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+92 21 32472030-35
Suit # 203, 2nd Floor, Business & Finance Center, I.I Chundrigar Road. Opp. State Bank, Karachi.


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DJM · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name DJM
Registered Country/Area Pakistan
Founded Year 2015
Regulation Unregulated
Products & Services Stocks,Currencies,Indices,Commodities(CFD)tradingSpecific:SMS Services,Daily Transaction Report,Weekly Ledger,Foreign Investment
Account Types Individuals,Corporate
Trading Platform KiTS
Customer Support,Phone:+92 (213) 247 2030-35
Educational Resouces Media,Off Market Data,Weekly Report,Investor Awareness Guide-PSX,Investor Awareness Guide-SECP,Frequently Asked,Questions (FAQ)

Overview of DJM

DJM, founded in 2015 and based in Pakistan, operates as an unregulated financial service provider.

It offers a diverse array of products and services, including trading in stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities (CFDs). Additional specific services include SMS updates, daily transaction reports, weekly ledgers, and support for foreign investment.

DJM attracts both individual and corporate clients through its KiTS trading platform. The company emphasizes educational resources, providing media articles, off-market data, weekly reports, and various investor awareness guides in collaboration with Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Customer support is accessible via email and phone, ensuring that clients have reliable avenues for assistance.

Regulation Status

DJM operates as an unregulated financial service provider in Pakistan. This status means that it does not fall under the supervision of any official financial regulatory authority.

The absence of regulatory oversight can pose risks to investors, including less protection in terms of financial security and compliance with industry standards.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Various Trading Options and Services Unregulated Status
New Trading Platform No Live Chat
Educational and Analytical Tools Complexity for Beginners
Different Account Types
Long History


DJM offers a variety of trading options and services,satisfying a wide range of financial interests with products that include stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities through CFD trading.

The firm provides a modern trading platform, KiTS, which enhances the trading experience with its advanced features.

DJM is also committed to educating its clients, offering extensive resources such as off-market data, weekly reports, and investor awareness guides provided by PSX and SECP. The availability of different account types serves both individual and corporate clients, meeting diverse client needs.

Additionally, DJM's establishment in 2015 lends it a relatively long history compared to many startups, providing it with a depth of experience in financial services.


DJM's unregulated status is a significant drawback, as it means the firm does not adhere to any established financial regulatory authority's standards, which will pose risks in terms of financial security and transparency for its clients.

The absence of a live chat feature could hinder immediate communication, potentially frustrating clients who seek quick responses to trading issues or account questions.

Additionally, the array of sophisticated trading options and various educational tools, while beneficial, will overwhelm beginners who are new to trading and could face a steep learning curve.

This complexity necessitates a greater investment in learning and adaptation, which will deter novice traders from fully engaging with the platform.

Products & Services

DJM Securities Limited offers a various range of financial products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The core trading options provided by DJM include:

  • Stocks: Trading in a variety of stocks, enabling clients to invest in public companies.

  • Currencies: Forex trading services that allow clients to trade different currencies against each other.

  • Indices: Options to trade on major market indices, which aggregate the performance of select groups of stocks.

  • Commodities (CFDs): Trading in commodity contracts for difference (CFDs), which offer the opportunity to trade on the price movements of commodities without actually owning the physical goods.

In addition to these trading services, DJM Securities enhances its offering with specific support services that include:

  • SMS Services: Providing clients with timely updates and alerts via SMS, keeping them informed of market changes and account balances.

  • Daily Transaction Report: Sending daily summaries via email to help clients track their trading activity and account movements.

  • Weekly Ledger: A various weekly financial report that outlines all account transactions and balances, delivered to help clients maintain accurate records of their trading activities.

  • Foreign Investment: Offering specialized services for foreign investment portfolios, helping clients engage with international markets and diversify their investment strategies.

Products & Services

Account Types

Corporate Accounts

DJM Securities Limited attracts institutional and business clients through its Corporate Accounts, which are designed to facilitate the management of corporate financial strategies and investments.

These accounts offer access to a wide range of local and international equity and future markets, enabling businesses to diversify their portfolios and engage in sophisticated financial operations.

Corporate clients are required to comply with specific regulatory documents such as the CRF-Corporate and KYC-Corporate forms, ensuring all dealings adhere to financial regulations and standards.

Corporate Accounts

Individual Accounts

Tailored for private investors, the Individual Accounts at DJM Securities provide the means to trade in both local and international markets, allowing individuals to expand and manage their personal investment portfolios.

These accounts are equipped with necessary tools and forms, including CRF-Individual, KYC-Individual, and Sahulat, to streamline the account setup process and maintain regulatory compliance.

Individual investors benefit from various trading options and resources that enhance their trading experience and financial literacy.

Individual Accounts

How To Open An Account?

Opening an account with DJM Securities Limited is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few steps. Whether you are an individual or corporate client, heres how to get started:

  1. Choose the Account Type: Decide whether you need an Individual or Corporate account based on your investment needs and the nature of your entity. Each account type has tailored features and benefits suitable for the respective client category.

  2. Complete the Application Forms:Download and fill out the necessary forms from DJM Securities' website. For Individual accounts, complete the CRF-Individual, KYC-Individual, and Sahulat forms. For Corporate accounts, fill out the CRF-Corporate and KYC-Corporate forms. These forms gather essential information required to comply with regulatory standards.

  3. Submit Documentation:Along with your completed forms, submit any required documents that verify your identity and residence (for individuals) or your companys legal existence and operational status (for corporate clients).

  4. Await Approval and Activation:Once you submit your forms and supporting documents, DJM Securities will review your application for approval. This process may take a few days. After your account is approved, you will receive a confirmation, and your account will be activated, allowing you to start trading.

How To Open An Account?

Trading Platform

The KiTS Online Trading platform, known as the Karachi Internet Trading System, is an advanced online trading platform provided by the Pakistan Stock Exchange for investors associated with stock brokers.

It facilitates online trading, allowing investors to access and trade a variety of financial instruments efficiently. KiTS is part of PSX's suite of trading services that also includes other platforms, aiming to provide various trading solutions to its users.

This platform is designed to meet the needs of diverse traders, supporting a broad spectrum of trading activities on the PSX.

Trading Platform

Customer Support

DJM Securities offers various customer support from its head office and branch location. Clients can contact support via email at or through phone at +92 21 32472030-35.

The head office is located at Suit # 203, 2nd Floor, Business & Finance Center, I.I Chundrigar Road, opposite the State Bank in Karachi. Additionally, there's a branch office in Room # 431, 4th Floor, Pakistan Stock Exchange Building, Stock Exchange Road Tower, Karachi, further ensuring accessibility and support for clients across different locations.

Customer Support

Educational Resources

DJM Securities offers a suite of educational resources designed to enhance investor knowledge and skills. These include:

  • Media: Articles and updates that keep investors informed about the latest market trends.

  • Off Market Data: Insights and data that are not readily available on mainstream market platforms.

    • Educational Resources
  • Weekly Report: Regular updates that provide a summary of market activities and trends.

Educational Resources
  • Investor Awareness Guide-PSX and SECP: Guides that help investors understand trading practices and regulatory frameworks within the Pakistan Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

    • Educational Resources
  • FAQs: A section dedicated to answering common queries from investors, providing quick access to essential information and guidance.

Educational Resources


DJM Securities is a well-established financial services provider in Pakistan, offering a wide range of trading options such as stocks, currencies, and indices along with commodities through CFDs.

The firm attracts both individual and corporate clients, providing robust educational resources like weekly reports, off-market data, and detailed investor guides in collaboration with the PSX and SECP.

Their commitment to client education and the provision of various support through their offices in Karachi underlines their dedication to enhancing client investment strategies.


Question: What trading platforms does DJM Securities offer?

Answer: DJM Securities uses the KiTS (Karachi Internet Trading System) for facilitating online trading.

Question: Can I trade international markets with DJM Securities?

Answer: Yes, DJM Securities provides services for trading in both local and international equity and future markets.

Question: What educational resources does DJM Securities provide?

Answer: DJM offers media articles, off-market data, weekly reports, and investor guides in collaboration with PSX and SECP.

Question: How can I open an account with DJM Securities?

Answer: You can open an account by filling out the relevant forms available on their website and submitting the necessary documentation for verification.

Question: Where is DJM Securities located?

Answer: The head office is located at Suite #203, Business & Finance Center, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, with a branch in the Pakistan Stock Exchange Building.

Broker Information

Company Name

DJM Securities (Private) Limited

Company Abbreviation


Regulatory Status

No Regulation

Platform registered country and region


Phone of the company
  • +92 21 32472030-35









Company address
  • Suit # 203, 2nd Floor, Business & Finance Center, I.I Chundrigar Road. Opp. State Bank, Karachi.

  • Room # 431, 4th Floor, Pakistan Stock Exchange Building, Stock Exchange Road Tower Karachi.









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more than one year
I am very impressed with the website of DJM Securities Brokerage. Their website is very sound, informative, and the user interface design is friendly, giving a very professional and reliable impression. Although I haven't dealt with them yet, judging by their website, I am very confident that they will provide high-quality services. I have listed them as one of my alternative brokers.
2023-03-22 18:39
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