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2022 years 7 Month
Time2022 years 7 Month
Pyramid scheme complaint

Now it is found that the so-called personal address given to us by the scammer is actually the wallet address of the scammer, and the scammer still uses another method to continue to defraud

Now I found out that the so-called personal address that the scammer gave us is actually the scammer's wallet address TL5kKwmwnCaNPMSKPzGxuieqNgMhKPWxP8. This address has a lot of u that we transferred from the exchange, which were later taken away by the scammer. There is still a lot of broken u in one of the scammer addresses that was transferred out

2022-09-15 14:17

Unable to withdraw + induce fraud

Netizens on IG called LingDu. After adding line, we talked about life and financial management, and recommended gold and foreign exchange trading. After installing metatrade5 Binance, I was clamoring for you to deposit money all day. Withdrawing money, I will ask you to increase your stake accordingly. When the stock market is in a downturn, there is no doubt about him, so I continued to propose USDT equivalent to 1.6 million Taiwan dollars from the stock market, thinking that MT5 is a safe platform. At that time, the trader was Grand Signal Markets limited, and then The platform said maintenance, the account will be closed and reset to zero, but because netizens know that I still have money in Binance and have not deposited money, I continue to cheat. I hope that I will deposit money again. Soon I will change to a new broker, lunbouxlimted. There is a big market, don't miss it tomorrow night, the amount of the exchange account will be zero, you need to re-apply for an account, and the fake customer service will transfer the money from your previous account to the new account. At this time, it has been found that you cannot withdraw cash or withdraw money. , No. 3415 of the gold row, if you want to speed up, you can join a member with USDT of about 400,000 Taiwan dollars before you can withdraw gold. At this time, the netizen turned his face quickly, saying that he had joined a member, and asked me to join myself, but if he questioned the netizen, he would say bad things. Opposite, claiming that it is a customer service problem, which has nothing to do with him, but because Binance still has USDT still, so the third time I changed the dealer Natural seven limited. Fake account. Fake customer service. No withdrawal.

2022-09-24 18:02

    NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED · Company Summary

    Since NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED‘s official website ( cannot be opened at the moment, we could only piece together this brokerage’s platform by gathering some information from other websites.


    General Information

    Established in 2022, NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED seems to be a forex broker registered in the United States. As this brokerage houses official website cannot be opened for now, we could only get minimal information. Essential information about trading assets, spreads and commissions, leverage, trading platform and more are not disclosed.

    Is NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED safe to trade with

    NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED has let us down when it comes to enforcing rules and regulations. This broker has been confirmed to be outside of the purview of any regulatory bodies. In light of this lack of licensing, WikiFX has assigned it a regulatory status of “No License” and an overall quality rating of 1.42 out of 10.

    Bear in mind that trading with an unregulated forex broker is a surefire way to lose your money. Before making any choice, investors are advised to check out a forex brokers regulatory status on WikiFX.



    WikiFX has compiled NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED industry news for the purpose of

    disseminating this information to a wider audience of potential NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED investors.


    Trading Platform

    When it comes to trading platform, NATURAL SEVEN LIMITED fails to offer the industry-leading MT4 or MT5 trading platform.

    Customer Support

    NATURAL SEVEN LIMITEDT offers poor customer support and traders can reach out to ABN Markets about any questions or concerns they may have about their accounts or their trading through the following methods:



    Risk Warning

    There is a level of danger that comes with trading on the financial markets. As sophisticated instruments, foreign exchange, futures, CFDs, and other financial contracts are typically traded using margin, which significantly increases the inherent risks involved. Therefore, you should consider carefully whether or not this sort of investment activity is right for you.

    The information presented in this article is intended solely for reference purposes.

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