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+64 9 363 3703
Angelo Partners Limited Level 26, HSBC Tower 188 Quay Street Auckland 1010


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+64 9 363 3703

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Angelo Partners Limited

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New Zealand

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Warning: Low score, please stay away! 4
Previous Detection : 2024-06-20
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of this brokers's negative field survey reviews has reached 1. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
  • The New ZealandFSPR regulation (license number: 596789) claimed by this broker is suspected to be clone. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The current information shows that this broker does not have a trading software. Please be aware!

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Danger Vistafolio's New Zealand Office Address Does Not Exist
New Zealand

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Vistafolio · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Registered Country/Area New Zealand
Founded Year 2-5 years (exact year not provided)
Company Name Angelo Partners Limited
Regulation Suspected lack of valid regulation, under scrutiny
Return Average annualized return of 15.78% since inception
Deviation Standard Deviation of 3.43%
Services & Products Individually Managed AccountsManaged Portfolios - Investment Adviser Managed Accounts - Investment ServicesFamily Trusts
Trading Platforms Online trading platform for real-time portfolio access
Tradable Assets Global stocks Foreign exchange (FX) - Currencies
Account Types Managed AccountsIndividually Managed Account Investment Mandate Separately Managed Accounts
Demo Account Not mentioned
Islamic Account Not mentioned
Customer Support Email: Phone: +64 9 363 3703< Social media platforms
Payment Methods Diverse banks and currencies, same-day transfers
Educational Tools Latest News feature with insightful discussions and analyses

Overview of Vistafolio

Vistafolio, operated by Angelo Partners Limited in New Zealand, offers investment avenues through diverse market instruments. However, doubts surround its legitimacy as its claimed license (number 596789) from New Zealand's Financial Service Providers Register is under scrutiny. Caution is advised due to potential suspicious activities and negative reviews.

Investors can access global stocks, major currency pairs, and various currencies. The company provides individually managed accounts for Eligible and Wholesale Investors, emphasizing wealth growth, while managed portfolios offer in-depth analysis and management of global shares. Additionally, separately managed accounts cater to wholesale investors with sector-specific focuses.

To open an account, prospective investors need to verify eligibility, sign agreements, complete an electronic application, and fund their brokerage account. Vistafolio's deviation is quantified at 3.43%, and the company boasts an average annualized return of 15.78% since its inception. While it offers real-time portfolio access through its online platform, its legitimacy concerns should be weighed carefully before considering engagement.


Pros and Cons

Vistafolio offers market exposure to a diverse range of global stocks and FX trading for major currency pairs. However, concerns about legitimacy and regulation, suspicious activities, and negative reviews raise red flags. Additionally, currency investment provides diversification, but the lack of trading software and transparency in spreads/commissions is a drawback. The platform offers Individually Managed Accounts with appealing returns, investment advisory services, and tailored wealth growth, yet limited information on deposits/withdrawals and regulatory scrutiny on claimed regulation are concerns. Family trusts offer asset protection, but educational resources are limited. Managed Accounts cater to Eligible Investors, while real-time online trading platform access is available, but detailed platform information and customer support have limitations.

Pros Cons
Market exposure to diverse global stocks Concerns about legitimacy and regulation
FX trading for major currency pairs Suspicious activities and negative reviews
Currency investment for diversification Lack of trading software
Individually Managed Accounts with returns Limited information on deposits/withdrawals
Investment advisory services available Lack of transparency in spreads/commissions
Tailored wealth growth and financial advice Regulatory scrutiny of claimed regulation
Family trusts for asset protection Limited educational resources
Managed Accounts for Eligible Investors Lack of detailed trading platform info
Real-time online trading platform access Customer support limitations

Is Vistafolio Legit?

Vistafolio, operating under the license number 596789 claimed from New Zealand's Financial Service Providers Register, is suspected to lack valid regulation and has raised concerns about its legitimacy. The regulatory status of this financial service corporate, ANGELO PARTNERS LIMITED, has been questioned, and caution is advised due to the presence of suspicious activities and negative field survey reviews. Additionally, the claimed New ZealandFSPR regulation appears to be under scrutiny, and the absence of a trading software further raises red flags. Traders are strongly urged to exercise caution and consider the potential risks associated with engaging with this entity.


Market Instruments

STOCKS: Vistafolio facilitates investments in a diverse range of global stocks. This category encompasses ownership in established companies from various sectors, providing potential for capital appreciation and dividends. Investors can gain exposure to well-known corporations like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as emerging players in industries such as technology, healthcare, and finance.

FX (Foreign Exchange): Vistafolio offers exposure to the foreign exchange market, enabling investors to trade major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. FX trading involves speculating on the price movements of one currency against another, capitalizing on fluctuations in exchange rates.

CURRENCIES: Vistafolio allows for investments in different currencies, broadening diversification opportunities. Investors can explore major currencies like the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), and British Pound (GBP), as well as other global currencies. Currency investments provide a means to hedge against currency risk and potentially benefit from shifts in exchange rates.

Pros Cons
Diverse range of global stocks Exposure to market fluctuations
Exposure to foreign exchange market Limited types of market instruments
Investments in different currencies Currency exchange rate risk

Services & Products

Individually Managed Accounts: Vistafolio offers 24/7 online access for Eligible and Wholesale Investors. Assets in your name, managed based on proven strategies with around 15% average annualized returns since 2014.

Managed Portfolios: Investment Adviser: In-depth analysis, selection, and management of global shares, emphasizing growth and income. Average annualized returns around 15% since 2014. Provides investment advisory services.

Managed Accounts: Investment Services: Tailored wealth growth for Eligible Investors. Strategic reviews, new strategies, financial consultancy, tax optimization, and investment structuring advice.

Family Trusts: New Zealand trusts safeguard global assets, manage wealth, and offer beneficiary-focused reviews. Asset protection and wealth management focus.

Pros Cons
24/7 online access for investors Limited information on investment options
Proven strategies with 15% annual returns May not suit highly risk-averse investors
Tailored wealth growth & investment advice Limited focus on short-term gains

Account Types


Vistafolio's Managed Accounts offer clients the opportunity to have their global stocks and shares expertly managed in personalized brokerage accounts. This account type emphasizes strategy-based execution, fund transactions, and professional portfolio management.


Vistafolio's Individually Managed Account category focuses on tailored solutions, providing clients with protected accounts under their names or designated entities. This account type includes online access, portfolio management aligned with specified strategies, and swift transfers across various banks and currencies.


Vistafolio's Investment Mandate involves a formal agreement that empowers them to construct and oversee clients' investment portfolios. By signing the investment mandate, clients can access Vistafolio's strategic insights and expertise, resulting in a managed portfolio in accordance with the agreed-upon mandate.


Vistafolio offers tailored Separately Managed Accounts for wholesale investors, providing discretionary investment at negotiable rates based on investment size. Focusing on sectors such as infrastructure, healthcare, and property, these accounts aim for capital preservation, growth, and income. The global investment strategy diversifies wealth and assigns account managers to wholesale clients. An Advisory Managed Account option offers detailed global share analysis and optimal stock acquisition assistance, combinable with discretionary investment management accounts for customized family office or organizational strategies.

Pros Cons
Professional Portfolio Management Dependence on External Expertise
Tailored Solutions Possible Management Fees
Strategic Insights Limited Control Over Individual Investments

How to open an Account?

To open an account with Vistafolio, follow these steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Complete the Investor Declaration to determine if you qualify as an Eligible Investor or a Wholesale Investor. Sign the form and email it to

  2. Receive Proposal: If you qualify, you'll receive an Investment Proposal and Client Agreement. These documents contain the necessary registration details to initiate the investing service.

  3. Sign Agreement: After reviewing, sign the Investment Proposal and Client Agreement. Once signed, you'll receive an invitation from Vistafolio's broker and custodian to proceed with an electronic application for setting up your brokerage account.

  4. Complete Application: Follow the broker and custodian's instructions to complete the electronic application for your brokerage account. This step will provide the necessary details and information required for account setup.

  5. Account Approval: Once your application is reviewed and approved, your brokerage account will be established. At this point, you can proceed to fund your account by transferring funds from any bank account.

  6. Investment Initiation: With your funded account, Vistafolio will commence the investment process based on the agreed-upon strategy.



Deviation in Vistafolio is quantified by a Standard Deviation of 3.43%.


Since its inception, Vistafolio has delivered an average annualized return of 15.78%.


Deposit & Withdrawal

Vistafolio facilitates easy fund transactions. In the Global Brokerage Account with a $428,000 portfolio, enjoy up to $214,000 lending availability and up to $856,000 buying power. Supported by diverse banks and currencies, same-day transfers streamline deposits and withdrawals. The Bank Account enables extra stock and fx purchases on margin as per arrangement.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High lending availability Limited margin for stock and fx purchases
Same-day transfers Potential risk in margin trading
Diverse bank and currency support Reliance on bank partnerships

Trading Platforms

Vistafolio offers an online trading platform that grants clients access to their portfolios in real-time.


Educational Tools

Vistafolio offers an informative educational resource through its Latest News feature. Dive into insightful discussions such as “Celtic Tiger vs Sleeping Kiwi,” which dissects the economic policies of Ireland and New Zealand, providing an in-depth account of their impact. Stay engaged with relevant topics like this, including recent analyses and thought-provoking comparisons, accessible on the Vistafolio platform.


Customer Support

Vistafolio provides customer support via and +64 9 363 3703 for global investors. Contact for inquiries about global investing, online access, and other assistance. Connect on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube for updates and engagement.


In summary, Vistafolio, operated by Angelo Partners Limited in New Zealand, presents a range of market instruments for investment, including stocks, foreign exchange (FX), and currencies. While the platform offers individually managed accounts and tailored investment services, concerns have arisen regarding its regulatory status and legitimacy. The absence of detailed information on spreads, leverage, and commissions, as well as limited clarity on deposit and withdrawal processes, raises questions about transparency and reliability. Additionally, the lack of a trading software and negative field survey reviews contribute to caution among potential traders. Prospective investors should exercise careful consideration and due diligence before engaging with Vistafolio due to the potential risks associated with this entity.


Q: Is Vistafolio a legitimate company?

A: Vistafolio operates under a license claimed from New Zealand's Financial Service Providers Register, but its legitimacy has been questioned due to concerns about valid regulation and suspicious activities.

Q: What market instruments does Vistafolio offer?

A: Vistafolio provides access to stocks, foreign exchange (FX), and investments in different currencies.

Q: What services and products does Vistafolio offer?

A: Vistafolio offers Individually Managed Accounts, Managed Portfolios, Managed Accounts, and Family Trusts for tailored wealth growth and investment services.

Q: What are the account types available on Vistafolio?

A: Vistafolio offers Managed Accounts, Individually Managed Accounts, Investment Mandate, and Separately Managed Accounts tailored for different investor needs.

Q: How can I open an account with Vistafolio?

A: To open an account, complete the Investor Declaration, receive and sign the Investment Proposal and Client Agreement, complete the electronic application, get account approval, fund your account, and initiate the investment process.

Q: What is the deviation in Vistafolio?

A: Vistafolio's deviation is quantified by a Standard Deviation of 3.43%.

Q: What is the average return of Vistafolio?

A: Since its inception, Vistafolio has delivered an average annualized return of 15.78%.

Q: How does Vistafolio handle deposits and withdrawals?

A: Vistafolio supports easy fund transactions with same-day transfers, lending availability, and buying power in diverse banks and currencies.

Q: What trading platform does Vistafolio offer?

A: Vistafolio provides an online trading platform for real-time portfolio access.

Q: What educational tools does Vistafolio provide?

A: Vistafolio offers educational resources through its Latest News feature, including insightful discussions and analyses on various topics.

Q: How can I contact Vistafolio's customer support?

A: Customer support is available via email at and phone at +64 9 363 3703, along with social media platforms for updates and engagement.

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more than one year
As a trader, it is important to work with a trustworthy and transparent forex broker and unfortunately it seems that Vistafolio is not one of them given the lack of its regulatory licenses. I would advise other traders to proceed with caution and do their due diligence before investing with this broker.
2023-03-20 18:12
more than one year
Trading can be intense, so I like doing it on a platform that is secure, transparent, and fair. Vistafoli encompasses all of these things. If you don’t know where to begin, this is a good platform to start on.
2023-03-07 15:29


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