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+91 022 6140 4444
A1502 15th Floor O2 commercial Premises, P Asha Nagar, Block Sector Mulund West Mumbai – 400080


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PRITHVI · Company Summary

PRITHVI Review Summary in 6 Points
Founded 2004
Registered Country/Region India
Regulation Unregulated
Trading Platform Prithvi Pot
Customer Support Phone, email, address, fax, contact us form

What is PRITHVI?

PRITHVI, an international financial company headquartered in the India, provides a broad selection of financial instruments and services to its traders. These include trading in EQUITY MARKET, MUTUAL FUNDS, DERIVATIVES, COMMODITY MARKET, CURRENCY MARKET and services such as INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING (IPO), PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICE (PMS) andNON BANKING FINANCIAL COMPANY (NBFC). It currently operates without valid regulatory oversight, which raises concerns about its legitimacy and liability.

PRITHVI's homepage

In our upcoming article, we will present a comprehensive and well-structured evaluation of the broker's services and offerings. We encourage interested readers to delve further into the article for valuable insights. In conclusion, we will provide a concise summary that highlights the distinct characteristics of the broker for a clear understanding.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
• Wide range of products and services • Unregulated
• No MT4/5 trading platforms


  • Wide Range of Products and Services: Prithvi offers a diverse array of products and services, providing investors with various options to meet their financial goals. This includes access to different asset classes such as equities, mutual funds, derivatives, commodities, and currencies, as well as services like Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Portfolio Management Services (PMS), and Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) offerings. The availability of a wide range of products enables traders to create diversified portfolios and explore different investment opportunities.


  • Unregulated: A significant concern with Prithvi is its lack of regulation. Operating without regulatory oversight can pose risks for investors, as there are no external authorities ensuring compliance with industry standards or protecting client interests.

  • No MT4/5 Trading Platforms: Another drawback of Prithvi is the absence of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms. These platforms are widely used and preferred by many traders for their advanced charting tools, technical analysis capabilities, and automated trading features. The lack of MT4/5 platforms limits the options available to traders and potentially hinder their trading experience.

Is PRITHVI Safe or Scam?

When considering the safety of a brokerage like PRITHVI or any other platform, it's important to conduct thorough research and consider various factors. Here are some steps you can take to assess the credibility and safety of a brokerage:

  • Regulatory sight: Currently, this broker operates without any legitimate regulatory oversight, raising concerns about transparency and accountability.

No license
  • User feedback: For a more comprehensive understanding of the broker, it's recommended that traders read reviews and feedback from current clients. These user-experiences and shared insights can be explored on trustworthy websites and discussion forums.

  • Security measures: Prithvi implements stringent security measures including a comprehensive privacy policy, Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to safeguard user data, ensuring confidentiality, compliance, and protection against unauthorized access.

In the end, choosing whether or not to engage in trading with PRITHVI is an individual decision. It is advised that you carefully balance the risks and returns before committing to any actual trading activities.

Market Instruments & Services

Prithvi provides a comprehensive array of market instruments and services tailored to investors' needs across various segments.

In the equity , mutual funds, derivatives, commodity market, and currency market, Prithvi offers extensive trading opportunities, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on market trends across different asset classes.

Moreover, Prithvi facilitates Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), enabling investors to access new investment opportunities in the primary market.

The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) offered by Prithvi provide personalized investment strategies and management for clients seeking professional asset management solutions.

As a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), Prithvi extends financial services beyond traditional banking, including lending, investment, and wealth management, offering a comprehensive suite of offerings to meet diverse financial needs and objectives effectively.

Market Instruments & Services

How to Open an Account?

To open an account with PRITHVI, you have to follow below steps:

  • Visit the PRITHVI website, locate and click on the 'OPEN AN ACCOUNT' on the mainpage.

click on the 'OPEN AN ACCOUNT'
  • Fill in the necessary personal details required.

  • Complete any verification process for security purposes.

  • Once your account has been approved, you can set up your investment preferences and start trading.

Trading Platforms

Prithvi's trading platform, Prithvi Pot, is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to engage in trading activities conveniently. The platform offers access to various asset classes, including equities, mutual funds, derivatives, commodities, and currencies, providing traders with a diverse range of investment opportunities.

With real-time market data and user-friendly interfaces, Prithvi Pot enables investors to make informed trading decisions and manage their portfolios efficiently.

Prithvi Pot

Customer Service

PRITHVI offers a range of customer service channels for trader support, including phone, fax and email assistance, physical addresses for inquiries and a convenient contact us form on their website. This multi-channel approach ensures timely and accessible support for traders' queries and concerns.

Corporate Office: A1502 15th Floor, O2 commercial Premises, Asha Nagar, Block Sector Mulund West, umbai – 400080.

Telephone: +91 22 6140 4444.

Fax: +91 22 6140 4427.


Complaint Grievance:;

For more details regarding escalation matrix, you can visit

contact form


In summary, PRITHVI is an online financial firm headquartered in India, offering a wide range of trading instruments and services including EQUITY MARKET, INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING (IPO), MUTUAL FUNDS, DERIVATIVES, COMMODITY MARKET, CURRENCY MARKET, PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICE (PMS), NON BANKING FINANCIAL COMPANY (NBFC). However, it's crucial to note that PRITHVI currently operates without valid regulations, raising concerns about its accountability and commitment to client safety.

Therefore, you should be cautious when deciding to trade with this broker and consider alternative brokers with established regulatory oversight to mitigate potential risks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: Is PRITHVI regulated?
A 1: No, its been confirmed that the broker is currently under no valid regulation.
Q 2: Is PRITHVI a good broker for beginners?
A 2: No, it is not a good broker because its not regulated by any authorities.
Q 3: Does PRITHVI offer the industry leading MT4 & MT5?
A 3: No.

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information provided in this review may be subject to change due to the constant updating of the company's services and policies.

In addition, the date on which this review was generated may also be an important factor to consider, as information may have changed since then. Therefore, readers are advised to always verify updated information directly with the company before making any decision or taking any action. Responsibility for the use of the information provided in this review rests solely with the reader.

Broker Information

Company Name

Prithvi Finmart Pvt.Ltd

Company Abbreviation


Regulatory Status

No Regulation

Platform registered country and region


Phone of the company
  • +91 022 6140 4444









Company address
  • A1502 15th Floor O2 commercial Premises, P Asha Nagar, Block Sector Mulund West Mumbai – 400080









Customer Service Email Address


Company Summary

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more than one year
After two years with PRITHVI Trading, I've decided to transfer my account elsewhere. A new advisor offered subpar advice and wanted to charge me the same fees as my previous advisor, despite not delivering on any of my requests.
2024-02-29 16:21
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