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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!

Skyam Invest Ltd

China|2-5 years|
Suspicious Regulatory License|MT4/5 White Label|Regional Brokers|High potential risk|


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MT4/5 Identification

MT4/5 Identification

White Label

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SkyamInvest-Demo MT4
Server Location Japan

The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


No valid regulatory information, please be aware of the risk!

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Skyam Invest Ltd

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Skyam Invest Ltd

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Previous Detection : 2024-02-23
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 14 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to withdraw

It is impossible to withdraw money!

In continuation of the story of the lack of the possibility of withdrawing money from the platform. I found more contacts of this “broker”, to whom I also wrote that I want to withdraw part of the money from my trading account, and then a new story appeared about the taxes that I have to pay, but in which jurisdiction and why should I pay taxes there, service can't explain. because I pay taxes where I am a tax resident. do not send a single penny to this broker, you will simply lose this money. And new reasons for the impossible conclusion will continue to arise, ad infinitum. here is a contact that works in Germany: +49 1520 6031314 a contact that is called an international trade organization for MT4 currency: +1 (571) 461-5038. Do not trust this broker and do not trust the offer of earnings on trading if you do not personally know the person and the guarantor of the withdrawal of your funds.

2022-03-31 17:23
Unable to withdraw

Can't withdraw money!

his scam is built on social media familiarity and supposedly unique trading knowledge that gives you big profits and makes you invest money. After that, you may even be offered assistance in the form of lending money, but then you will be expected to pay a commission for unfreezing, a commission for withdrawing, a commission for an early withdrawal of funds. nNver invest in brokers like this and never accept an offer of dubious earnings from people from the network.

2022-03-28 21:31

I would have lost it all to Skyam invest.

I understood there was no assurance I would get my money back if I paid the insurance cost they demanded, so I filed a chargeback with assetsclaimback/com, and they had my money delivered to my wallet instantly. At all costs, Skyam invest should be avoided. I had a lot of money in my Skyam account and if i didn't do my research and find this firm, I would have lost it all.

2022-04-07 14:49
Unable to withdraw

Fake transfer receipt from the finance department

This is an update of exposure posted on 13 Mar 2022 with title: Withdraw since 24 Feb 2022. Finally I found out that the receipt of transfer on 24 Feb 2022 is a fake transfer receipt. After 2 weeks of requesting the prove of transfer and return fund, I was not provided any of them from the finance. On 18 Mar I got confirmation from the bank that there was no such transfer in the relevant account. After the faking transfer was exposed, the finance department keeps on delaying the transfer of my fund. Now the finance ridiculously asked for the payment of 2000 from my burned account which was caused by the manipulation of the MT4 server on 25 Feb, one day after my withdrawal! Are all these plotted or accidental? From what had happened, one can see that all this is a plot that was practiced by a small group of the company to withhold the money of the customer. I would earnestly request Skyam Invest to investigate this matter thoroughly. The ill practice of withholding funds and making rules to control customers should be corrected and stopped. Much appreciated if the company could complete the transfer of my funds today that was delayed since 24 Feb 2022 by the finance department.

2022-03-19 18:53
Severe Slippage

Severe Slippage or Manipulation

I started to trade with Skyam Invest on 17/12/2021. We used MT4 for our forex trading. All our tradings were guided by an analyst to open and close trading.On Friday night 25/02/2022 we started our trading on EURUSD at around 16:00 MT4 time. We were asked to place BUY for the trading. At around 16:12 MT4 time, there was a sharp and steep downward spike that lasted in a very short time and we had our account blown up.After that I did many screenshots of the spike on charts M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4. However when I viewed other platforms' charts on EURUSD at around the same time, I was amazed to find out that over 10 other platforms I visited did not have that spike on their charts.The only explanation to this phenomenon is scam and manipulation on the MT4 server to delay and release data using plugins like Virtual dealer plugin.I request Skyam Invest to put back 115,215 USD into my burned account due to unfair manipulation.

2022-03-11 13:33
Unable to withdraw

Skyam still out there scamming innocent people

This is a deception. No investment requires you to pay a commission up front in order to receive your profits. I've "spent" over $23,000 and have received nothing in return. My $89K "earnings" is sitting in my "account," but I can't get to it unless I pay a 10% commission first. It screams SCAM to me. I've just spent all of my savings! I never get a response from customer service when I contact them. I was referred to this merchant by an acquittance, and I honestly did not believe she could con me

2022-05-24 18:51
Unable to withdraw

Withdraw since 24 Feb 2022

On 24 Feb 2022, I was given a screenshot of a transfer for my withdrawal of 150,000 USD from Skyam Invest. After waiting for 12 days the fund still did not reach my account! On 8 March 2022, Paul of Skyam informed me that the funds were returned and asked what I want to do with the fund. I want the finance to resend the fund to my accounts today as it has been delayed for over 2 weeks since 24 February 2022.

2022-03-13 15:24

It was all plotted with the accomplice of the analyst

Photo 1, 1a: Instruction given by Michael, the analyst on Friday night 25 Feb 2022Photo 1a: Right after the spike, I showed Michael the evidence of manipulation by comparing the charts of Skyam Invest with charts from 2 other platforms that did not have the spike. Under the spike there was no big volume that supported the fluctuation of the market. These are evidences of manipulation and scams.Photo 2: Michael kept silent since 27 Feb 2022Photo 3: Shows Michael knew what had happenedPhoto 4: "...if you want to withdraw money you need to return the money first..." So this is the purpose to blow up my account to a negative -2749.50.Photo 5: Michael is responsible for: no stop loss given.Photo 6: The first time Michael blew up my account was on 18 Nov 2021.Photo 7 and 8: on 18 Nov 2021, Michael’s instructions also had no stop lossPhoto 9: Who would dare to follow the instructions of this analyst to trade?To sum up, Michael, the 15 year analyst does not have risk management. He is the person who gives customers instructions to win and to lose all. These scams were all plotted! He would take 8% of the profit but not pay 8% of your loss. The server manipulation could not be successful if there is no participation of the analyst.Skyam Invest must compensate me 127,000 USD for the unfair MT4 server manipulation with the accomplice of the analyst on 25 Feb 2022.

2022-05-04 19:38

Skyam Invest lied and denied liability of receiving funds

[Photo 1] On 7 Feb 2022 I deposited 5430 USD into an ZHZ account given by the Skyam Invest finance。 [Photo 2] From 8 to 12 Feb, the finance denied receiving the fund of 5430 USD。[Photo 3] Finally on 11 April my bank got a confirmation of the receiver ZHZ bank that the amount of 5430 USD had been received on the same day of transfer and was converted to 7350.55 AUD。[Photo 4] Confirmed receipt of 5430 USD on the same day 7 Feb by ZHZ bank。[Photo 5] The finance lied about not able to open the ZHZ account, the account is monitored,account frozen。[Photo 6] It kept on lying that the ZHZ could not get in touch, they were foreigners, no contact and nothing! [Photo 7] It kept on denying liability of having received the 5430 USD! [Photo 8] On 28 April The company goes bankrupt? [Photo 9] Skyam Invest needs to accept liability on receiving 5430 USD or 7350 AUD。 Skyam Invest should resend my withdrawal of 150,000 + 2680 USD that had been delayed since 24 Feb to me。This is a scam and theft behaviour。Skyam Invest had changed name from Super Capital Management and now it has just been changed to a new name。

2022-05-07 15:16
Unable to withdraw

I would have ran into a big loss

They promise stable returns on my investment and ROI that will blows my mind. In the real sense, they manipulate people into believing your profits are soaring high but you can't withdraw. It took a lawsuit originating from the legal department of Assetsclaimback advisory to which later resulted in reclaiming my investment. It is a wise decision to make sure your funds don't get in their possession, they don't invest it, they make away with it, absolutely horrible place to invest your hard earned money. Scammers using fake phone number and fake website what a shame

2022-05-04 21:13
Unable to withdraw

Money initially stuck on trading website

My request to withdraw money was confirmed in the account, but the status still says "Processing" since the day I made the request even after making withdrawal with fintrack/ org All I wanted at first was to withdraw a part of my profit and not to close the account but I have since gotten several calls from them asking why I want to withdraw my money, there shouldn’t be any rule against wanting to withdraw your own money. Be careful with Skyam.

2022-05-11 08:11
Unable to withdraw

Delay or impossible to withdraw money!!!

Good afternoon! While working with this broker, I found myself in two suspicious situations at the same time! At first it was suspected to be charged via e-wallet and USDT, but I risked a small deposit of $1000 to start trading and everything was fine, but I didn't try to get in, I left the money for trade development. Then I increased my deposit to $30,000 to trade safely and earn more, and then there was severe slippage and I lost 38,000 and my deposit blew up. Before this, I did a withdrawal test and withdrawn $5000. After that, I topped up $14,000, another trader transferred me another $67,000 within the platform, I continued to trade, but almost immediately, when my deposit reached 98,000, the trader sent a letter saying he accused me of malicious trading If I don't pay 20% of the total deposit, my account will be frozen, after which I can withdraw all funds from the account, which other traders allegedly paid and allegedly withdrawn. I have no such opportunity and desire. A week later, the company SkyAm messaged me that they had done an investigation, and since I was their client, they were going to pay a 15% commission for unblocking my account, after which they promised to withdraw all funds to my Binance account. I paid Yes, it has been stated before whether there will be additional rules and commissions. The agent replied that he would not and accepted the payment. But after I applied for withdrawal, the withdrawal did not keep up. With reference to the financial supervision department requiring an additional 5% withdrawal, I paid 5% of the total amount, indicating that everything was done. The broker confirmed this. After that, they said that they would withdraw the cash after half a year, otherwise I would need to pay them another 2000 for emergency withdrawal. They used the deposit to extort money. Even if they give you a portion of the money they earn, they will likely keep the rest. I started working with this agent, on the recommendation of a girl on social networks, she could be a liar! ! !

2022-03-25 15:19

    Skyam Invest Ltd · Company Summary

    Since Skyam Invest Ltd‘s official website ( cannot be opened for now, we could only piece together this broker’s rough picture by gathering relevant information from other websites.


    General Information

    Skyam Invest Ltd is a forex broker allegedly registered in China, offering its clients a series of trading services. As this brokers official website cannot be opened for now, we could find limited information.

    It has been verified that Skyam Invest Ltd is not subject to any regulation, please be aware of the risk involved.

    Minimum Deposit

    Skyam Invest Ltd's minimum deposit requirement of $1,000 is far greater than that of the vast majority of genuine forex brokers.


    When it comes to trading leverage, Skyam Invest Ltd allows its clients to use the maximum trading leverage up to 1:400, which is significantly higher than the appropriate amount considered by most regulatory authorities.

    Trading leverage may increase your profits on one hand, but on the other hand, it can also cause serious fund losses, especially to inexperienced traders. Therefore, it is important for traders to choose the proper amount that they feel most at ease.

    Trading Platform

    Skyam Invest Ltd offers its clients the access to popular MT4 trading platform that can be available for Desktop, Mobile and Web terminals.

    Traders can quickly analyze market activity, place trades, and integrate automated systems thanks to this powerful platform's convenient workspace (Expert Advisors). Everything you need to begin trading on the financial markets, including all of the above features, is available in a single, convenient interface.

    Payment Methods

    The minimum deposit is $1,000. And Skyam Invest Ltd allows its clients to make a deposit and withdrawal through Wire Transfer, PayTrust88, Dragonpay, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, Payment Asia, OTC365.

    No withdrawal details are mentioned, although we think that users will never be able to take their money out.

    Customer Support

    Traders can reach out to Skyam Invest Ltd about any questions or concerns they may have about their accounts or their trading through the following methods:

    Telephone: +92 311 2200044


    Negative Reviews

    Many forex traders shared their terrible trading experience with Skyam Invest Ltd, saying this broker defraud them by stealing their deposited money and rejecting their withdrawal requests.

    Typical forex scams work like this: they get you deposit a lot of money, then manipulate your trading accounts, steal your money and disappear. Visit WikiFX to view the whole story.


    Risk Warning

    There is a level of danger that comes with trading on the financial markets. As sophisticated instruments, foreign exchange, futures, CFDs, and other financial contracts are typically traded using margin, which significantly increases the inherent risks involved. Therefore, you should consider carefully whether or not this sort of investment activity is right for you.

    The information presented in this article is intended solely for reference purposes.

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    more than one year
    If you don’t want to lose your money, just stay away from this broker. I have lost a big amount on this platform, and I hope you guys don’t do such silly things.
    2023-03-02 10:19
    more than one year
    Hello everyone, I have the same problem. I don't know how to get my money out of them. At first, it looked like a solid company, but this year there are more negative experiences. Don’t be cheated!!!
    2022-12-07 10:45
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