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KGI Asia

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KGI Asia

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KGI Asia

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Hong Kong

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KGI Asia · Company summary

General Information & Regulation of KGI Securities

KGI Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Development Financial Holdings Corporation and offers a full range of financial products, including brokerage, proprietary trading, underwriting, bonds, derivatives, and wealth management. KGI Securities has offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and China.

Main Businesses of KGI Securities

KGI Securities provides financial products such as Hong Kong stocks, global stocks, futures and options, bonds, investment immigration programs, and financial planning services.

Commissions and Fees of KGI Securities

The commission for online investment services for Hong Kong stocks is 0.25% with a minimum charge of HK$100; the commission for iShare transactions is 0.25% with a minimum charge of HK$100. The transaction fee for short-selling and repurchase shares is 0.5% with a minimum charge of HK$200; stamp duty, transaction levy, transaction fee, and settlement fee are all based on the Hong Kong stock transaction levy standard. The fee for subscribing to new shares is HK$100 (HKD denominated shares), and the brokerage commission is 1%. Details of the fees for global stocks, futures, and options are available on KGI Securities' website.

Trading Platform Available of KGI Securities

KGI KGI Securities provides trading software mainly including Outright Wise SP/Outright Wise, KGI Hong Kong Token-Android/iPhone version, Online Investment Pro, and Mobile Trading Platform.

Funds Deposit & Withdrawals of KGI Securities

KGI's securities and stock options accounts can be accessed in three ways: Fast Transfer Service (FPS), Standard Chartered Bank [Deposit Easy] account service, HSBC [Bill Payment] service, [Bill Payment Spirit] service, and Internet Banking [Bill Payment] service (except for HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, and China Merchants Wing Lung Bank). Other deposit methods include KGI [Deposit Pass], fax or email, KGI Online Investment Service.

Stocks Deposit & Withdrawal

For physical stock deposits, traders can fill in the online stock deposit form or send physical stock to KGI offices; for stock withdrawal, traders can directly fill in the online stock withdrawal form.

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more than one year
KGI Asia offers a wide range of financial products and services, including wealth management, stocks, bonds, insurance, mutual funds, etc., aiming to provide investors with a comprehensive range of investment options. The website also provides real-time market data and analytical tools to help investors make informed investment decisions. In addition, KGI Hong Kong's trading platform is easy to use, simple to operate, fast execution, and customer service is very professional and efficient.
2023-03-28 11:38
more than one year
KGI Asia is a complete scam company. They use various means to attract you to deposit. After you deposit, their purpose is achieved, and their attitude towards you suddenly changes!
2023-02-28 14:29
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