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2022-07-31 02:03 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

AI stock fraud

At first, the woman named Zhang Yaxuan would share some analysis of the buying and selling prices of soaring stocks. Soon, she would spread an online live teacher's video to share some stock market information, and then slowly bring out AI intelligent trading program. From time to time, she would Po out profit receipts to lure the victim to want to know. She would also cheat the victim of $5000 to try it first and said that because the system was to be more stable, it would need a major upgrade, and then she would never enter it again, When remitting money, we are told not to remark anything, because it will be considered as money laundering, and the answer to pay money is an illegal operation. In the beginning, we didn't say any rules. Don't be fooled by the idfpower blackheart platform. The most terrible thing is that you won't know you enter idfpower this foreign exchange fraud platform until you pay money. You don't remit money to people you don't know, otherwise, you want to cry without tears, and the gains outweigh the losses.

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The following is the original recommendation

AI股票 詐騙

 這位女子叫張雅萱 一開始是會分享一些飆股的分析買賣價位,沒多久開始會傳一位線上直播老師影片,分享一些股市資訊,然後慢慢帶出ai智能交易程式,不時會po出獲利單誘惑被害人想瞭解,她還會先騙說5000美金先試試看,還說因為要讓系統更穩定所以要大升級升級,過後就再也登不進去了,匯款的時候都叫我們不要備注任何東西因為會被認為是洗錢,要出金答案是違規操作,一開始都沒有說任何的規則,IDFpower 黑心平臺大家不要上當,最可怕的是你入金以後才會知道你進入IDFpower 這個外匯詐騙平臺,大家真的不要亂匯款給不認識的人,否則欲哭無淚,得不償失。

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