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+852 2268 0660
28/F., Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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MIB Securities · Company Summary

MIB Securities Review Summary
Founded 1992
Registered Country/Region Hong Kong
Regulation Unregulated
Market Instruments Hong Kong securities, warrants, margin financing, foreign stocks, futures and options etc.
Demo Account Unavailable
Minimum Deposit 0
Trading Platforms MIB Trade
Customer Support Phone, email, social media, fax, contact form

What is MIB Securities?

      MIB Securities' home page

MIB, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Hong Kong, operates as an unregulated financial brokerage firm. While its long-standing presence in the industry and diverse offering of market instruments, including Hong Kong securities, warrants, margin financing, foreign stocks, futures, and options, may appeal to traders and investors, the absence of regulatory oversight should be carefully considered. With a minimum deposit requirement of 0, Broker MIB offers accessibility to a broad range of clients. They provide an in-house trading platform and multiple customer support channels, such as phone, email, fax, contact form, and social media, to assist clients. However, potential clients should exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before engaging with Broker MIB, as the absence of regulation may imply a higher level of risk compared to regulated brokers.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
• Diverse Market Instruments • Lack of Regulation
• Low Minimum Deposit • No Demo Account
• Excellent Customer Support


Diverse Market Instruments: Broker MIB's diverse range of market instruments, including various securities, foreign stocks, and options, is a significant advantage. It allows clients to create diversified portfolios and implement different trading strategies, catering to a wide array of investment preferences and risk tolerances.

Low Minimum Deposit: The low minimum deposit requirement of 0 makes Broker MIB accessible to a broad spectrum of investors, including those who may have limited capital to start with. This inclusivity can attract new traders looking to enter the financial markets.

Excellent Customer Support: Broker MIB's provision of customer support through phone, email, and social media offers clients flexibility in how they seek assistance and resolve issues. This multi-channel approach enhances client accessibility and can lead to more efficient problem resolution.


Lack of Regulation: The absence of regulatory oversight is a significant concern. Unregulated brokers may lack safeguards and investor protections provided by regulatory bodies, potentially exposing clients to higher levels of risk, including fraud and misconduct.

No Demo Account: Not offering a demo account can be a drawback, especially for novice traders. A demo account is a valuable tool for learning and practicing trading strategies without risking real capital. Its absence can hinder clients' ability to gain experience.

Is MIB Securities Safe or Scam?

Broker MIB operates in an unregulated environment, which can introduce certain risks for investors and traders. The absence of regulatory oversight means that the brokerage firm may not adhere to the same level of industry standards and investor protection measures as regulated brokers. This lack of supervision could potentially expose clients to various risks, including the possibility of fraudulent activities, mismanagement of funds, and inadequate dispute resolution mechanisms.

Additionally, without regulatory oversight, there may be limited recourse for clients in case of disputes or issues with the broker, as regulatory bodies typically provide a framework for addressing such concerns.

Therefore, individuals considering Broker MIB should be particularly cautious and conduct thorough research before engaging in any financial activities with the firm, taking into account the potential risks associated with an unregulated broker.

Market Instruments

      product and services

MIB Securities offers an extensive and diverse range of market instruments to meet the diverse needs of its global client base. From conventional stock trading to sophisticated derivatives, the platform provides multiple avenues for potential investment. Here are examples of the instruments available:

Hong Kong Stock Trading

MIB Securities provides access to the Hong Kong stock market, allowing clients to trade a wide range of Hong Kong-listed securities. This includes stocks of companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Warrants and CBBCs Trading

MIB offers trading services for Warrants (derivative securities) and CBBCs (Callable Bull/Bear Contracts) on the Hong Kong market. These instruments enable investors to speculate on the future performance of underlying assets with potential for high leverage.

Foreign Stocks Trading

Clients can also diversify their portfolios by trading foreign stocks through MIB Securities. This service covers markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, China, Australia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Global Markets

MIB Securities extends its services to global markets, allowing clients to engage in international securities trading. This includes access to various global stock markets, providing opportunities for broader investment horizons.

Hang Seng Index Futures (HSI) Trading

MIB offers trading services for Hang Seng Index (HSI) Futures, which are based on the benchmark index of the Hong Kong stock market. The HSI is a widely recognized index used by fund managers as a performance benchmark.

Account Types

MIB Securities accommodates a variety of account types to meet the distinct financial needs of its clients. For individuals, they offer personal trading accounts, allowing investors to manage their own portfolios and make independent trading decisions. Additionally, clients seeking shared investments and financial planning can opt for joint accounts, ideal for couples or family members looking to collaborate on their investment strategies. Moreover, MIB Securities provides corporate accounts, catering to businesses and organizations that require a platform for managing their financial assets and investments, making it a versatile brokerage firm capable of serving a wide range of clients with diverse account preferences.

Fees & Commissions

MIB Securities is committed to transparency in its fee structures, ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their investments. The brokerage firm offers different fee structures for various instruments, allowing clients to choose options that align with their trading preferences and budgets. For instance:

Brokerage Commission Fees for Offline Transactions

Fees: 0.25% (Minimum charge of HKD100.00)

Brokerage Commission Fees for Online Transactions

Fees: 0.15% (Minimum charge of HKD50.00)

Transaction Levy

Fees: 0.0027% of the transaction amount

FRC Transaction Levy

0.00015% of transaction amount

Trading Platform

MIB Securities takes pride in offering its clients the MIB Trader, a robust and user-friendly in-house trading platform designed to empower investors with the tools and features needed for efficient and informed trading. With MIB Trader, clients can access reliable and secure online transactions, making trading seamless and secure. The platform allows for convenient amendments and order cancellations on the same trading day, ensuring flexibility in managing trading strategies.

Furthermore, clients benefit from daily updates on portfolio trading status, enabling them to stay well-informed about their investments. MIB Trader embodies the brokerage's commitment to providing a powerful and accessible trading environment for its clients, enhancing their overall trading experience.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Client can deposit funds to your MIBHK account(s) by the following methods:

Bank Transfer and Cheque Deposit (including through bank counter, ATM and cheque deposit machine)

Clients can transfer or deposit cheques to the following MIBHK bank accounts in Hong Kong

Telegraphic Transfer (Applicable to Overseas Customers)

Clients can arrange telegraphic transfer to the following MIBHK bank accounts. Normally it will take 2-3 working days, subject to bank announcement

Faster Payment System (FPS)

Upon successful registration of FPS via your online banking, clients can transfer to MIBHK. All deposits made after 4:30pm will be processed and updated to clients MIBSHK Account on the next trading day.

For funds withdrawal, MIBHK does not transfer the outgoing funds to any credit card account or bank account which bears the name of third party. Clients can withdraw available funds in MIBHK accounts by the following methods:

Clients can make withdrawal instructions by any of the following methods on or before 12:00 noon on every trading day:

  1. Use 'Fund Withdrawal' in MIB Trade (Applicable to local stock trading only),

  2. Contact your Account Executive; or,

  3. Contact Client Services Department (Hotline: +852 2268 0660 or Email:

Instructions submitted before the cut off time will be processed on the same day value, otherwise the next trading day. In case the written instruction contains any invalid information or we need to re-confirm the submitted instruction with you, we will contact you by email, telephone for further follow up actions. No service charges for any withdrawal in HKD, CNY, USD via electronic payment to the local bank.

Fund withdrawal will not be processed if it is related to sale proceeds of physical stock that was deposited less than 10 working days. Sale proceeds will be available for fund withdrawal upon completion of share registration by registrar. Actual payment into your account is subject to the bank's processing time.

Customer Service

      contact details

Customers can visit their office or get in touch with customer service lines using the information provided below or submit a contact form.

Telephone: +852 2268 0660; +852 2268 0660; +852 2268 0699


Fax: +852 2521 2289

Address: 28/F., Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


In summary, MIB Securities (HK) Ltd offers a wide range of financial services and market instruments designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. With transparent fee structures, a user-friendly trading platform, and a commitment to client support, MIB Securities strives to empower investors and traders to achieve their financial goals. While potential clients should be aware of its unregulated status, MIB Securities provides a versatile platform for those seeking diversified investment opportunities and financial services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: Is MIB Securities regulated?
A 1: No.
Q 2: What is the minimum deposit amount required by MIB Securities?
A 2: There is no minimum deposit requirement for account opening.
Q 3: Does MIB Securities offer demo accounts?
A 3: No.
Q 4: How long does it take to open a trading account ?
A 4: The process usually will be completed within 2-3 working days.

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information provided in this review may be subject to change due to the constant updating of the company's services and policies.

In addition, the date on which this review was generated may also be an important factor to consider, as information may have changed since then. Therefore, readers are advised to always verify updated information directly with the company before making any decision or taking any action. Responsibility for the use of the information provided in this review rests solely with the reader.

Broker Information

Company Name

MIB Securities (Hong Kong) Limited


MIB Securities

Regulatory Status


Platform registered country and region

Hong Kong

Phone of the company
  • +852 2268 0660









Company address
  • 28/F., Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong









Customer Service Email Address

Company Summary

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more than one year
Mixed experience with MIB Securities. Responsive customer service, but the trading platform is outdated and less user-friendly. Fee structure lacks transparency, with hidden costs. Consider carefully based on individual priorities.
2023-12-19 18:41
more than one year
Excellent customer support.
2022-11-15 18:28


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