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+965 22020490
City Tower ( Al Madina Tower) Floor 16 Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Street Sharq Kuwait P.O.BOX 26635, SAFAT 13127


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+965 22020490


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SwissFS · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name SwissFS
Registered Country/Area Kuwait
Founded Year 5-10 years
Regulation Unregulated
Market Instruments CFD
Account Types Individual Account, Joint Account, Corporate Account, and Professional Account
Minimum Deposit $500
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Spreads Starting from 0.1 pips
Trading Platforms MT 4
Demo Account Yes
Customer Support Phone (+965 - 22020490), Email (, Twitter (, and Facebook (
Deposit & Withdrawal Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, Online Payment Processors, and Cryptocurrency
Educational Resources Tutorials

Overview of SwissFS

SwissFS is a financial services company based in Kuwait, having been established within the last decade. Operating in an unregulated environment, the company specializes in Contract for Difference (CFD) trading. SwissFS offers a range of account types to cater to diverse client needs, including Individual, Joint, Corporate, and Professional Accounts, with a minimum deposit requirement of $500.

Traders at SwissFS benefit from a competitive maximum leverage of 1:500 and tight spreads starting from 0.1 pips. The trading platform of choice is MetaTrader 4 (MT4), a widely acclaimed platform known for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. As part of their commitment to client education, SwissFS provides tutorials to enhance traders' knowledge and skills.

Overview of SwissFS

Regulatory Status

SwissFS functions as an unregulated trading platform, indicating that it operates outside the purview of any financial regulatory body. It's crucial for traders and investors to recognize that the lack of regulatory oversight introduces additional risks. In environments without regulatory safeguards, clients may encounter limitations in addressing disputes or unforeseen challenges. Individuals contemplating involvement with SwissFS should exercise prudence, thoroughly evaluating their risk tolerance due to its status as an unregulated broker.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Competitive Spreads Unregulated
MetaTrader 4 Platform High Leverage
Demo Account Available Limited Educational Resources
Multiple Account Types Based in Kuwait


  1. Competitive Spreads: SwissFS offers competitive spreads, starting from 0.1 pips, enhancing cost-effectiveness for traders.

  2. MetaTrader 4 Platform: The utilization of the MetaTrader 4 platform provides users with a popular and user-friendly interface, facilitating efficient and advanced trading.

  3. Demo Account Available: Traders can utilize a demo account to test the platform's features and functionalities without risking real money, enabling a risk-free learning experience.

  4. Multiple Account Types: SwissFS caters to a diverse audience by offering multiple account types including Individual Account, Joint Account, Corporate Account, and Professional Accoun, accommodating varying needs and experience levels among traders.


  1. Unregulated: SwissFS operates without the oversight of a financial regulator, introducing an increased level of risk for traders due to the absence of regulatory safeguards.

  2. High Leverage: The platform offers high leverage, reaching up to 1:500. While this can amplify potential profits, it also increases the risk of substantial losses for traders.

  3. Limited Educational Resources: SwissFS provides only tutorials, lacking more comprehensive educational materials, potentially limiting the learning resources available to users.

  4. Based in Kuwait: Being based in Kuwait, SwissFS may not be subject to the same legal protections as brokers in more established jurisdictions, posing potential challenges for traders seeking regulatory recourse.

Market Instruments

SwissFS offers Contracts for Difference (CFD) as a prominent market instrument, providing traders with a versatile and dynamic way to engage in various financial markets. CFDs enable users to speculate on the price movements of an array of underlying assets, including indices, commodities, currencies, and stocks, without owning the actual assets.

This instrument allows for both long and short positions, providing flexibility to capitalize on both rising and falling markets. With CFDs, traders can benefit from leveraged positions, amplifying their exposure to the market with a relatively smaller initial investment. The use of CFDs on the SwissFS platform introduces a comprehensive and efficient way for traders to diversify their portfolios and navigate different market conditions.

Account Types

SwissFS offers four distinct account types for various client needs. The Individual account requires a minimum deposit of $500, with spreads starting from 0.1 pips and a leverage of 1:500. The Joint account, also with a minimum deposit of $500, allows combined holdings and mirrors the features of the Individual account. The Corporate account, requiring a higher deposit of $10,000, does not specify spreads and provides a leverage of 1:200. For the Professional account, which demands a minimum deposit of $25,000, details on spreads are not specified, but it offers a leverage of 1:500.

Account Type Minimum Deposit Spreads (Starting) Leverage
Individual $500 0.1 pips 1:500
Joint $500 (Combined) 0.1 pips 1:500
Corporate $10,000 N/A 1:200
Professional $25,000 N/A 1:500

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with SwissFS is a straightforward process that can be completed online in a matter of minutes. Here's a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Choose your account type: SwissFS offers three account types, each tailored to different experience levels and trading needs.

  2. Visit the SwissFS website and click “Open Account.”

How to Open an Account?
  1. Fill out the online application form: The form will request your personal information, financial details, and trading experience. Be sure to have your identification documents (passport or ID card) and proof of address handy for uploading.

  2. Fund your account: SwissFS offers various deposit methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets. Choose your preferred method and follow the instructions to complete the deposit.

  3. Verify your account: Once your account is funded, you'll need to verify your identity and address. This typically involves submitting scanned copies of your ID documents and proof of address.

  4. Start trading: Once your account is verified, you're ready to explore the SwissFS trading platform and start making trades.


SwissFS offers a maximum leverage of 1:500, providing traders with the opportunity to amplify their positions in the financial markets. This high leverage allows for increased exposure to market movements, potentially enhancing both profits and risks. Traders should carefully assess their risk tolerance and employ risk management strategies when utilizing the maximum leverage offered by SwissFS.

Spreads & Commissions

SwissFS features different account types with varying minimum spreads (measured in pips) and additional fees. The Individual and Joint accounts both offer a minimum spread of 0.1 pips with no additional fees. On the other hand, the Corporate and Professional accounts do not provide specific information regarding minimum spreads or additional fees.

Account Type Minimum Spread (pips) Additional Fees
Individual 0.1 No
Joint 0.1 No
Corporate N/A N/A
Professional N/A N/A

Trading Platform

SwissFS enhances the trading experience for its users through the utilization of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Recognized as a popular and user-friendly trading platform, MT4 empowers traders with advanced charting tools, technical analysis features, and a customizable interface. This platform allows smooth execution of trades, supports various order types, and facilitates automated trading through Expert Advisors. With the integration of MT4, SwissFS ensures that traders have access to a robust and reliable platform that suits for both novice and experienced users, fostering a dynamic and efficient trading environment.

Trading Platform

Deposit & Withdrawal

SwissFS makes it simple to move your money from place to place. They provide a range of account funding and account withdrawal options in multiple base currencies.

Customer Support

SwissFS provides a diverse set of customer support channels to ensure accessibility and responsiveness for its users:

Phone Support: Users can reach SwissFS customer support by phone at +965 - 22020490. This direct communication channel allows for real-time interaction, enabling users to address inquiries or concerns promptly.

Email Support: For written communication, SwissFS offers email support at This channel provides a convenient way for users to convey detailed information or seek assistance at their convenience.

Twitter Support: SwissFS maintains an active presence on Twitter via the handle Users can engage with the company, stay updated on announcements, and receive timely responses to queries through this social media platform.

Facebook Support: SwissFS extends its support presence to Facebook through This social media channel serves as an additional avenue for users to connect with customer support, fostering a more interactive and accessible support environment.

These various customer support options demonstrate SwissFS's commitment to providing multiple channels for users to seek assistance and stay informed about updates and announcements.

Customer Support

Educational Resources

SwissFS enriches the learning experience for traders through its comprehensive tutorial section, offering valuable insights into various aspects of trading. The tutorials are segmented into four key parts, each designed to empower users with essential knowledge:

1. What is Forex: Explore the fundamentals of the foreign exchange market in this section. Gain a clear understanding of how the forex market operates, including the basics of currency pairs, market participants, and the factors influencing exchange rates.

2. Financial Markets: Delve into the broader realm of financial markets. This part of the tutorial provides insights into different asset classes beyond forex, such as commodities, indices, and stocks. Understand the dynamics of these markets and how they interconnect within the global financial landscape.

3. Profit & Loss Calculation: Master the art of profit and loss calculation in trading. This tutorial segment breaks down essential concepts, guiding users on how to assess potential gains and losses accurately. Explore various scenarios and understand the financial implications of different trading decisions.

4. Technical Analysis: Navigate the intricacies of technical analysis, a crucial aspect of successful trading. This section of the tutorial equips users with the skills to analyze price charts, identify trends, and utilize technical indicators to make informed trading decisions.

By offering tutorials in these four key areas, SwissFS ensures that traders have access to a well-rounded educational resource, fostering a deeper understanding of the forex market and empowering them to navigate the complexities of trading with confidence.

Customer Support


SwissFS presents a blend of advantages and considerations for traders. While it boasts competitive spreads, a user-friendly MetaTrader 4 platform, and the availability of demo accounts for practice, there are notable drawbacks. The unregulated status raises concerns about oversight and protection, and the high leverage offered may pose risks for some traders.

Traders should weigh the pros and cons of their individual preferences and risk tolerance. The platform's strengths in trading features are countered by potential risks associated with its regulatory status, leverage offers, and limited educational resources.


Q: Is SwissFS a regulated trading platform?

A: No, SwissFS operates as an unregulated trading platform, meaning it is not overseen by any financial regulatory authority.

Q: What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with SwissFS?

A: The minimum deposit varies based on the account type. For example, the Individual and Joint accounts have a minimum deposit of $500.

Q: What are the available account types on SwissFS?

A: SwissFS offers multiple account types, including Individual, Joint, Corporate, and Professional accounts, each tailored to different needs and experience levels.

Q: What is the maximum leverage offered by SwissFS?

A: SwissFS provides a maximum leverage of 1:500, allowing traders to amplify their positions in the market.

Q: Are there additional fees for trading on SwissFS?

A: Information about additional fees may depend on the account type. For instance, the tutorial provides tutorials, but comprehensive educational materials may be limited.

Q: Can I practice trading without risking real money on SwissFS?

A: Yes, SwissFS offers a demo account that allows users to practice and test the platform without risking real money.

Q: How can I contact customer support at SwissFS?

A: Customer support at SwissFS can be reached through various channels, including phone, email, Twitter, and Facebook, providing users with multiple options for assistance.

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Eulalia Blackwood
more than one year
SwissFS opened up the financial world for me with a variety of trading instruments and a user-friendly account setup. The 1:200 leverage and MT4 platform make trading flexible, and the customer support is responsive. Overall, a decent experience.
2023-12-06 10:15
Thaddeus Montgomery
more than one year
SwissFS falls short on crucial aspects – no regulatory authorization, undisclosed spreads and commissions, and high leverage. The lack of transparency and accountability is a red flag. Caution is advised for potential traders.
2023-12-05 16:16
the best and biggest company in the Kuwait
2023-10-25 20:00
The Swiss company has an Arab license with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry since 2002. I believe that the license protects the Arab trader, and it has local withdrawal and deposit methods in most Arab countries, which increases its credibility and honesty. I have been dealing with it for 3 years, and there is one flaw, which is that withdrawals are made from Through the bank in a maximum of two working days, but without any commissions, it deserves 5 stars
2023-10-25 17:25
The Swiss company is an excellent company after researching trading companies in Kuwait, but everyone must work outside the company’s headquarters in Kuwait because there are many fraudulent people claiming that they work for the company.
2023-10-24 14:48
swissfs الشركة السويسرية للوساطه المالية I can say that they're very professional and honest broker. They're commission-free with low spreads and default mini-lots for retail traders (10,000 units per lot) which is great for beginners and you can multiply it as you wish (for professional traders, although they've more advanced platforms and services for professional and institutional traders). They're compatible with islamic rules, which makes them appropriate for everyone, muslim or not. The platform is simple, but very reliable and contains all the features you may think of (although I'm still a Meta-Trader fan). Orders are filled immediately, with slippage of 2-3 pips in volatile conditions (which is nothing compared to other brokers and platforms) I didn't have to call the dealing room, but I met the customer support (it's an advantage to have a broker where you live). They were very honest and professional. I was day trader at first with repeated losses, so they adviced me to become a swing trader (which is less profitable for any broker -because of less deals per day- but not when they're clean and transparent) and taught me a sterategy, which gave me repeated good profits. I didn't try their ECN & Currenex service they provide, but I may think about it in my plan, although I'm very comfortable and satisfied with their default retail platform and service. I highly recommend them for any trader to give this broker a try.
2023-10-24 14:45
more than one year
It deserves five stars anyway. The demo account is great, the MT4 trading platform is perfect, and the customer service is fast and warm. Thanks for all your help so far, SwissFS.
2023-02-17 17:36


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