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A Visit to SquaredFinancial in Cyprus -- With Quite Large Business Scale

Great Cyprus

3 Riga Fereou, Olziit, Limassol District, Cyprus

A Visit to SquaredFinancial in Cyprus -- With Quite Large Business Scale
Great Cyprus

Brand Story

SquaredFinancial is an investment company registered in Cyprus. As an authorized and regulated enterprise, SquaredFinancial combines financial market expertise with dedicated customer support and give clients a flexible technology backed solution which works for first time traders to professional investors.

Website Address 

Regulatory information

According to the regulatory information, the broker SquaredFinancial has the MM licence issued by CySEC and located at Archiepiskopou Makariou 205, Victory House, 5th floor, 3030 Limassol, Cyprus. 

In addition, the broker also holds the general financial licence issued by IFSRA.

On-site visit



The survey team followed the address on the regulatory information to an office building located at Archiepiskopou Makariou III 205, Limassol, Cyprus. The building named “Victory House” is 200 meters away from the seaside. Located in the most prosperous commercial street of Limassol, the building has a superior and convenient location. 


Entering the building, the team saw the logo of SquaredFinancial on the the directory of lobby. 


The team took the elevator to the 5th floor, where they clearly saw the logo of SquaredFinancial, which stands out at the door of office. 



The team thus entered the broker’s office to further complete the survey. At the reception desk of company, there is a conspicuous logo of SquaredFinancial. Looking around, the interior design and decoration of company is quite high-end. In addition, it was learned that there are approximately 35 employees on duty.   


It is confirmed after the survey team’s site visit that SquaredFinancial’s office indeed is located at the regulatory address. The office scale is quite large with approximately 35 employees on duty. Please be prudent when trading with this broker.    


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as final order for making choice.

Broker Information



10-15 years |Regulated in Germany |Retail Forex License |MT4/5 full license |Medium potential risk |Offshore Regulatory |
  • Company Name:
    Squared Financial Services Limited
  • Country/region of Registry:
  • Company Abbreviation:
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:


10-15 years | Regulated in Germany | Retail Forex License | MT4/5 full license | Medium potential risk | Offshore Regulatory |
  • Company Name: Squared Financial Services Limited
  • Company Abbreviation: SQUAREDFINANCIAL
  • Country/region of Registry: Cyprus
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:00441615291334

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