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Kotobuki Securities

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名古屋市中区栄三丁目3番21号 セントライズ栄301


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Kotobuki Securities · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name Kotobuki Securities
Registered Country/Area Japan
Founded Year 2007
Regulation FSA
Products Featured investment trust,main products(stocks,ETF,bonds,foreign currency,market derivatives trading)
Partnership business Komehyo,Daiwa House
Demo Account Available
Customer Support

Overview of Kotobuki Securities

Kotobuki Securities, founded in 2007 and operating in Japan under the regulation of the Financial Services Agency (FSA), offers a various array of market instruments.

These include featured investment trusts, main products like stocks, ETFs, bonds, foreign currencies, and market derivatives trading. Additionally, they have partnership businesses with Komehyo and Daiwa House, indicating a broad reach in financial collaborations.

For new and experienced traders alike, Kotobuki Securities provides a demo account to facilitate practice and skill enhancement in trading. Customer support is accessible via email, ensuring client queries and needs are addressed promptly.

Overview of Kotobuki Securities

Is Kotobuki Securities Limited Legit or a Scam?

Kotobuki Securities is a regulated firm under the jurisdiction of Japan's Financial Services Agency, holding a Retail Forex License. The license, with the number Tokai Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 7, was issued on September 30, 2007.

Is Kotobuki Securities Limited Legit or a Scam?

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Various Investment Options Limited International Exposure
Partnership with Reputed Firms Complexity of Products
Demo Account Availability Market Risk
Regulatory Compliance Limited Customer Interaction Channels
Accessible Customer Support Potential Overreliance on Partnerships

Pros of Kotobuki Securities:

  1. Various Investment Options: Offering a range of market instruments such as stocks, ETFs, bonds, foreign currencies, and derivatives trading, Kotobuki Securities suits for wide array of investor preferences and strategies.

  2. Partnership with Reputed Firms: Collaborations with established companies like Komehyo and Daiwa House potentially enhance their service offerings and credibility in the financial market.

  3. Demo Account Availability: The provision of a demo account allows both new and experienced traders to practice and refine their trading strategies without financial risk.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Being regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan adds a layer of security and trust, ensuring adherence to financial regulations and standards.

  5. Accessible Customer Support: Customer support via email provides clients with a direct line for assistance, which is crucial for timely and effective communication.

Cons of Kotobuki Securities:

  1. Limited International Exposure: As a Japan-based firm, their primary focus is more localized, potentially limiting options for international investors.

  2. Complexity of Products: The wide range of financial instruments, especially market derivatives, can be complex for beginners to understand and navigate.

  3. Market Risk: Investment in stocks, ETFs, bonds, and derivatives involves inherent market risks, including volatility, which could lead to potential financial losses.

  4. Limited Customer Interaction Channels: Relying primarily on email for customer support does not offer immediate assistance compared to other methods like phone or live chat support.

  5. Potential Overreliance on Partnerships: While partnerships can enhance service offerings, there could be an overreliance on these collaborations, potentially impacting service consistency if any changes occur in these business relationships.


Kotobuki Securities offers two main types of instruments: trusts and financial products.

  1. Featured Investment Trusts:

    1. Nomura Asset - U.S. Stock Dividend Aristocrat: This investment trust focuses on U.S. stocks known as Dividend Aristocrats, which are known for paying consistent and increasing dividends. It has a settlement period that occurs four times a year, appealing to investors looking for regular income from U.S. equities.

    2. SBI Okasan Asset - Japan Favorable Dividend Rebalance Open: This trust invests in Japanese stocks with favorable dividend profiles, rebalancing to maintain an optimal dividend yield and growth potential.

    3. Daiwa Asset - Robotic Technology Related Stock Fund: Specializing in stocks related to robotic technology, this fund targets the growth potential of the robotics sector, appealing to investors interested in technological advancements.

    4. Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset - World Impact Investment Fund (Better World): Known as the Better World fund, it focuses on impact investments globally, aiming to generate both financial return and social/environmental impact.

    5. Mitsubishi UFJ Asset - Global Healthcare & Bio Fund (Kenji): This fund, nicknamed Kenji, is dedicated to global healthcare and biotechnology sectors, offering exposure to innovative health and bio companies.

    6. Products
  2. Main Products Handled:

    1. Domestic Listed Stocks (Spot and Margin Trading): Kotobuki Securities offers trading in domestic listed stocks, both in spot markets and through margin trading using systemic credit.

    2. IPO (Initial Public Offering): They provide access to newly listed companies' stocks, allowing investors to participate in IPOs.

    3. ETF (Exchange Traded Fund): ETFs offered encompass various sectors and strategies, providing diversified investment options.

    4. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust): REITs allow investment in real estate markets, offering an alternative to direct property investment.

    5. CB (Convertible Bonds with Stock Acquisition Rights): These are convertible bonds that provide the option to convert into stock, combining the benefits of bonds and stocks.

    6. Investment Trust and MRF: Offering a variety of investment trusts and Money Reserve Funds (MRF) for different investment needs.

    7. Foreign Stocks and Bonds: Trading in international markets is facilitated through offerings in foreign stocks and bonds.

    8. Foreign Currency MMF: Money Market Funds (MMF) in foreign currencies provide options for currency diversification.

    9. Market Derivatives Trading (Futures/Options): They offer derivatives trading, including futures and options, for advanced trading strategies.

Main Products Handled

Partnership Business

The partnership business of Kotobuki Securities involves collaborations with two notable companies, Komehyo and Daiwa House, reflecting its strategic alliances in the financial and real estate sectors:

  1. Komehyo Partnership:

Komehyo is a well-known retailer in Japan specializing in pre-owned luxury goods, including jewelry, watches, and fashion items.

The partnership with Komehyo potentially indicates a unique collaboration where financial services meet luxury retail.

This could involve financial solutions tailored to the clientele of Komehyo, such as asset valuation, investment opportunities in luxury goods, or even financial products linked to the valuation of high-end items.

  1. Daiwa House Partnership:

Daiwa House is one of Japan's largest homebuilders, known for its construction of single-family houses, rental housing, condominiums, commercial facilities, and more.

The partnership with Daiwa House suggests a focus on integrating financial services with real estate development.

This could include offering real estate investment trusts (REITs), property-related financial products, financing options for property buyers, or collaborative investment opportunities in real estate development projects.

Partnership Business

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with Kotobuki Securities can be done in four straightforward steps:

  1. Select Account Type: Choose account based on your investment needs and preferences.

  2. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form provided by Kotobuki Securities. This will include providing personal information, financial details, and possibly some information about your investment experience.

  3. Submit Necessary Documentation: Provide the required documents for identity verification and any other regulatory compliance needs. This typically includes a government-issued ID, proof of residence, and potentially financial statements.

  4. Make a Deposit: Once your account is approved, deposit the minimum required amount of 10,000 yen to activate your account. You can use the available methods such as bank transfer, credit/debit card, or third-party payment services.

How to Open an Account?

Customer Support

Kotobuki Securities offers customer support through multiple offices, each with its own contact information. The Sakae Head Office, located at 3-7-2 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, can be reached at 052-261-0211.

The Inazawa Office, situated at 1-2-13 Shimotsu Kurakake, Inazawa City, has contact number 0587‐32‐4156.

For the Hoshigaoka Office, located at 14-7 Central Hoshigaoka Building 3F, Nagoya-shi, Chikusa-ku, Hoshigaokamoto-cho, clients can call 052-734-2470.

The Ozone Office, found at 3-15-58 Ozone, Kita-ku, Nagoya-shi Ozone Front Building 1F, is reachable at 052‐916‐5311.

Lastly, the Anjo Office, located at 13-20 Miyukihoncho, Anjo City, has the contact number 0566‐77‐2111. These offices provide a network of support for clients, ensuring accessible and localized customer service.

Customer Support


In summary, Kotobuki Securities, a Japan-based financial services firm established in 2007, offers a broad range of investment opportunities and accessible trading conditions.

Regulated by Japan's FSA and offering a low minimum deposit of 10,000 yen, the firm offers to both novice and seasoned investors with various market instruments like featured investment trust,main products(stocks,ETF,bonds,foreign currency,market derivatives trading).

Its competitive trading environment is enhanced by low spreads and a no-commission policy, alongside the availability of advanced platforms like MT4 and MT5. Customer support is well-established with multiple offices across different locations, providing personalized and accessible service.

This comprehensive approach, combined with educational resources and flexible deposit and withdrawal methods, positions Kotobuki Securities as a versatile and client-centric brokerage.


Q: What types of products does Kotobuki Securities offer?

A: They offer a variety of products, including featured investment trusts, stocks, ETFs, bonds, foreign currency trading, and market derivatives.

Q: What partnerships does Kotobuki Securities have?

A: Kotobuki Securities has partnerships with Komehyo, a luxury goods retailer, and Daiwa House, a major real estate and house-building company in Japan.

Q: Is there a demo account available at Kotobuki Securities for practice trading?

A: Yes, Kotobuki Securities provides a demo account, allowing users to practice trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

Q: How can customers contact Kotobuki Securities for support?

A: Customers can contact Kotobuki Securities through their customer support email:

Q: What is the regulatory body for Kotobuki Securities?

A: Kotobuki Securities is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan, ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Broker Information

Company Name

Kotobuki Securities Co., Ltd.


Kotobuki Securities

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Company address
  • 名古屋市中区栄三丁目3番21号 セントライズ栄301









Customer Service Email Address

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