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GAIN Capital Singapore Pte Ltd

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Previous Detection : 2023-03-22
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
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Pyramid scheme complaint

Fake platform, fraud platform, unable to withdraw funds, deliberately hedge and lock positions!

Pay attention to people on the fraudulent network, and keep in mind that the names and appearances of these people are unfair. It is not allowed for me to invest more than 200,000 yuan in gold investment with my teacher in the middle of this year. The teacher who induced me to join at that time was named Chen Ming, Zhang Hongye, through my long-term follow-up and the investigation of my criminal investigators, they are still cheating. The aliases they use are Wang Tianshun and Liu Zhenhua. The platform they are currently using is a fake City Index stolen from the regular international market. The platform, the official website is The people involved in the fraud include the master account Xu Hao (real name Zeng Xinghao), the assistant account Lin Ziyi (real name Chen Xiaomei), and the business account. After repeated investigations by the police, the process of their deception is as follows: the boss’s name is (real name Lin Jian), he invested money, and let the people below him cheat. Chat software [listen to chat], and then introduce Wang Tianshun through the business account. Wang Tianshun will invite him into the group after a simple chat with the fish. After two or three days after the group is established, he will start giving lectures and invite his friend Liu Zhensheng to come together During this period, the assistant account Lin Ziyi (real name Chen Xiaomei) was launched on the grounds of sending gifts for the teacher, and the brainwashing has been started since then. During the marketing process, a master Xu Hao (real name Zeng Xinghao) who has a strong investment and successful career will suddenly appear in the group ) often give out red envelopes, gradually Wang Tianshun will start to slowly guide everyone to make gold, and his friend Liu Zhensheng will also start brainwashing to make gold together with the fish with lectures, plus business account, assistant account Lin Ziyi (real name Chen Xiaomei), Master Xu Hao (real name Zeng Xinghao) brainwashed the fish and slowly guided him to trade in gold. He used the daily earning of 2 points to trade in stocks and the nightly earning of 8 points to trade in gold to lure the fish into the gold market. A team will be formed later to reduce handling fees. , The top-up promotions are used to block the funds of Dayu, so that it can continue to recharge. In the end, this master Xu Hao (real name Zeng Xinghao) will get the gold account of the fish, help the fish to operate the gold, make money and make a lot of money, and then start hedging and locking, and will not close the position for the fish, saying that he can only close the position and withdraw cash if he makes up money , After making up the money, it will say that you need to pay the authentication fee, because the account detection is operated by someone else, and you need to log in from another place. You need to authenticate yourself, and you have to pay. The fish will be the last to withdraw money until the fish has no money. I have already experienced this kind of nightmare. Many friends investigated the real name of the investor (real name Lin Jian) who lived in (Putian, Fujian), the real name of the planner (real name Zeng Xinghao) who lived in (Guangan, Sichuan), and the real name of the important accomplice (real name Chen Xiaomei) family (Quanzhou, Fujian) The gold platform used for this deception is called City index, and the official website of other platforms was stolen: Live platform: quickenter?code=jwbkma&user_name=%E7%94%A8%E6%88%B77769 The following is the real identity information of the main participants in the fraud, including the teachers they are teaching. I hope that if the people who participated in their fraudulent platform can see this news in time, they will rein in the precipice. Of course, if they are cheated, they should also remember to save this news. Let us unite together to make the police pay more attention to this matter. At present, I I am also using legal means to apply for assistance, but it is very slow. This process is very painful. I hope more friends will join in, so that these villains can be brought to justice together, and they will not be allowed to go unpunished

2023-01-30 01:38

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Black platform, cannot withdraw money
2023-01-12 11:24
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