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Regulated in Cyprus|Straight Through Processing(STP)|Suspicious Scope of Business|Medium potential risk|


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+357 25281811
Gladstonos 69, Acropolis Center 5th Floor 3040 Limassol Cyprus


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+357 25281811

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SM CAPITAL MARKETS · Company Summary

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.

General Information

Registered Country/Region Cyprus
Regulation CySEC
Market Instruments Forex, indices, futures, spot energies, metals, shares, cryptocurrencies
Demo Account Available
Leverage 1:30
EUR/ USD Spreads 0.7 pips (One account)0.6 pips (Plus account)
Trading Platforms MT5, Scope Trader
Minimum Deposit $200 (One account)$10,000 (Plus account)
Customer Support Phone, email, live chat


SM Capital Markets is a regulated brokerage firm, authorized and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). As a reputable financial institution, SM Capital Markets offers a wide range of trading instruments across different asset classes. SM Capital Markets provides two live account types and demo accounts, allowing traders to practice and familiarize themselves with the platform in a risk-free environment. It offers MT5 and Scope Trader to trade.


In the following article, we will analyze the characteristics of this broker from various aspects, providing you with simple and organized information. If you are interested, please read on. At the end of the article, we will also briefly make a conclusion so that you can understand the broker's characteristics at a glance.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
• Regulated by Cyprus • No social media presence
• Demo account available • High minimum deposit amount
• MT5 supported
• Trading Tools and Resources
• Commission-free

SM CAPITAL MARKETS Alternative Brokers

There are many alternative brokers to SM CAPITAL MARKETS depending on the specific needs and preferences of the trader. Some popular options include:

  • Interstellar FX - A trading platform that provides a wide range of financial instruments, leveraging advanced technology to offer a seamless trading experience to its clients.

  • AETOS - A global forex and CFD broker providing competitive trading services and advanced trading platforms to traders worldwide.

  • IC Markets - A well-regulated broker with low spreads and fast execution speeds.


SM CAPITAL MARKETS is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which was established in accordance with section 5 of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Establishment and Responsibilities) Law of 2001 as a public legal entity. It is regulated by reputable authorities, has been in operation for several years, and has received positive reviews from many customers. Based on the information available, SM CAPITAL MARKETS appears to be a reliable and trustworthy broker.

However, as with any investment, there is always some level of risk involved, and it is important for traders to do their own research and carefully consider their options before investing.

CYSEC license

Market Instruments

SM CAPITAL MARKETS offers a variety of trading instruments across different asset classes, including forex, indices, futures, spot energies, metals, shares and cryptocurrencies.

-Forex (foreign exchange): It allows traders to buy and sell currency pairs, taking advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates.


-Indices: Indices represent a basket of stocks from a specific market, providing investors with exposure to multiple companies in a particular sector or region.


-Futures: Futures are contracts to buy or sell an asset at a future date at a predetermined price, offering opportunities for speculators and hedgers.


-Spot energies: Spot energies refer to the trading of energy commodities, such as oil and gas, at the current market price.

spot energies

-Metals: Metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, are popular for their intrinsic value and safe-haven status during economic uncertainties.


-Shares: Shares represent ownership in a company, allowing investors to participate in its growth and profitability.


-Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity in recent years. These digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, operate on decentralized networks and present unique opportunities for investors interested in the blockchain technology space.



SM CAPITAL MARKETS offers two live account types including One account and Plus account with the minimum deposit requirement of $200 and $10,000 respectively and demo accounts.

  • One Account:

- This account type is suitable for traders who are new to the market or prefer to start with a smaller investment.

- It offers access to a variety of trading instruments across different asset classes, including forex, indices, futures, spot energies, metals, shares, and cryptocurrencies.

- Specific details about leverage, spreads, commissions, and other trading conditions may be provided by SM Capital Markets.

- Additional services, such as educational resources or customer support, may also be available.

One Account
  • Plus Account:

- This account type is designed for more experienced traders or those who have a larger capital base.

- It provides access to a similar range of trading instruments as the One account across various asset classes.

- The Plus account may offer different features or benefits compared to the One account, such as enhanced trading conditions or additional services.

- Traders with a Plus account may have access to personalized support or account management services.

Plus Account
  • Demo Account:

-A demo account is a simulated trading account that allows traders to practice trading strategies and explore the platforms features without risking real money.

-It is usually funded with virtual or demo funds, providing a risk-free environment for traders to gain experience and confidence.

-Traders can use a demo account to familiarize themselves with the trading platform, test different trading strategies, and execute trades in real-time market conditions.


SM Capital Markets offers a maximum leverage of 1:30 for their accounts. Leverage is a common feature in forex and CFD trading that allows traders to control positions that exceed the amount of capital they possess. In this case, the leverage limit of 1:30 means that for every $1 of capital, traders can have exposure to $30 in the market.

Leverage can be a powerful tool that magnifies potential profits, but it's important to understand that it also amplifies potential losses. While leverage increases the buying power of traders, it also increases the risk inherent in trading. As a result, traders need to be mindful of the potential impact of leverage on their trading strategies and risk management.


Spreads & Commissions

SM Capital Markets offers competitive spreads for their One account and Plus account. The spread refers to the difference between the buying and selling price of a financial instrument, and it can be seen as the cost of trading. In the case of SM Capital Markets, the One account has a spread starting from 0.6 pips, while the Plus account has a slightly higher spread starting from 0.7 pips.

A tight spread is generally desirable for traders, as it means they can enter and exit positions with lower transaction costs. A lower spread allows for more efficient trading, especially for short-term traders or those who engage in high-frequency trading strategies. SM Capital Markets' competitive spreads indicate that they aim to provide traders with cost-effective trading options.


In addition, it is worth noting that according to the information provided, SM Capital Markets does not charge any commissions. This means that traders do not incur any additional fees on top of the spreads for executing trades. Not charging commissions can be advantageous for traders, as it reduces the overall transaction costs associated with trading.

Below is a comparison table about spreads and commissions charged by different brokers:

Broker EUR/USD Spread Commission
SM CAPITAL MARKETS 0.6 pips (One account) None
Interstellar FX 1.6 pips None
AETOS 1.2 pips None
IC Markets 0.1 pips $3 per lot

Note: The information presented in this table may be subject to change and it is always recommended to check with the broker's official website for the latest information on spreads and commissions.

Trading Platforms

SM Capital Markets offers the popular MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform and Scope Trader for their clients. MT5 is a robust and comprehensive trading platform that provides traders with a wide range of advanced features and tools for efficient and flexible trading.

MT5 is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginner and experienced traders. It offers a customizable layout that allows traders to arrange and personalize their trading environment according to their preferences. The platform supports multiple languages, enabling traders from different regions to easily navigate and use the platform.

  • Scope Trader

Scope Trader, a robust and feature-rich trading platform, offers a variety of tools and functionalities designed to enhance traders' trading experience and provide them with valuable insights. To ensure traders stay informed, Scope Trader offers the latest financial and investing news. Traders can rely on this platform to receive relevant and reliable information that can significantly impact the markets. By keeping users up to date with key events and developments, Scope Trader empowers traders to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Scope Trader

See the trading platform comparison table below:

Broker Trading Platform
Interstellar FX MT4
IC Markets MT4, MT5, cTrader

Trading Tools

SM Capital Markets provides a range of trading tools to assist traders in making informed decisions and maximizing their trading potential. These tools include a dividends calendar and trading calculators that can be highly beneficial for traders.

  • Dividend Calendar

The dividends calendar offered by SM Capital Markets is a valuable tool for traders interested in dividend trading or investing. It provides a schedule of upcoming dividend payments by various companies, allowing traders to plan their trading strategies accordingly. By staying informed about dividend dates and expected payouts, traders can make informed decisions on whether to hold positions and potentially benefit from dividend income.

Dividend Calendar
  • Trading Calculators

In addition to the dividends calendar, SM Capital Markets also offers trading calculators including PIP, Margin, Swap and Profit calculator. These calculators help traders quickly and accurately assess important trading metrics such as position size, risk management, and potential profits or losses. By inputting relevant data such as the desired risk level or the entry and exit prices of a trade, traders can get instant calculations that aid in making sound trading decisions. These calculators save traders time and effort and provide them with a clear understanding of the potential outcomes of their trades.

Margin Calculator

Deposits & Withdrawals

SM Capital Markets offers convenient and secure deposit and withdrawal methods for their clients. Traders have the flexibility to choose from various options, including Bank Transfers, VISA, and Mastercard, to fund their accounts or withdraw their profits.

SM CAPITAL MARKETS minimum deposit vs other brokers

Minimum Deposit $200 (One account) $100

Bank Transfers are a traditional and widely used method for depositing and withdrawing funds. Traders can initiate transfers directly from their bank accounts to their SM Capital Markets trading accounts. For those who prefer the convenience of card payments, SM Capital Markets accepts deposits and withdrawals through VISA and Mastercard. The platform allows clients to link their cards to their trading accounts, enabling quick and seamless transactions. This method is especially popular among traders who prefer the ease and speed of card payments.

Here are the details of deposits and withdrawals:

Bank Transfer 3-5 workingdays 3-5 workingdays FREE FREE 200 USD Unlimited 100 USD orequivalent Unlimited
Nuvei(formely Safecharge)VISAMastercard *Usually within 10 minutes 3-5 workingdays FREE FREE 200 USD 10,000 USD per transaction Unlimited 50,000 USD per day

User Exposure on WikiFX

On our website, you can see that a report of scam. Traders are encouraged to carefully review the available information and consider the risks associated with trading on an unregulated platform. You can check our platform for information before trading. If you find such fraudulent brokers or have been a victim of one, please let us know in the Exposure section, we would appreciate it and our team of experts will do everything possible to solve the problem for you.

User Exposure on WikiFX

Customer Service

SM Capital Markets offers live chat for their traders. Customers can visit their office or get in touch with customer service lines using the information provided below:

Telephone: +357 25281811


Address: Doma Building 1st floor, 227 Archeipiskopou Makariou III Avenue, 3105 Limassol

contact details


SM Capital Markets places a strong emphasis on education and providing valuable resources to empower traders with knowledge and skills.

  • Trader Resources

One of the educational features provided by SM Capital Markets is a comprehensive collection of trader resources. These resources may include articles, tutorials, videos, and webinars that cover various topics related to trading. Traders can access these resources to expand their knowledge on fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, trading strategies, and other essential aspects of trading. By engaging with these materials, traders can learn at their own pace and deepen their understanding of the markets.

Trader Resources
  • Economic Calendar

To keep traders well-informed about upcoming economic events and announcements, SM Capital Markets offers an economic calendar. This calendar provides a schedule of key economic indicators, such as GDP releases, interest rate decisions, employment reports, and more. Traders can utilize this calendar to stay updated on important events that may have a significant impact on the markets. By understanding how economic data can influence market dynamics, traders can make more informed trading decisions.

Economic Calendar
  • E-books

To further support traders in their learning journey, SM Capital Markets may provide e-books on various trading topics. These e-books offer in-depth insights and analysis, providing traders with valuable information and strategies to enhance their trading skills. Traders can access these e-books to gain a deeper understanding of specific trading concepts and further develop their trading strategies.

  • FAQ

Additionally, SM Capital Markets likely provides a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on their platform. This section addresses common queries and concerns that traders may have. By referring to the FAQ section, traders can find answers to their questions and access valuable information about the platform's features, account management, trading processes, and more. This resource serves as a quick and convenient reference for traders seeking clarifications or guidance.



In conclusion, SM CAPITAL MARKETS is a trading platform that offers a range of services to its clients. The platform provides access to various financial markets, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on different trading opportunities. With its user-friendly interface and advanced charting tools, SM CAPITAL MARKETS's trading platforms, MT5 and Scope Trader, caters to the needs of both beginner and advanced traders. It offers a range of trading tools and educational resources for their clients. And it is regulated by CySEC.

Overall, SM CAPITAL MARKETS can be an good choice for beginners due to its regulated status, demo accounts, and accessible customer support. However, users should be aware of the platform's limitations, including the limited product range, restrictions on certain trading strategies, inactivity fees, and a somewhat restricted research selection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: Is SM CAPITAL MARKETS regulated?
A 1: Yes. It is regulated by CySEC .
Q 2: How can I contact the customer support team at SM CAPITAL MARKETS?
A 2: You can contact via phone, +357 25281811 and email,
Q 3: Does SM CAPITAL MARKETS offer demo accounts?
A 3: Yes.
Q 4: Does SM CAPITAL MARKETS offer the industry leading MT4 & MT5?
A 4: Yes. It supports MT5 and Scope Trader.
Q 5: What is the minimum deposit for SM CAPITAL MARKETS?
A 5: The minimum initial deposit to open an account is $200.
Q 6: Is SM CAPITAL MARKETS a good broker for beginners?
A 6: Yes. It is a good choice for beginners because it is regulated well and offers various trading instruments with competitive trading conditions on the leading MT5 platform. Also, it offers demo accounts that allow traders to practice trading without risking any real money.

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more than one year
Even though this broker seems solid, I would advise caution and don't get carried away by the initial bonus. come on! There are too many scammers in the foreign exchange market.
2022-12-12 11:22
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