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MFF Financial

Australia|2-5 years|
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MT4/5 Identification

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MyanmarFinancial-Demo MT4
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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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MFF Financial

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MFF Financial

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Pyramid scheme complaint

MFF Financial · Company Summary

Information Details
Company Name MFF Financial
Registered Country/Region Australia
Founded in N/A
Regulation Not regulated
Market Instruments N/A
Trading Platforms MT4 trading platform
Minimum Deposit N/A
Maximum Leverage N/A
Account Types N/A
Spreads N/A
Commission N/A
Deposit Methods N/A
Education Resources N/A
Customer Support E-mail only

Since MFF Financial's official website ( is temporarily down for now, we could only piece together this brokerage house's rough picture by gathering some relevant information from other websites.

General Information

Since MFF Financial's official website ( is temporarily down for now, we could only piece together this brokerage houses rough picture by gathering some relevant information from other websites.

It is important for traders to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any online forex broker. MFF Financial is a forex broker based in Australia. While the exact founding date is not specified, the company operates within the Australian jurisdiction. It's important to note that MFF Financial is not regulated by any specific financial regulatory authority. This lack of regulation raises concerns about the company's credibility and the level of protection it offers to its clients.

The specific market instruments offered by MFF Financial are not mentioned, and details regarding account types, spreads, commissions, minimum deposit requirements, maximum leverage, and deposit methods are also unavailable.

MFF Financial provides traders with the popular MT4 trading platform, known for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. However, information about education resources or additional trading platforms is not provided. Customer support is available solely through email, suggesting that responses may not be immediate. It's advisable to contact MFF Financial directly for personalized assistance and further information about their services and offerings.


Is MFF Financial legit or a scam?

MFF Financial lacks regulation from any recognized financial regulatory authority, which means it operates without oversight or adherence to specific regulatory standards. I'd like to mention another highly regulated broker, Trade Nation, which is a regulated broker and complies with the regulations set by three recognized authorities: ASIC, FCA, and SCB. This regulation ensures that Trade Nation follows stringent standards and maintains a high level of integrity.

Trading with an unregulated broker like MFF Financial carries more risks compared to trading with a regulated broker. Unregulated brokers may not provide the same level of safety and protection for your investments and might be more prone to fraudulent activities or unethical practices.

To safeguard your investments and ensure a secure trading experience, it is highly recommended to conduct thorough research and carefully assess a broker before depositing any funds or entering into a trading partnership with them. Choosing a regulated broker, like Trade Nation, can provide you with additional peace of mind and confidence in your trading activities.


Pros and Cons

MFF Financial is a trading platform that has both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, it offers a user-friendly trading platform known as MT4, which is widely recognized and favored by many traders.

However, there are several drawbacks associated with MFF Financial. Firstly, it lacks specific regulation, which means it operates without oversight from a recognized financial regulatory authority. This can raise concerns about the safety and security of your investments.

Secondly, MFF Financial does not offer 24/7 customer support, which can be inconvenient if you encounter any issues or have urgent queries outside of their support hours. Additionally, MFF Financial does not provide a demo account, which can be a disadvantage for traders who prefer to practice their strategies and test the platform before committing real funds. MFF Financial also lacks essential information on account types and spreads, which can make it challenging for potential traders to understand the costs and benefits associated with trading on their platform.

Another downside is that MFF Financial's official website may be inaccessible at times, which can cause inconvenience and hinder access to important information. Furthermore, MFF Financial does not specify the minimum deposit requirements, making it difficult for traders to plan their investments and determine the initial amount needed to start trading. Lastly, MFF Financial has limited customer support options, which may result in slower response times and less comprehensive assistance for users.

Pros Cons
A user-friendly trading platform MT4 No specific regulation
No 24/7 customer support
Not offering a demo account
lack of essential information on account types, spreads
Inaccessible official website
Minimum deposit requirements not specified
Limited customer support

Trading Platform

MFF Financial provides its clients with access to the widely recognized MT4 trading platform, which is available for desktop, mobile, and web terminals. This platform offers a range of features that can enhance the trading experience for users.

With the MT4 platform, traders can efficiently analyze market activity and make informed trading decisions. The platform provides tools and indicators that help users monitor price movements, identify trends, and execute trades accordingly. This can be particularly useful for traders who rely on technical analysis in their strategies.

The MT4 platform also allows for the integration of automated trading systems, known as Expert Advisors. These automated systems can execute trades based on pre-defined parameters and rules, saving time and effort for traders who prefer algorithmic trading.

By providing all the necessary features in a single, convenient interface, MFF Financial ensures that traders have everything they need to start trading in the financial markets. This streamlines the trading process and eliminates the need for multiple platforms or software.

Overall, the availability of the MT4 trading platform on various devices and its convenient workspace make trading with MFF Financial a smooth and efficient experience. Traders can benefit from the powerful tools and features offered by the platform to analyze the market, place trades, and even automate their trading strategies.


Customer Support

Worryingly, traders with any inquiries or trading-related problems can only get in touch with this brokerage through email: This leaves you nowhere to turn if something goes wrong throughout the trading process,

Because there is a delay in receiving responses to emails.

Risk Warning

Engaging in trading on the financial markets involves a level of risk that should not be overlooked. Instruments such as foreign exchange, futures, CFDs, and other financial contracts are complex and often traded using margin, which amplifies the inherent risks associated with these investments. It is crucial to carefully evaluate whether such investment activity aligns with your personal circumstances and risk tolerance.

The information provided in this article serves as a valuable point of reference for traders. It is intended to provide insights and knowledge that can assist traders in making informed decisions. By having access to reliable information, traders can better understand the intricacies of the financial markets and navigate their investment strategies more effectively.

It is important to note that this article does not constitute financial advice or recommendations. Each individual's financial situation and goals are unique, and it is essential to seek personalized advice from a qualified financial professional when making investment decisions.

By acknowledging the risks involved and utilizing the information presented as a reference, traders can approach their investment activities with a more comprehensive understanding. This empowers them to make well-informed decisions that align with their financial objectives and risk tolerance.


Overall, while MFF Financial offers a user-friendly trading platform, potential traders should consider the drawbacks mentioned above and carefully assess their requirements and risk tolerance before deciding to trade with MFF Financial. It is important to prioritize safety, regulation, customer support, and access to essential information when choosing a trading platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is MFF Financial?

A: MFF Financial is a company that offers financial services and investment opportunities to individuals and businesses. They provide various financial solutions, including investment management, wealth advisory, and portfolio diversification.

Q: What types of investments does MFF Financial offer?

A: MFF Financial offers a range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate, and alternative investments. They tailor their investment strategies to meet the specific goals and risk tolerance of their clients.

Q: How can I open an account with MFF Financial?

A: To open an account with MFF Financial, you typically need to visit their website or contact their team directly.

Q: What are the fees associated with MFF Financial's services?

A: The fees associated with MFF Financial's services may vary depending on the specific products or services you utilize. Common fees may include management fees, advisory fees, and transaction fees. It's essential to review and understand the fee structure before engaging in any financial services with the company.

Q: Does MFF Financial offer financial planning services?

A: Yes, MFF Financial often offers financial planning services to help clients establish and achieve their long-term financial goals. They can assist with retirement planning, education planning, tax strategies, estate planning, and more.

Q: What is the minimum investment requirement?

A: The minimum investment requirement may vary depending on the specific investment products or services offered by MFF Financial. It's recommended to inquire directly with the company.

Q: Is my investment with MFF Financial insured?

A: MFF Financial typically does not provide insurance for investments. However, they may utilize established financial institutions or custodians to safeguard and hold client assets. It's important to understand the specific investment products and any associated risks before making investment decisions.

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more than one year
Traded with MFF financial two years ago, been impressed by its low spreads and responsive customer service. However, my friend told me that this broker has shut down not long ago, what a pity.
2023-02-27 10:52
more than one year
Invested a small amount of money into this business due to circumstances I did not have time to keep an eye on this so decided to withdraw. But I was still waiting for one and a half years later, and no reply to my email from my account manager. DON'T TOUCH THEM.
2022-12-16 16:13
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