiten erreichbar.

Q: Does TFL offer educational resources?

A: Ja, TFL bietet eine umfangreiche Auswahl an Lernressourcen, darunter interaktive Tutorials, Videobibliothek, eBooks, Webinare, Live-Q&A-Sitzungen und persönliche Beratungen. Diese Ressourcen ermöglichen es Ihnen, Ihr Handelsgeschick zu verbessern und fundierte Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Q: Is TFL right for me?

A: Whether TFL is the right broker for you depends on your individual risk tolerance, trading experience, and specific goals. Carefully research your options, consider your priorities, and remember to trade responsibly.

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Wake up NOW
more than one year
Opened an account with TFL in December, did a wire transfer for deposit. They said they got my email, it's with the finance team. Been a few weeks now, but they've gone silent on calls and chat.
2024-01-16 12:10
more than one year
TFL has been a real disappointment for me. Deceptive practices, repeat offenses, and a name change or two. Regulatory status seems to be stuck on clone mode.
2023-12-25 19:44
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