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TD Ameritrader

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  • The United StatesNFA regulation (license number: 0558619) claimed by this broker is suspected to be clone. Please be aware of the risk!

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TD Ameritrader · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name TD Ameritrade
Registered Country/Area United States
Founded Year 2023
Regulation NFA (unauthorized)
Maximum Leverage 1:50
Spreads Variable, depending on asset class and market conditions
Trading Platforms MT5
Tradable Assets Stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities
Account Types All-in-one account
Customer Support Email(
Deposit & Withdrawal Bank transfers, ACH, wire transfers, check deposits
Educational Resources Limited

Overview of TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade, a prominent brokerage firm, operates primarily in the United States. Founded in 2023, it's regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA), although being noted as “unauthorized” could raise compliance concerns. The maximum leverage offered stands at 1:50, providing some leverage but potentially limiting for traders seeking higher leverage ratios.

Utilizing the MT5 trading platform, TD Ameritrade offers a diverse array of tradable assets, including stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. The account structure is consolidated into an all-in-one account type, simplifying the trading process for users. Customer support primarily operates via email through the address provided, which could impact response times compared to more immediate support methods like live chat or phone.

Overview of TD Ameritrade

Is TD Ameritrader legit or a scam?

TD Ameritrade is not currently regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) as a futures commission merchant (FCM). This means that TD Ameritrade is not authorized to offer future trading services in the United States.

TD Ameritrade was previously regulated by the NFA as a FCM from 2009 to 2017. However, TD Ameritrade voluntarily surrendered its FCM license in 2017.

Is TD Ameritrader legit or a scam?

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Lower Transaction Costs Not regulated
Comprehensive Markets Lack of Advanced Educational Tools
Excellent Customer Service Possible Complexity for Beginners


  • Lower Transaction Costs: TD Ameritrade offers competitive transaction costs, potentially reducing the overall expenses associated with trading activities. This can be particularly appealing for traders aiming to maximize their profitability by minimizing transaction fees.

  • Comprehensive Markets: The platform provides access to a wide array of global markets, encompassing stocks, commodities like gold and crude oil, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and diverse currency pairs. This breadth allows traders to diversify their portfolios and explore various investment opportunities within a single platform.

  • Excellent Customer Service: TD Ameritrade is known for its robust customer service, offering comprehensive and localized support through various channels. This includes professional assistance to address inquiries or issues, ensuring a smoother trading experience for users.


  • Not Regulated: The absence of regulatory oversight or specific regulatory information can raise concerns about the platform's compliance and transparency. Regulatory oversight is crucial in the financial industry to ensure consumer protection and adherence to established standards.

  • Lack of Advanced Educational Tools: TD Ameritrade might have a scarcity of advanced educational resources, which could impact the learning curve for traders. Advanced educational tools are beneficial for users seeking in-depth knowledge and skill enhancement in trading strategies and market analysis.

  • Possible Complexity for Beginners: The platform's extensive features and diverse markets may present a challenge for novice traders. Navigating the platform's complexities might be overwhelming initially, potentially posing a barrier to entry for beginners in the trading sphere. Comprehensive guidance and educational materials are pivotal for easing this learning curve.

Pros and Cons

Market Instruments

TD Ameritrade offers a diverse range of trading assets and investment options accessible through a single account. Here are various assets and markets you can access:

1.Stocks: TD Ameritrade provides access to a wide array of stocks, including high-profile companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and others listed on major exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ.

2. Futures: Futures trading is available through TD Ameritrade, allowing investors to trade contracts for commodities like crude oil, natural gas, agricultural products, and financial instruments.

3. Commodities (Crude Oil, Gold): Investors can trade commodities such as crude oil and gold, taking advantage of price movements in these markets.

4. Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc.): TD Ameritrade offers exposure to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, allowing users to invest or trade in digital assets within their platform.

5. Currencies: Forex trading enables investors to trade in currency pairs, benefiting from fluctuations in exchange rates, and TD Ameritrade facilitates access to the foreign exchange market.

6. Global Trading: With TD Ameritrade, traders have the ability to access global markets and trade various financial instruments across different international exchanges.

This comprehensive range of trading options, from traditional stocks to commodities, cryptocurrencies, and global markets, all accessible through a single account, provides investors with significant flexibility and opportunities to diversify their portfolios according to their preferences and investment strategies.

Account Types

TD Ameritrade offers a comprehensive trading platform through one account, allowing access to a diverse array of global trading assets.

One account type encompasses an extensive range of trading options, including stocks, CFDs (Contract for Difference), commodities like crude oil and precious metals, as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. With competitive base trading spreads as low as 0, this account provides a cost-effective solution for executing trades across various asset classes, ensuring minimal transaction costs.

Access to top liquidity providers ensures that large orders receive optimal execution, with trades executed at the best available prices in the market. The platform's integration with the widely popular MT5 trading software empowers users with the flexibility of conducting trades anytime, anywhere, seamlessly transitioning from PC to mobile devices. This feature-rich software enables efficient and convenient trading, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness to market movements for traders utilizing this account type.

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with TD Ameritrade involves a straightforward process. Here are six steps:

1.Visit TD Ameritrade's Website: Go to the official TD Ameritrade website to start the account opening process.

2. Click on “Open New Account”: Look for the option or button on the website that says “Open New Account” or something similar. Click on it to begin the account opening procedure.

3. Choose Account Type: Select the type of account you want to open based on your trading preferences, such as an individual brokerage account, retirement account (like IRA), education savings account, etc.

4. Complete Application Form: Fill out the application form with accurate personal information, including your name, address, social security number, employment details, financial information, and investment goals. Ensure all details are correct and up-to-date.

5. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Review and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by TD Ameritrade regarding account management, fees, and other relevant policies.

6. Verify Identity and Fund the Account: After submitting the application, you'll need to verify your identity. This can be done through uploading identification documents. Once your identity is verified, you can fund your account by transferring funds electronically from your bank account or through other accepted methods.

How to Open an Account?


TD Ameritrade offers leverage up to 1:50 on major currency pairs in the forex market. This means for every dollar in your trading account, you could potentially control up to $50 in the forex market. However, leverage limits can vary based on the asset class and regulatory changes. Different instruments, such as stocks or commodities, might have different leverage ratios or no leverage at all, depending on the regulations and TD Ameritrade's policies.

Leverage is a tool that amplifies both gains and losses, so it's crucial to understand its implications and risks before utilizing it in trading. Always refer to TD Ameritrade's official website or directly contact their support for the most current and accurate information regarding leverage ratios and their application to specific trading instruments.

Spreads & Commissions

TD Ameritrade, like many brokers, offered variable spreads and commissions depending on the asset being traded. Here are the details:

1.Stocks: TD Ameritrade typically charges zero commission for online equity trades of U.S. exchange-listed stocks, ETFs, and options. However, there might be a per-contract fee for options trading.

2. Forex: The spread, or the difference between the buy and sell price, for major currency pairs can start from as low as 1 pip (percentage in point) for certain currency pairs. The specific spread can vary depending on market conditions and the currency pair being traded.

3. Futures: For futures trading, commissions vary based on the specific futures contract being traded. Commissions are typically charged per contract.

4. Cryptocurrencies: TD Ameritrade doesn't charge commissions for cryptocurrency trading. However, there might be fees associated with the bid-ask spread.

It's important to note that while TD Ameritrade might not charge commissions for certain trades, other fees might apply, such as regulatory fees, exchange fees, overnight financing charges (for certain instruments), and fees for additional services. These fees and charges can impact the overall cost of trading and should be considered when evaluating the total expenses associated with trading on the platform.

Trading Platform

TD Ameritrade's trading platform is recognized for its robust features and accessibility across multiple devices. It offers a world-class trading experience with original spread quotes, high-speed order execution, and a focus on delivering quality service.

The platform is available on Windows, iPhone, and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for traders on various operating systems.

Trading Platform

It also provides access to MT5, a widely recognized online trading platform known for its popularity among traders globally.

MT5 offers a suite of powerful chart analysis tools, boasting over 50 technical indicators and intraday analysis tools. These features cater to traders seeking in-depth market analysis and tools to make informed trading decisions.

The platform is known for its safety, reliability, and user-friendly interface. It's designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced traders, offering a range of functional characteristics commonly used by high-level traders. This has established MT5 as a standard platform for online trading due to its comprehensive features and ease of use.

Trading Platform

Deposit & Withdrawal

Payment Methods: TD Ameritrade allows funding of accounts primarily through bank transfers, electronic funds transfers (ACH), wire transfers, and check deposits. These methods are commonly used for depositing funds into the trading account. Withdrawals are typically processed through similar methods, including bank transfers and wire transfers.

Payment Fees: TD Ameritrade doesn't charge fees for deposits via bank transfers or ACH transactions. However, wire transfers might incur fees imposed by the sending or receiving bank. Additionally, check deposits might be subject to processing fees by the bank or financial institution handling the transaction.

Payment Processing Time: Deposits made via bank transfers or ACH transactions typically take a few business days to reflect in the trading account. Wire transfers might be processed faster but could incur higher fees. Withdrawals generally take a similar time frame, with bank transfers or wire transfers taking a few business days for the funds to reach the designated account.

Customer Support

TD Ameritrade offers customer support through email:

Email Support: Customers can contact TD Ameritrade's support team via official email addresses( provided on their website. Email support allows for inquiries, account assistance, and general questions.

Customer Support

Educational Resources

TD Ameritrade's platform faces a notable gap in educational resources, presenting challenges for novice users keen on mastering the platform and delving into cryptocurrency trading. The absence of fundamental resources like a comprehensive user guide, instructive video tutorials, interactive webinars, and insightful blogs inhibits users from gaining a thorough understanding of the platform's nuances and navigating the intricate realm of cryptocurrency trading.

This dearth of educational materials on TD Ameritrade poses a hurdle for beginners, potentially resulting in missteps and financial setbacks. The absence of comprehensive guidance may lead to inadvertent errors and financial losses, fostering a sense of discouragement among new users venturing into the trading sphere. The absence of a solid educational foundation could deter individuals from fully engaging in the platform and exploring the opportunities presented by cryptocurrency trading.


In conclusion, TD Ameritrade presents a platform with distinct advantages such as competitive transaction costs, access to a wide spectrum of global markets, and a reputation for excellent customer service.

However, the absence of regulatory information raises concerns about transparency and compliance. Additionally, the lack of advanced educational tools and the potential complexity for beginners navigating the platform's diverse features and markets might hinder the learning curve and accessibility for newcomers to trading. Despite these drawbacks, the platform's cost-efficiency, market variety, and dedicated customer service remain significant strengths for traders seeking diverse investment opportunities with professional support.


Q: What markets can I access with TD Ameritrade?

A: TD Ameritrade provides access to global markets including stocks, commodities like gold and crude oil, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and various currency pairs.

Q: Does TD Ameritrade offer competitive transaction costs?

A: Yes, TD Ameritrade offers competitive transaction costs, reducing overall trading expenses for users.

Q: Is there a minimum deposit requirement to open an account with TD Ameritrade?

A: TD Ameritrade doesn't enforce a specific minimum deposit requirement, but it's recommended to fund the account adequately for trading.

Q: What educational resources does TD Ameritrade offer?

A: TD Ameritrade provides basic educational resources, but some users might find a lack of advanced tools for in-depth learning.

Q: How is TD Ameritrade's customer service?

A: TD Ameritrade offers comprehensive customer service through various channels, ensuring professional assistance for user inquiries and issues.

Q: Is TD Ameritrade regulated?

A: Regulatory information for TD Ameritrade might be unclear, raising concerns about transparency and compliance.

Broker Information

Company Name

TD Ameritrader

Company Abbreviation

TD Ameritrader

Regulatory Status

Suspicious Clone

Platform registered country and region

United States

Company website
Type of License

Description of Approved License Type

Type I

The financial instrument business deals with highly liquid securities and provides derivative transactions, which have characteristics.

As mentioned above, the main business content of the first type of financial instrument business operators can be roughly summarized as securities business (securities, securities CFD, etc.), financial futures business (FX), derivative trading business related to cryptocurrencies, securities management, etc. The work can be divided into four categories.

Type II

The financial instrument business basically refers to funds (shares of collective investment plans), trust beneficiary rights with lower liquidity, that is, financial instrument transactions excluding major securities such as stocks and corporate bonds. These are referred to as "equivalent securities" in the various items listed in the second paragraph of Article 2 of this Sale Business Law (hereinafter referred to as "equivalent securities").

In addition, the self-issuance (private placement and public offering) of certain securities such as investment trust beneficiary rights that are not regarded as securities, currency-related market derivative transactions, etc. are also positioned as Type II financial instrument business.

  • The first type of financial commodity dealer

  • Investment Advisors and Agents

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