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2022-09-16 17:26 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Deposit does not arrive. I cannot contact Poipex customer service. Please help me to get my money back. It is okay to pay commission.

Poipex's official website has done a good job. The written money can be credited on the same day. I waited for almost 90 days, and I didn't get a dime. I have to pay high interest rates, and my life is in trouble. Fraud platforms are killing people without blood. I hope everyone will be careful, and no one will be deceived again. There are also fraud gangs who are not afraid of Taiwan's laws. They deceive you hundreds of millions of dollars and pay tens of thousands of yuan. Fraud to pay taxes, pay the commission, pay the fast-track and you will be given money, if you are stripped, you will evaporate, and you will not be able to find anyone.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation

出金不入帳,無從聯絡資管帳戶的Poipex 客服,求幫我要回我的錢,可談抽成,

Poipex 官網做的很好,寫出金可當天入帳,我等了快90天,一毛錢也未入帳,還要支付錢狀高利息,生活陷困境,詐騙平台是殺人不見血的,希望大家要小心,別再有人被騙了,,

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