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2022-11-12 14:35
The platform that cheats people, I hope all friends who do transactions will give me the call to thank you








2022-12-16 09:24
2022-11-16 09:17


Dear IEXS user, after an investigation, the account 5600223/5600229 worked well without any abnormity according the monitoring system, so the order of the account is valid. And due to deposit being less than 50%, the order had a force liquidation executed by system at 21:30, November 10, 2022 when the gold spreads increased at US market opening. Please be noted that an order to sell is closed at the Ask price, and the icon shows the Bid price. Even with locked positions, the order will experience a force liquidation as the deposit is less than 50% of the level of liquidation, which is induced by an expansion of unrealized loss and a decrease in net balance of an account caused by spreads fluctuation. The liquidation will end after the margin rate recovers above 50%. IEXS is committed to providing the best trading execution for clients. Please be cautious about locking position, because there are more risks in trading especially when the significant data is released, which results in fluctuated market and increased spreads. We sincerely advice you to pay close attention to the net balance of your account with locked positions. Thank you for supporting us. Have a good time.

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2022-11-14 10:28
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2022-11-14 08:32
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2022-11-12 14:35

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Both accounts are locked. When the data of 0.01 for a long order near 1709 in one of the accounts comes out, the one that is directly pulled up is not pulled down. The Yingshi platform directly gave me a loss of more than 14,000 US dollars. Non-agricultural and interest rate hikes are also locked in the account I was not liquidated at that time. The net worth in the locked account was more than 400 USD. Why did my account liquidate!


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