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United Kingdom|2-5 years|
Regulated in United States|Suspicious Regulatory License|MT4/5 White Label|Regional Brokers|United States Common Financial Service License Unauthorized|Suspicious Overrun|High potential risk|


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MT4/5 Identification

White Label

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PoipexMarket-Demo MT5
Server Location Japan


+855 93796238
Unit G1, Capital House 61 Amhurst Road, London, United Kingdom, E8 1LL,UK
The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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+855 93796238

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United Kingdom

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Pyramid scheme complaint

Withdrawal was refused after transaction. Requires 5% of profit as residence tax for withdrawal

A fraudulent act of being solicited by the LINE Group, adding funds, and making a profit, but ultimately not being able to withdraw unless 5% of the total profit is paid. The LINE group has lost contact and is hidden in the clouds. Akihiro Yamamoto, Takayasu Ikeda, and PoipexMarket's Sakuya Nakajima become gurus, and they are an unscrupulous fraudulent group that collects funds. Nakajima calls himself poipex and is the root of evil collecting funds.

2022-10-11 20:46
Unable to withdraw

No contact for 5 days after requesting withdrawal. I would like to withdraw the money as soon as possible.

I logged in from PoipexMarket and completed the withdrawal procedure on October 2nd, but it has not been withdrawn even after 5 days. At the same time as the withdrawal transaction, I was able to confirm that the withdrawal was made from the MetaTrade 5 screen. If the withdrawal procedure is delayed and the money is not returned to me, who should I appeal to? The deposit history and transaction status to MT5 and the deposit history and transaction status to PoipexMarket are the same as shown in the picture. If you can't withdraw with this, PoipexMarket will be doing transactions with no substance on MT5, and it seems to be a big problem. I have also contacted customer service, but there has been no reply at all, and PoipexMarket does not feel responsible for keeping the customer's money. I would like you to respond so that I can withdraw the money as soon as possible.

2022-10-07 21:54

    POIPEX · Company Summary

    Registered Country/Area United Kingdom
    Founded year 2022
    Regulation No regulation
    Minimum Deposit $100
    Maximum Leverage 400:1
    Spreads From 0.0 pips ( allegedly)
    Trading Platforms MetaTrader 5 tradiing platform
    Tradable assets foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, index
    Account Types Not specified
    Demo Account No
    Islamic Account No
    Customer Support Phone
    Payment Methods Bank wire, credit cards
    Educational Tools Limited or none

    Overview of POIPEX

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED is a forex brokerage based in the United Kingdom. Established in 2022, the company provides trading services in various financial instruments such as foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, and indices. However, it is important to note that POIPEX MARKET LIMITED operates without any regulatory oversight.

    The minimum deposit required to open an account with POIPEX is $100, making it accessible to a wide range of traders. With a maximum leverage of 400:1, traders have the potential to amplify their trading positions. The spreads offered by POIPEX are alleged to start from 0.0 pips, but it is important to exercise caution as these claims are allegedly made by the company.

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED provides its clients with the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, a popular choice among traders. This platform offers a variety of tools and features that can enhance trading experience and efficiency.

    The company does not specify the different types of accounts available, nor does it offer a demo or Islamic account option. This limitation may not be ideal for traders seeking specific account types or those who follow Islamic principles in their trading activities.

    In terms of customer support, POIPEX MARKET LIMITED offers assistance via phone. However, it is important to note that the availability and responsiveness of customer support may vary.


    Is POIPEX legit or a scam?

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED operates without any regulatory oversight. This means that the broker is not subject to supervision or scrutiny by any regulatory authority.

    Without regulatory oversight, there is no guarantee that POIPEX MARKET LIMITED adheres to industry standards or follows ethical business practices. The lack of regulation exposes traders to potential risks such as inadequate security measures, misinformation, and potential fraudulent activities. It also means that there is no external body to hold the broker accountable for any misconduct or malpractice.


    Market Instruments

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED offers a diverse selection of market instruments to its traders. Among the available options are foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, and indices.

    Foreign exchange, or forex, is an essential market instrument offered by POIPEX. It enables traders to participate in the global currency market, taking advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates.


    In addition to forex, this broker also allows traders to trade precious metals such as gold and silver. These metals have long been regarded as safe-haven assets, often sought after during times of market volatility.


    Energy products such as crude oil and natural gas are also available for trading with POIPEX. These commodities play a fundamental role in the global economy and are subject to various supply and demand factors.

    Furthermore, POIPEX MARKET LIMITED provides access to a range of indices, which represent the performance of a group of stocks from a specific market sector or region.


    In conclusion, POIPEX MARKET LIMITED offers an average range of market instruments compared with other brokers' offerings.

    Account Types

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED fails to disclose clear information regarding the account types it offers. While requesting a minimum deposit of $100, this broker conveniently neglects to detail the different account options available to clients. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the firm's commitment to providing adequate choices and catering to the diverse trading preferences of its clientele.

    Furthermore, the absence of a demo account compounds the issue, as POIPEX denies traders the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the platform and its functionalities before risking their hard-earned funds


    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED offers leverage ratios reaching up to a staggering 1:400. While leverage can be a useful tool for amplifying potential profits, it is crucial to recognize the inherent dangers it presents to traders.With leverage ratios as high as 1:400, POIPEX places clients in a precarious position, as the potential for substantial losses is magnified exponentially.

    Spreads & Commissions (Trading Fees)

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED purports to offer spreads starting from 0.0 pips. However, the lack of a demo account for clients to test this claim is a cause of concern. The absence of a demo account restricts potential traders from verifying the accuracy of the proclaimed spreads. In fact, reports from users suggest that the spreads provided by this broker are far from stable and may vary significantly during trading sessions.

    Non-Trading Fees

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED also imposes non-trading fees on its clients. These additional charges can further eat into traders' profits and must be taken into account when considering engaging with this particular broker.Notwithstanding the lack of transparency surrounding these charges, reports from users suggest that the non-trading fees imposed by POIPEX can be excessive and inconsistent.

    Trading Platform

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED claims to offer the widely recognized MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform to its clients. MT5 is a popular trading platform known for its advanced features and versatility. However, the reliability and overall performance of this platform when used with POIPEX can be called into question. Traders have expressed concerns about experiencing technical glitches, frequent system downtimes, and slow execution speeds, hindering their trading activities and potentially leading to substantial financial losses.


    Deposit & Withdrawal

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED offers a limited range of payment methods for both depositing and withdrawing funds, namely bank wire transfers and credit card transactions. However, insufficient information is available on the associated fees and processing times for deposits and withdrawals through POIPEX.

    With the minimum deposit set at $100, POIPEX appears to lower the entry barrier, allowing traders with limited capital to begin trading. However, the absence of detailed information on deposit and withdrawal fees raises questions about the true cost of engaging with this broker.


    Customer Support

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED offers customer support to its clients solely through a phone contact, which can be reached at +855 93796238. Relying solely on a single contact method, specifically phone communication, raises questions about the accessibility and efficiency of the customer support offered by POIPEX. In a rapidly evolving financial landscape where traders require quick and effective assistance, a limited means of communication may present signif


    Educational Resources

    Another area where POIPEX MARKET LIMITED falls short is in the realm of educational resources. Limited or no educational tools are provided, which can be a disadvantage for traders who prefer to have access to market analysis, tutorials, and other educational materials to support their trading decisions.

    Is POIPEX suitable for beginners?

    POIPEX MARKET LIMITED may not be an ideal choice for beginners due to several limitations and deficiencies that are prevalent within their services. Three significant aspects that contribute to this unfavorable assessment are the absence of micro accounts, lack of transparency, and the lack of demo accounts and educational resources.

    Firstly, the absence of micro accounts can prove to be detrimental to beginners who aim to start with smaller investment sizes. Micro accounts allow novice traders to gain practical experience and familiarity with the market without risking substantial amounts of capital.

    Secondly, the lack of transparency exhibited by POIPEX raises concerns for beginners who require clear and comprehensive information regarding fees, processing times, and other crucial aspects of trading. Without this vital information, novices are left in the dark, unable to make informed decisions or fully understand the costs associated with their trading activities.

    Furthermore, the absence of demo accounts deprives beginners of an essential learning tool that allows them to practice and develop their trading skills without risking real money.

    Lastly, the lack of educational resources provided by POIPEX further undermines its suitability for beginners. Novice traders often rely on educational materials, such as tutorials, articles, or webinars, to develop their understanding of the financial markets and hone their trading skills.

    Is POIPEX suitable for experienced traders?

    Experienced traders may also find POIPEX MARKET LIMITED to be insufficient in meeting their advanced trading requirements.

    Firstly, the absence of tiered accounts can be a disadvantage for experienced traders who seek more personalized and tailored trading conditions. Tiered accounts allow seasoned traders to access advanced features, enhanced trading tools, and lower fees based on their trading volume or account equity.

    Secondly, the provision of only one trading platform, specifically MT5, can be a significant drawback for experienced traders. While MT5 is a widely used platform, experienced traders often prefer a range of options that cater to their unique trading styles and preferences.

    Lastly, experienced traders often engage in complex trading strategies, deal with larger trade sizes, and may encounter technical or operational issues that demand immediate resolution. The absence of responsive customer support channels, such as live chat or dedicated account managers, can lead to frustration and delays in issue resolution, which can have a detrimental impact on experienced traders' trading activities and overall experience.


    In conclusion, POIPEX MARKET LIMITED exhibits several noteworthy limitations and deficiencies that should be carefully considered by traders seeking a reliable and comprehensive brokerage service. The absence of micro accounts, lack of transparency, limited trading platform options (only MT5), absence of tiered accounts, an absence of demo accounts and educational resources, and the lack of responsive customer support collectively contribute to a suboptimal trading experience. These shortcomings restrict the flexibility, personalization, and support necessary for both beginner and experienced traders to thrive in the financial markets. Therefore, prudent consideration should be given to alternative brokerage options that adequately address these shortcomings and provide a more conducive trading environment.


    Q: Are there any restrictions on the number of trades I can make per day or month?

    A: POIPEX does not impose any explicit restrictions on the number of trades traders can execute per day or month.

    Q: Can I trade on multiple platforms with POIPEX?

    A: No, POIPEX currently only offers the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform for trading.

    Q: Are there any fees or commissions associated with trading on POIPEX?

    A: Yes, POIPEX charges spread fees on trades, and there may be additional fees for certain trading activities or services.

    Q: Does POIPEX offer any educational resources or trading tools for beginners?

    A: Unfortunately, POIPEX lacks educational resources and trading tools specifically tailored for beginner traders.

    Q: Is POIPEX regulated by any financial authorities?

    A: POIPEX MARKET LIMITED operates without any regulatory oversight at the moment.

    Q: Does POIPEX offer a demo account for practice trading?

    A: Unfortunately, POIPEX currently does not provide a demo account feature for clients to practice trading.

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    more than one year
    The person who lied to me before Line has changed his name and used the same account. He said he wanted to invest in Taiwan stocks, but he wanted to donate to charity machine shopping. He also said that he had to provide a photo receipt after the donation. The other party said that the address was No. 17, Zhengxing Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City. , I don’t know if it’s true or not, but this address should be a mixed residential and commercial building.
    2023-01-13 22:56
    more than one year
    The website of the trading platform is closed, the phone number and mailbox are fake, can anyone find it? There is a lot of money in the account that has not been withdrawn, so it can be divided,
    2022-12-26 17:45
    more than one year
    Everything about this trader is false! I can't get through the phone at all, and the account manager can't be reached! Damn their website and trading platform shut down all of a sudden, and I still have a lot of money in my account. Can anyone get in touch with them?
    2022-12-15 15:41
    more than one year
    The phone call is fake, the mailbox does not return, the website looks normal, if you really want to apply for an account or appeal or download the information that the customer needs, all of them cannot be used unless Poipex takes the initiative to contact, but that is impossible, live fraud platform, withdraw money for 150 days , not recorded in the account, wait patiently, Lin Hongdao, Liu Desheng, Chen Jiayu, MR.Lin, together with Poipex to defraud,
    2022-11-24 00:32
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