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Xtb online gaming

XTB-USDT 01-27 05:03 Not answer And I say you in game crush I'm clicking cash out and not send my balance Please have more patience in waiting for your agent's response as they are also assisting other players who are playing on the platform. Please keep in line, Thank you. For smooth assistance, please clarify your question in able to furtherly assist with your concern. In game mode, Crush pressed Cash Out, and the money did not reach Customer service doesn't have permission to give advice regarding bonuses, games, invites, and trading. 01-27 05:46 What can do it Where are the services Kindly wait for the response of your mentor or agent to assist you, sir. Thank you! 您对本次服务满意吗? 请填写评价内容(选填) 01-31 14:27 Good Day! This is Kylie, Customer Service from XTB. How may I help you? Iwant know my mentor is not answer Me What can me do Because this not fair We're sorry about that maybe your design mentors are busy because they're not just accommodating one person on this platform they handle a lot of players and teams. And maybe your mentor has an important meeting or errand today. i suggest to patiently wait for her reply and listen on her instruction. Thank you! 您对本次服务满意吗? 请填写评价内容(选填) 02-03 17:28 Hi 02-03 17:32 Good Day! This is Khey, Customer Service from XTB. How may I help you today? 02-03 23:55 Iwant know why my agent is not answer Not help Me Why Please have more patience in waiting for your agent's response as they are also assisting other players who are playing on the platform. Please keep in line, Thank you 02-04 00:08 I'm waiting 1 month May I have your XTB username so I can process your concern? 13:35 I'm lose more 800 usd because my agent not want help and not answer me Other Reason I'm deboist more 500 usdt and lucky draw is not open We are doing our best to process all the inquiries. Please wait patiently. Thank you! 13:42 Where is the best 13:59 I'm so angry 14:08 Your request is still processing please wait patientl

2023-02-06 23:21

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