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2022-01-07 20:41 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

My trading account is 8884440 88848366 88849752, MultiBank does not allow withdrawals of $45026.99 in total

My trading platform is: MultiBank Platform, my trading account is 88844440, 88848366, and 88849752 for three accounts. As of January 7, 2022, my three accounts still have balance: 88848366 Account equity: $26193.90, 88844440 account Equity: $11040.76; 88849752 Account Equity: $7792.33. The total net worth of the three accounts is $45,026.99. The withdrawal application has been unsuccessful since November 2021. On November 1st, a withdrawal of USD 7,500 was requested from the 88848366 account. As a result, the payment was delayed for half a month and finally returned to the account. Then, the platform informed that transfer can be only made via international remittance in US dollars. But the bank in my city does not accept international remittances in US dollars. Then, the MultiBank platform told me that I could make small amount of RMB withdrawal. From December 6, 2021, I filed 10 small withdrawals from each of the three accounts. As a result, the deduction was not made nor paid. During this period, I also made a large amount of RMB withdrawals. As a result, it was rejected by MultiBank. For the past two months, I had been communicating with customer service everyday to see if I can withdraw money. As a result, it said that it was being handled, and it was being handled everyday, but it was never handled. I also sent many emails to the MultiBank platform, requesting to solve the withdrawal problem. But no responds. My three accounts have a total of nearly one million funds in MultiBank. After they had a problem, in order to get the remaining funds back, countless orders were cut with big losses. But these are not worth to mention. Most importantly, the MultiBank does not withdraw remaining fund for me. What a fraud. I send the the bank account that I used for deposit and transaction recod of deposit to the platform. Hope that it will catch people's attention.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation

我的交易账户是8884440 88848366 88849752,大通金融不让出金总共:45026.99美元。

我的交易平台是:大通金融平台,我的交易账户是88844440 88848366 88849752三个账户,截止2022年1月7日,我三个账户还有资金明细如果:88848366账户净值:26193.90美元,;88844440账户净值:11040.76美元;88849752账户净值 :7792.33美元。三个账户总共净值合计:45026.99美元。从2021年11月开始申请出金就一直不成功。11月1日从88848366账户申请出金7500美元。结果拖了半个月不打款 最后又退回账户。然后平台通知说只能美元国际汇款。但是我所在的城市的银行不接收美元国际汇款落账。然后大通金融平台告诉我可以提起小额人民币出金。从2021年12月6日,我分别从三个账户里提起了10笔小额出金。结果硬是不给办理扣款打款。我期间也提起过大额的人民币出金。结果直接被大通后台拒绝了。这两个月来,我每天都在跟客服沟通,能否给我出金。结果天天说在办理,在办理,但是就是一直没有办理。我也给大通金融平台的邮箱发了很多次邮件,要求解决出金问题。但是一都没有给回复。我三个账户前前后后一共在大通入了将近一百万资金,大通出了问题后,为了把剩余的资金取回来,砍单无数。亏损很大。但是这些都不提了,最主要的大通直接不给我出最后的资金。这太黑心了。我把我入金时涉及的银行账户还有入金的记录也发到平台上。希望能引起大家的注意。

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