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Previous Detection : 2024-04-16
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The current information shows that this broker does not have a trading software. Please be aware!

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DMAX · Company Summary


Dmax Trade Company is an offshore broker designed out of belief in the expansion of online trading. They claim to offer customers; Financial planning, Investment management, and strategic planning for institutional traders.

Accordingly, they claim that while offering investment services, they put your interests first and attain pleasing results. Dmax trade Company allegedly has tools to pick from and venture more into the trading world. Hence you are probably wondering, is Dmax Trade Company a scam or legit platform? Well, the answer is simply no, and you will lose all your money while expecting trade services.

So it would help if you considered several factors before you finally decide to invest real money. The website for Dmax Trade Company is appallingly done, and you can immediately notice the red flags they expose. The about us section has a lot of information missing, and they hardly explain what the company is about. Thus how they claim to be the Number 1 forex broker is unknown.

Dmax Trade Company does not reveal the kind of algorithm that its software uses. There is also no demo account to fully understand how the company works before you decide to go all-in with real cash. Their main mission is to create value for customers through a ‘talented workforce.’ They promise you multiple advantages such as; investment growth, strategic trade process, and portfolio management. Dmax Trade Company claims that its purpose is to manage your finances with experience. claims to have more than 11 years of experience in the trading world. Therefore past trade results for three months with verifiable proof should not be that hard to find. No trading activity seems to be happening in, and you will only be making the anonymous founders rich while inviting dents to your wallet. Besides, what other customers make is likely what you will earn, and you should not expect some preferential treatment.

Dmax Trade Company fails to reveal to its customers how the software works or any reliable trade strategy that they apply. So they basically do not have any plan yet they promise you high attractive profits and expert services.

Dmax Trade Company does not fall under the FCA, nor are they recognized by the same regulator or any other. They portray the location address in the UK, and the FCA is responsible within the same region. The company risks facing closure at any given time by the law enforcers. It is illegal in most countries, if not all, to generate funds from the public without regulation.

Regulated forex brokers survive the market for a long, and you can count on them for sensible profit returns. Also, you can verify similar data that is available for the same with the legal bodies. Avoid since they do not adhere to any regulations and your funds are at great risk.


They offer three types of accounts, Basic, Standard and Professional, starting from €50 and going up to €100,000 minimum deposit.

Standard account jumps from €50 to €20,000, which is a very big leap. In addition, all accounts offer some kind of Bonus, be it Referral or Subscription.

The registration form asked for Name, Email and choosing one of the three Account options.

Regarding leverage it is not very different – there is no information to be found. We should note here that top watchdog agencies impose on their licensees leverage limits for retail traders – 1:30 in Europe and 1:50 in the US. Even the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which until recently did not enforce such rules, has announced today that from 29 March 2021 it will restrict leverage for major currency pairs to 1:30.


DMax Trade is a broker that advertises trading in forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.


There isn‘t any information about that on the broker’s website, and now when you want register the website is no longer responsive, which is another red flag to prove that the broker is not legit. Obviously, this is no real trading platform, and it makes us question whether DMAX Trading offers some kind of investment services at all.


Dmax Trade Company accepts multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies and wire transfers. However, the two methods are irreversible, and once you make a deposit, there is no turning back. So you should fund your account via credit/debit options here. You can request for chargeback up to 540 days after deposit. The minimum amount you can deposit is 50EUR.


Dmax Trade Company claimed to have head office address: 6 Corporation Rd, Cardiff Cf117AW United Kingdom. However, the same address they provide actually has nothing to do with Dmax Trade Company. Accordingly, working customer support helps build more trust between the company and the people behind the company.

There is no assurance that you will receive any response to your queries. You can reach the company via telephone at +447451286749 and email; Moreover, there is no guarantee that once they have your funds, you can contact them additionally. They can result in blocking your data from accessing any services they render.

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