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+234 8033209661
19 Biaduo Street (United Healthcare Building) Off Keffi Street Off Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos


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CASHVILLE · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name CASHVILLE
Registered Country/Area Nigeria
Founded Year 2019
Regulation Unregulated
Products & Services Brokerage Services,Funds and asset management,Financial/Investment advisory,Portfolio creation and management
Customer Support Phone: (+01) 2934770;Email:

Overview of CASHVILLE

CASHVILLE, established in 2019 and based in Nigeria, is an unregulated financial services company offering a wide range of services, including brokerage services, funds and asset management, financial/investment advisory, portfolio creation and management, and international financing.

Despite the lack of regulatory oversight, CASHVILLE aims to attract diverse financial needs and investment objectives. The company provides customer support through phone at (+01) 2934770 and via email at, ensuring clients have access to assistance when needed.

Overview of CASHVILLE

Is CASHVILLE Legit or a Scam?

CASHVILLE, a financial services entity based in Nigeria, operates without formal regulation, meaning it is not supervised by any financial regulatory authority. This unregulated status indicates that the company does not adhere to the regulatory standards typically enforced on financial institutions, which could affect the level of protection and oversight available to its clients and their investments.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Diverse Services Lack of Regulation
Local Presence Potential for Limited Recourse
Customer Support Risk of Stability and Trust
Versatility in Investment Options Transparency Concerns
Innovation Potential Market Perception


  1. Diverse Services: CASHVILLE offers a comprehensive suite of services, including brokerage, funds and asset management, financial advice, portfolio management, and international financing,meeting a wide array of financial needs.

  2. Local Presence: With its base in Nigeria, CASHVILLE may have a better understanding of the local market dynamics and investment opportunities, providing tailored services to its clients in the region.

  3. Customer Support: The company provides accessible customer support via phone and email, which facilitates effective communication and assistance for its clients.

  4. Versatility in Investment Options: The variety of services offered allows clients to access a range of investment products and advice, all under one roof.

  5. Innovation Potential: Being unregulated will allow CASHVILLE more flexibility to innovate and offer unconventional financial products or services that could meet specific niche market needs.


  1. Lack of Regulation: The absence of regulatory oversight means there will be a higher risk associated with their services, as regulatory compliance ensures accountability and financial safety.

  2. Potential for Limited Recourse: In case of disputes or issues, clients will have limited options for recourse due to the lack of regulatory oversight.

  3. Risk of Stability and Trust: Without adherence to regulated standards, there will be concerns regarding the stability and trustworthiness of the company.

  4. Transparency Concerns: Being unregulated can sometimes lead to a lack of transparency in operations, which will affect client confidence and decision-making.

  5. Market Perception: The perception of unregulated institutions can be less favorable among potential clients, which will influence their willingness to engage with CASHVILLE's services.

Products & Services

CASHVILLE offers a comprehensive array of financial services, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Here's an in-depth look at the services provided:

  1. Brokerage Services

At CASHVILLE, the brokerage services extend beyond mere buying and selling of securities. As a registered member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, CASHVILLE is equipped to navigate the complexities of the stock market on behalf of its clients.

This includes executing transactions on the trading floor and through over-the-counter mechanisms, providing a robust framework for clients seeking to invest or divest in the stock market.

The firm also offers a suite of ancillary services such as verification of share certificates, aiding in the recovery of unclaimed dividends or shares, revalidating dividend warrants, and ensuring accurate reconciliation of shareholding accounts.

Brokerage Services
  1. Funds and Asset Management

CASHVILLE's approach to funds and asset management mirrors its commitment to providing value and superior returns to its clients.

By placing funds with CASHVILLE, clients entrust the firm with the discretion to manage these assets, aiming for returns that surpass traditional fixed deposits.

This service encapsulates various functions, including the meticulous verification of share certificates, the recovery of missing or unclaimed financial benefits, and the revalidation and reconciliation of dividend warrants and shareholding accounts, respectively.

Funds and Asset Management
  1. Financial/Investment Advisory

The financial and investment advisory services at CASHVILLE are designed to empower clients with insightful, strategic guidance tailored to their investment objectives.

The firm's advisors delve into a comprehensive analysis of the market trends, risk factors, and potential growth opportunities to offer advice that aligns with the clients' financial goals.

Whether it's navigating the complexities of investment products or designing a diversified investment portfolio, CASHVILLE's advisory services are a cornerstone for clients looking to make informed financial decisions.

Financial/Investment Advisory
  1. Portfolio Creation and Management

Portfolio Creation and Management

How to Open an Account?

To open an account with CASHVILLE, follow these three straightforward steps:

  1. Inquiry and Application: Start by reaching out to CASHVILLE via their customer support phone line or email. Express your interest in opening an account, and they will provide you with the necessary application forms and guidance on the process. Complete the application form, ensuring all provided information is accurate and comprehensive.

  2. Submission of Required Documents: Along with your application, you'll need to submit various documents for identity verification and compliance purposes. Ensure all documents are current and clearly legible.

  3. Verification and Activation: Once your application and documents are submitted, CASHVILLE will review your submission for accuracy and completeness. They will conduct a verification process to authenticate your information. After successful verification, your account will be activated, and you will receive a confirmation from CASHVILLE.

Customer Support

CASHVILLE provides efficient customer support through multiple communication channels.

Clients can reach out via two mobile numbers (2348033209661 and 2348036990217) or a landline (012934770) for immediate assistance.

For less urgent inquiries or detailed messages, customers can email The firm is located at 19 Biaduo Street, off Keffi Street, off Awolowo Road, in Ikoyi, Lagos, where clients can visit for in-person support.

CASHVILLE operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, ensuring they are available to assist clients during standard working hours.

Customer Support


CASHVILLE stands out as a comprehensive financial services provider in Nigeria, offering an array of services ranging from brokerage and asset management to international financing.

With a strong focus on client-centric solutions, the firm leverages its expertise to facilitate various financial transactions and services, ensuring clients receive tailored support and guidance.


Question: What types of services does CASHVILLE provide?

Answer: CASHVILLE offers a range of financial services including brokerage services, funds and asset management, financial/investment advisory, portfolio creation and management.

Question: How can I contact CASHVILLE for support or inquiries?

Answer:: You can contact CASHVILLE via mobile at 2348033209661 or 2348036990217, landline at 012934770, or email at

Question: Where is CASHVILLE located?

Answer:: CASHVILLE is located at 19 Biaduo Street, off Keffi Street, off Awolowo Road, in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Question: What is international financing with CASHVILLE?

Answer:: International financing with CASHVILLE involves arranging funding from global financiers, including banks and foreign venture capitalists, for local projects in Nigeria.

Question: What are CASHVILLE's operating hours?

Answer:: CASHVILLE operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Broker Information

Company Name

Cashville Investments & Securities Limited

Company Abbreviation


Regulatory Status

No Regulation

Platform registered country and region


Phone of the company
  • +234 8033209661

  • +234 8036990217

  • +234 012934770









Company address
  • 19 Biaduo Street (United Healthcare Building) Off Keffi Street Off Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos









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