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2022-07-26 14:34 Released in Australia Australia

Unable to withdraw. The balance of account is cleared.

On April 15th this year, the liar Pan Xinglong added me as a friend by phone number and then asked me to chat with Line. Finally, the liar Pan XingLong (Pan Xinglong) tricked me into trading gold futures on this fraud platform and invested more than 200,000 AUD, and then made some US dollars. The account ended up with more than 227,000 US dollars. When I wanted to withdraw the money, the platform asked me to pay more than 68,000 US dollars on the grounds that my account violated the operation. After I paid part of the risk deposit, I still owed more than 40,000 yuan. Then Pan Xinglong took me to trade, and the platform turned the money in my account into a negative number. Finally, I asked to close the account and return my insurance money. The platform customer service pushed three No solution to push four, and no response to emails to them. This black platform has a total of 4 gangs. Guo Juan, Wang Jin Chen , Pan Xing long , Shi Meng long. Registered address: Unit G1, capital House 61 Amherst Road, London E81LL United Kingdom.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


今年4月15日骗子潘兴龙用Kevin 的名字通过电话号码加我好友,然后叫我用Line 聊天,最后就被骗子Pan XingLong(潘兴龙)诱骗到这个黑平台进行黄金期货交易,投资了二十多万澳币,然后赚了一些美金,帐户最后有二十二万七千多美金,当我想提钱出来时,平台就以我的帐户违反操作为由,要我交6万八千多元美金的风险保证金,我交了部分以后还欠4万多,然后潘兴龙又以带我交易为由,平台把我帐上的钱变成负数,最后我要求关闭帐户交还我的保险金,平台客服推三推四不给解决,给他们发邮件也不予理睬。这个黑平台一共有4名团伙。Guo Juan, Wang Jin Chen , Pan Xing long , Shi Meng long. 注册地址:Unit G1, capital House 61 Amherst Road, London E81LL United Kingdom.

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