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BK Forex

United Kingdom

Scam Brokers

5-10 years

Suspicious Regulatory License

Counterfeit MT4/5

The server is only located in China.

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High potential risk

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Business Index 7.13
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Company Name

BK Forex Limited

Company Abbreviation

BK Forex

Platform registered country and region

United Kingdom

Company website

Pyramid scheme complaint


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This platform is a Ponzi Scheme. Please stay away! 5
Previous Detection : 2023-06-07
  • This broker has been verified to be illegal and all of its licences have expired, and it has been listed in WikiFX's Scam Brokers list. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The platform is a Ponzi Scheme, which refers to the use of "principle of value multiplication". In the form of rolling or static fund circulation, it uses the money of next member to pay to the present one, which is essentially a pyramid scheme with the distinction of hidden, deceptive and socially harmful. By calling common person's desire for money, fraudsters in the platform begin raising funds underground. Since this kind of platform mostly will abscond after 1 or 2 years, the fund-raising mode just can exist less than 3 years.

WikiFX Verification

BK Forex · Company summary

General Information

BK Forex Limited is a market analysis and trading education company registered in the United Kingdom, offering tools and educational resources to help traders make investment decisions through its subscription services.

WikiFX Field Survey

WikiFXs field survey team visited the dealer BK Forex in London, UK, with the specific address at 67 SHAFTESBURY AVENUE LONDON GREATER LONDON W1D 6LL UNITED KINGDOM, but found that the neighborhood was cluttered without any office buildings around but all stores. The last destination was a dessert shop that had closed down. Surveyors were unable to locate any information about BK Forex near their final destination.


There was no office at BK Forex's business address, and it was supposed that this broker just used that address to register a company, no offline exhibition place. Please use caution while dealing with this broker.

Subscription Options

Three subscription options are available, and all clients have equal access to the same function. The longer you subscribe to its services, the less the fee will be. Monthly payment plans cost $175 per month, while quarterly payment plans cost $142 per month, and annual payment plans cost $117 per month.

Demo accounts Unavailable

BKForex does not offer a demo account, however a one-week trial is available for purchase, which incurs a cost of $75. This is advised prior to creating a real account.

Customer Support

Traders with any inquiries can get access to BKForex customer support through email:

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Caution from bkforex and kahty lien, she asked me to transfer eur 5k to her in bitcoin, for her to trade for me, after she asked me to double the deposit amount, I refused. Now she refuses to return the money to me (no transaction was made, only a deposit to the bkforex bitcoin account)
2023-04-17 19:18
more than one year
Mails, upon mails. Phone calls... And if you do not answer their number, they just spoof a local number to make you answer. No discussions or logic work on these guys. The best technique is to ignore them 100%... Or the fun way: Screw with them... Big time. Make them waste a lot of time with "nothing". Only your imagination is the limit. Then I assume they will give up :)
2023-02-23 13:52
more than one year
we haven't received any exposures about bk forex, but this is unable to prove that bk forex is a secure one. actually, it has no regulations, so it will be highly possible that it's a scammer.
2023-02-16 10:02
more than one year
In the first place, life in this prestigious university is perhaps not as easy as you have expected. You may be tightly bound by daily classes, abundant homework and frecuent exams. Thus, be prepared for the hectic life here.
2022-12-20 10:59
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