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Meiji Yasuda

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Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Company Ltd.

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Meiji Yasuda

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Meiji Yasuda · Company summary

General Information & Regulation

Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Company Ltd. was established in 1986 as the core asset management company of Meiji Yasuda Life Group, and the company is committed to providing a diverse range of asset management services and products. The company is authorized and regulated by the Japan Securities Dealers Association, and its financial instrument operator number is Kanto Finance Bureau Director (Financial Instruments) No. 405. In addition, Meiji Yasuda is regulated by the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) under license number 8010401040306.

Market Instruments

Meiji Yasuda mainly provides investment advisory services and investment trust entrustment services to clients, covering domestic/foreign stocks, domestic/foreign bonds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and other balanced funds.

About NISA Account

NISA is a small investment tax exemption system introduced in 2014. It is available to adults over 20 years of age living in Japan. The maximum purchase amount is 1.2 million yen per year, and the tax-free period is five years. Under this system, dividend income and transfer proceeds from publicly offered stock investment trusts and listed stocks are exempt from tax. Only one NISA account can be opened per person.

Meiji Yasuda Fees

Meiji Yasuda charges fees to clients when providing products and various services as needed during the transaction process. Fees for investment advisory contracts and discretionary investment contracts are calculated by multiplying the amount of contract assets (in principle, the average balance of market value assets) by a pre-determined fee rate. The fee rate varies depending on the nature of the contract with the client, the investment situation, etc. Other fees (including contingency fees) are charged on a case-by-case basis depending on investment objectives, management methods, services and other factors.

Meiji Yasuda Risks

Each financial product is subject to the risk of loss from various causes. In the case of foreign stocks/bonds, for example, they are subject to the risk of price fluctuations due to changes in indices such as stock prices, interest rates and exchange rates. The risk that the principal of assets under management will be reduced due to the bankruptcy or deterioration of the financial condition of the issuer of stocks and bonds. In some cases, transactions may encounter the risk of loss of principal or excess principal.

Customer Service

Meiji Yasuda assigns each client a clearly identified responsible person who will deal directly with each client's request. In addition to monthly and quarterly investment reports, the company will provide ad hoc reports upon request. In addition, Meiji Yasuda will hold regular investment status meetings (in principle quarterly) to report to clients on the current status of assets under management, investment performance, investment behavior, market outlook and future investment policies.


Robo-Adviser is a new-age financial technology service provided by Meiji Yasuda to its clients. Generally, clients only need to answer 5 questions and make a diagnosis through Roboad. Subsequently, Robo-Adviser can provide guidance on asset allocation, principal loss probability, investment trust selection, etc. based on their actual situation and requirements. There is no fee for this service.

Cons & Pros of Meiji Yasuda

Pros Cons
FSA-regulated Other fees applied
Rich trading assets
Competitive fee structure
Advanced trading technology
Regular investment status meetings

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more than one year
Meiji Yasuda is a legit brokerage firm, no doubt about it. They've been around for ages, so you know they're doing something right. Their trading conditions are pretty good too - I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off every time I make a trade. But the downside is that their customer service is a bit of a mystery. There's not much info about it on their site, which can be frustrating. But overall, I'm happy with Meiji Yasuda and would recommend them to anyone looking for a solid broker.
2023-04-23 18:13
more than one year
Been trading with Meiji Yasuda for a while now and I gotta say, I'm impressed! They've got years of experience, so you know they've seen it all. Plus, they're regulated by the FSA, which gives me a lot of confidence in their reliability. The best part? Their fees are competitive, so I'm not losing money left and right. The only downside is that their website construction is a bit backward. But hey, if you want a solid broker that knows what they're doing, Meiji Yasuda is a great choice.
2023-04-23 18:11
more than one year
I am very impressed with this company! It has a long history, rich trading products, and is strictly regulated by the FSA... After all, safety is the most important thing.
2022-11-22 13:58
Miguel Pinesela
more than one year
8 months into live trading and i dont see anything out of the ordinary, broker keeps up as advertised, good trading instruments, good process... Over all they are really good.
2022-11-16 10:14
more than one year
Haven't use this compan, as far as I'm concerned, this company provides diversified range of services......
2022-11-15 15:52
Good I love it so much keep on doing good work
2022-10-15 16:23
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